A Matter of Life or Death Ch. 03

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— Prologue —

In the previous chapters, Dave, a lonely outdoorsman with a bungee jumping business (Exhale Adventure Sports) in New Zealand, got acquainted with Chelsea, a stunning-looking customer who had been left stranded by her friend. Dave realized Chelsea was incredibly naive and groped and fingered her until they both orgasmed (twice), telling her that he was just ‘relaxing’ her before the jump.

Though Chelsea had also quite enjoyed the experience, the two didn’t have sex yet. This story restarts after Dave helped Chelsea make the bungee jump and finishes packing up his gear in the shed (sorry, I didn’t really feel like writing that boring part of the story!).

— To Date or Not to Date —

As the sun dipped below the hills surrounding them, Dave finished packing up all the bungee gear and locked the storage room after switching off the fluorescent lamp. Chelsea was checking mail and updating her Facebook profile in the waiting room of the shed.

Dave was a 30-year old outdoorsman who had a successful bungee jumping business. Chelsea was a 25-year-old American with straight jet-black hair trimmed down to her long neck. Her cute face was bejeweled with dimples and thin maroon-painted lips. She had light brown eyes with dark pupils and 38D boobs. Today, these perfect white globes were squeezed into a black push-up bra and covered with a loose sleeveless white shirt that reached her navel. A tan-colored pair of shorts matched her tan-colored hat which sat on the desk.

Dave had promised Chelsea he would drive her to her hotel in town after the bungee jump. This wasn’t part of the service; Chelsea’s male friend had to split earlier in the evening because of unforeseen reasons. Chelsea was going to cancel the jump to join him, but Dave had suggested Chelsea hang around. She looked up from the computer screen as the back door of the shed opened. Dave had changed from his black T-shirt that had his business logo into a pleasant light-blue shirt that matched his eyes. His jeans looked the same as earlier in the evening.

Dave walked up to the desk where Chelsea was sitting, opened a drawer and, lifting his truck’s keys said, “Ready to go?”

“You should see this before we leave,” Chelsea said, pointing to the screen.

Dave bent down and saw Chelsea’s Facebook page. She had minced no words in advertising Exhale Adventure Sports, encouraging all her friends to check it out. “It’s the most excitement I’ve had in quite some time,” it read. Dave was pleased about the free advertising he was getting, but his mind remained fixated on a secret hope that Chelsea’s ‘exciting time’ was the 90 minutes before the jump!

He managed to mumble “Thanks! Glad you enjoyed it.” He continued, “I’m famished. You must be hungry, too. How about having dinner together before I drop you off?”

“Oh! That sounds wonderful. You’re right, I’d love something to eat. But I think I should check on Heston first, if you don’t mind.”

Of course he minded. Checking on Heston would lead to inviting him to dinner. He certainly didn’t want that. Of course, he couldn’t say so. Still, he could avoid actually going to the hotel, reducing the chances of Heston joining the duo. “Of course. You can use my cellphone when we get near the town. You remember his number?”

“No. It’s on my phone, which is with Heston.”

Dave was prepared. He looked up their booking details and pulled out two numbers. “Which one’s yours? The other has to be Heston’s. I’ll enter it into my phone.”

They powered down the computer, switched off the lights, closed up the shed and walked to Dave’s truck. As they walked out, Chelsea hurried to take Dave’s elbow into her hand, which he readily accepted. He decided to go along with the formal nature of the situation and even opened the truck’s door for her. They made small talk while driving to town and Dave learnt that Chelsea was some kind of a fashion model back in America. The road was clear most of the way and the bright yellow headlights illuminated a thick cover of trees on both sides until they were at the bottom of the hill.

All the while, Dave would steal glances at Chelsea’s sideboob peeking out from the large armhole in her shirt, or her cleavage smiling through the two open buttons. Apparently he hadn’t had enough of her and his dick signaled to him that it was ready to go again! He tried to keep his mind on the road as much as he could and soon they were on the outskirts of the town, but it was especially güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri difficult when Chelsea would run her hand through her hair.

The first few sparsely spaced buildings were the only sign of life they had seen in several hours. Soon, the roads became slightly narrower and steady yellow, white and neon lights through windows of many shops and homes appeared into view. Chelsea dialed Heston and spoke into the phone. Dave wasn’t really listening; his mind was conjuring up prayers and images of every deity he had ever heard of, pleading to them to have Heston held up with something.

A couple of minutes later Chelsea announced, “Heston’s fine. Just like you said, he showed his license to the cops and they left him at the hotel. We will get a replacement for the rented car only in the morning, though, so he’s stuck there. I thought we could pick him up for dinner -” Dave cringed “- but he’s already eaten and is trying to pick up a cute bartender at the hotel bar. I don’t think he wants to be disturbed,” she smirked with a wink.

Dave couldn’t control his smile. As he released air from his lungs, he realized he’d been holding his breath throughout the conversation. Another reason for smiling was a sort of sadistic pleasure he derived from Heston’s plight — he knew Heston would get nowhere with the bartender because hotel staff weren’t allowed to fraternize with guests. Of course, they could turn up the charm to sell more drinks and food, but were strictly forbidden from taking it further. For some inexplicable, this made Dave happy, as though it were vengeance for the potential damage Heston could have done as a third wheel at dinner.

“It’s just us then,” said Dave. “I know this awesome Italian place near the creek. You in the mood for some Italian?”

“Sure. It’s a date.” Dave wasn’t sure if this was something Chelsea just said, or if she meant it. He did like the sound of it.

— Dinner and Dessert —

Dave drove into Mario’s and handed the keys to the valet. The front of the restaurant looked elegant and luxurious. A host welcomed them in and asked about reservations. “We don’t have one, but it would be great if you could arrange a table for two,” said Dave.

“I’m sorry, the tables are either full or reserved. I could show you to a booth if you’d like. Please follow me.” The erect-as-a-rod host led them around the tables to the far end of the restaurant that was lined with booths. Dave and Chelsea slid to the center of the plush semi-circular sofa and thanked him. “Your waiter will be with you in a moment,” said the host, disappearing into the blend of servers and customers. On two sides were partitions separating adjoining booths. The only light came from a dim lamp overhead. They could barely make out any shapes in the rest of the room.

“This is nice,” said Chelsea.

“I hope you like the food, too.”

A waiter strutted in and set down a wine list in front of Chelsea. “Good evening. I’m Gary and I’ll be your waiter today. Would you like me to recommend you a wine?” Chelsea declined the offer and studied the list for a minute. Dave stared at her arms (and beyond) as she contorted a little to get some light on the menu. He was instantly transported back to dreamland. She chose a red Madeira. “Excellent choice,” cooed Gary, took the wine list and strutted out.

Chelsea made another favorable comment about the place, but Gary was back with wine glasses and a bottle before Dave could respond. He poured out a taster for Dave, who went through the motions of knowing his wine and looked agreeable. Gary proceeded to fill both goblets, then produced a menu out of nowhere. “Do you know what you would be having or would you prefer to take some time to decide?” He learnt fast – this time he didn’t offer to make a recommendation.

Chelsea took the menu from Gary who simply said, “Whenever you are ready, simply ring this bell,” pointing to a switch on the wall behind them, and left. Dave wasn’t speaking any more. He was really smitten by Chelsea. “I think I’ll have the lobster linguini,” said Chelsea after an appreciable amount of silence.

Dave snapped back to reality. “Yes, that does sound appetizing. I think I’ll start with a mushroom ravioli and then try the gnocchi.”

So much time had passed by now that Dave had already refilled both their glasses (or were they drinking too fast? Dave couldn’t tell). They called Gary in, placed their orders and continued sipping on güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri their wine. Gary left them with some bread rolls and butter. This time, Dave led the conversation. “So you said you’re a model in the United States? Must be a lot of fun. You do magazine shoots?”

“Oh, mostly advertisements. I’m a lingerie model. Mostly small stuff. My agent says next year I might get to walk for Victoria’s Secret.”

No kidding, Dave thought. He could readily imagine Chelsea being a Victoria’s Secret model. He could imagine her modeling for him right now. But it didn’t sit right with him — Chelsea was too short to be a model for any big line. At around 5’5″, they would never have accepted her. Of course, he didn’t say this out loud. “Really? That’s cool. What offer has your agent got?”

“Oh, he hasn’t approached them yet. He says we need to work our way up through the smaller brands. Plus, he said we haven’t got the right pictures yet to send to Victoria’s Secret. As soon as I get back to America, he’s promised to shoot me in the sexiest lingerie he can find. He said we need to show off my assets in the best way possible,” said Chelsea, holding up her breasts with both hands as she did so,

Finally Dave understood. He knew where this was going and what it was that the sleazeball of an agent wanted. He bit his lip to keep his mouth shut.

“Just last week I sent him a bunch of pictures that my roommate shot of me. He’s a photographer, you see, my roommate. He suggested the same thing my agent did and bought me some very expensive lingerie for the shoot. I didn’t know how to thank him enough. But even he wasn’t very happy with the photos. He kept saying that we need to glam it up a little more. I guess if he doesn’t like it, I can understand why my agent wants different pictures.”

Dave was close to seething. These beasts were out to get Chelsea naked. Of course, he couldn’t own up to the fact that he had just done that a few hours ago. But now he was smitten and jealous. He refilled both their glasses.

The food arrived and they started eating. The meal was punctuated with small talk, jokes and laughter. They tasted each others’ dishes and emptied another glass of wine. Dave called for a fresh bottle. With less than a third of their meal left, both of them were pretty buzzed.

“I really liked spending time with you today,” said Dave, placing his left hand on Chelsea’s right knee.

“I enjoyed the evening, too.”

A little vague. Dave wanted to know which parts she liked most. He decided to get straight to the point. “I loved giving you a massage. It was exhilarating. You are the sexiest woman I have ever seen.” He moved his hand up her thigh and started rubbing it. Chelsea didn’t say anything, but she didn’t push him away. Instead, she closed her eyes, looked up and chewed down the mouthful she had just taken in.

“I’m going to kiss you now,” declared Dave. He leant in, took her chin into his free hand and planted a wet lip onto her lips. Chelsea kissed back, opening her mouth to let his tongue find hers. Dave massaged her tongue and thigh in rhythm, both trying desperately to breathe through their noses.

They stared into each others’ eyes as they broke off, the drone of people in the restaurant seeming awfully silent around them. Dave’s look was of passion and caring; Chelsea’s was more of apprehension. Dave broke the tension saying, “It’s a good thing we chose Italian. It doesn’t matter if we both have garlic on our breaths, right?” He gave a wicked smile.

Chelsea broke into soft laughter and Dave released her so they could finish their meals. Their second bottle of wine arrived just as they emptied their glasses. Someone rushed in to clear off their plates when they had finished eating. It was as if they were being watched the whole time. Gary walked in soon after and laid open a menu in front of Chelsea, “Dessert, ma’am? Our pastry chef makes a killer Tiramisu. I’ll leave you to decide.”

As he rushed away with elegant efficiency of someone on a mission, Chelsea turned to Dave. “How about we skip dessert here and go back to my hotel? I’m sure I can whip up something sweet for you?” She winked and twisted the corners of her lips into a come-hither smile.

Dave hesitated. “Won’t Heston be waiting for you at the hotel?”

“Oh no! We’ve got separate rooms. Like I said earlier, he’s not my boyfriend or anything.”

“Then what are we waiting for? I’ve got a sweet güvenilir bahis şirketleri package for you, too!”

Chelsea gulped down the last of her wine as Dave hurriedly paid the check and called for the valet. This time he held on to Chelsea around her waist, feeling more confident in the relationship. They were off in a flash. Dave rolled into the Marina Park hotel, dropped Chelsea off at the entrance and found a parking spot. They took her key card from the front desk, took the elevator to the fifth floor and sauntered unstably to her door.

“Here, go on in,” she said. “I just want to get my phone and things from Heston first. Be with you in a moment.” The pang of jealousy again arose in Dave’s belly. He wanted Chelsea all to himself. He wanted to rip her clothes off and take her there and then! However, he obliged and walked in as Chelsea continued to the adjoining door and knocked.

Dave took off his shirt and explored the cozy, moodily-lit room. She came in a couple of minutes later, put out a Do-not-Disturb sign and locked the door. Before Dave could say anything, Chelsea grabbed her wallet from her handbag and pulled out some money. “Here, I don’t think only men should pay for dates. This is my half.”

“I must say, I’ve heard of being paid for sex, but shouldn’t you wait until you’ve had a chance to try out what you are buying?” he joked. Chelsea laughed and jumped at him, digging her fingers first into his chest then his back as she kissed every muscle she could find. Dave staggered towards the bed under her sudden weight and plonked down. Soon, they were in a tight embrace sucking on each others’ tongues again. This time though, Chelsea’s hands were roaming free.

She found the lone button on his jeans and yanked it opened. She used so much strength to pull the zip down that one could almost hear it above their heavy breathing and passionate murmurs. While still kissing, Dave lifted his hips and Chelsea pulled his jeans down to his ankles. She was kneeling on the carpet and Dave was bent forward into her mouth. She lifted his legs one by one and pulled the offending material away. Only when his jeans were lying defeated in a corner of the room did they break their kiss to come up for air.

Chelsea gently stroked and gripped his half-hard dick and balls through his briefs, in complete contrast to how rough she had been with the rest of him. It immediately responded with throbbing approval. Her hand become firmer and firmer along with the cock. In minutes, she could feel that the package was completely swollen. Dave was uncomfortable and wanted to pull it out of his briefs, but he let Chelsea work as she chose to. The tightness of the briefs gave him a different kind of pleasure.

He moaned and gasped as she continued rubbing harder and harder. He could feel precum trickling out. When Chelsea was satisfied it wasn’t getting any harder, she yanked his briefs down in one rapid motion. Emboldened by the sudden freedom, Dave’s cock admonished Chelsea by slapping her hard on the chin. She closed her eyes as she braced the shaft by the base and played it around her cheeks, dimples and chin.

Then she kissed it on the head, again gently. Dave’s world came to a stand-still as he groaned loudly. She took the head between her lips and gave it a lick. She used both her hands to rub his shaft up and down. Dave was bracing himself against the mattress with his hands behind him. With a will of its own, his back arched forward to push his dick further. Chelsea obliged and took his entire sausage into her mouth. Using his hips for leverage, she continued to suck him for a few minutes and Dave continued groaning with absolute pleasure.

When the rhythm got bearable and Dave could afford to use only one hand to brace himself, he ran his hands through Chelsea’s hair, then helped her bob up and down. At one point, he screamed, “I’m about to cum. This is it.” Chelsea didn’t heed his warning. She kept sucking on his dick, but did look up to acknowledge what was happening. Within the next minute, she could feel a heavy spray on the back of her throat. She let go of about half his dick and caught the rest of his cum on her tongue. Dave was unable to help her in anyway. He only felt immense relief and exhaustion. In fact, he closed his eyes and fell back on the bed. He did’t even realize that Chelsea had gulped down all his cum until a few minutes later when his erection subsided, Chelsea had let go of him to catch her own breath, and he got up to survey the gorgeous girl sitting in front of him and his wet member.

A few moments of silence later, they looked at each other. “How was that?” asked Chelesa.

“Absolutely bloody fantastic!”

“Good. Now it’s your turn.”

— Next time: You already know what’s happening next time, right? —

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