A Mass to Remember

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Isabella stretched her arms over her head and curled her toes around the sheet crumpled at the end of the bed. She arched her back, raising her hips off the bed, and forced Avery to sit back from where he had been kneeling above her. He was still breathing heavy and his face was flushed. The window of their Madrid hotel room opened onto a second story balcony but the cool morning had not been enough to keep him from working up a sweat. She loved how he looked after he fucked. He tried so hard to keep his breath under control but ended up just drawing deep through his broad shoulders. “Were you at least close that time?” he asked, smiling.

The small, olive skin woman beneath him bit one side of her lip and coyly raised the other corner of her mouth. Her hand slid up her side, tracing the outer curve of her breast, running down the flat of her stomach and then continuing down. She made sure to slide from her belly to the bend of her thigh before her hand dipped between her legs. Despite how much she wanted to finish herself, she wanted to enjoy the tease more.

Avery watched her hand intently. Just as she had hoped, a lust entered his eyes and he moved forward, leaning in to kiss the nape of her neck. He knew it was a weak spot for her. Her foot came up and caught him gently below the belly button. Sweat clinging to the his hair made it easy to slide her foot across his skin. She let it slip down until she briefly pressed against him and felt a slight shudder go through his body. He was still partially hard and wet from their early morning romp.

“Its such a beautiful day out,” she said innocently. “It would be a shame to waste it in bed.” He backed off a little and she rolled onto her knees, leaning forward, giving him full view of her amble breasts squeezed between her arms. Their queen size bed made her look even smaller than her 5’2″ frame was. “How about we get dressed?”

He smiled. They had been together for over a year and he knew when he was beaten. As he turned, Isabella again felt a need to spread out across the bed and fuck herself until she was weak in the knees. The guy was almost irresistible. Not only was he wide across the shoulders, he was well defined too. “A god damn anatomy model of muscles,” she thought. He had the body of someone that was lucky at birth and worked hard to make it even better. Flat abs, covered with short brown hair, and a shy face only made it worse. She had been pleased to find that he was gifted in so many other ways too. In bed, he was a perfect mix of long lasting control and unbridled passion. He never lasted as long as he wanted to, but that only turned her on more. She had never been disappointed and the thought of a guy losing control as he fucked her was almost enough to make her cum. For the moment she pushed those thoughts down. “Come on. We leave in 15.”

Avery went into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Isabella moved fast. She stood and tossed the panties she had been wearing during the night into an open suitcase. Before she could help herself her hand was up her thigh and gently brushing her clit. Her breath caught in her throat. Her fingers ran along both sides of her still soaking pussy and back to her swollen button. “Shit,” she moaned, forcing herself to place both hands on her hips, and looking around the room for something to wear. She was really starting to regret not throwing Avery back onto the bed and climbing on top of him. The tension between her legs was really starting to mount. But she knew that depriving herself now would pay off later.

When Avery came back into the room after a few minutes he stopped suddenly in the doorway. Despite the dark brown hair that curled slightly past her shoulders and the golden brown eyes, Isabella had never been much of a lady. She worked in a male dominated field as a engineer and had never backed down from making her opinion known. Perhaps most noticeably, she rarely wore feminine clothes. It was masculine suits at work and a t-shirt and jeans at home. That is why he was surprised to see her seated at the table in a loose flower print sundress that stopped just below her knees and hugged her hips, just under her breasts. Her bare feet were kicked up on the table.

Avery’s dick swelled slightly. He was unsure what to think of the scene in front of him. “Where did you get that?”

She shrugged, suddenly remembering to fasten the last few buttons of the dress. “I picked it up a few days ago. It’s been hot and I was tired of wearing pants.” Her finger pointed up and down his body. “Come you. You’re falling behind.” He did his best to ignore the desire growing in him again and bent to pick up his boxers. As he got his first foot in she interrupted, “You know, I think you should go without those today.” He looked at her questioningly. “I would hate for you to be over dressed.”

One foot dropped to the floor and the dress fell up her leg. Keeping her legs together so as not to show too much she made sure that he saw that nothing covered her shaved pussy. Then both canlı bahis feet were on the floor and she was leaning forward, pressing her thighs together. The poor guys across the room from her was almost entirely hard again, nearly eight thick inches, but he had little hope that she would give him any relief.

She pointed to a pair of tan pants crumpled on the floor. The fly closed with only a few buttons. “Wear those.” She matter-of-factly explained, “I like that they don’t have a zipper for anything to get caught in.”

Most of the morning was spent walking the streets of Madrid at a lazy pace. They stopped in a couple of small stores and got a coffee next to a park. Isabella had trouble paying attention to much of anything around them. The morning had gotten her more worked up than she had been in years. Little did Avery know but with as much as she had teased him, she was twice as bad to herself. Every step was making her more turned on. Much of it was how unusual the flowing dress felt compared to her normal clothing. The fabric was thin. When the wind blew she felt the breeze against her skin as if she were naked. She was pretty sure that when the dress caught between her legs as they walked it was obvious she had nothing on below.

That was only part of why she was catching people’s eye on the street. Isabella’s breasts were large enough that without a bra people took notice, but not too big as to spill out or seem obvious. She loved the double takes she got from most of the men and a fair number of the women. The print of the dress had been chosen with care so as to be busy enough that when her nipples became hard they would not show. But, when she brushed up against Avery’s arm she knew he could feel her.

Her teasing continued long after they left the hotel room too. She led him into a small art gallery for no other reason than to stop in front of a random painting, pull him close behind her and place his hand high on her hip. As they gazed at the piece hanging in front of them she lightly ran his hand down to where her underwear line would normally be. Of course he felt nothing. Placing her hand firmly on his, she guided it over her hip and onto the shallow valley between her leg and her torso. He pulled her tight against his body. She felt his growing cock settle against her ass. She nestled a little tighter against him and ran his hand further around her front. It rested far below her belly. His hand began to curl, tickling the area just above her pussy. Then she quickly stepped forward and walked away, leaving Avery to awkwardly try to hide the bulge in pants.

It was all she could do not to laugh at the poor guy.

Over lunch he kept having to reach into his pocket to adjust himself, especially after she gently took his hand, placed it on her bare mid-thigh and squeezed her legs together. When she reached over and place her hand on his thigh, just below the bulge snaking down his leg, he brushed her hand away and gave her a pleading look. Isabella only grinned.

Just then a church bell tolled across the plaza. The grey stone building was tall, squeezed between a small antique shop and a tall office building that had grown up around it. Madrid was full of churches and this one was no more special than any other except a bit more off the beaten past than most. A pair of tall wooden door stood open, welcoming parishioners to worship. The foot traffic outside passed by without seeming to notice.

Isabella threw some crumpled bills onto the table and pulled Avery to his feet. “It has been so long since I’ve been to mass. I think this is due.”

They dodged a few taxis on the street and ran up the short staircase in front. She pulled him past the statues of saints guarding the doors and into the darkened interior. Built back when the wealthy had more money than God, and tried to even the score with the biggest and the best, the church had a massive vaulted interior. To their left, a small altar held rows of red candles. Some were lit, but most were cold. The only light came from the open door behind them and two large circular stained glass windows on either side.

Pews stretched from the altar in front almost to the doors in back. They were mostly empty, with those in attendance crowded around the front. Even in the dim light they could see that the majority of the people had white hair. Their walkers lined the aisles. At the front a priest was raising his arms and speaking in a slow, melodic mix of Spanish and Latin. Isabella led them to an empty pew in the back corner and pulled Avery next to her, folding her hands in her lap. A few rows up a massive stone pillar, holding up the high ceiling, blocked their view of the front.

“We can’t see a thing,” Avery whispered.

“It’s not about seeing. Its about the experience.” There was a shuffling at the front. Isabella interpreted, “Kneel.” She dropped to her knees onto padded cushions on the floor and place her hands on the back of the high back pew in front of them. Avery did the same, obviously unsure bahis siteleri of what was happening. She leaned close so that he could feel her breath against his neck. “Don’t worry. Once a good catholic girl, always a good catholic girl.” Her tongue flicked across his earlobe. “Just do as I say.”

Avery stared at the stones in front of them, feeling more than a little confused. He jumped when he felt a hand grab at his crotch and massage his prick. When he looked at Isabella her eyes were closed as if she were praying. Her hand continued to run up and down his inner thigh.

Sweat started to bead on Avery’s forehead. He had not came in his pants since junior high but with the day’s excitement he would if she kept up much longer. The people’s view in front of them was blocked but the door was still wide open onto the bright street outside. Still, there was no way he was going to be the one to stop her.

Just as he was about to reach down to undo his fly she stopped and sat back on the pew. Avery was slow to follow and his pants strained against his fully hard cock. Isabella let out a small moan.

She made no effort to hide as she raised her hips off the bench and lifted the dress above her bare ass. The well worn wood was cool against her skin. One hand pulled the front of her dress down over her crotch while the other reached under the hem and ran a finger across the slit of her wet pussy. Her head rolled back and she moaned again, this time slightly louder. Avery could only see her hand beginning to work under the bright fabric but he knew when she reached her clit. Her legs spread wider. Her hand began to bob up and down in a circular motion. He reached under his waistband but her free hand slapped it away. Her head turned to face him as she bent forward to slide two fingers inside herself. She tsked, “That would be a sin.” He could hear as her fingers curled to tease the top wall of her pussy.

At the front, the service continued. The priest made a call and the small crowd shuffled again. Isabella sank to the floor, her knees spread. Her hand moved deeper under the dress then pulled up to the front. The rounded flesh of her ass held the back of the dress up, exposing her smooth skin to anyone who came in. Avery stayed seated. He was fixated on his girlfriend masturbating as the priest continued to ramble. Her head rested on the pew in front of her. Her mouth alternated between open silent moans and biting them back.

Out of the corner of his eye Avery noticed someone come into the church, a middle aged woman. He panicked momentarily, reached out to grab Isabella, but the woman ignored them and took a seat halfway up the center aisle. She never even looked back.

Meanwhile, Avery left his hand on Isabella’s back, growing more excited at touching her. The contact excited her too because her hips began to grind up and down as if she was fucking someone under her. Avery’s hand drifted down until he was cupping her ass. She started to buck a little harder. His hand moved further down the curve of her ass until he could feel her middle fingers sliding in and out of her pussy while she pressed her palm against her swollen clit. More than anything he wanted to throw her onto the church floor and lay between her legs, licking her from ass to clit. He wanted to fuck her with his own two fingers as his tongue flicked across her. Nothing was better than her sliding her fingers through his short brown hair while he ate her out or squeezing his head between her thighs. He wanted her to cum with his mouth pressed against her.

Isabella look up at him. Her cheeks were dark red with excitement. The look in her eyes was almost desperate. She was quickly losing control. “Stand up,” she whispered heavily. The hand on her pussy moved fast. Her free hand moved up and undid the first two buttons on her dress. The softness of her cleavage showed as it heaved with her breath. “I’m gonna suck your cock.” A small moan interrupted her. Talking about fucking was making her lose it more. “I’ll show you a good catholic.”

Avery rose to his feet, looking around anxiously. The woman ahead of them had not turn around since sitting down. Isabella turned and slid in front of him. Her knees rested on either side of his feet. When he looked down he saw the hand not fucking herself had pull the bottom of her dress up and out of the way. He saw her hand cupping her pussy, grinding the heel of her palm against her clit. She pushed two fingers in even deeper then pulled them free. They were glistening wet as she reached up to undo the buttons of his fly.

When the first button popped open Avery knew why she had wanted him to go without boxers for the day. The hair around the base of his cock was cut close, a nice touch that she had insisted on. As she undid more the smooth length of his shaft came into view. The tip was stuck below the last button and she had to reach a hand into his pant leg and wrap her fingers around the head to free it. Even without wearing boxers she had some trouble pulling the hard bahis şirketleri shaft out of his pants. Avery’s knees shook briefly.

There was more shuffling in the cathedral as people pulled out hymnals and began to follow the priest as he sang. Avery picked up a book from the pew in front of them and pretended to read but he was not sure how that would hide the head of brown hair between his legs if anyone were to look.

Isabella ignored the singing completely. As soon as her hand was free again she started roughly massaging the area just below her navel. It moved down to the smooth mound just above her pussy and settled back onto her clit. She was so wet so momentarily worried that it might start running down her leg. Without fingering herself, she ran her hand from her clit toward her ass. The fingers on the lips of her pussy made her wish it was her getting head rather than giving. More than anything though she wanted to cum and there was only one reliable way for that to happen. She moved so that her index and middle fingers rested on either side of her pussy, just inside the wet lips. They began to work side to side, bumping over her clit.

The other hand had pulled Avery’s cock free of his pants. Her fingers wrapped around the base, enjoying the thick, firm feeling in her palm. She leaned close, letting her lips fall open. Slowly and deliberately she stuck out her tongue and licked. Her hand pumped twice, pulling his extra skin over his sensitive head. Then her mouth was around him, roughly sucking on his dick, using her tongue to massage the underside of it. Avery was unprepared and started to pull away but Isabella’s hand reached around his hip, gripping his ass and keeping him in place. She felt his muscles contract and she relaxed, simply using her lips. She wasn’t ready to cum yet, so he wouldn’t either.

As her fingers worked though she felt her orgasm start to grow. She began to moan, but with the cock sliding in and out of her mouth it just came out as a low hum which Avery felt more than he heard. She placed her hand around him again, this time moving faster as she jerked him off and tightened her lips around the curve of his head. When she leaned back to catch her breath her hand spread the wetness that had gathered on his dick across the whole shaft.

Avery’s wide chest towered above her as she looked up. She ran a hand up his shirt, feeling the ridges on his stomach to the hardness of his sternum. Avery’s eyes were closed. His cheeks were flushed. His mouth hung open. The hand holding the hymnal was limp, he was barely hanging on.

Without using her hands Isabella took Avery’s cock back into her mouth, as deep as she could. She was talented, but a full three inches of his shaft still showed between her lips and his body each time she slid down. Her tongue was back, working almost as furiously as her fingers, alternating between rubbing her clit and fucking her own pussy. It wasn’t long before the muscles in his lower abs and ass contracted. Isabella felt his legs shudder. He tried to pull away but her hand grabbed his ass again and forced him to stay in her mouth. His orgasm hit him as hers started to grow. She felt him cum and sucked harder, to the point she knew it would almost hurt. Teasing him all day had pent up a lot in Avery. She had to swallow twice but she refused to let him go.

Having her continue to run her tongue and lips over his shaft was more than he could take. Avery’s knees partially buckled. His vision briefly swam before his eyes. He leaned over her and his hand became entwined in the curls on her head. He made a half ass effort to pull her backward and release his dick from the torturous pleasure.

The feeling of his hand tugging on her hair, the sensitive cock in her mouth and her hips fucking her own hand were more than she could take. The first wave of the orgasm hit her hard. She moaned, this time loud. Avery’s legs began to shake. He fell backwards, sitting heavily onto the bench. His legs could not hold him up any longer but his dick stayed in her mouth as she moved forward with him.

Isabella’s pussy contract around her fingers. For a moment her whole body tightened then released as the climax carried her away. Avery’s cock slid out of her mouth and fell against his thigh. Her ass sank onto the heels of her feet and she laid her head on his leg. The hand that had been in her pussy briefly touched her clit then traced a wet trail over her mound and up to her belly. Her other hand ran a finger from the tip of the spent cock next to her down his shaft. Avery picked his head up, smiling down at her. She sat up to her knees and pulled her dress back down over her ass. “Well,” she smiled, “what do you think of church?”

“I didn’t remember it like this, but I think I need to go more often.”

People began to move around at the front of the church. The woman who arrived late stood up, moved to the aisle and crossed herself. Avery managed to tuck himself back into his pants and cross his legs before she turned around. Isabella sat up on the pew next to him. She took his hand as the woman walked past them. “Come on,” Isabella pulled him to his feet. “That was a good warm up but I think I am going to need to be saved again before the night’s over.”

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