a little about myself


a little about myselfMy father decided he had enough of the family life when I was very young, leaving my mom to raise me by herself. In order to work she hired sitters or when she could afford it send me to day care. After a few years of the pressures of bringing up a boy on her own she became an alcoholic, and some of her decisions were flawed. Not appointing blame, she did what she could. Some times I’d be sent to a womans home for the day. She watched many k**s and couldn’t keep an eye on all of us at the same time. At a young age I knew girls didn’t have a dick and some boys weren’t circumcised and I was. More than once me and other boys were caught playing with our selves. A few times I’d get caught playing Dr. with a girl. In short I was introduced to the human body in more than one sense.At one day care center they had some teachers( in many ways) that when it came to bath time they paid close attention to our genitals, giving them a good cleaning. I also leaned you could drink pee and not be poisoned. Some times the older boys would take the younger ones to the back area of the playground. They’d pull down their pants and tell us to hold their dick. They’d pull it out have us hold it, or shake it till it grew and was hard. They’d breath funny while we were shaking and pulling it. There was one lady who would take her tit put and have some k**s act like they were babies and nurse. As the years went by I’d stay at different pendik escort places, some still the same. When I was in the third grade I met Kinney. He was a strange k**. When we’d get our bathroom break he didn’t care who seen his butt or dick. He’d pull his pants down to his knees to piss. Oddly we became friends. I was invited to a sleep over at his house and was excited became it was ny first time to spend the night at someone else’s house. When I stepped in his house, the first thing I seen was his father sitting in his underwear. I wanted to giggle but Kinney pulled me down the hall to his room. We played some games till it was dinner time. I washed my hands in the bathroom and walked up the hall to the dinning room. His father still in his underwear was at the table. His older sister was in a robe, and his brother was in PJ’s. While we ate all I could do was look around the table seening how everyone was dressed. After dinner his mother told us to get in the bath tub. We stripped and hopped in. We splashed each other till his mom came in. She was in her night gown and I could see her tits when she leaned over to wash Kinney. She shampooed his hair then soaped him down from head to toe. I knew how to wash myself,but she said she’d do it. She washed my hair, then told me to stand.when I did I covered my little dick. She slapped my hands and told me to hold my hand out and spread my legs. She washed my arms, chest, belly, then my escort pendik dick and balls. With the roughness of her treatment my little dick got hard. She laughed, and said thank you for the compliment but you’re not old enough for me. She drying us and told us the go to bed. I thought she’d give us a towel, but sent us naked out the bathroom to his room. I ran all the way to his room so no one seen me. Kinney got in bed while I put on my PJ’s. He asked why was I putting clothes on, that’s when I saw he was still nude. I asked him if he had PJ’s and he said no. Only mom and dad slept in night clothes. Ok, when in Rome.I hopped in bed next to him, it felt weird. I never slept nude before. His mom came in told us to get under the sheets, and turned off the lights. I turned on my side and tried to fall asleep. Kinney turned and slid over to me, he laid his arm across my chest and I felt his dick against my butt. Shocked I turned over and asked him what he was doing. He said it was a game his brother taught him, put your dick between someone’s butt cheeks and see if it grows. If it does push till it goes in their butt hole. I told him I played that game at day care, and said you have to lay on your belly and let them push in and out. So I went first, I rolled on my stomach and pulled my cheeks apart. He got on top and pushed. We did this back and forth for an hour then went to sleep. We took turns sleeping at each others house for the rest pendik escort bayan of the school year.We moved to a larger town and mom got a job at a department store. She was home at 6:00 now but worked 5 days a week. She met a nice man and she brought him home. He was really nice to me. One night mom was drinking heavy and passed out. I was in the bath when Bill came in to pee. When he finished he asked me if I wanted help, I said sure remembering when Kinneys mom washed me. I liked the way it felt. I told him I already washed my hair and needed to wash my lower body. He told me to turn around, he used a wash cloth to wash my back and arms. When he started washing my butt I didn’t feel it, just his hand. He pushed my legs apart, and soaped up my butt cheeks then he pushed between my cheeks, rubbing up and down a few times. He said to bend over and spread my butt cheeks. I did as I was told, he ran his fingers up and down for a while then I felt him tickling my butt hole. I jumped and giggled, he ask if it tickled, I said yes. He said maybe he can tickle me again later,then he said to turn around. He washed my chest and belly,then he washed my dick and balls without the wash cloth. Once again I got hard. He smiled and said looks like somebody likes his dick washed. I giggled again and turned red. He washed it for a few minutes before he rinsed me off. I stepped out the tub and he dried me off paying attention to my butt and dick. He kissed me and said to go to bed. Mom had him over a few times till she was board with him. The bar she drank at must of been a hang out where the guy talked to each other and she would bring a new one home now and then.

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