A LeakingToilet


A LeakingToiletIt was a Tuesday morning and my husband got up and went to the bathroom. After he showered and got out and came back to the room he said to me that our toilet is leaking and if I can check in the local newspaper or on the Internet later to see to get a plumber out to come fix it. I said no problem will do so my love. He was soon dressed and on his way to work. I got our daughter up and dressed and just after 7h00 I took her and dropped her off at school. On my way home I called Andy as he was a plumber and after a short chat I told him about the toilet leaking. He first joked and asked if that’s just my way to get him to come visit and I said it’s not a bad ploy but it is seriously leaking. He said he’s guys are rather busy today but he’ll come past himself at 10h00 and have a look what’s wrong. Cool I said see you later.I soon reached back home and made myself a cup of coffee and went onto my laptop and checked a few emails. At 8h30 I went upstairs and took a nice hot shower and then got out and got dressed into a casual summer dress and sandles. I then went back downstairs and did some work on the laptop while waiting for Andy to arrive. The doorbell rang at 9h45 and opening the door it was Andy. Closing the door behind him I greeted him with a kiss and firm hug as he took a firm kıbrıs escort feel of my bum. He then asked me to show him the problem and we made our way upstairs to my bedroom. Walking in front of him he commented saying I wish your dress could have been shorter so that I could get a good look up at your bum and also see what colour your underwear is. I then teasingly pulled it up showing him my bum in my white g string and he said oh god that is sexy. We then got into the bathroom and showed him the leaking toilet. He quickly went back downstairs to his vehicle and came up with some tools and 15 mins later he was finished and washing his hands. He then walked out into the room and I asked him how much will that cost and he replied as he walked up to me saying “plenty”. He then pushed me on to the bed and moved on top of me. His lips met mine and we started kissing. Our tounges massaged each others and once our lips aparted I grabbed onto his shirt and took it off as he moved down and to between my legs. Lifting my dress and moving my g string aside he started muffing my pussy, licking up and down my pussy lips giving me great oral pleasure as I moaned. I soon reached climax and moaned louder while Andy stimulated my clit with his tongue making me orgasm. After I finished orgasmning I sat escort kıbrıs up on the edge of the bed while Andy stood in front of me. I removed his pants and jocks releasing his big hard cock to me. I took it into my mouth and he immediate gave off a few moans as I started sucking his cock. After a minute he stopped me and pulled me to stand up to remove my dress. Once it was I off I removed my bra and the turned around and kneeled on my hands and knees on the edge of the bed. Andy moved my g string aside and entered his big cock into my pussy as he grabbed onto my hips and then started thrusting hard back and forth, in and out of me. He made me moan from pleasure as his big cock hit deep up in my pussy and I soon reached climax and my pussy tightened around his cock as I orgasmed from the pleasure. He thrusted harder as I orgasmed and once I finished he pulled out and turned me around to lay on my back on the edge of the bed. He spread my legs and lifted them over his shoulders and after pulling my g string aside again he re-entered his big cock into my pussy and thrusted hard and rough in and out pleasuring me. I moaned louder as I looked into his deep blue eyes and he then groaned and gave me slow deep and hard thrusts into my pussy as his cum shot out his cock and deep in against my pussy kıbrıs escort bayan walls.Once he finished he pulled out and gave me a kiss and then said, thank you that was so needed and I really enjoyed it. Looking into his deep blue eyes again I said you welcome babe and I thoroughly enjoyed it myself. I then went to the bathroom to clean his cum from my pussy and saw that the toilet was working properly again. I then joined back in the room where my plumber and I got dressed after he fixed the toilet and lubricated my inner walls with his hose. Once dressed we made our way downstairs where I poured us a glass of juice and asked him again how much I owe him? He said nothing as he got amazing pleasure from me in the room and I then said I need to show my husband some form of invoice or price. He then got a book from his car and wrote out an invoice for R500 and gave it to me. I wanted to pay him but he said don’t worry about it. He finished his juice and then I walked him to the front door where I looked into his deep blue eyes once more and exchanged one more kiss as I said goodbye to the handsome 26 year old daddy who just gave me great pleasure again. Later that day once my husband was home, he was rather glad the toilet was fixed and when I showed him the invoice he was amazed at the good price it was. He then asked if he needs to pay the plumber and I said no need as I already gave him the R500 and needless to say I let him pleasure me while releasing some tension from his balls into my pussy, giving me great satisfaction.

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