A Late Recovery

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College students often make poor choices, and I was no exception. But sometimes, as in this tale, fate decides to bail us out.

During my junior year at university, I got invited to a birthday party for a friend at a local bar. We were not particularly close, but we had some good friends in common, and the bar in question was only a few blocks from my house, so I decided to head over and see what there was to see.

Like a good college student, I felt the need to get the party started early and cheaply, so I hung out at my house taking shots of awful whiskey with my roommates for the first part of the evening. They all had other plans for the evening, so after we had gotten sufficiently buzzed, we all split up to go see what we could get into that night.

The bar was packed when I arrived, and I threaded my way through the crowd looking for some familiar faces. It being a university bar, I saw a few people I knew from campus and from class, and exchanged shouted greetings with them, but couldn’t find any sign of the group I had come to see. I made my way around the edge of the crowded dance floor, but still could not find anyone I particularly wanted to see.

The bar in question had a bit of a loft area, so I went up to try to find a better vantage point. Looking down off the balcony, I immediately discovered why I had been unable to find my friends. At the very heart of the dance floor, in front of the DJ table, and shielded by gyrating students from onlookers at the floor level, was the birthday girl dancing with two of her best girlfriends. The birthday girl, Kristen, was a tall slender blonde, beautiful but not really my type. Her friend Elena was shorter and thicker, with a gorgeous Mediterranean sort of look. I had gone to high school with her, and we were good friends. Tina, the firecracker of the three, had skipped college to dance professionally, and you could definitely tell by looking at her. She had grown up with the other two, and I had seen her around over the years.

They were all over each other, grinding and fondling, making quite a scene. They were accompanied by a smattering of our other friends, but they were surrounded by a group of infatuated but intimidated college guys, nervously dancing around them and hoping that chance would somehow favor them with one of these three beauties.

With confidence bolstered by plenty of whiskey, I went back downstairs and made my way through the crush of bodies to the eye of the hurricane. As I emerged from the chaos, I was enthusiastically greeted by the three girls. Elena was first to spot me, and she disengaged from the other two to throw her arms around me.

“Thanks for coming out! It’s so good to see you!” She yelled in my ear, trying to be heard over the deafening music.

“I wouldn’t miss it! But It looks like you three are having a pretty fine time without me,” I responded, with a grin to let her know I was just playing with her.

She laughed and rolled her eyes. “We’ll be having a better time if you join us!” She said, grabbing my wrist and dragging me into their little group. I embraced the other two, yelled a happy birthday to Kristen, and then happily let myself succumb to the joys of dancing with three gorgeous girls. The four of us danced wildly together for an hour or so, before we wordlessly agreed that it was time for a bit of a break. We made our way out of the crowd and over to a small table, where a couple other acquaintances were hanging out. I greeted those that I knew, and headed off to the bar to get a round of vodka/Red Bulls. It was university. What can I say?

I returned to the table to discover that one of the other members of the group had also gone to get a round, including drinks for Kristen, Elena, Tina, and myself. We all laughed at our foolishness, but university students are seldom prepared to turn down free drinks, and we were no exception.

After finishing all our drinks and cooling off a bit, the four of us headed back out to the dance floor. As before, the girls made a point to establish themselves in front and at the center of attention. We danced with no real organizing principle, just enjoying the titillation of grinding on each other and feeling each other’s bodies. As the last round of alcohol kicked in, a few of the bolder male onlookers were invited to join our little group, but they could never seem to keep up with the pace and style of our dancing, and inevitably found themselves exiled back to the periphery after a couple of songs.

Meanwhile, our dancing became less and less appropriate. What started out as a hand on Kristen’s waist to guide her a bit became two hands firmly planted on her butt, pulling her into me. Hands on Elena’s hips, keeping her close while she danced with her back to me and her rear grinding into me, became my hands running up and down her sides and occasionally cupping her amazing breasts. What began as Tina leaning slightly away from me as we danced became her head nestled against my shoulder, feeling her breath on my canlı bahis neck. It wasn’t specific to any of the three of them in particular, we were just letting the music and the booze run wild.

However, such things come at price, and the birthday girl was the first to have to pay the Piper. She abruptly made her way off the dance floor, clearly in the sort of distress that comes from too much drinking and not enough food and water. Elena immediately took off after her. That left Tina and I alone on the dance floor. We gave each other a look, and I swear we had a whole wordless conversation, full of vague promises and selfish need. With the faintest hint of a shared shrug, we came to the same blurry conclusion, and folded ourselves into each other even more tightly than we had previously.

Without the other girls to help bolster our presence, the crowd around us quickly filled in, and soon we were crushed together among strangers, yet oblivious to them. Our dancing progressed from suggestive to basically ritualized foreplay. We became that couple that reminds adults why they don’t go to bars for young people.

Her black dress was short and sheer. I could feel the contours of her thong as I ran my hands along her hips, and then her rear, and finally between her legs. Her firm body and pert breasts made a bra unnecessary. When I cupped her breasts, I could feel her nipples hard against my palms, and I started to tweak and play with them as we danced. Her strength and grace were incredible. The way she danced promised even greater delights in bed.

We danced as long as we could, until the urge to fuck became too strong for us to resist. I slipped my tongue into her ear and told her it was time to go. She gave my cock a quick squeeze of assent. We slipped out of the crowd and stumbled out the door into the night.

When we finally got back to my house, we bee lined past anyone who was awake and headed straight for my bedroom. As soon as the door was shut, our lips were joined and tongues were dancing and hands were fumbling to get clothes off. We tossed everything wildly all over the room and collapsed into bed. At which point I made a terrible mistake: I passed out. Not my finest moment.

I painfully regained consciousness the next morning, tantalizingly suspended between heaven and hell. On the one hand, Tina was lying next to me, wearing nothing but a black, lacy thong. On the other, my head and stomach both felt like the end of the world. It was an exquisite agony, staring at her incredible, lithe body, beautiful skin, and perfect pink nipples, while being basically unable to move for fear of spontaneous organ failure.

Several times I tried to coax myself into moving, but every time the throbbing in my head and the spinning in the room forced me to remain still. I stared at the ceiling, mentally berating myself for squandering the opportunity that had been offered to me, until finally Tina stirred. Her beautiful eyes fluttered open and finally focused on me. She grinned slowly.

“How are you?” she asked.

“I’m alive, I think,” I groaned. “The vodka gods are taking their revenge on me though.”

“I bet they are,” she chuckled. She slowly sat up and pointedly stretched, breasts jutting into the morning. She looked down at me and responded to my obvious lust by cupping them for me, tweaking her nipples a bit.

I reached half-heartedly for her, but she playfully slapped my hand away. “You’re gonna have to do better than that!” I don’t know how she wasn’t in the same condition as me, but she was completely fine, or doing a good imitation of it.

I slowly sat up, willing the world to stop spinning so fast. It got worse before it got better, but eventually I was able to sit up and take stock. It was still surprisingly early, and the sunlight was pouring through the windows. I groaned as my head thudded a few times.

“Come on you poor little thing,” Tina said with a smirk. “Let’s get you into the shower. There’s a day that needs to be seized.” I wasn’t sure what seizing she had in mind, since I couldn’t imagine anything further in the future than coffee and a whole bottle of Advil. Nonetheless, I slowly rolled out of bed and allowed her to steer me into the shower, which she promptly turned on full cold and slammed the door behind me. I yelped and struggled to escape, but my efforts were quite pitiful. However, the cold water did a remarkable amount to clear the cobwebs in my head. Only then did I realize that I, being the one in the shower, could adjust the temperature. No sooner had I done so than a beautiful, naked Tina slid into the shower with me.

Regardless of any hangover or the general messiness of the morning after, she was a vision. The beads of water on her skin accented the perfection of her skin, which in turn accented her incredible build and sleek muscles. We embraced and kissed a bit, but she remained focused on actually getting clean and making sure I was making progress toward being a functional human. At least to whatever extent bahis siteleri that was normally the case.

Rather sooner than I would have liked, I was shooed out of the shower and dismissed to go get my Advil and get dressed. By the time I got back to my room, Tina had helped herself to some shorts and a hoodie from my wardrobe.

I sat heavily on the edge of my bed, but before I could collapse back into it, Tina was in my lap.

“Nope, nope, nope, you can waste the day if you want, but I need a ride home first!”

I groaned, and tried to glare, but something about the look in her eye made that seem like the wrong response. I summoned what little strength and will I had, grabbed my keys, and out the door we went.

When we arrived at her house, she took me by the hand and led me inside. The house had a nice open floor plan, with a living room that you walked into as you entered, and a kitchen toward the back. Her bedroom as off to the side.

“Make yourself at home. There’s some juice and water in the fridge, and more Advil in the cabinet. I’m gonna change into something that’s mine,” she told me.

Those things sounded great, so I helped myself, and poured her a glass of juice as well. I sat down to wait for her, but she wasn’t long. She reappeared in a very casual outfit that nevertheless drives me crazy: a simple white tank top, no bra, and some sweatpants that would have been pretty loose on a lesser physique, but on her just accentuated how big and toned her rear was.

The house also had a nice shady deck off the back, shielded from the neighbors by plants of various kinds, so we headed out there to sit in the late morning sun and sip our drinks. We sat on the porch facing each other, chatting about this and that. My hangover had eased considerably, and I finally felt able to take advantage of the situation.

“What are you planning to do with the rest of the day?” I asked.

“I’m not totally sure, I don’t actually have any plans,” she told me with the faintest hint of a smile. “I was thinking I might go to the farmers market and get some food. Maybe meet up with my mom for coffee.”

I put on a suggestive grin. “I have a better idea,” I told her.

Her smile broadened as she arched an eyebrow at me. “What did you have in mind?”

I patted my lap. “Come over here and sit, and I’ll explain it to you.”

Her grin became a full smile, suggesting that she had been looking forward to this as much as I had. She stood slowly, languidly, and stretched her arms above her head, pulling her shirt up, exposing her perfect, toned stomach and pushing her hardening nipples against her tank top. She stepped lightly across the porch, her dance training rippling through every movement, and sat down in my lap with her arm around my shoulders. I smoothly folded my hands around her tight midriff, once again feeling the way her muscles gave firmness to her soft skin.

The way she sat gave me great access to her right shoulder and neck, and with such a minimal top on, I couldn’t resist the temptation to preface my explanation by gently kissing and licking my way up to the hollow of her throat. She sighed as I did so, so I unclasped my hands and slowly trailed one up her left side, pausing to briefly tweak her nipple through her top on the way by. I grabbed ahold of her neck, and pulled her a little closer to me, not so much to give me better access but to assert some control over her body. She willingly let me guide her a little closer to me, so I could whisper in her ear.

“I think we could start by getting to know each other a little better out here, and then make a project of spending the day fucking on every horizontal surface in your house. I’ve been dying to get my hands on you for years, and now I want to take full advantage of the incredible little sexpot I’m sure you are.” I added some emphasis by adjusting my grip so that my hand was wound in her luxurious hair, and pulling her head all the way back, allowing me to kiss and lick all over the side of her neck that had previously been out of my reach.

She sighed and mewled a bit before responding. “Hmmmmm, let me show you what I think of that idea.”

She slowly reached down and plunged her free hand into the front of her sweats for a moment. I couldn’t see what she was doing, but I had a pretty good idea. Well, I was half right. A moment later she pulled two shiny, sticky fingers out of her pants. She licked one of them suggestively, then slipped them into my mouth. Her flavor was incredible, and I was amazed at how wet she already was. I shivered with anticipation and arousal, making eye contact with her as I carefully licked her fingers clean. A smile spread across her face, and I knew that I was in for a terrific day.

I pulled her in for another kiss, pushing my tongue into her mouth and letting it dance with hers. Our kiss was urgent but not hurried, as we had all day to play with each other. I sucked on her lower lip, and she moaned slightly. Our lips drifted apart bahis şirketleri until just our tongues dueled in the space between us, and then rejoined as she writhed in my lap.

I ran my free hand up the front of her shirt, pinching her nipples as we continued to kiss. Without hesitation, she reached down and pulled her top off, exposing her to the world. I was taken aback, but the yard was quite private, so I supposed it would be fine. I certainly couldn’t complain about the opportunity to enjoy her body unencumbered by clothing. I leaned down to take a nipple in my mouth, and she grasped my head and pulled it tight against her. After I had sufficiently mauled her chest for a few minutes, she released me and started pulling my shirt over my head, which I was only too happy to help with.

Once my shirt had been discarded, she slid out of my lap, kneeling before me. Her gorgeous blue eyes stared straight into mine as she eased my pants down, freeing my cock. It sprang eagerly into the sunshine, bobbing in her face. Without missing a beat or breaking eye contact, she gently started licking the head, and then the shaft. I watched her as if transfixed, as she slowly made her way up and down my dick, until finally taking the head in her mouth and swirling her tongue around the head. I almost reflexively started to push my hips up into her mouth, but she laid a hand on my stomach and pushed me back down.

“Patience. Let me have my fun with this delightful dick of yours,” she reminded me. She grinned and winked at me, “You can fuck my face later.” It was hard to argue with that, so I leaned back and let her do her thing. Her thing was amazing. A girl who genuinely enjoys sucking dick is a true delight, and she certainly did. She went up and down, around and around, sometimes fast and sometimes more slowly. She made no real effort to bring me to the edge of orgasm, and seemed to mostly be enjoying the act of sucking for its own sake, lazily fingering herself while she did so.

Time is quite hard to track when there’s a gorgeous girl playing with your dick, but eventually the sun slid out from behind a tree that had been shading us, bathing us both in warm golden sunshine. Tina popped me out of her mouth one last time and slowly got to her feet, shedding her sweatpants as she went. She briefly stood in front of me, amused as I gaped at her remarkable body. Her hairless pussy glinted in the sunshine, and I couldn’t help but reach out and touch it. I ran my thumbs along her lips, gently spreading them, and then dipping a finger into her depths, drawing a contented sigh out of her.

I drew her into my lap, legs spread wide around me, and guided her slowly onto my waiting cock. We both moaned as it slid smoothly, effortlessly home in one motion. We kissed once more, with a little more force this time, as we began grinding our hips together. I took firm handfuls of her rear and held her down so that I stayed as deep inside her as I could.

Gradually, our slow grinding progressed into a more earnest fucking. She slowly started bouncing up and down on top of me as I thrust up into her as far as I could. The sounds of her butt slapping against my thighs filled the yard. Her head was thrown back and her hair flew wildly. She was really enjoying riding me, and her moans rose with the pace. I grabbed her hips and started helping her slam herself down on me. Her cries built to a crescendo, and then I felt her starting to spasm. Her legs shook, her nails dug into my shoulders, and finally I felt her incredibly tight pussy start to spasm around my dick.

I kept fucking up into her while she came, and then slowed my pace as hers became less urgent on top of me. Eventually, she opened her eyes and smiled down at me. “Oh fuck that was nice. You have a really nice cock.”

I gently pushed it up into her a couple of times in response. I chuckled and thanked her. I drew her in for another kiss, and once more our tongues embraced.

She slowly slid herself off of me and got to her feet, allowing me to do the same. I stretched, and she grabbed me by the dick and led me to the door. As we entered, we paused and surveyed the furniture available to us. The house mostly contained the standard fare, a dining room table, a couple of couches, and a plush looking rug to tie it all together.

I led her over to the couch, and pushed her down onto it. After wonderful sucking she had given me earlier, I felt a strong urge to return the favor. She quickly understood what I wanted, and leaned back with her legs spread wide. She was perfectly smooth, with perfect pink lips gleaming with arousal. Her clit begged for attention, and I was happy to oblige.

I leaned over her and dribbled spit all over her clit and rubbed it in with a thumb, while she moaned and played with her tits. I slowly slid a single finger into her tight tunnel, curling it and stroking her walls as I entered. I pumped it slowly in and out of her a few times, getting it well coated with her plentiful juices, and then popped it out of her pussy and slid it into her mouth. She slurped it clean and I leaned in taste her pussy off her tongue, which she was more than happy to oblige. Having gotten a small taste, I was eager to immerse myself in that flavor.

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