a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 2


a hot summer with my mom and aunt pt 2t this point my aunt got up and left my room, it must have been about 2 am. I did not here any more sounds and so slipped off to never never land. When my aunt got back to my mom’s room, she immediately informed my mom that I had said the I would love to fuck her. They discussed this for quite some time, my mom on one hand excited about the idea, but very reticent about fucking her son. My aunt kept insisting that she go into my room and just do it. My aunt said to my mom, “Jackie, you will love it, Glenn has a very large dick just like your hubby had, and he fucked me really good. Feeling him cum in you will make your day, now go in there and fuck him. Show him how much you love him and make his day.” She kept it up until my mom was so excited, she began to ooze juices from her pussy. She timidly walked into my room and sat on my bed. I was sleeping very lightly and immediately woke up. I looked up to see my mom sitting next to me looking so hot. She said, “Honey I need to know if what June said is the truth. Do you jack off thinking about me and do you really want to fuck me?””Oh mom, I have wanted to fuck you for more than two years. I think you have a hot body and have imagined many times of me sliding my cock inside you and feeling your warmth.” I had a raging hard on and rolled on my back and pulled the covers off. My mom looked down at my crotch seeing my 8″ dick sticking straight up. When she looked back at me I raised my hand to her tit saying, “See what you do to me.” She starred at me for a minute while I fondled her tit and moved my other hand onto her thigh and up her leg. She willing separated her legs letting my hand slide all the way to her wet cunt. I slipped a finger between her pussy lips feeling how wet she was. She smiled saying, “See what you do to me, I’m soaking wet with precum. I guess that fucking your mom’s twin sister is almost the same as fucking your mom, so actually fucking your mom would be OK.” I thought her logic was a little screwy, but what the heck, if she was willing, so was I. My mom stood up, dropped her robe and laid down next to me. I took her in my arms giving her a deep kiss and as I rolled on top of her, she spread her legs and my hard cock found the spot and wham o, I was inside my mom. She moaned saying, “Oh sweetie, you feel so good inside me. This may be wrong, but I can’t think of anything, not anything that I want more than having you fuck me. Just do me sweetie, fuck your mom, give me all your cum, fill up my hot snatch with your sperm, fuck me hard and fuck me deep.” Here I was ramming my mom not more than a half hour after I had fucked my aunt. I just let it all out and pounded my mom to her encouragement. The harder I fucked her, the more she begged for it. She was the first to climax letting out a low moan and holding her hips very still as the rush of feelings swept over her body. I was still ramming her hard when she came down, she took a hold of my face, gave me a big kiss then said, “Yes baby, keep it up, ram your big cock in mama. You are so big, I can feel you way up in my belly. Oh sweetie do it to me, fill me up honey, I want all your juices deep inside me where you began.” It was not long before I unloaded what cum I had into my mom’s sloppy pussy. She wrapped her legs around me holding my deep inside her as I pumped the last drop canlı bahis siteleri of seamen I had. I relaxed on top of her kissing her again with a long and wet kiss. She obviously was as hot for me as I was for her. We kept kissing for a long time, sucking each other’s lips, sticking our tongues in the other mouth. I moved my mouth down her neck, nibbling all the way slowly inching my way down to her tits. She pushed her tits into my face as I took each one and sucked on her nipples, making them very erect. I used my tongue to lick all over her tits and back to her nipples. She was moaning again and began to press her hips against my belly. I was hoping she wanted more and that I could eat her. She did not appear to have any reservations so I continued sliding down kissing and nibbling on her till my face was directly above her wet pussy. I could see seamen oozing out of her hole. I looked up at her, she had her eyes closed and was purring. I turned my face down and without any further to do, began to eat out my mom. She put her hand on the back of my head pushing my face even deeper into her snatch and rocking her hips. I sucked as much of her cunt into my mouth as I could and then I released her pussy lips and stuck my tongue in her cunt. I played with her clit by flicking my tongue across it until she screamed as another climax engulfed her body. She humped my face as she oozed out more cum into my mouth. I just laid there face down into my mom’s cunt enjoying every minute. The intensity subsided and she released her hand from the back of my head. I had a mouth full of cum, a mixture of hers and mine. I slid up her body and when we got face to face, I kissed her letting some of the juices in my mouth flow into hers. It was a long and sloppy kiss. When we finished she spoke, “Oh baby, that was so great, oh how I loved it. I hope you liked too. And I love the taste of your kiss and how you share our cum with me. Baby I love you. You are so good to me.” We hugged for a while and then we both fell asleep.I woke in the morning with my naked mom lying next to me, she was sound asleep. I watched her beautiful breast rise and fall as she breathed. Oh how magnificent they are, nice and big with great nipples. I just laid there for quite awhile admiring her tits and very gently licking them. I lightly played with her nipples not wanting to disturb her but wanting to touch her nipples. She looked so beautiful lying there. I raised the sheet to get a good look at her pussy and legs; her cunt was a mess with dried cum all over her crotch. I recalled how I ate her last night and how good she tasted. Her legs are so beautiful, I wanted to get between them again but knew it would be best to wait. I was not too sure what to do knowing that my mom was a bit drunk last night and may have regrets this morning. So I slipped out of bed and into the bathroom. I then decided to see what was happening with my aunt. I crept down the hall and peeked in my mom’s room. There was my aunt lying spread-eagle on the big king size bed. I walked in finding her sound asleep like my mom; they must have gotten a snoot full of booze last night. I moved up very close to her and leaned over to inspect every part of her beautiful and sexy body. Her tits were just like my mom’s only a little bigger, her pussy looked delicious and her legs were magnificent. tipobet As I stood there admiring my aunt’s body, I got a raging hard-on. I wanted to mount her and fuck her again so bad but thought that might not be a good idea. I did take my cock out and very gently rubbed it on her face, tits and pussy, I left little droplets of precum on her skin, oh how I wanted to fuck her. She did not stir at all and so I played with her pussy lips with my finger. I gently pulled her pussy lips apart to see her pink insides, I got very close and licked her cunt a number of times and then I kissed her snatch, getting my tongue between her pussy lips and slightly inside of her. She moaned and then really parted her legs quite wide. I then took my finger and ran it along her crack playing with her rosebud. She squirmed some and moaned a little more but did not wake up. Seeing her lie there had me so horny that I crawled up on the bed and straddled her pelvis while holding my cock and pointing it at her exposed pussy. I placed the head of my dick against her cunt hole and pushed down a little. Her pussy lips parted and about an inch of my cock slipped into her cunt. Oh was my cock ever hard and she was wet. I then lowered my crotch slowly inching my cock into her cunt until I was all the way in. I couldn’t believe it, here I was crouched over my aunt with my cock buried in her cunt. She still did not wake up so I very slowly fucked her trying not to shake the bed very much as I repeatedly lowered myself into her and then pulled my dick back out of her wet fuck hole. Being so turned on I shot a load in her in but a few minutes. When I was done, I wiped my dick all over her snatch leaving her pussy coated with more of my cum. As I walked out of the bedroom, I looked back to see she still had not stirred. I went into the kitchen and fixed me a little morning snack, I was hungry from all the energy I’d expended. I went back up stairs to my room to see my mother still sleeping. I was still tired so I slipped back into bed next to my mom, my cock did not want to rest, it remained erect all the time. I lay there slightly on my side with my cock resting on her thigh. I caressed her tits and sucked them a little as she lay there. I was so hot for her, I slid my hand down her belly to her pussy and slipped a finger inside her. She felt so warm and wet. I very gently played with her clit which must has brought her out of her deep sleep. She stirred and I quickly removed my finger from her cunt. She opened her eyes and looked a little puzzled. She turned and looked at me saying, “Did I dream or did we actually fuck last night?” I was not sure how to respond but pulled the covers off to expose our naked bodies. She looked down and when she saw my hard cock resting on her thigh she said, “Do you have that monster cock inside me last night?” I just nodded yes as she continued to stare at my cock. She said, “You know I was quite drunk last night and wasn’t behaving myself.” She paused then continued, “Wow you do have a big cock, just like your fathers. I hope you don’t think badly of me. I know I was being a bad girl, but you do have a monster of a cock, its beautiful.” She did not take her eyes off of my dick as she was speaking, “I hope my actions didn’t traumatize you.” She paused and then said, “”Did you actually get all of your cock inside me?” tipobet giriş I nodded yes as she reached down to touch my dick and when she glanced back up at me, she said, “You mean I had every inch of this beautiful monster cock inside me?” I nodded yes again as she stroked my cock very slowly a number of times, then looked me straight in the eye saying, “I know this is wrong but I want to feel your cock inside me again. Would it be OK with you if I asked you fuck me right now?” I pulled her close to me and kissed her as I raised my pelvis above hers, she still had a hold of my cock and guided it into her cunt; I was all the way inside her on the first thrust. She let out a load moan as I raised my pelvis and then plunged myself into her again. I started to pound my cock in her as she repeated many times, “Fuck me, yes fuck me hard, oh baby fuck your mama, get your big cock deep inside me and cum, yes baby I want you to cum inside me, pump your juices in me baby, oh sweetie, mommy loves this.” I just continued fucking my mom until we both came, unloading what little sperm I had left. This was my fourth fuck in about six hours; more fucks than I usually get in a week. We both laid there for quite awhile catching our breath. Finally when my cock softened and slid out of her drenched cunt, my mom got up, bent over and kissed me saying, “I need to clean up and get breakfast. You were great fuck and we need to talk about all this later, OK!” I agreed and she left my room; I watched her cute ass move across the room and out the door. Oh, my mom is so hot looking, I was getting another hard-on. I had plans to get with my buddies today and was looking forward to that but at the same time, wanted to hang around my aunt and mom too. I showered, dressed and went downstairs to the kitchen. My mom was preparing breakfast wearing her short robe. The sight of her legs had me going again, but I that I had better cool it. I sat at the table and be chit chatted, she told me that my aunt was still sawing logs on her bed. She served me breakfast and I watched her every move, she has such a magnificent body. I was trying to decide if she had anything on under her robe. After we finished eating I told her I was going to hang out with my buddies and to say goodbye to my aunt for me. She said maybe we should check to see if she was awake and I could tell her myself. We both went up stairs to check, I was behind my mom and tried to see up her robe to determine if she had panties on or not. We got to her room and there was my aunt still spread eagle on the bed. Wow, she looked hot. My mom moved near the bed and noticing the dried cum all over her snatch remarked, “Wow, you must have really spewed a lot of cum in her. You fucked her first and were fully loaded, right. I would like to experience that sometime.” I looked at my mom as she was licking her lips. I said, “Sure mom, I’ll do that to you.” I was ready to jump her bones again but knew I needed to go. I could not resist and asked my mom, “I’m curious mom, are you wearing anything under your robe this morning?” She had a silly grin on her face saying, “Now you had better get going or you will miss out playing with your buddies.” I took that as to not press the point any more and headed down the hall. When I got half way down the stairs my mom called out my name. I turned to see what she wanted and there she stood at the top of the stairs holding her robe open revealing her totally nude body. “Does this answer your question? I don’t think I’ll be wearing under garments around here very much any more.” We both smiled as I went out the door.

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