A Hot Evening’s Work Part One


A Hot Evening’s Work Part OneI wrote earlier of how Liv and I got started. This episode occurred a few months later and a couple of things had changed. Her lad was now in a full time care home so I no longer spent work time at her place. This hadn’t stopped our, now unofficial, meetings but they had been infrequent due to the new routine she was getting used to, involving regular visits to him and so forth. We’d only actually managed a few more fucks due to this. They had been much more leisurely but, consequently, less intense. We had got more familiar with what each needed too, so they certainly had been good times, but lacking that sheer lust of our first coupling. The time between each had also lengthened and I assumed that they were in the process of dying off all together. Such things happen.However, almost three weeks since our last meeting, I received a call from Liv. I had half been expecting an “it’s all over” sort of message as during my last visit she had seemed distracted and, although not reluctant to screw, hadn’t appeared as keen as previously. She suggested that I pay her a visit and was quite talkative during the call but I sensed a hesitation or nervousness behind her chatter. I began to ready myself for a difficult time, one that would probably end with a farewell. This was a disappointment but I would go along with her wishes, whatever they were. Our time had been unexpected and great, sexy fun but really only with one purpose in mind.I arrived at her house the next evening all showered and smelling nice. The summer was coming to an end but temperatures were still high so you could get in a very sticky state early in the day. I was in my usual loose T-shirt and shorts, sandals on my feet. As soon as Liv opened the door I felt a bit under-dressed as she was actually wearing a short, sleeveless dress of pale blue cotton and had, unusually, applied a little make-up as well as drawing her hair back into a short pony tail. The effect was to accentuate her fine cheek bones, enlarge her pretty green eyes and make her mouth fuller as well as taking a good few years off her. She looked very lovely indeed. Once inside she set about making me a cold drink and flitting about. I carefully looked her over noting again how well she looked in her dress, how it clung to her body in the right places. Her bottom looked superb in it, her hips flaring gently from her waist, and the curves of her cheeks filling the material. She must have chosen her panties well, I remember thinking, as no sign of elastic showed under the clinging cotton. As I mentioned last time, Liv is almost entirely flat chested so I didn’t expect to see any bra straps but I could definitely make out the points of her nipples under the thin cloth. Finally settling herself down next to me we toasted one another and sipped our drink. There was an awkward pause for a moment as Liv took a deep breath, placed her drink on the side table and then turned back to me.I’ll try and summarise the disjointed and broken speech she then began. She was grateful to me for the attention I had shown her when she had put herself in the “past it” category for so long. She had thoroughly enjoyed our experiences together. But she wasn’t looking for anyone full time (just as I had thought) because now she was on her own for the first time in years she didn’t want another tie (and fair enough, too, I agreed). She wanted, basically, to live a little. She then reminded me of how she had, quite early in our work meetings, explained her bisexual nature. The sex that we had enjoyed had also rekindled those feelings in her (oh, hello! I thought) and she needed freedom to act on them. (This was getting interesting and, I’ll be honest, arousing too). In fact she had already taken that action over the last few weeks having become involved with a neighbour. She took kırşehir escort another sip of her drink and then continued.Her new friend, Stella, was a mature lady somewhere in her late forties and also had been unattached for some time. They had been casual acquaintances since Stella had moved in but soon after seeing Liv’s adult son leaving the home had called to ask if all was well. Most other neighbours had no time for the woman with the sick son so this act of kindness had gone down well and a close bond soon formed. And progressed. Talk, apparently, had turned to relationships and Liv being her usual forthright self had told all. Stella had provided her own story which included the revelation that, she too, could find women as exciting as men. Now the women were lovers. I was forming the words to say that I was happy for her and wished her well in the future when she cut across me.“I’ve told her about you of course,’ she said. “Told her you’re a wonderful fuck, I mean.” Well, shucks, I thought. “The thing is, like I was, she hasn’t had a bloke in yonks. So I..er..I..said that she should try you!,” she blurted. “Oh, really? Do I get a say?”. “Course you do, but I doubt that will be a worry. She’s gorgeous.” “So why no lovers, then?” “Because, again like me, she’s been messed about. And this is just sex. We talked about it, we’ll help her.” “We?” “You don’t think I’m going to miss out, do you?” came the laughing reply. “Hell, both of you? A threesome?”“Finally, the penny drops,” came a voice from the doorway. I snapped my head around and there stood a fine looking woman smiling nervously at the pair of us. More than fine looking, actually. She was an Asian woman, round faced, slightly chubby in that lovely fulsome, healthy fleshed type with a good complexion. She, like Liv, was wearing only the finest of coverings. Hers was of a silky red sheath of satin material that clung to her curves. Her arms and legs were exposed and her limbs were well rounded and smooth. The shape of her breasts were clearly revealed and I could see that she had a fuller chest than Liv (not difficult) but was still of the smaller size. Her smiling face was very pretty but she looked a bit nervous.“So, do you like what you see?,” asked Liv. “Lovely, isn’t she? I can’t keep my hands off her to be honest.” “I don’t blame you,” I agreed. Stella grinned some more and advanced toward us on the sofa with quick, tiny steps. She sat to my right and I noted the curve of her bum and the line of what appeared to be quite skimpy knickers as she passed me. I was between the two women. Liv and Stella then began to talk across me, commenting on my better points and eyeing me laciviously. I would be embarrassed to repeat the compliments but my ego grew and as the situation became clearer, so did my cock. “I think I deserve a reward for introducing you,” said Liv and leant in to kiss me. And so the evening began.Our mouths met in a passionate meshing. I had an arm around each of them and slid my hands along their backs, down to their rounded buttocks and back again, delighting in feeling the thin cloth slip and slide over their bodies. Stella leant in to me and began a gentle nibbling and pecking around my neck, throat and earlobe. I turned to her and our lips locked. She had a fuller mouth then Liv and her tongue was tiny and fluttering against mine. I swapped between the two women for a few minutes totally enjoying the sensation of warm bodies on either side of me. I had rucked their dresses up a bit and had an arse cheek in each hand, again Stella’s was the fuller, plumper of the two but both deliciously smooth as I squeezed and pawed them. Whilst my hands were busy so were theirs and then stroked my chest, belly and thighs with warm fingers. They began to pull at my clothing, working in tandem, and soon I was down to my kırşehir escort bayan underpants which were now tented with my erection. As they kissed their way around my face they happened to meet in the middle and I watched as they smooched one another for a minute or so as I kept up my groping of them. Then they stopped and turned to me. “We’re going to give you a little show to begin with,”said Liv. “But first we need to get rid of these dresses. I know you like to help,” she smiled.Since our first encounter I had been able to perform a favourite action of mine with Liv. I like to have a good grope around a woman’s pussy whilst she is still wearing her knickers, taking my time to strip them off. Liv had obviously informed Stella of this. They stood in front of me and I perched myself on the edge of the lounge. They then helped one another out of their scant clothing leaving only their knickers on. Once again I revelled in the view of Liv’s tiny chest. Her breasts merely two small rises but with inch long, thickly crinkled dark nipples poking from them. She was clearly very aroused again. I turned to Stella and took in her form. She was obviously the bigger of the two and her tits stood plump and firm from her ribs. They almost looked like puppy fat breasts but with second glance, as she slumped her shoulders a little, I could see the slight sag in them of a mature woman. Her nipples were of a deep pink colour, sitting prettily on her pale Asian skin. They looked bursting with goodness and even as I watched they extended themselves and spiked up to a pair of smaller points. I wrapped an arm around each of their waists and pulled them to me as I sat upright. I took on one nipple and then the other into my mouth as they pressed together side by side. I continued my groping of their arses, my legs spread wide and they each stood astride one of my thighs. I moved Stella to her right so that her breast lay against Liv’s chest and the two girls nipples touched. I lapped and sucked at them together and was aware of the women once again kissing each other.Now for my particular pleasure! I released the straining nipples from my lips and turned my head to Liv. When I had failed to see any knicker line under her dress it was because she was wearing the tiniest of thongs of a black silk. Just two thin straps held a gossamer covering over her groin. Her plump pudenda filled this beautifully with just a few stray brown hairs peeking over the top. I pulled the material up into her cleft and ogled the appearance of her outer lips with their covering of fine downy fluff. I could see how dark the flesh had become on them as excitement grew in her. I began a rhythmic tugging which I knew would stimulate her clitty. Her eyes closed and she breathed deeper joining in the slow rhythm. Then I pulled the elastic from her belly and peered down into her panties enjoying the display of her now revealed deep slit. I slipped my hand down the cloth and teased her soaked and slippery labia, moulding them together to pressure her clit and then opening them again. Finally I pulled the thong downwards. She had to step backwards to allow the material to fall to the floor and finally stand there naked before me.During this Stella had been right next to Liv and had been eyeing the proceedings lustily. Her nipples had grown harder and a warm glow covered her body. As Liv settled next to me and rested her head on my shoulder I drew Stella to me. She had on a pair of regular sized pair pure white panties that clung to her form delightfully. I could see her mound of venus clearly and noted a darker stain on the gusset of the knickers. I smoothed the back of my hand over her mound and lower, her legs parting a little to allow me access. I gazed up at her as I pulled the front of the elastic upwards then concentrated on her escort kırşehir pussy. Once more I filled her slot with cloth but this time the labia that appeared were hairless, expertly shaven or waxed to a bald, bulging strip of flesh. I pulled on her outer lips and then gently pinched them together to close over the cloth. Then I hooked a finger into the leg elastic and eased the gusset from her dampness. Pulling the top forward I gazed down onto her swollen bald pudenda and eased my whole hand down there. She was slippery as hell there as I slid a finger along her to swirl it around the entrance to her hole. Slippery and hot as hell. Easing back I smeared her juice along her groove catching the nub of her clitoris at which she gasped.Liv then stood up again and she was the one who finally lowered Stella’s panties all the time looking at me with a playful smile on her face. The two women stood side by side again in front of me and I took the opportunity offered to me. Liv has a plump pair of outer lips that entirely hide her inner set and clitoris. Stella had a less prominent mound and her outer lips were clearly defined but split by her clit shaft high up on her slit and some delicate folds of pale flesh that folded over and around themselves. Both women had a shiny slick of their love juice over the lowest part on their sex. I cupped each of their pussies in a hand, my palm on their fleshy mound and my fingers searching down to their slippery slots. Liv was in my left hand, her pubes tickling me whilst Stella’s pristine cunt was in my right. Such a delight to have so contrasting a duo of crotches to fiddle with. I pulled and tugged at the flesh and then eased a finger into each. I could feel that Stella was the slightly tighter of the two whilst Liv’s fleshy tunnel was a looser fit around my knuckle. “Now then lover boy,” grinned Liv, “you’re going to get a treat but then you’ll let us show you something.” The women sunk to their knees before me and pulled at my boxer shorts. However, they did not strip me but treated me to a bit of my own medicine! They gripped my shaft through the material and squeezed it. At once a clear bulb of my pre-cum oozed through the cloth and they bent forward and lapped at it making long strings of it loop from my groin to their mouths. They began to massage me this way and suck at my engorged gland through the cloth making it sopping wet. Then they pulled my pants off and set to my cock together. I knew that I was deeply aroused and would not survive a determined attack for long but they actually seemed to have counted on this. “Just let go,” breathed Stella, “we’ve got all night.” They took turns gulping in my cock and licking at my balls as their hands rubbed my body. They set up a fast pace of wanking me in between mouthfulls of prick too and I felt my excitement rise. Then on a nod between the two, Stella sat onto the floor and rolled onto her back lifting her legs high and wide.Liv dragged me forward by my dick so that I was kneeling on the floor between the splayed thighs of her lover and expertly jerked me. My cock head was aswim with my leaking juice and my balls bounced in their tightening sac as Liv pulled at me. Slick slurping and juicy sounds came from her fist as she rubbed her slightly rough palm across the ridge of my prick whilst gripping tighter and tighter. Stella raised her butt higher and I could see her pale pink arsehole winking at me as her slick cunt lips parted some more. In seconds I shot a thick load over Stella’s lower belly, cunt and legs each spurt making me grunt and swear as it streamed from me. The first jet squirted over her lower belly and filled her navel. As Liv continued her pulling the second ejaculation splashed Stella’s inner lips knocking them to one side. I also shot over her mound and watched as my cum ran down her gash to her hole and then lower to her arse. Liv’s hand slowed as she drained me until I was soft and shrunken.Looking at my reduced cock Stella said, “Never mind about that, we’ve got just the cure for it.” And they did, but that will be in the second part of this tale.

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