A Holiday Surprise Ch. 02

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The fog of last night lingering in my head as I whipped the sleep from my eyes as my wife kisses me goodbye as she is leaving for work, but my mind was not on being off from work but on my hot encounter last night. The wife working all day would give me the day of having fun reliving my hot encounter last night, and maybe do it again. I get around slowly, taking out the dogs, getting cleaned up around the house and making breakfast, needing to get something out of my car sliding my hand in my jacket pocket but instead of my keys I found something silk. Pull them out slowly and opening them up to find a hot little pair of thongs that looked and smelled like they were soiled from masturbation or sex with a note attached.

“tonight was so hot, I going to find a way to get out of going with mom to the in-laws come over once you get up!” the note said on the note with sexy female handwriting.

As quickly as possible I can, the shower I go and get all cleaned up for a full day of fun and fucking, and in the car on my way back to my mother-in-laws house. Pulling in most of the cars gone, hoping that no one sees me I park behind the barn, my cock already standing at attention making it hard to focus. I slowly walk up to the door, wondering why Colleen hasn’t come to meet me, I look around to make sure my mother-in-laws car isn’t here I open the screen door to find a note tapped to the door.

“Come up to my room, the key is under the mat, please hurry!”

I find the key under the mat and quickly come in taking my jacket and tossing it away as I run up stairs to Colleen’s room, opening the door hoping to find my beautiful blonde mistress waiting for me, but I find candles lit and the lights off with Colleen nowhere to be seen, but on the pillow there was another note.

“Take off all your cloths and put on this blindfold and do not take it off until I take it off for you or move until I tell you!” the note read.

Doing as I am instructed I quickly get naked, excited istanbul escort that my mistress I a kinky girl with this plan she has for me, my cock at full attention I lay on her bed and put on the blind fold and lay there, nothing happening for what seemed like an hour. Then finally I hear a moan escape Colleen’s mouth, then the door close and lock, next I feel her kneel on the bed next to me touching and teasing me with her breath as she blows on my body, starting with my ears, then my neck, down my body to my cock, balls then down the inside of my legs. The feeling of her running her finger nails up my legs over my cock was electric, it didn’t stop and went up to my wrists, grabbing them she ties both my wrist to her headboard, then running what I think is her tongue down my arms over my nipples to my cock, washing my cock with her tongue she moves to my balls then back and starts sucking me hard.

Enjoying her touching me I feel her move and her leg and knee next to my head I know what’s coming by the smell of a wet eager pussy lowering over my face and I didn’t have to be told what to do and started licking and sucking the pussy pushed into my face. Working her clit and pussy lips I eagerly tried to tongue every inch of her, tasting even better than she did last night. Then Colleen wanted more by pushing her pussy down into my face and started fucking my mouth as she moved up to sit on my face, I could feel her fingers touching her clit as I tongue fucked her pussy and ass. Colleen was so caught up in my mouth tonguing her she left hard cock about to pop, wishing I could use my hands to touch the sexy women face fucking me and maybe jerk my rock hard member, the torture of being so close and not cumming was driving me crazy.

I redirected my torture to her pussy as she really pushed her wet clean shaven pussy up and down my face making it hard to breath but I didn’t care, but soon she was cumming as her avcılar escort body started shaking on my face and a gush of juices covered my face and made it hard to breath for a few seconds. Her moans and screams muffled by her legs pressed against my ears as she slides off me, her mouth finds my cock to lap up all the precum dripping out of the tip.

“Oh baby please take off this blindfold and let me see you!” I pleaded to her

“shhhhhhhh” she responded after pulling my cock out of her mouth.

She lets go of my cock and slides over my body, I feel her hand grip my cock again, then feel it being directed into her pussy as she pushes her body down on mine, her little body felt so great sliding up and down my cock so tight so perfect for my cock.

“Oh god baby, fuck that cock you dirty little slut!” I yell as I feel her tight pussy grip my cock so hard.

She starts riding me harder and harder moaning as she rips off the mask, taking a few seconds for my eyes to adjust, there she with her big double d tits bouncing up and down as she starts cumming on my cock.

“Holy Shit Michelle! I yell as she grips my cock cumming on me hard sending me almost sending me over the edge.

Michelle is Danielle’s step-sister that is only 4 months younger then Colleen but she is completely different, long brown hair, beautiful blue eyes, freckles, 34 DD tits, standing only 5’4″ and 110lbs was a so sexy, but never thought she would be interested in me.

“mmm still didn’t cum yet?” Michelle asks smiling at me wiggling her tight pussy on my cock

Sliding off my cock and rubbing my cock between her big beautiful tits, the smile on her face and the sparkle in her eye are something I haven’t seen before pushing the head of my cock in her mouth as she titty fucks my cock, working her big beautiful tits around my cock sucking on my head as she slides down my shaft. Stoping only to lick my balls and shaft, then pushing them back between şirinevler escort her big firm its, my balls rubbing her firm body felt so good. Moaning and stops, looking at me with an evil grin she slides up and kisses me deeply then turns around sliding her leg over me with her sexy little ass towards me she starts rubbing her pussy on my chest and abs , then down to my cock, her tiny little perfect ass looking at me as she rubs her soaking wet pussy on my cock, then adjust and slides me deep into her pussy. Riding me cowgirl it was amazing to watch her sexy little body and big tits giggling as she pumped my cock into her pussy over and over, looking back at me begging me to cum.

“Please cum in me baby, I need to feel your load in my like you did for Colleen.” Michelle moaned smiling at me.

“Only if I can touch you little girl”, I answer in a serious tone.

She looks back and pouts at me, then laying back on me her head next to mine, she kissed me as she started grinding hard on my cock, reaches up and unties each of my wrists, I immediately reach down and grab Michelle’s tits. Gripping them hard, playing with her nipples as I start pumping up into her harder as Michelle moaned louder then I heard her that day, kissing her deeply, my hands mauling her big sexy tits, I slide my right hand down to her pussy , rubbing her clit sent her over the edge.

“God yes fuck I am cumming!” Michelle yells That was the point of no return for me as I start to pump her pussy as hard as I could, her hand cover mine to help me fondle her sexy naked body, pumping her furiously.

“Fuck yes Michelle here it comes!” I whisper in her ear

“Yes Ben, cum in me, give me what you give to my sisters!” she moans back as I explode inside her. After a few minutes of down time, neither one of us wanted or needed to move, but my hands continued to explore her body as me both dosed in and out of sleep knowing we had all day of fun ahead.

“mmm that was so amazing, it was just amazing to watch you fuck Colleen last night, I was so jealous watching you I had to have you like she did.” She whispers as she kissing my cheek and neck.

“Well you can have some whenever you want, but today isn’t over yet” I whisper in her ear as I squeeze her tight trying to keep my cock inside her as we snuggle.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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