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A Good CuckoldA Good Cuckold StoryFuck me harder was they cry and her pussy was filled with hard juicy cock all I could do was watch in admiration as my girlfriend was fucked hard by big cock while my pathetic excuse for a cock only got as hard as it can.I t had all started a few weeks previous when my girlfriend gave me the news I had been dreading that I could not satisfy her needs and she had been looking and getting it elsewhere. It came as no surprise to me and all I could say was I did not blame her and could only wish her all the very best. She smiled and hugged me and then I left to drown my sorrows in a pint or two.Later that evening I returned to the sounds of moans from the bedroom, my first thought was she had her trusty dildo out and loving this sound I walked slowly upstairs to be greeted by the sounds of a male voice telling my girlfriend exactly what she was going to get and then another male voice agreeing with him. The bedroom door was slightly ajar and as I looked in I was greeting with a sight of my girlfriend on all fours being fucked hard from behind and sucking on another huge cock. A slight feeling of anger came over me but was instantly replaced with horny pleasure as my little dick went hard in my pants as I watched. I stood transfixed for around 5 minutes as my girlfriend hatay escort bayan moaned and writhed in absolute pleasure while playing with these two wondrous cocks. My hand playing with my little cock as I watched. All of a sudden, my girlfriend looked around and spotted me and rather than look disgusted I found her smiling and just told me to come in the room. I was so excited I could not refuse and was told to sit and watch. The two guys just smiled when my girlfriend explained the predicament she had with my small cock and with that carried on fucking my girlfriend hard while she sucked the other guy hard. This carried on for a good ten minutes while in the meantime I was naked and as hard I could be.The guys then started to moan very heavily as first of all the guy being sucked came in her mouth and then almost simultaneously her pussy was filled with cum as well. Now this is when it got interesting.Walking over to me my girlfriend pushed me to the floor and sat right on my face, her legs open as cum dripped out of her pussy and onto my face then telling me to lick her clean which I did so willingly tasting his cum as it fell out into my open mouth, as I cleaned up my girlfriend then dripped the cum out of her mouth onto my head with instruction to take it all and eat it escort hatay up which again I willingly did. I could not believe how good this all tasted and lapped up every last drop of their cum, until my face and her pussy were clean of cum, while this was happening I could see the two guys playing with their cocks and informing my girlfriend that they were ready for more.My girlfriend then took me by the hand and walked me towards the guys and moved my hand towards their cocks. Go on play was the instruction as my hand was placed on the first guys cock and started moving up and down. You like that she said with a smile on her face, I nodded and started to rub this wonderful cock up and down while my other hand started to play with the second cock, this feeling I never thought I would want or experience was coming naturally to me and could not help but gasp at the size of them as I slowly wanked them both of as they became harder in my hand.My girlfriend then called me over and instructed me to go into my (what I thought) was secret drawer and take out the bra panties and blonde wig she knew I had been wearing. I had no choice although if I was honest I wanted too to put them on for her in front of these two big men. After I had dressed I was laid down on the bed and without even stopping hatay escort for a thought felt my girlfriends spit inside my ass to get it lubricated and then as I lay there her dildo went deep in me. This is just to open you up I was told as I gasped at the long dildo filling my ass. What was to follow was truly an amazing experience.My legs were spread apart panties pushed to one side and then this amazing rush of big cock filling my gaping ass as his full eight/nine inches filled my tight ass hitting my ass G spot every time it entered me. He fucked me and fucked me hard for as long as he wanted before I felt his cock throb and fill my ass with his cum, deep hot spurts felt like gold rushing inside me. Oh my god I gasped as he took his cock out and upon instruction I cleaned him up tasting the rest of his cum and my ass. While this was happening, I felt another wonderful cock enter me gasping as it did seeing in the corner of my eye my girlfriend frigging herself hard with the dildo. As I cleaned one up I felt the second throb as it entered me for one last time before filling me with his hot creamy cum as my girlfriend moaned loudly in her own orgasm. Again, on instruction the second cock was also dutifully cleaned as my ass was fingered by myself getting the seemingly never ending flow of cum on them and licking them clean. With that the two guys dressed and left while my girlfriend showed me the pictures she had taken and that with these pictures I was now her cuckold bitch for as long as she wanted. Agreeing was the only option

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