A Freezing Hot Night

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The fireplace cast an orange glow over the whole room. The lights appeared to be dancing on the walls, it was the only source of light in the room. She shivered and pulled the blanket tighter around her body as she wondered if the power would be coming back on tonight.

She was relieved that she made it all the way to the cabin. Her family was supposed meet her there, but she beat the bad weather and arrived before the roads were closed. Just a few hours ago and a few separate phone calls confirmed that none of the rest of the group would be arriving until after the weather improved tomorrow.

At first she was quite disappointed to think she would be alone overnight. She hadn’t been alone by herself for many years. She thought she might get lonely or scared or all of the above. But as she tightened her blanket and settled into the couch in front of the fire she decided this wouldn’t be so bad after all.

She relaxed into the couch and thought about how long it had been seen she had that kind of time to herself. She couldn’t even remember.

She glanced over her shoulder out the window and saw the snow was still coming down pretty fast and that just made her shiver again.

She went into the kitchen and turned on the kettle to start some tea. She remembered that she had also brought a bottle of Jack Daniels. So she thought “im sure not going anywhere, so why not?!” she set up her tea cup and also poured herself a drink. Without any hesitance tossed the drink back quick and then resumed her tea preparations.

She could feel the warmth from the alcohol spread through her middle. She finished preparing her tea and then walked back over to the couch. The wood cabin was quite chilly, but with fire and some blankets it was manageable.

She sat herself down in front of the fireplace. Knowing she was alone she opened the neckline of her blouse just a little to feel the heat from the fire closer to her skin. The air was cold but she scooted a touch closer to the fireplace.

She had strong memories of having sex with an old boyfriend in front of a campfire. She had been so young and carefree. They had stripped down right there at their campsite and had made love with no concerns about being seen. She sighed an remembered the passion. Between the memories and the contrast of the cold air and the hot fire she could feel her nipples getting hard underneath her blouse. She gently grazed the left side of her breast with the back of her hand barely touching but enough to make her skin feel alive.

She was feeling pretty good with the alcohol relaxing her and warming her insides and then the heat from the fire, with a little added heat from those fond memories, she was feeling pretty good alright!

She took her bra off while leaving her blouse and her blanket on. She could feel how thin the fabric was on her blouse.

There was a huge thump near the front door. She jumped upright and pulled the blanket tight over her whole body. She couldn’t think of what to do or what that noise could possibly be?!

She stood there frozen. Unsure what to do and unable to move.

The front door flew upon with a gust of wind. Snow was blowing all over the small living room. With another huge thud a man in a black coat and hood fell into the doorway. He collapsed before he could even step inside.

She could see parts of his his exposed skin near his hands were purple and she wondered bahis firmaları how long he had been out in this weather.

Instead of being scared of him she was scared for him. She pushed him through the rest of the door way and slammed the door shut to stop any more wind and snow from getting in.

She pulled the hood on his coat and dragged him toward the fireplace. He was not a huge man but much larger then her. The jacket and snow made it easy to slide him across the floor. She sat back and caught her breath and looked at his face for the first time.

He appeared close to her age and had a nicely trimmed beard. A little grey in the beard only made him a little more handsome.

She thought to herself that maybe this was like some kind of weird dream. Here her family wasn’t coming and then this handsome creature just shows up at her door. Talk about a nice gift for the season.

As she looked him over she realized his clothes were soaked so she left him by the fire for a minute to gather up some warm clothes and blankets.

She began to undress him starting with the thick coat that was just soaking wet and snow covered. She shivered as she worked to remove the next layer of clothes that were soaking wet.

She started to wrap him in blankets she was warming by the fire. His skin was coming back to a more normal less blue color. And he blinked a few times and looked at her. He said “im so cold” and without even thinking about it she opened her arms and her blanket to bring him in close and hoped to warm him.

He rested his head on her chest but he couldn’t hold still he was shivering and shaking continuously. She wrapped the blanket and her arms around his head and his shoulders and covered his lower half with another blanket.

She held him tight until the shivering slowed down and his breath began to steady a bit more.

Since she was holding his head near her chest she could feel his breath beginning to warm up and his breathing was much more steady. He peeked up at her but did not lift his head to move at all.

She stayed seated on the floor and held his head and upper body against her trying to share the body heat.

Slowly his breathing became even a bit slower. She could feel him gently reposition his head on her chest. She was suddenly very aware that she had taken her bra off earlier.

She was holding this strangers head against her chest and she knew that he could feel her nipples against his cheek underneath separated only by the very thin fabric of her blouse.

She didn’t care. She couldn’t let go. All she could think about was the feel of his beard hair through her blouse. And the change in his breathing as he realized what he was waking up to. He gazed up at her face.

She was hesitant to make eye contact because she didn’t want to ruin the fantasy of the moment. But she lowered her gaze to his eyes.

He was so good looking. She could feel her breath kind of catch as she looked at him.

He could feel that catch in her breath and turned his face to nuzzle closer to her breast.

She let out a groan and could feel that that simple move had made her feel kind of wet.

She held his head a little closer but he moved to align more of his body next to hers.

She opened her blanket more and brought him in closer.

As she was re-positioning her blouse fell open and he took in a deep breath. He pushed kaçak iddaa her blouse aside and put his face against her bare skin. He nuzzled underneath one breast and used his finger to trace the outline of her nipple. She let out another moan and tried to pull him in closer. He cupped her breasts and brought his face to rest against her as he held her

She looked down at his large hands holding her and she got even more turned on. There was something about large hands that always made her feel even more feminine.

The fire was dying down a bit so there wasn’t much light left in the room.

He reached over by the fireplace and put another piece of wood on the fire. She watched his body movements as he moved smooth and strong. He was a fairly fit so every movement showed the flex of a set of muscles. She watched in appreciation as his back muscles flexed until he sat back content with the fire.

He sighed from the warmth and then turned back toward her. She held the blanket open and he returned to snuggle her. He placed his hands on her hips. At first they rested there and then without any effort he lifted her onto his lap.

As he lowered her down onto his lap she could feel he was already hard and ready for her. She let out a sigh that mixed with groan. She hadn’t felt this level of heat and passion for a long time.

He lifted them both onto the couch but kept the blanket wrapped around them. His hand touched her ankle and he raised her skirt as he slowly caressed the skin on her leg.

He kept checking her face to make sure she wasn’t going to stop him. She sighed and said “….yes”…it was so quiet it almost a whisper. But then she said it again and he knew to not stop.

He traced his finger along her outer thigh and her skirt bunched up as his hand climber higher. When his hand reached her bottom he placed both hands on her and pulled her in close.

The movement was swift and he held her tight against him for a minute. The he lifted her off of him and onto the couch. He pushed the blanket and her blouse open. The firelight danced across her exposed skin He lowered himself to the floor in front of her. He took in the beauty of the firelight on her skin and then began kissing her neck and collarbone. He kissed in between her breasts and kept kissing her across her midsection and lower and lower.

As he was kissing her stomach and tickling her skin with his beard she hadn’t really noticed where his hands had gone. She was enjoying the sensation of his face and his hands were lifting her skirt out of the way. He pushed the fabric aside and lowered his lips to kiss the hidden places underneath her skirt.

She wanted to be more controlled but she could feel her hips thrust forward as his face neared her pussy.

He groaned as he realized she was losing control. He was so turned on by this fact, but he didn’t want it to go to quickly. He firmly grabbed her hips and lowered her back toward the couch. She wiggled and he held her still. She could feel his strength as he held her still. He lowered his face between her legs. She held her breath and thought she might pass out as she could feel his beard and his face in between her legs. She could feel every breath of his against her skin. The room felt like it was spinning around her as she tried to simultaneously let go and try to maintain some fragment of self control.

But she couldn’t any longer …she could kaçak bahis feel her whole back tense up as she braced herself for her body to begin rocking uncontrollably.

Her thighs clenched and wrapped even tighter around his head and it felt like wave after wave of wonderful sensations were hitting her whole body.

She didn’t even have time to catch her breath before she was pushing him back onto the floor. He did not resist at all as she pushed him flat onto the ground in front of the fire place.

She still had desire all over her face and a small peek of a smile as she looked at his bare chest reflecting light from the fire mixed with sweat from their heated moments.

She spread her legs over him and lowered herself down on top of him. Her skin closed tightly around him and she was so wet, it was his turn to struggle to maintain control.

There were no words exchanged. They tried one position after another, with reckless abandon until their bodies were exhausted.

They lay naked together in front of the fireplace and couldn’t resist any longer as the need for sleep took over and they both passed out in a matter of minutes.

She awoke alone and rather cold. She found she had tossed the blanket aside last night when the warmth of his body was almost more heat then she could handle. She started to sit up from the floor. She was rubbing her eyes and coming out a deep fog of sleep.

She started to have flashes of memories of all the amazing things happening to her body last night. But she wasn’t feeling sure if it was real or a dream. She grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around her nakedness and heading into the kitchen to start coffee.

She thought well that certainly wasn’t a dream, but she wasn’t totally sure.

But she did know her family was supposed to be arriving within a few hours so she showered, got dressed and ready to take on the day.

She looked outside the window and there was still so much snow coming down and it was dark as if it was still night time. As she was wondering about the road conditions and the remainder of her plans for the day the phone rang.

She answered quickly and was not surprised to hear the roads will remain closed for the day. She couldn’t quite decide if that was good news or bad….until there was a loud knock on the door.

She wasn’t expecting it so she jumped, but nothing like she had the night before with the big thump on the door step.

She tried to peek out the door to stop the wind and snow from getting in, but the wind was determined. It blew the door wide open to reveal him standing on the porch with snow circling all around him. He looked like the hero of a romance novel written for the holidays. His hair was blowing in the breeze and his beard was collecting small snowflakes as if it were glitter.

She suddenly remembered the feeling of his beard on her thighs, and his breath on her leg. As if no time had passed since they were intimate, she grabbed a hold of his arm and pulled him quickly inside. The timing of his arrival was just like his appearance, right out of a romance novel.

Their heat and their passion continued on through the day until they were exhausted all over again.

She gazed sleepily out the window as the snow continued to fall around the cabin. And she thought this was by far one of the best holiday getaways she had ever had. She was drifting off to sleep and thinking that maybe this was an annual tradition she should duplicate as much as she possibly could. She never knew that road closures and extreme weather were going to be a key part in one of the hottest nights of her life.

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