a first time


a first time
My first time with a guy was a very short encounter, I was feeling very horny one morning and i thought to just go with my instincts, I have been chatting to a man online for some time now and luckily he was online that very morning. we exchanged numbers and i asked him can he accom today? he said he could, gave me his address and we was all set. It was about a 45 min drive, i was nervous on the way down but i was pretty confident at the same time, i have been chatting to him for a while now so im sure he is the real deal and with him being a top im sure not a mess around, on his profile he is a top 58 year old man in ok shape with a 8″ cock. i pulled up to his road where the postcode sent me and I messaged him what number, he called me and i was nervous to answer since we have not spoken before, i thought this is it and answered he asked if i was in a blue car and to pull up just infront of a play park, his house was opposite, it was a nice area, new houses and a rich feel to it, i got out the car still güvenilir bahis şirketleri nervous he greeted me at the door and he seemed kind of nervous too, he asked me weather we should go upstairs or go into the living room, I said upstairs and he ushered me up, i felt a bit more comfortable as i walked infront of him up the stairs knowing he was staring at my bum, i was wearing very tight sports pants, we got into the bedroom where I asked him to feel my tight hole as he put his hand down my sports pants to check out my hole he said very nice and then and i took of my trainers and my t shirt, he also took his top off and then pulled his trousers down ” do you want to suck my cock? ” he said as he pulled his soft cock from his breifs. i said ok as i walked over and got on my knees, i grabbed it with my hand and licked the tip as he moaned, i worked the head with my tongue for a bit as he got aroused, i then sucked him fully and made hard sucking noises that he enjoyed, i could feel him growing tipobet güvenilir mi in my mouth with every suck, i kept sucking as i tickled his balls slowly with my fingers, he was now too big for me to fit in my mouth so i started on his balls, i could only fit about 5 inches in my mouth so i got up on my knees and got on the bed with my head hanging over the edge and asked him to face fuck me which he surly did, he was slow and cautious as he pumped in and out of my mouth, he then lay down on the bed while i got up to suck him some more, i then asked should we fuck now as he said ok. he reached over and gave me a condom to put on him, i put it on his cock and bent over as he got up and went behind me, he played with my hole with his fingers as he came back around asking me to suck him a bit as the condom made him a bit soft, i played with his balls abit and sucked him as he grew a bit bigger, he said ok that will do and then proceeded to toy with my hole with his cock. he pressed it tipobet giriş into me as i let out a sigh, he slowly worked in to me, he began to slowly enter me deeper with every push as i felt him inside of me, it was sore as i could imaging he is only halfway in it would only get worse, i pulled my cheeks wide as i could but it still as i felt him pumping away, he forgot about all of my worries and shifted his weight as he went balls deep into me it was really sore, i think he knew as he kept shifting his weight to get himself all in me. i ended up biting the sheets on the bed as i thought when would this be over, after about a minute he pulled away saying he was about to cum he pulled the condom off as i went to suck him, he didnt cum much as he said he wasnt a big cummer which was a little disappointing but as i sucked him he was very sensitive as he pulled away from my mouth, he had 1 or 2 drops of cum which i swallowed i got up went to the bathroom and came out as i put on my shirt and pants and we made out way downstairs he offered me a which i said ok too as my mouth was super dry, he said goodbye and that was it. i got in my car and drove off, i was still very horny but not in a bottom way but in a top, as i now wanted to cum. but overall it was ok for my first time with a nice guy.

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