A Father’s Dream–(2)


A Father’s Dream–(2)In that night after some time I asked my son to leave the room. My son left the room all naked taking his clothes. His dick is limp. I know he is too young to regain the hardness again. I closed the door behind him. I then slept beside my wife. Then I began to slowly rewind what had happened and this has turned me again. This time we had a naked passionate sex. At that time I don’t know that my son too is masturbating thinking of the time he spent with his mom.The next morning everyone got up a bit late. Everyone was in a hurry. Nobody spoke to one another. My wife didn’t even spoke to raghu. Even he was unable to speak or make an eye contact to her. He didn’t even dared to look at her. All the time his head was down. She was silent and serious. The only person who is speaking is rakesh. He is the only person who doesn’t the nights developments. Even I tried to keep quite. After the breakfast I left to office dropping my sons at their school. While in the car even Rajesh and I didn’t speak to each other.After dropping them I was in no mood to go to office. So I called them and told them I am not coming the next two days. After that there is second Saturday and Sunday. So went to the home straight. By the time I reached home my wife was busy in the kitchen. When I entered the kitchen she looked at me puzzled. She was in a yellow colored plain nylon sari.Me: I just want to talk to you. Why don’t you come? We will sit.He said that and came and sat in the living room. It was silent. After 5 minutes she came drying her hands. She came and sat beside him. He did not know how to start. Finally I said ‘how was it?’ I said without a thought. But suddenly I understood the mistake I have done.Shobha: what? Are asking me did I enjoy my son playing with my body. How can you think that a mother will enjoy her son having her body?Me: I just thought you will after sometime. But I can see the rigidity in you last night.Shobha: ?????????????Me: so…. We will stop it.Shobha: do you think is it possible? And that too after all this which had happened last night.Me: I don’t know. But we have to try.Shobha: no what will you try. He had me last night. Do you think his mind will be stable from now? Moreover I can’t look him like in the past. I can’t enjoy the same motherly feeling with him. You have broken the sanctity of our relationship. Now no longer this can be same.Me: I didn’t do it without your consent. You agreed for it. I told you it will be happening if you really want it. I didn’t call him on my own.He has entered into defense. His ego was hurt. She understood it. She hasn’t studied well but she has this good understanding of the people. But she thought how she could miss her sons ogling eyes. Otherwise she would have been careful. It is true that thinking there was no one in the house other than her c***dren and husband she weared such dresses. The she said –Shobha: yeah I agreed but yesterday when I suddenly saw him, I was totally upset. You have told me in advance that you have called him. I didn’t have time to prepare myself. I thought you will take time for talking to him.Me: o.k. I am sorry for that.He cooled down. He realized what spoke a moment before. But he was happy her wife was back to the pavilion. There was silence between them for sometime. Then she suddenly said breaking the silence.Shobha: I am afraidMe: why?Shobha: I am worried about his future. I have seen parents’ working day and night for giving good life to their c***dren. But here we are spoiling our own c***d. That is killing me.Me: no, I spoke to him. He said he will concentrate on studies. Moreover now if we stop then he will definitely disturb. Moreover we will control him.Shobha: control him? How?Me: we will allow him with us only on Saturday and Sunday. In the day he has to study. Moreover we will use this as an incentive. If performs well in the weekly tests he will be with us and if he fails he will not get you no matter whatever it is.She fell in thought. Then she said –Shobha: but what about rakesh? He is no more a k**. He is two years younger than Rajesh. bursa escort I can’t take him. I don’t want his life to spoil. At least I want him only as my son.Me: don’t worry about it Shobha. He will never come to know about it. No sex in the day. He will come to us in the week ends and that too in the night. Then there is no chance of knowing. We will separate both their rooms. Then there is no chance of him knowing what Rajesh is doing.She seemed to convince. She got and saidShobha: are you not going to office today.Me: yes.As my mind settled down I went to office and done my work peacefully. I cancel led my leave for that day. While coming from the office I took Rajesh and rakesh. While coming I spoke to both of them freely. Son Rajesh also forgot everything and started to speak freely. He didn’t ask me anything but I can guess from his face what he wanted to ask. As rakesh was there I kept silent.In the evening my wife hasn’t shown any change. She was a normal mother. But Rajesh tried to avoid her. She spoke to him as if she hasn’t noticed any change.I went to bed that night without speaking to my son. That night we had a wonderful sex.The next morning I got up early and went to my son’s room. I woke him up without noise and gave him a slip. He took and read it and looked at me puzzled. I whispered to do as I wrote. By the time I woke and prepared the breakfast, only rakesh and I were sitting at the dining table. I was in my pajamas. She didn’t bothered that but asked rakesh ‘where is Rajesh’Rakesh: he has got fever ma. He is still asleep.She stopped suddenly and looked at me. But then went on with her work. That day I called my office boy to drop rakesh in the school. I do it sometimes, so he went with him. As soon as he left my wife turned towards me and said ‘what is this all about?’Me: I think now you both should understand each other a little bit.Shobha: what nonsense. Is he my lover or husband to understand him?Me: I think there is a kind of uneasiness between both of you. You should get free.Shobha: oh get easy to get fucked up. That’s what you say right? Where is that bastard? Ask him to come out that room.She said in an irritating voice and went to our room. I went to his room but he is already in the bathroom. After five minutes he came out in pajamas and silently had the breakfast. My wife was still in our bedroom. He came and sat beside me and started to browse channels. Then I suddenly saidMe: stop it Rajesh. Come with me.He followed me as I went to our bedroom. When I entered the bed room I was surprised to see my wife on the bed with a plain red colored nylon sari. She has a matching low cut blouse. I could see her bulging boobs clearly. I can also see the 30% of her boobs bulging outside the blouse. I went inside and sat on the sofa. My son followed and sat beside me. Now my son is directly looking at her. His eyes are fixed to her bosoms. She looked at him straight but he doesn’t seem to budge this time. He kept on looking at her big boobs. I don’t know how to start. It was my wife who started ‘Rajesh’ she said with a authoritative tone turning his attention. ‘Stop staring at them. Let us get straight some things first. Sri you tell him the rules and regulation’ she said.Then for the next five minutes I told him whatever we spoke yesterday. Then my wife took it.Shobha: these are strictly followed and there is no adjustment in them. After your tenth you are not going to stay with us. You will study your +2 in residential campus. After two years if you make it to a good engineering college then you can have your regular quota. If not you will be away for two more years. Got it’He nodded his head as if confirming that he understood.Shobha: above all your brother should not come to know about this. As long as you keep it secret you will be with us. When reveal the secret, you will be no more in this game. O.k.’He said ’o.k.’Then every one was silent. I don’t know what to do? it was my wife who took the charge again.Shobha: now what are you waiting for? Last night you were in a hurry to fuck me. Come on.My son looked at me puzzled. bursa escort bayan I gave a big smile. He moved towards her. Then he moved towards her and held her by her waist and kissed her for the first time. Their lips were kissing. My wife started kissing lightly but my son put his lips squared on her and pressed her lips. She didn’t say anything but gave in to him. He was circling his lips held together on his moms’ lips. I was sitting in the sofa watching their romance. As he circled his closed lips he moved forward on to her because of which her boobs were presses hard below his chest. At the same time his increased cock was struggling as it pressed against the bed. I could not restrain myself from laughing at his naïve and callous romance. Even my wife is not attempting anything to tell and correct him. Soon he removed her sari and then her blouse and petticoat leaving her only in bra exposing her naked womanhood.But all this is arousing me a lot and even I didn’t attempt to tell him anything as this will my wife with full of lust which will be an advantage for me. I can ***k her two her three times.Now my son removed her bra and he lay on top of her all naked. Both their naked bodies were cuddling each other. I could see his dick stiff and straight was pushed backward and lay on her thighs. His hands were busy mauling his moms’ boobs while his lips worked out on hers. It was no kiss. It is like smooching. Then suddenly he stopped and got up only to make wide her legs. She has made it for him. Later his cock started to search for the hole of heaven. She then stopped him and caught hold of his cock and guided it to her hole of heaven. As he pushed it into her he moved forward and reached out for her lips. He could easily make it into her as his tool is not big enough. Then he started sliding on her body thus pumping her. It was moving in and out as it is slippery. Within two minute he was holding her tight and my wife laughed at me as he was tightening her grip around her. Finally his grip started to loosen. Then after 3 minutes they disentangled from each other. My son got up from the bed and for the first time he saw m. I smiled looking at him. He returned me with a big smile. He then started to go to the bath room. My wife gave a signal with her eyes. I straight away went to her and started to kiss her passionately. She distanced me and said ‘send him’.So I decided not disappoint her. I waited till he came out and asked him to go out. He went out like a good boy. He got what he always urged for so I locked the door as he went out and for the next two hours we had a wild fucking session. My wife was going very wild. After two hours we came out putting our clothes and we saw that rajesh was sleeping on the sofa. He was in deep sleep. A fully satisfied sex gives a nice sleep. When I turned around to look for my wife she is already in the kitchen preparing the food. In the noon after lunch everyone went to sleep.That weekend Shobha has allowed her son to sleep with her for continuous two nights i.e. Saturday and Sunday. After the half sex with him they used to send him out to sleep in his room and then they used to fuck like wild a****ls. They used to get the best satisfaction. Rajesh is satisfied for what he is getting. At his age it is more for him. He used to the regular missionary position se. even me and my always used to like the same position. We never tried new positions.Every week my wife is used to have sex with my son and later when he left we used to have great fun. Our sex life became really better. My wife was happy with her sons half fuck. He used to leave her in a peak mood from I will take care of her after our son left. Every time she insisted to send my son out while having sex. One day I asked her the reason after a hefty sex game. She replied that ‘I am doing it for your fun and for my sons’ fun. I am your wife. You want to see me with another man and that too your son. I gave what you wanted and I can’t make my private life to my son and shamelessly move in front of him. That’s why I stay rigid while he is doing anything escort bursa to me. More over I don’t want to reach orgasm with him. Now I think you understand my hubby why I did it?’I smiled and said ‘yeah, but what if the third person is not your own son and some other person?’‘That’s not the question here? If it would have been other person, I would have definitely taken divorce from you.’ She said as she went to bathroom for cleaning herself.All I could do is my mouth open.That year passed with our sex escapades. Rajesh passed in distinction. He got the highest marks in his school. I thought that there were three beautiful months and I made plans to send rakesh to her brother’s house. But to my surprise my wife resisted this attempt.Again we had only the weekends. She was in no way ready to do it in the middle of the week. But for some days she used to accept in the middle of the week.After the results it is my sons +2. So I decided to join him in the nearest college in our city. But my wife made a different decision. She decided that rajesh will go to different boarding college. She made a few conditions.1.He should get a seat in good engineering college after his+2.2.He should not to home even in the holidays. For two years he will stay out of our city.3.If does not agree and stay here then he will have to go the engineering college in a different town. And the same conditions will apply.4.If he fails in any of the above, she will never have sex with him.5.Above all in the future rakesh should not know about this and it should be kept a secret.I did understand why she put all the restrictions. Even I agreed and gave hi chance to decide weather to stay now or stay with us afterward s permanently.But he kept a condition that he will spend a whole night with her, to which she readily agreed.That night I went and slept with my younger son rakesh. I restrained myself from not going to their room. I got up early in the morning. It was around seven in the morning. My wife had just finished her bath and was preparing her coffee when I entered the kitchen. She didn’t notice me. So I went from behind her and pulled her to myself by holding her waist. She jerked a bit but laughed. I kissed her neck and nape. She didn’t resist me. I turned her towards me and started a passionate kiss of the morning. I started to undo her cotton sari. She turned of the stove. Again we involved in a deep kiss. She was licking my tongue like an ice cream. It was hard sucking. As I kissed I removed her sari she was in blouse and petticoat. We know that it will take an hour for our c***dren to get up. So I removed her blouse then her bra and then her petticoat. Then I laid her on the ground and widened her legs. i became nude, then adjusted myself and pushed my hard on into her. There was still water in her hair as she had a fresh hair bath. I waited for nothing. I moved forward onto her thus pushing the tool hard and tough into her. My chest rested on her boobs and I started pumping her slowly kissing her passionately. I started pumping her vigorously. I had put my whole wait on her crushing her stiff and big boobs. Sometimes I used to kiss her neck; sometimes her nape; some times her flesh shoulders. It went on like that. She was making different expressions. She never makes these expressions when she was with her son. When I got reminded of how my son would have fucked her, I started to fuck her hard. It went on like that for half an hour and we came at the same time exhausted. The best thing I like about my wife is that maintains the timing. She is good at it.After that we came out to the living room with a cup of coffee. Sipping the coffee I asked herMe: how is your night Shobha.Shobha: as usual.Me: means???Shobha: he did it two times. He did it once when we entered the room and the next time after around 3 hours at 2 in the morning. Of course in his usual style of half fucking. And he slept with me naked all the night.Me: yeah I saw him. He is still naked.Shobha: but I was not naked all night. Once he slept I wore my sari after cleaning my self at 3:00 am in the morning.After our coffee emptied I waked my son up as within a few minutes rakesh will wake up. He got up freshened himself up.Then within a week he left to the hostel for studying. He came after two years.To be continued……………….

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