A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 1


A Fantasy that goes too far? Part 1
As a somewhat-normal, happily married couple, my wife and I have some pillow-talk fantasies that seem to help spice up, what could be, a routine sex-life. As some couples do, we use these “fantasies” often to keep us both excited. Ours revolves around adding a third in the bedroom. Specifically, another guy. More to the point, I want to see another man fuck my wife as I watch!
Now, we’ve only discussed this in “fantasy mode” and I make sure that I tread very cautiously, but the thought of another guys cock filling my wife’s amazing pussy always pushes me over the edge and makes me crazy with desire. It also seems to heighten my wife’s climax as well.
A little background: We have been married for 10 years. My wife is 36. She has dirty blonde hair with sexy green eyes. She has a very hot, petit body, tiny waist, 34C breasts, a very tight ass and a small runway of fur just above an otherwise smooth pussy. Having had no c***dren and a constant love of Yoga has certainly contributed to her very sexy appearance. I, on the other hand, am 12 years older than her and in spite of a regular workout routine, I have not aged as gracefully as she. Yet we still enjoy a strong sex life that tends to keep us both satiated. Lately, though, this reoccurring fantasy of “another guy”, has been included and the talk seems to get hotter and hotter. It always seem to be another guy fucking my wife as I watch and then take her right after…. Feeling his presence inside of her hot, wet pussy.
One evening, just as we were getting “comfortable”, I asked her if she had ever had sex with more than one guy at the same time and she blushed more than I had ever seen.

“Well” she replied, “sort of… well, not exactly at the same time, but…. well, I don’t want to talk about it.”

I couldn’t let it go and my cock proudly displayed my excitement, so I pressed on.

“Look at me, Baby” I said, nodding to the tent in my boxers, “you’ve GOT to tell me.”

She was wearing only her panties, so she propped herself up in bed, told me to lay beside her and proceeded to share the details of an experience from before she and I had met:

“I was 22” she began, “in grad school and dating a guy much older than me. He was 37 and was very worldly. I was totally smitten with him and he seemed to bring me out of my shell. One night, he asked me to join him at a fetish party. I didn’t know what to expect but he assured me that he would be right there the entire time and that I may enjoy learning new things. So, the night of the party came, and he picked me up. I was wearing a wrap dress and mid-height heels. My makeup was light, just as I always wore it. He took one look at me and then handed me a few boxes. I opened them up and it was a black leather mini skirt and a sheer white top. He asked bahis şirketleri me to add a bit of eye makeup and change. My bra was clearly visible, so I had to change my bra into something a bit more acceptable for public viewing. I was very nervous, yet he assured me that the lights would be dim. He then asked me to bring taller heals and I did as he asked.
We then drove across town and just after we parked the car, he turned to me and his demeanor totally changed. He TOLD me to remove my bra from under the sheer blouse. I was shocked and excited at the same time. He reminded me that he had friends here and that I’d better not embarrass him… but then he assured me that he’d be right with me the entire evening.
I reluctantly removed my bra, put on the 6” inch heels and walked into the private home, my arm in his.

Once inside, the evening seemed very relaxed. Champagne flowed, and other women were dressed even less than me. At one point, he and I were invited downstairs. This room was much darker, and it took a while for my eyes to adjust to the dim lights and flickering candles. I then noticed various “stations” set up around the room. At one such station there was a huge wooden cross with eye bolts at the ends. Another station was a wall of chain that was woven like a hung net. Another had a box that was horizontal, almost like a coffin. Then, in another was a small rib-hight table that was affixed to the wall. On the table top was a ring and a miniature set of hand-cuffs…. Way too small to go around anyone’s wrist. He took me over there and then told me to give him my hands. I did as I was told, and he gently attached the one handcuff to my thumb, just above my knuckle. He passed the little chain through the locking ring and then attached the other cuff to my other thumb! I was now secured to this small table, my back to the room and facing into the corner! He gently kissed me on the cheek and reminded me to be a good girl and to enjoy myself. I panicked a bit, but he reminded me that he would be seated at the bar, only about 10 feet away. He stepped away and left me to my thoughts. I had not realized it, but this was a party where the submissive women were placed on display. Other men could interact with the women, but only after getting approval from the man that the woman was with.”

It’s at this point that my wife commented on my ragging hard-on and the wet spot, signaling the leaking pre-cum, on the front of my boxers. I naturally replied that this story was so HOT and to please continue!

“Well” she replied, “Only if you’re really okay with this.”

“I am, Baby” I assured her, “PLEASE go on.”

“Well, for the next several hours” she continued, “Men… total strangers would approach me and what started with making lewd comments or kissing my neck graduated asyabahis güvenilir mi to rubbing my ass or feeling my breasts. Eventually I felt hands slide up the sides of my thighs, under my skirt and grab the waistband of my panties. I tried to protest when I recognized his voice as my date. He told me to stop being a cunt. That word shocked and excited me. No one had ever talked to me like that. He pulled my panties down and off, as I submissively stepped out of them”

At this point in the story, my wife’s fingers had slipped down her tummy, into the waistband of her panties and she was methodically rubbing the top of her very aroused pussy. I wanted her so badly, but I also wanted to know the rest of the story.

“Then what happened?” I almost begged

“He reached around and kissed my lips” she continued, “as he unbuttoned my blouse. I begged him not too, yet my soft whimpers went unnoticed. He kept my blouse on my shoulders, but it was open all the way and my breasts were totally exposed… to the corner of the room, anyway. But soon, it was like a light had been turned on and several gathered around me, I now felt fingers on my breasts, twisting and pulling my nipples. I even felt another woman play with my nipples as she kissed my neck. She slid down my body as others cheered, she tried to lick me, but my position facing the corner made it difficult. I eventually felt a man’s rough fingers up my skirt and trying to probe my pussy. Its then that I’m sure that I climaxed…. I lost all control and came while standing there pulling at the thumb-cuffs that held me. It was so hard to remain standing.”

My wife’s breathing was very labored at this point in the story and her fingers continued sliding in and over her pussy underneath her panties. If she hadn’t actually cum, I knew that she was very close.

“What happened then?” I asked, looking up from between her thighs.

“Well” she continued, “He knew that I had just climaxed, so he stepped in, uncuffed my thumbs and took me in his arms upstairs to a private bedroom. I was crying yet still very aroused. He asked me why I had come, so I confessed that as humiliating as it was to be groped by others, it was sexually very sexually to know that he was watching others take pleasure with my body…”

“What happened next?” I asked, dying to know more.

“He took out his hard cock” she continued, “and thrusted into me in one, quick motion. We were standing and he held me as he fucked me. I was so wet from having just come that he easily slid all the way in. In only three slams into me, I came again but he continued slamming into me. He finally came and we collapsed on the bed.”

I leaned up and took her waistband in my hands and slid her panties down her legs. I have to say that I had NEVER seen pinbahis her pussy so swollen and excited as I did at that moment. She was dripping with her juices and the opening of her vagina was open and very wanton with desire. I started to lean in and lick her when I suddenly stopped. I used my fingers to gently part her outer lips, looked up at her and said:

“You are so sexy” I confessed, “you are so wet and creamy looking…. It looks like he just came inside of you just now!” I added, beginning to lower my head toward her very desirable center.

“Does that excite you baby?” she asked, her hands on the back of my head.

“More than you could imagine” I replied.

I lowered my head to her steamy pussy and licked her like she was providing life. She moaned and wiggled beneath my tongue as I dry-humped the mattress and I tongued her juicy twat.

“Which part excites you the most?” she seductively asked. “Me being touched and used by another as you watch… “ she paused as I feverishly lapped at her very hot center, “Or you finding someone else’s cum inside my pussy?”

“AHHHHHH” I suddenly moaned loudly into her open pussy, as my cock sputtered and shot my cum inside my boxers and out onto the mattress.

I continued to lick her yet was so embarrassed by my physical reaction. I assumed this discussion was a continuation of the fantasy of us having another guy join us in bed, yet this time, it all seemed so different, so real! Hearing that my wife was groped by strangers and then fucked, well, it was simply more than I could take, and my cock responded accordingly.

“Did you just come?” my wife asked in a high-pitched, not-able-to-believe-tone.

“MmmmHmmm” I admitted, while still licking at her wet vulva.

“Roll over” she said, while pushing my shoulder. “I want to see?”

I rolled onto my side as my wife’s hand snaked into my boxers.

“You DID cum” she announced. She then repositioned herself to a more sitting up position and toyfully played with the puddle of cum on the bed, running her fingertips through the evidence.

“It really does excite you” she noted, “doesn’t it?”

“It really does” I replied with a smile.

“Well” she added in a somewhat serious tone. “I have real reservations.”

“and why is that?” I genuinely asked.

“I’m afraid that you’d never look at me the same again” she replied, “Or desire me the same way after. I’m afraid that you’d never want to put your cock back in me or even worse…”

“Worse?” I asked

“Yes” she continued, “That you’d never want to lick me again.”

“Oh” I explained, “I’d desire you even more! And…” I added, “I’d lick you even more!”

In a very bold move, my wife scooped up a glob of my just-release cum from the mattress and brought it to her pussy. She then massaged my cum all over her outer-lips and then pushed some inside. She had a very devilish look in her eyes as she did this. I knew this to be the moment of truth. I rolled back over, and tenderly lapped at my wife’s pussy, gently licking her clean of cum – hers and mine, and ultimately bringing her to another orgasm.

To be continued….

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