A Family Secret Ch. 01

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Double Penetration

It all started at the family computer one late night. I was getting on to get off on some of my favorite porn sites but kept getting these pop-ups for swinger sites. You know the sites where people find other people online to have sex with. I was worried that these had come from all the stuff I have surfed from on the internet, but realized that I never look at these types of sites. It was lagging down my computer so I decided to look through the files to see if there were any bugs in there. I went through my older sister’s and my files because we are the only ones usually on the computer but found nothing out of the ordinary. Then I went to my mom’s files since my dad has never used a computer in his life.

I couldn’t believe what I was about to see. As I went through her internet history I saw it was her who had been all over the swinger sites, she was even a member of one. I couldn’t stop myself from finding out more. I went through her files and found a file of photos marked “vacation”. I clicked on them and saw tons of pictures I shouldn’t have seen. There was my mom naked posing throughout my house.

Then I saw pictures of her in a hotel room getting fucked by a large black man’s cock. I panicked thinking my mom was cheating, until I realized someone else was taking the pictures. It all came together, my parents where swingers and my mom loved black cock. My head was buzzing and my cock was rock hard. Here was my mom nude with tons of pictures fitting a large black cock and smaller white man’s cock in her mouth, getting her hairy pussy ate out, her breast sucked on, her slender frame being bent around and getting fucked like an animal by this man. I couldn’t help but stroke my cock to these pictures and before I knew it blew a huge load on my chest and cock. Afterwards I was sickened by what I had done and seen. I closed out of it and tried to forget about it.

The next afternoon I woke up remembering what I had seen. I was home alone and tried to occupy myself by playing videogames. As I turned on my Xbox I realized I needed batteries for my controller. I remembered that there was a box of AA batteries in a drawer in my parents bathroom.

I went back there and went through all the drawers. In the bottom drawer I moved a couple of things around and found the batteries under a long thick object wrapped in a bag. I unwrapped the bag and found inside it a pink vibrating dildo. My jaw drop as I realized what was in my hand. It was slightly sticky and had a slight smell to it. I took a big whiff of my mom’s sex toy finding halkalı escort out what my mom’s pussy smelled like. I couldn’t believe it. What else could they have?

I started snooping through their room pawing through my mom’s pile of sexy panties. I went into their closet and found a shoe box full of porno. I was shocked to see all the types of porn they had: Big Black Cock, Lesbian, Straight, MILF, Bondage, Anal, Orgy, Gay, and Transsexual porn. My parents where nympho pervs and I was horny as hell. I popped in one of the porno’s in the DVD players and jerked off on my parent’s bed. Within minutes I came thinking about all I had just seen as I shot my load on my chest and got a little bit of cum on their sheets. I tried to clean off the jizz and put everything back in place, but I heard the garage door open so I had to hurry and throw everything back together. I knew things where out of place but had no choice. My sister came in as I was leaving my parents room beat red and sweating. She asked me if I was ok as I yelled out a yes and went into my room.

I didn’t understand why I was snooping around and getting off on my parents private life. When I was a bit younger and going through puberty I would spy on my older sister and try to catch her naked, but I thought that was a phase I was over. Now I was an 18 year old and getting ready to go to college but into these weird incest jerk off sessions. Over the next few days I couldn’t get off without looking at my parent’s sex pictures or reading an incest story. It was all I thought about.

After about a week of this I stopped looking at my parents private photos. It was getting out of hand and I knew I needed to stop before I got busted. A couple days later I came home from work, my sister was out and just my parents where home. I came upstairs and changed when my parents called me into their room. It seemed odd as my dad was sitting in a chair next to the bed and my mom was on the bed in just a robe. I sat down and my dad said we needed to have a talk. I swallowed and said ok as I feared the worst.

My dad then explained “Son, lately we’ve noticed someone has been going through some private files on the computer, going through our closet and drawers and invading our privacy. Now only two people could have done this and we know it wasn’t your sister because she knows better. So why have you been looking at dirty pictures of your parents?”

I panicked, I had been busted and now I ruined taksim escort the relationship with my parents. They where going to think I was some weirdo who got off to his parents.

I started to mumble “I accidently saw them going through the computer and I didn’t look at them very long.”

My mom chimed in “Then why did you look at them again two days later and the day after that, and why is my dildo out of place?”

I was done for so I admitted it “I’m sorry I couldn’t control myself, I was just curious and couldn’t stay away, I’m so sorry it will never happen again”

I pleaded as my mom then cut me off “Its ok honey, we are not mad, in fact we are happy to realize you are finally ready to know a secret.”

“What are you talking about?” I said as I found out the most shocking thing in my life.

“Well son, your mother and I caught your sister peeping on us while we where having sex a few years ago when she was 18 like you, we asked her what she was doing and she was curious about sex.” My dad said while moving onto the bed.

“So your mom and I made her a woman. We stripped her nude and made love to her for hours, she was hooked and we formed a special bond between us. You were too young though and not ready, but we realized now that you are ready to join us in our special relationship.”

“Think about it dear, anytime you want sex you can have it in the comfort of your own home.” My mom stood up and took off her robe revealing her sexy nude body to me.

She then continued on “We can make you great at sex dear, you can do anything you are curious about, any position, anything you want to try, any fantasy at all. You can live it out with your parents or your sister.”

My mom grabbed my hand and put it on her side “We aren’t forcing you to do anything at all if you don’t want to, you can join us or forget this ever happened its ok either way.”

I couldn’t think what to do, I couldn’t even move as my hand lay on my mother’s soft round ass.

I finally spoke up and said “Can I think about this for a couple of days?” Both my parents smiled and said of course as I got up and exited the room.

I needed to get away. I went to my room got my keys, wallet and phone and as I was leaving the house I saw my dad fingering my mom in her room. I got in my car and went to a friend’s house to get drunk and forget about all this.

I stayed out late that night getting drunk off my ass on vodka. I stumbled home at around 4 in the morning. My mom was up şişli escort already getting ready for work in the bathroom. I got to my room and heard the shower turn on. I started to think about how my mom was getting naked at that moment and I was getting hard thinking about it. It had been a few months since I had been with a girl and I didn’t want to jerk off. I was too drunk to resist so I stripped off all my clothes and got myself ready.

I took a deep breath and headed down the hall. I wasn’t going to turn back as I turned the door handle and went inside the bathroom and closed the door. Their was my mom once again naked in front of me, her light brown hair ruffled up, her small breast with a slight sag and hard pink nipples that looked like pencil erasers. She was tan and slender with a big heart shaped ass and a dark mound of hair covering her pussy.

“What can I do for you dear?” she said smiling at me.

She placed her hand on my chest as she rubbed my slender athletic frame, she pinched my ass and began rolling her hand around my rock hard 7 inch cock.

I stood their in amazement and whispered out “I want you to suck my dick.”

She smiled and got on her knees as she spit on my cock to lube it up. She stroked it a couple of times before wrapping her warm lips around my dick. I sat against the sink and tilted my head back as she began to lap her tongue around my stiff cock, running her tongue all over my shaft up to my bulging purple head. She dipped her head down and sucked on my balls while pumping my cock in swift long strokes.

She then pulled my hips up to stand me straight up and held on to my ass as she then placed her mouth around my cock and started to deep throat me. I was amazed as she took in almost my whole cock getting her nose to rub into my stomach. I was in heaven as I was getting the greatest blowjob of my life. My mom then spread my butt checks and began rubbing her index finger over my anus until she finally pushed in and started probing my ass as I yelled out. She began to bob up and down on my cock while fingering my ass, I couldn’t take it anymore.

I started to groan out “Mom I’m about to fucking cum”

She just kept sucking at that same pace but I was ready to blow, my ass tightened around her finger as I shot a load into the back of her throat, she sucked me off until my dick stopped twitching in her mouth. She then pulled back and swallowed all my seed while still holding on to my half hard and sticky cock. She then leaned it and licked off the rest of spit and cum on my dick.

She got up and asked me “Anything else?”

I grabbed a towel and shook my head as I went back to my room. It was too late now. I had crossed the line and was entering in a world a sex with my family. I went into my bed and quickly fell asleep from being drunk as I realized tomorrow was going to be a wild day.

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