A family Friend Indeed…Part 15


A family Friend Indeed…Part 15I was now hopelessly obsessed with messing with my “aunt”, and keeping both of us happy, so I dutifully stationed myself at the house at 3:45 p.m., for Helen’s 4:00 arrival. Her Mercedes 450 pulled into the driveway at 4:01, and I stepped out to greet her. I was not at all prepared for what I saw. She looked to be very close in age to my “aunt”, with a very similar shape. Large, but perfect breasts, about 5′-8″, full thighs over shapely legs, perfectly proportioned ass. What stunned me was her facial features…she had a wily exotic look…rather dark complexion, piercing opal coloured eyes, and very crisp cheek and lip contours. “Hey…you must be Lore’s nephew,” she called out. “I’m Helen, and my butt is sore from driving !!!” I walked over to where she was standing in a kind of daze, extended my hand, and said, “I am Trev…welcome.” It was late spring, and beginning to get warm. She was wearing a tight white tank top, a very filmy long pink skirt, and high heeled black sandals. I grabbed her bags out of eryaman escort the car, and suggested we go inside to get comfortable. I let her precede me – not to be a gentleman – but to get a look at her ass and legs, and what a view they provided. My aunt called just as we got in the door to say she had a pitcher of her special lemonade ready in the refrigerator. I showed Helen into the den, and brought a tray of drinks for us. “Lore has told me much about you…she says she couldn’t keep her business going without your help,” she said, following with, “she really loves having you living with her.” I mumbled something in reply, but was fixed on looking at her face and her breasts. I noticed the smooth white bra she had on through the fabric of her tank top, and how it complemented her cleavage. “May I ask your ethnic background, Helen?”, I asked. “I’m Amer-Asian…Dad is American and Mom is Indonesian.” I told her her looks were very stunning, and I think it made her a bit self-conscious. We continued to chat, and she crossed her legs escort eryaman in a very sensual manner. Just then, my aunt came in, Helen stood up, and they embraced. I felt my erection stirring at the sight of these two sexy women standing breast-to-breast.We had dinner, talked about many things, and I was feeling a bit woozy. Then I remembered my aunt’s lemonade had a little extra horsepower mixed into it. I carried Helen’s bags up to the guest room, and as I did, I heard them talking. “Okay Lore…level with me…I know you and Trev aren’t blood…are you doing him?”, she asked. Before my aunt could reply, Helen said, “if that young stud lived in MY house, I’d be riding him every chance I got.” They both laughed, and my aunt said, “he is hot…and very caring. I know the things which turn him on.” Helen then said, “I wouldn’t mind trying my luck at that, Lore.” To my absolute shock, my aunt said, “just wear a sexy slip and heels for him…then see what happens.” Helen said, “shit…I always wear them, but didn’t bring one…never eryaman escort bayan thought I would need it.” My aunt replied, “I’ve got dozens, we are the same size, look through my drawers and take whatever you like.” At this point, my erection was about to blow through my jeans. “So he likes silky lingerie, huh? do you tease him with it Lore?” My aunt replied that her lingerie has been my sexual release, and it excited her to know I was using it and fantasizing about her. “I saw him checking out my boobs, ass, and legs all night-that made me a little moist,” Helen said. “What do you have on under your top and skirt?”, my aunt asked. “This rather simple white bra and nylon full backs…this damn skirt is kind of whispy,” Helen chucked. “You should have worn a slip under it, you tramp”, laughed my aunt. “Let’s get loaded Helen…see if you can keep your hands off of my poor, innocent nephew,” my aunt said. “Hmmmmm…I think it’s HIS hands I want on ME,” Helen declared. I couldn’t take any more of the torture, so from the top of the stairs, I called out, “good night ladies, sleep well.” I went to my room with nasty fantasies about Helen swirling in my head, but moreso, marveling at my aunt’s apparent approval of Helen’s plan.It all would become very clear in short order…..

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