A DVD, My Wife, Her Friend , Me

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“We’ll be back in a little bit, honey!” My wife Frederica said as she and her friend Karin left for a satisfying Saturday of shopping. I heard her close the door and nodded my thanks as they left, letting Frederica know that anything that she wanted to buy or do was all right with me.

Through our five years of marriage we had a wonderful relationship, meeting first at college, and going on a few experimental dates with others and then each other as we realized slowly that we wanted to be more of an item than “just friends.”

I had asked her out a few more times before going with my friend David and picking out what I thought would be the best type of ring.

Of course she said, “Yes” and on March 3rd, 2000 we were married.

Now don’t get me wrong, I love my wife very, very much and the thought of me cheating on her, I find personally repugnant. I didn’t think that I’d do it in a million years, but lately… sex with her has been getting, well rather stale and predictable.

We’d both get naked and I’d press into her, we’d moan a few times, I’d pretend to cum, and that’s be then end of it until the next time. My wife thought that we were doing all right and never had any delusions with our sex life. In fact, she seemed quite pleased with it.

A of late though, I’d wait until she was gone, then I’d go over to the local video store, and pick out the latest güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri porn on DVD.

Admittedly the titles were rather corny, something like “ANGELA’S ANAL ADVENTURES” but there was some sense of unpredictability that I could deal with. I drove home, not bothering to lock the door, as Karin and Frederica were way gone, for a good three hours. By that time I would be more than ready to clean things up, stash the evidence, and perhaps even get the rental back to the store, if I didn’t want to watch it again, that was.

I took off my pants and laid them on the chair next to me. There was no need for me to get anything on them – if you know what I mean. My shirt was next, and I carefully peeled this up past my chest, and left that with the rest of my clothing.

My jeans and jockey’s came next, and my woefully underused cock sprung to life.

The title character appeared on the screen, reading a book and laying on the couch, not really caring about anything. “I wonder when my Pizza will be here.” She says, and knowing what will come next, I force myself to ask “When.”

Suddenly, there comes a knock at the door, and expectedly, it’s the pizza, however, unexpectedly, it’s the Pizza delivery girl and not the boy that’s at the door. She goes to lay the pie down on the table along with the drink a 2-liter coke, but then as she turns to güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri accept the money, She “accidentally” spills the beverage on the babe.

“Oh, I’m so sorry.” The pizza girl says and she starts to blot at the mess, only making it worse.

“No, its ok.” The customer says, I’ll just take off the soiled parts and enjoy my pizza.”

You’d think that she’d wait, but knowing that this is porn, you know what happens, the girl strips right then and there, revealing her sticky breasts. “Can you lead me to the shower.”

‘Oh man, shower scenes are my fave.’ I start to jerk myself off slightly, wanting to wait to climax.

I’m so engaged in what I’m doing that I only hear the door to the house open up, and I’m in the living room! I can hear as Frederica and Karin are talking.

“Well I know that I had the list right here when we left, but I can’t seem to find it. Perhaps Joel knows where it is…”

I freeze, knowing full well that I’m caught in the act and there isn’t a damn thing that I can do about it. My cock wilts almost instantly. “Uh hi hon.” I manage to gasp.

Frederica looks at me for a moment, and my heart threatens to drop in my chest, when suddenly she says something that I’d never expect from her in a million light years “Would you mind if Karin and I join you?” She winks at me, and my jaw drops in astonishment güvenilir bahis şirketleri as Freddy starts to take off he jeans, polo-shirt, bra and fruit of the looms, her brown pubes almost glistening, she’s so wet.

“Hey Joel, how’s it hanging.” Karin smiles at me, and strips off her own clothes before coming over to my wife and kissing her full on the lips, helping her move her hand around her trimmed bush. “That feel good lover?”

“Please play with my clit. Joel’s got me so wet watching him masturbate over there.”

This has to be a dream, no mans wife would be that accepting of the situation, but there it sits, my wife and her best friend are naked, watching me naked beating off to porn. “Would you like to do this proper, ladies?”

“You take care of yourself, Joel, and Karin and I will pick up where you left off.”

I’m flabbergasted as I watch Karin slide three fingers into my wife’s twat. It’s all too much for me as I begin to blow my load all over the living room floor. I go over to the couch, my attention on the movie forgotten as I watch the lesbian action between my wife and her friend.

“Oh, oh gooood!” My wife screams as an orgasm rips through her, bringing her to her knees, and disengaging Karin’s hand. Karin then replaces my wife’s puss with her own and friggs herself to a satisfying climax.”

Frederica wakes-up a few moments later. “Hey Joel, Karin and I were wondering if you wanted to come with us. If you’re busy though, we could go by ourselves.”

I smile at her, and return the DVD to its case. “I’m free my dear.”

So after a quick shower and a redressing, the three of us get into the car and head out to shop. Isn’t life grand?

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