A Driving Lesson

Big Dicks

A Driving LessonNathan waited at the end of the driveway for his driving instructor to pick him up for his first lesson. He was kicking the tree as he waited. Not only was the instructor late but he’d just had another argument with his mother. He didn’t think driving lessons were necessary, he could drive well but his mother said he needed intensive lessons and she didn’t have the time. This sucked, he thought, all his mates already had their licenses. His father had tried to talk her around but she insisted that Nathan was not going for his license till he had driving lessons and it had to be with a qualified driving school. So here he was on a Saturday, a hot sunny summer’s day, waiting for some stupid old fart to give him driving lessons because his mother was overprotective. His mother fussed about everything, even what he was wearing today. He had thrown on his favourite jeans and his torn Screaming Skulls t-shirt. She had tried to get him to change but no way, it was bad enough she told him what to do but what he wore. No way!Nathan stuck his hands in his jean pockets, idly scuffing his feet in the dirt. He considered walking away and going to a mate’s place just as a car turned the corner. Nathan looked up, his hand shading his eyes, he squinted, trying to see if it was the driving instructor. He groaned as the car slowed, yeah, it was the driving instructor. There written on the side was Dunn’s driving School. He just hoped that they didn’t pass any of his mates while driving around. The car pulled into his driveway and Nathan walked slowly up to it. The door opened and the driver stepped out, it was a woman. Nathan stopped dead in his tracks. Wow, he had expected his instructor to be a man. “Hi.” She said as she turned toward him. “Are you Nathan?” She asked as she smiled at him. “Yeah.” He mumbled. God, he thought to himself she was a real babe. She was wearing a white blouse tucked into a tight black skirt. She had a very narrow waist and big knockers. He thought he could make out the outline of her bra through the thin shirt. “I’m Desiree Dunn. Your driving instructor.” Nathan nodded. He was still checking her out, what a body. She looked like she would be about his mother’s age but she looked real good. Nathan thought his mother was ok but Desiree was a knockout. She wore her long blonde hair down her back and wore very little makeup, she was a natural beauty. “Shall we get going then?” She asked. He nodded again nervous that his voice might crack up on him. “Before we go I have to do something.” Desiree stepped to the passengers side of the car and right in front of Nathan she bent down, her back to him and very slowly peeled the magnetic sign from the door. Her tight skirt started sliding up her tanned thighs, higher and higher, flashing Nathan some fine leg action. As the skirt rose higher Nathan could see up her skirt and he caught a quick flash of her white panties. The way her butt wiggled he could swear that she was showing him on purpose. She stood up and smoothed the skirt back down. “I always take the signs off when I take out young people. No need for your friends to know you’re having driving lessons, is there?” She said. “Thanks.” Nathan almost stuttered in reply. “You’re very welcome.” She said unlocking the passenger’s side door. Nathan jumped in as Desiree walked around to the driver’s side door and peeling the other sign off tossed them through the open back window.She got back into the car, her tight skirt riding high on her thigh. “Don’t forget to belt up now.” Desiree reached past Nathan, her breasts brushing his chest and grabbed his seat belt. “I’ll give you a hand. This belt sometimes sticks.” Nathan could smell her perfume. She quickly did up his seatbelt, smiling at him as she did. “Your mother told me that you are a fine young man.” Nathan stared ahead, not sure where to look. “She also said you want your license by the time your 18.””Yeah.” He answered. “I’m 18 in two month’s time and all my friends have got theirs.”Desiree started the car. “I’ll drive down the road a little, you can take the wheel and we’ll see what you need to work on.” She reversed out the driveway and drove out of his street.”I passed a park on the way here. I’ll stop there while we go through some of the finer points of driving and tuzla escort see how much you know.” Nathan sat there quietly, but out of the corner of his eye he was looking at her legs. Her skin looked so soft, he wanted to reach out and feel for himself. “Nathan?” He realised she had been talking to him. “Sorry,” he mumbled. She laughed, such a soft laugh almost a throaty chuckle. “I said we’re here.””Oh, yeah, ok.” he said “Are you nervous?” She asked as she placed her hand on his knee. “There’s no need to be. I’ve been teaching driving for over 10 years now, ever since my husband passed away and left me the business. A widow at only 29.” She laughed again. “Listen to me prattle on.” She gave his knee a pat and then removing her hand she turned towards him. “Undo your seat belt, get comfortable and we’ll have a quick chat.” Nathan reached down and tried to undo his seatbelt but the damn thing was stuck. “Sorry.” Desiree said as she reached out to help him. Her hand brushing against his. “I keep meaning to take it to the garage to get it fixed.” Desiree pulled and struggled with the seatbelt. Nathan was beginning to feel a little silly but was very relieved as he heard the soft click as the belt released. “Let’s swap places.” Desiree and Nathan got out of the car, swapping seats. Nathan got behind the wheel of the car. “Now you show me what you would do if you were getting ready to drive the car.” Nathan went through a mental checklist. Putting his seat belt on. Checking the rear vision mirror and side mirrors. Ensuring the car was in neutral. Adjusting his seat. “Very good. Are you ready to go for a drive?””Yes.” Nathan said. “Don’t forget your seatbelt.” Desiree does her seat belt up and Nathan starts up the car. “Drive around the carpark.” She instructs. Nathan drives slowly around the car park showing the ease with which he drove the car. “Carefully drive out onto the road and go left.” Nathan eased the car into the traffic and drove with care. Aware that Desiree was watching his every move. He mentally talked himself through the gear changes, listening as Desiree told him what to do and where to go. They drove through town where Desiree got him to do a three point turn, parallel park and park between two parked cars. “Now back to the park where we started.” Nathan followed Desiree’s directions and drove the car effortlessly, exhibiting his good driving skills.Nathan drove back to the carpark and turned it off. “Well I don’t know why your mother is paying for driving lessons for you. She told me that you needed practise but I don’ think so. You are more than ready for your test.” Desiree turned to him. “Your mother prepaid for 10 lessons to prepare you.” Nathan looked at Desiree. “Yeah I know. She doesn’t believe my Dad when he says I’m ready.” His eyes glancing at her big chest, quickly looking back at her. Desiree wound down the window. “It’s hot in here isn’t it?” Nathan unwound his window too. “I get the impression that your Mom worries about you?” Nathan laughed. “That’s an understatement.””So, if I tell her I think driving lessons are a waste of time she won’t believe me either?””Probably not, Mrs. Dunn. When my mother gets an idea in her head that’s it no one can get her to believe otherwise.””Mmmm. Maybe we could keep doing these drives. Then at the end of the ten lessons tell your mom that you are ready.””Yeah, that’ll work.” Nathan replies. “Do you want to go for another drive or sit and chat for a few minutes?””Whatever. I don’t mind.” Nathan shrugs his shoulders. “It’s been a long day for me. I think we’ll sit here awhile if you don’t mind. And do call me Desiree.””Yeah that’s ok, Mrs D.. I mean Desiree.”They sit quietly for a minute or so. “Can I turn on the radio?” Nathan asks. “Yes of course, Nathan.” Nathan fiddled with the radio till he found a station he liked. “Tell me have you got a girlfriend?” Nathan blushed a little. “Yeah. Kind of.” Desiree leaned forward in her seat undoing her seat belt easily. She laughed. “It’s easy to undo when you have the knack. What does sort of mean?” She asked. “This girl in my class, we kinda go together, go to movies, hang out at the mall, stuff like that.” Desiree wriggled in her seat. “It’s not very comfortable in here, and stuffy too, I feel like a little stroll.” Desiree got out of the car. tuzla escort bayan Nathan watched her walk past the front of the car. She walked to the driver’s side and leant in. Nathan could see down her blouse. “Do you want to stay here or walk with me for a bit of fresh air?” Nathan could see the tops of her creamy breasts, her chest rising and falling, seeing the silky lace white bra she wore. He could smell the shampoo in her hair and the perfume she wore, slightly musky but nice. Nathan gently sniffed the air inhaling her scent enjoying the smell of her. Wondering what her skin would taste like on his tongue. “Nathan?” Nathan found his tongue and dragged his attention away from her cleavage. “Yeah?” He said as he looked into her smiling beautiful face. “I asked you if you want to walk with me.?””Sure.” Nathan waited for Desiree to move away and rolled up his window and hers, got out and locked up. As he walked he thought, ‘Was she coming on to him?” She was a real sexy woman. His prick stiffened as he walked towards her, imagining her naked beneath him. The thought of having sex with this woman was very appealing indeed. But he didn’t want to initiate anything he might have got the wrong idea. Why would a sexy woman like Desiree be interested in him, a shy teenager with no sexual experience. Nathan caught up with Desiree and as they walked through the park they chatted. Desiree laughed at Nathan’s jokes and some of the pranks he and his mate’s got up to at school. The park was almost deserted as the afternoon was growing late, it was still hot though. They walked and talked for a little while till Desiree suggested they sit under a big shady tree. Nathan sat down on the grass. Desiree sat close. “Do you like watching pornos?” She asked. Nathan looked directly at Desiree, he still wasn’t sure, was she just curious or leading him on? “Yeah.” He replied “Have you had sex yet?””Nah not yet.” Nathan looked away, a little uncomfortable but curious too about Desiree. “Do you mind me asking you these questions?” Desiree asked. “It’s ok, I guess.” Nathan looked back at Desiree. Her blouse moving a little in the light breeze. “Have you touched a girl’s breast?””No. I tried once at the movies but she pushed my hand away.””Would you like to touch my breast? I won’t push your hand away.” Nathan stared at Desiree, he is tempted, she was a beautiful woman. Should he? He watched as Desiree slowly unbuttoned her blouse revealing the creamy flesh beneath. He looked around and seeing no one he edged closer to her his hand reaching out to stroke her skin.Desiree took his hand placing it against her skin and lightly stroking the tops of her breasts. Her skin was so soft under his hand. “Do you like that” Desiree whispered. Nathan nodded. “Undo my buttons and you can see more.” Desiree let his hand go. Nathan, with trembling fingers tried to undo the small buttons but was all thumbs. Desiree undid the buttons for him exposing her breasts for him too see. Nathan was amazed by what he saw. The grainy pornos he had seen did not compare to the lovely breasts he saw now. Desiree stroked herself brushing her fingers lightly across her breasts. Reaching her arms around her back she undid the clasp, her breasts lept free from her bra. Nathan’s prick stiffened again, he couldn’t believe this. His mate’s would be so jealous, here he was seeing what they laughed and told dirty jokes about. His mates where shy and he knew they bragged but none of them had done “it” yet. Desiree’s nipples were stiff already. Nathan’s eyes were drawn to her erect nipples, wanting to hold one in his hand. To feel them.”Come and touch them.” Desiree watched as Nathan hesitated, looking around again. Nathan took one of her round breasts into his hand, enjoying the heavy warmth of her in his hand. His finger stroked the top of her nipple feeling the hard nub of flesh stiffen even more at his gentle touch. Desiree gasped at his touch, her face flushed. “Take my nipple in your mouth.” Nathan placed her nipple in his mouth his tongue lapping at her nipple. “Suck on it.” Desiree whispered instructions. Nathan sucked on her nipple his eyes closed, his body warm at the feel of her nipple in his mouth, softly sucking, relaxing him, a soothing feeling. But at the same time he was so aroused, his prick escort tuzla stiff. Desiree stroked his hair crooning to him. “Yes. Oh baby that feels so good.” After a few minutes Desiree tapped him gently on the shoulder, Nathan sat up. “That was good hon would you like me to show you more?” Nathan nodded, eager to see more as she stood up. His prick was fully erect and rubbing against his boxers and jeans.Desiree slipped her panties off and raised her skirt, seemingly unconcerned as she stood semi naked in the park. Nathan sat watching, her shaven pussy now level with his face. The small mound that he saw now was not like those he had seen on pornos, a pussy stretched and spread wide to show horny viewers. Even the books he had read in Biology about human sexuality and the pictures they had shown of woman’s anatomy had not prepared him. To him, her pussy looked beautiful. Her lovely body so sexy. His prick was thrusting against the fabric of his pants, straining to be free. Desiree beckoned him toward her, spreading her legs, inviting him to her. “Take a closer look at a real pussy.” Nathan knelt to get a good look, he touched her pussy finding it soft, almost like velvet as he caressed the mound and followed the mound down sliding his fingers into her pussy, feeling the damp warmth of her. His balls were beginning to ache at the pressure building up. Nathan slid his fingers further in, feeling her pussy juices on his fingers. Desiree took his hand, stroking her pussy with her fingers, playing with herself, showing him her where to put his fingers inside her.Desiree squirmed as Nathan’s fingers thrust inside her. Nathan saw the juices as they ran from her excited pussy and he bowed his head, smelling her pussy and the wonderful musky aroma. He was curious and his tongue lapped at her. Finding the taste not unpleasant Nathan licked her pussy as Desiree moaned in delight. She started to make more urgent movements and Nathan found it hard to keep licking her and thrusting his fingers inside her. She ground her pussy into his face and he felt her warm juices flow onto his tongue. Desiree pulled away from him. “Oh god that was so good.” Nathan smiled at Desiree, her juices on his face. She pulled him up to her kissing him and tasting her juices upon his tongue. She undid Nathan’s jeans feeling for his prick. Her searching hand finding the material of his boxers and feeling his erect prick in her hand she stroked his length. Desiree helped Nathan out of his jeans and boxers. His prick, released, sprang forth erect, “Oh my god your enormous.” Desiree said to Nathan as she gasped at the sight of his huge prick.”My dad reckons I take after him.” Nathan smiled at Desiree. Desiree dropped to her knees taking Nathan’s big prick into her willing mouth. Nathan almost exploded in her mouth until Desiree grasped the base of his prick. “Not yet, big boy.” She mouthed to him. “Soon.” Desiree softly licked Nathan’s stiff prick. Barely able to take his full length into her mouth, Desiree, realising how close Nathan was to cumming took him from her mouth and laying down on the dry grass offers her naked body to him. She lay spreadeagled on the grass her legs open and pussy offered to him, waiting for his hard prick to enter her. “Come to me, Nathan.” Nathan quickly crawled on top of her, his prick begging for release. Desiree grabbed his prick rubbing it on the outside of her pussy lips, thrusting it into her welcoming pussy. Feeling his prick spreading her wide she opens her legs wide, wrapping them around his waist, embracing his large stiff prick and thrusting her hips at him to take him in. Nathan grunted as he felt her pussy walls so tight against his thrusting prick.Desiree’s body responded to the large prick thrusting inside her, she orgasmed quickly. Again and again she came as Nathan’s large prick filled her. Nathan started to grunt, thrusting harder and as deep as he can into her tight pussy till he climaxes inside her, his whole body quivering with his intense orgasm. His body slumps against Desiree’s and she whispered into his ear. “You are so good. So big and strong.” Nathan rolled off her, his prick leaving a trail across her flat stomach. “God that was good.” He told her. “Can we do it again sometime?” Desiree sat up and smiled at him. “Yes. Anytime you like.” Nathan and Desiree dress quickly brushing leaves and grass from each other’s clothing. Nathan drives them back to his place and they part after setting another time the following week for his next “lesson”.

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