A Different Approach

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Stacy knew how to dance. She also knew how to make grown men drool whilst they watched her dance. She lost herself in the rhythm of the music; closing her eyes and letting her body sway to the beat. She moved her hips slowly and seductively; running her hands through her hair and over her body as if she were flirting with the small space surrounding her.

Any man watching Stacy would have had to be gay or blind not to be entranced by her. The sight of her body; five feet eleven inches of long tanned limbs and spectacular curves and her face; oval shaped with sapphire blue eyes and full pink mouth, surrounded by golden blonde curls that hung half-way down her back was sure to reduce any man to a mass of quivering jelly. She knew this, and used that fact to her advantage as often as she could.

As she danced, she looked over towards the bar. She had guessed correctly that all the men stood there would be staring at her, but one in particular caught her attention. His mysterious eyes, chiselled jaw and shaggy dark hair meant that he warranted more than a passing glance. Stacy caught his eye and smiled slightly; moving her hips with more purpose. She tossed back her head, her golden hair falling luxuriously over her bare shoulders and back; but when she looked over at the bar again, he was gone.

With a frown, Stacy signalled to her friends and nodded towards the bar; informing them that she was getting another drink. She manoeuvred herself through the sweaty bodies that filled the dance floor and perched herself on a barstool.

“Jack Daniels and diet Coke please, plenty of ice.”

The barman’s eyes drifted down her body, as she knew they would. She was certainly worth a look; dressed in an extremely short denim skirt and a sparkling black halter top. He quickly got her drink and slammed it down on the counter in front of her, the contents of the glass spilling slightly.

“I’ll get that.”

Stacy smiled and turned to thank the generous owner of the deep voice behind her. Her smile widened when she was suddenly face-to-face with the guy she had spotted not five minutes earlier. He was even more handsome up close; his dark eyes were flecked with gold and his hair curled adorably over the collar of his white shirt. She licked her lips slowly.

“Thank you.”

He nodded and walked away. Stacy frowned again, deeper this time. She wasn’t used to nonchalance from men; usually they couldn’t get enough of her. She grabbed her drink and jumped down from the barstool, hurrying until she fell into step beside him.

“What? You’re just going to buy me a drink and then just walk away?”

“That’s what I’m doing, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it looks that way. But why?”

“I knew you’d follow.”

Stacy stopped, her mouth dropping open slightly. This was definitely new. She knew that he was attracted to her, why else would he have bought her a drink? But then why was he playing hard-to-get? In any other circumstance, Stacy would have turned around and rejoined her friends but there was something about him that she couldn’t walk away from. She dropped down into a chair beside the table at which he was seated. She saw that he was watching her, a smug grin on his lips making him look all the more attractive.

“I’m Stacy.”

“Michael. Nice to meet you, Stacy.”

“Like wise.”

They eyed each other, like predators circling their prey. Stacy crossed her legs slowly, pleased to see that his eyes covered every inch them as she did so. She picked up her drink and took a sip, running her tongue across her lips seductively as she replaced the glass onto the table. So, he wasn’t very talkative. His good looks more than made up for his lack of conversation skills.

“So, Michael, what do you do?”

“Look, Stacy. How about we cut out this bullshit small talk and just cut to the chase. I’ve wanted to fuck you since I saw you on the dance floor, and I know you want the same from me. So finish your drink and let’s get the fuck out of here.”

“You’re very sure of yourself, aren’t you?”

“Yes, as are you. You know what you’re doing, wearing tuzla escort clothes that wouldn’t look out of place at a strip club and shaking your arse like fucking Beyonce. I’m leaving now, it’s your choice whether you come with me or not.”

Stacy stared, mouth agape, as he stood up and left the club. She’d never been spoken to like that before in her life. She shrugged and drained the last of her drink from the glass, and got to her feet. She walked quickly over to her friends and grabbed her bag and jacket, telling them that she was going home early. With a wave, she quickly exited the nightclub. She spotted him striding down the dimly lit street, his hand shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans.


He didn’t turn around, didn’t show any sign that he had heard her. Stacy shook her head angrily and jogged after him, cursing herself for wearing such high heels. Panting slightly, she fell into step beside him.

“Slow down, for fuck’s sake. These shoes aren’t made for cross-country running.”

“You came then.”

“I’m here aren’t I?”

“Yes, you are.”

He turned to her and smiled, offering her his hand. Stacy took it, completely confused. She had no idea what kind of game he was playing but, nonetheless, she was completely intrigued. They walked on for several minutes, hand-in-hand, not saying a word. He stopped suddenly and let go of his hand. Stacy thought for a moment that he was going to tell her to fuck off, but instead he pulled out a key and open the door of the building by which they were stood.

“This is my place.”

Michael stepped inside, not bothering to invite her in. Stacy walked in after him, blinking as her eyes adjusted to the bright lighting of his first storey flat. She smiled thinly; it was a typical bachelor pad. The walls were painted a deep blue and several framed movie posters were hanging at crooked angles. The furniture, though clean, looked second hand and the TV set was huge and silver surrounded by piles of DVDs and Playstation games.

“Sit down; I’ll get you a drink. Jack Daniels, right?”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Stacy kicked off her heels and hung her denim jacket over the arm of the couch. She sat down and crossed her long legs, still wondering what the hell she was doing there. Her wonderings were answered when Michael came back into the room, a drink in each hand. He sat down next to her, passed her drink over, and slung an arm casually around her shoulders.

“You’re a pretty girl, Stacy. What are you doing picking up guys in a dive like that one?”

Stacy raised an eyebrow. “I didn’t think you were interested in ‘bullshit small talk’.”

“You’re right, I’m not.”

Michael took the glass from out of her hands and placed it on the floor beside his own. He leaned over and pressed his lips against hers, kissing her. Stacy responded gladly to his warm mouth, parting her lips allowing his tongue to meet her own. His hand found its way to her bare thigh, squeezing it gently.

“Shall we move this into the bedroom?”

Stacy nodded, slightly out of breath from the ferocity of his kiss. She took his hand and followed him down a narrow hallway and into his bedroom. It wasn’t much; a small room dominated by a huge double bed, but she had no reason to complain. Michael let go of her hand and picked up a CD.

“Do you like Coldplay?”

“Yeah, they’re ok.”

Michael shrugged and placed the disc into his CD player. Stacy stood, feeling slightly awkward, in the middle of the dark bedroom listening as the open strands of ‘Trouble’ filled the room. She wondered for a moment if she was asking for trouble, going home with a complete stranger. She turned to Michael, intending to inform him that she was leaving, but the words got stuck in her throat. He was stood completely naked in front of her; his beautifully muscled chest golden in the dim lighting. Stacy’s eye drifted slightly south and she was met with one of the most impressive penises that she had ever seen. Michael smirked and lay down on his bed, supporting his weight on an elbow, his gaze fixed firmly on Stacy.

“Are tuzla escort bayan you just going to stand there? Or are you going to take your clothes off?”

Stacy laughed. He was certainly a character. She slowly ran her fingers up over her waist, intending to give him a good show. She ran her hands up her side and over her breasts, her eyes never leaving his. Swaying to the music, she reached around behind her waist and untied the lower fastening of her halter top. Pushing her hair forward over her shoulder, Stacy reached behind her neck and untied the other fastening. She said nothing as the flimsy black top fell to the ground around her feet. She slowly moved her hands to her breasts, caressing them through the soft material of the black strapless bra that shielded them from Michael’s view. She felt her nipples harden, straining against the lace underneath her fingers.

“You’re fucking sexy, you know that?”

Stacy ignored Michael’s comment. Instead she slid her hands down over her tanned flat stomach and over her hips. She slowly unzipped her skirt and, with a slight wiggle, she slid the skirt down her legs, revealing a black thong that matched her bra. She stepped out of the skirt and kicked it aside, moving closer towards the bed. She noticed that Michael’s cock had become increasingly harder, and she smiled; very pleased with herself. She knelt on the bed, looking down at him, and reached behind her back. She unhooked her bra and flung it to the floor, allowing her breasts to spring free. Stacy giggled lightly as his mouth dropped open in an exaggerated manner. Michael laughed too, his eyes focussed on her breasts.

“What size are they?”


“Very nice.”

Stacy smiled. She moved her hands up once again to her breasts and slowly traced the outline of her pink aureoles with her fingertips. Her nipples hardened beneath her touch and she drew in her breath slightly. Michael manoeuvred himself on the bed, his cock now fully hard and in dire need of attention. Stacy looked at him and raised an eyebrow.

“How big is it?”

Michael laughed. “Big enough to fit in that mouth of yours, missy.”

Stacy allowed herself to laugh. There was something about this guy that she couldn’t put her finger on. He was rude, he was conceited, yet she couldn’t resist him. It was a completely foreign feeling for her. She was used to men treating her like a princess, obeying her every command. But, for some reason, she was having fun.

“You’ll be lucky if I don’t bite it off.”

She moved her body in-between his legs and ran her hands up his muscular thighs. Looking up into Michael’s eyes, she lowered her lips to his hard shaft. Kissing it softly, her tongue caressing the tip of his cock, Stacy parted her lips, taking his length in her mouth. She heard Michael groan quietly, and slid a hand down to his balls; her long nails grazing them gently. Her lips tightening around his cock, she slid them up to his swollen tip and then down to the base where her fingers were still teasing. Stacy pulled her mouth away, licking Michael’s cock as she did so. She looked into his eyes and saw such enjoyment that she had to give him more. Leaning back down to take him in her mouth again, Stacy’s hair fell forward against his stomach and thighs; tickling him slightly. As she licked and sucked at him, she felt his hand at the back of her neck; gently stroking her hair. She ran her tongue over the veins that stood out on his cock, bobbing her head up and down, taking his impressive length in and out of her mouth. Stacy slid her lips up his shaft as she pulled her head away, sitting back on her heels.

“Come up here and kiss me.”

Stacy did as she was told. She moved up the bed until she was beside him and tilted her face towards him. Michael stroked the underneath of her chin and kissed her softly. Stacy sucked lightly on his lower lip, her teeth gently grazing across it. Michael’s hands moved down her back and pulled her closer to him. He pushed her hair back from her face and leaned forward, his lips brushing her earlobe. Stacy shivered as he kissed all the escort tuzla way along her jaw, his lips finally finding their way back to hers. Michael broke off the kiss slowly and reached out to touch her breasts. He squeezed them softly, teasing her nipples with his thumbs. Stacy bit her lip as his thumbs circled them slowly, teasingly. He lowered his mouth down to her breasts and took one erect nipple between his lips. His hand moved slowly down her body until they reached the lacy edge of her thong. Slowly, he slid it down her legs. Stacy raised her legs one by one to help with their removal. He continued suckling her breast as his hand moved back between her legs. He sucked and bit down gently, his teeth grazing her sensitive nipple as he slid a finger between the damp lips of Stacy’s hot pussy.

Stacy moaned and spread her legs open wide. Michael’s fingers sought out her clitoris, which was already erect; standing proud beyond the confines of its hood. He rubbed it slowly and then, holding her lips apart with his thumb and ring finger, pushed his middle finger deep inside her dripping wet pussy. Stacy moaned again, louder this time. The combination of his finger inside her and his mouth and tongue working on her nipples was almost too much for her to handle.

She pulled away from him and then straddled his thighs. She positioned herself above his cock, which he held steady in his hand, and slowly lowered herself. She felt his cock press again her wet opening. Michael grabbed her hips and pulled her down gently onto his dick. Stacy leant forward slightly and gripped his shoulders, pressing her nails into his tender skin. Michael kept a hold of her hips as he guided her up and down on his length, enjoying the sensation of her pussy gripping him.

“You’re so fucking hot, Stacy.”

Stacy smiled and lifted her hips, teasing him. She lifted herself until just the tip of his cock was still inside her and then sank back down again. He thrust his hips each time she did this, causing her pussy lips to press down at the base of his cock as she rode him. She moaned softly; her nipples and swollen clit were tingling and she could feel an orgasm beginning to build up inside of her. She dug her nails harder into Michael’s shoulders as she pushed herself harder onto his cock, grinding her clit against his pelvic bone. She looked into his eyes as her orgasm began to sweep over her body.

“Oh, fuck!”

She threw back her head and continued to ride Michael as she came. Stacy could feel her juices flowing from her pussy and down onto Michael cock. Michael must have felt her slowing down, as he gripped her hips and turned her over; his cock never breaking contact with her contracting pussy. He fucked her hard, with fast thrusts; banging his cock deep inside her hot, wet cunt. As he watched Stacy’s flushed face, and her chest rising and falling as her panting began to slow down, he pushed once more inside of her, exploding with a loud grunt, filling her with his hot, thick spunk as her pussy muscles gripped his cock tightly.

He fell forward against her, pressing his face into her shoulder as he tried to catch his breath. Their bodies were hot and damp and Stacy’s long hair was stuck to both her face and his. She pushed it behind her ears as Michael rolled over onto his back. She smiled and leant over to kiss him. He responded, their lips pressing together for a couple of seconds; both of their hearts still racing.

“That was great.”

“Yeah, it was.”

“So, do you always do that? Meet girls and bring them back here for a fu …”

“Listen, love, you can either shut the fuck up and sleep here with me, or get dressed and piss off home. The sex was amazing, but I’m not one for conversation afterwards.”

Stacy opened her mouth, intending to come out with a biting retort. But instead she closed her mouth and snuggled down against Michael’s chest. After a moment, she felt his arm curl around her shoulder; holding her close to him. Stacy looked up at Michael’s face; his hair was clinging damply to his forehead and his eyes were closed. She shook her head slowly, hardly believing that she was sticking around after the way he had spoken to her. She had a feeling that men she could treat as lap-dogs were now a thing of the past.

Yes, there was definitely something about Michael …

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