A Deeper Friendship

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It was a beautiful fall day, and Alicia and Helena were enjoying a leisurely moment drinking coffee and eating beagles. Alicia had suggested to her guest the night before that they sleep late and enjoy a leisurely morning, reminiscing about their college days together.

They were both exceptionally beautiful women in their early thirties. Helena at 5′ 9″ was the slightly taller, with natural strawberry blond hair and piercing deep blue eyes. With her well rounded and firm B+ breasts and her classical hour-glass figure set off by gorgeous, long legs, she was always turning heads of both sexes. Her post-college years had made her even more beautiful than she had been as a co-ed.

And her friend, Alicia, was equally stunning. A brunet rather than a blond, her lovely face (halloed by her jet black shoulder-length hair) and her stunning figure (a slim waist enhanced her size C breasts) both contributed to her exceptional beauty. Her flashing dark eyes were set off by her creamy clear skin, a feature shared by each woman. More than one man had been sexually aroused just by seeing her gracefully entering a room. Like her friend, she too was clearly even more gorgeous now than during her college days.

The two friends were dressed casually, but looked awesome. Helena was dressed in a light blue blouse, that did little to disguise the fullness of her breasts. It was tied at midriff, displaying her flat stomach. Her hair was full and dropped to her shoulders. She was wearing a newly purchased pair of white slacks that fit her perfectly, giving clear hints of the rounded ass underneath and the exceptional legs. On her feet were a pair of moderately healed sandals, her toes with painted nails poking through the ends.

Alicia was wearing a white blouse that was also tied at midriff. Her long shinny black hair was reflecting the sunlight that came through the window of the breakfast nook. Her large breasts were obvious under the thin material that hid them. Below her bare stomach were a pair of soft black slacks. They were perfect to set off her remarkably sexy buttocks and shapely legs. She too was wearing moderately healed sandals with painted and pedicured toes peeking through the ends.

Alicia looked at her friend and said, “Wow, am I glad that you two guys decided to accept our invitation and visit us during the hunting season around here. After we spent our last anniversaries together (and we had not seen each other for ten years! ten years, dammit!) we all realized how much we had missed by not getting together periodically. Who gives a shit that we have to take plane rides to do so? We can afford it. I am so glad that you accepted our invitation for this week.”

Helena smiled and replied, “Yes, we are so glad that we came too. It is so good to see you again, and I am sure that the boys are having a great time up in the woods–although I must confess that I think hunting is rather gross. Anyway, they will probably come back in three days with many stories, but probably nothing else..”

As they both smiled and rolled their eyes, it was Alicia who spoke: “You mentioned our anniversaries last spring. I have to admit how often I have remembered our sharing our same- date anniversaries that night. What a time we had! I know that I have no regrets about it. I have never, never enjoyed sex so much before or since. Never!”

Helena smiled at her and said, “It was awesome wasn’t it. Sometimes when Ron and I are making love, I close my eyes and remember seeing you guys fucking each other right next to us. God! And it always turns me on all over again. I can even see it again as we are sitting here,” she suggested as she closed her eyes and smiled.

Alicia was glad that her friend had brought up the subject. She smiled at her friend and said, “Yes, I know. Believe me I KNOW!” She also closed her eyes for a few moments. ” I have often relived the whole scene, from you two guys undressing in front of us to our ending up fucking side by side in the bedroom. I still get incredibly turned on just thinking about it. I do not mind admitting that I definitely hope that we will do that again. I am sure that it will be just as good.” She was delighted to see her companion nod her head in agreement.

It would have been apparent to any careful observer that when the two women finished, they were both in the early stages of arousal–a discernable increase in breathing, a small flush of their faces. They looked intently at each other, both remembering that wonderful night: each seeing the other couple nude, each seeing the friend suck a large cock, each seeing the other’s pleasure from having her pussy eaten, and each hearing the other scream as she was fucked to a body-wrenching climax.

It was Alicia who broke the silence: uşak escort Reaching across the table and taking her friend’s hand, she hesitated before saying, “Helena, I have kind of a confession to make about that night. You see, well, I have to tell you that part of what thrilled me that night was . . ..” She hesitated a moment and then plunged on: “Hell, the truth is that I was turned on by seeing you as much as I was seeing Brad. I mean, sure I enjoyed seeing his nice cock and all of that, but . . .the truth is that I was also turned on by seeing you. Your body is just beautiful, and I remember when we were college friends, I occasionally would get to see you nude. I never admitted it to you, but I relished those times. Your beauty took my breath away.”

“Oh, my God!” said Helena. “You, too? I mean, I also noticed how lovely you were when you were nude, and I have to admit that I loved those occasions when I saw you.” She stopped, and both friends looked at each other with obvious uncertainty. Finally, Helena continued, “Frankly, I was a bit turned on by you. I loved making it with Ron and still do. But I sometimes wondered what it would be like to make love to a beautiful woman; especially with a woman that I loved.”

“I can’t believe that we never shared that with each other, ” admitted Alicia. “I guess that each of us was afraid that the other would think that she was a lesbian. Hell, the truth is, we are not lesbians–we both love our men and enjoy fucking our men. But, maybe the truth is, we both thought it would be fun to make love to another woman under the right circumstances. Stop me if I am going completely wrong with this.”

Helena at first looked startled; uncertain. But then she got a big smile on her face and replied, “You think these might be the right circumstances?” Then she squeezed Alicia’s hand and anxiously waited for her reaction.

Alicia stood, still holding her friend’s hand, and pulled her to her feet. “Come on; let’s be where we can become more comfortable,” she said softly, and began to lead Helena toward the master bedroom. Arriving there, Alicia turned and lightly embraced her friend. “I have always loved you, you know!” she whispered.

Neither could believe how perfectly natural (and wonderful) it seemed for them to come together in a sexual embrace. Helena bent down to her shorter friend and lightly touched her lips with her own. They were so soft and her breath was so sweet! Pulling Alicia even closer, she kissed with greater passion and prodded with her tongue until she felt a definite opening. Soon their tongues were dancing and playing with each other. And each could feel the exploring hands of the other:

When, Alicia, with one hand on Helena’s ass, reached up and brushed one of her friend’s tits, she was delighted to hear the resulting gasp of pleasure. And she was rewarded with a hand soon brushing and playing with her own tit. They were both now obviously panting and moaning. And they soon stepped apart and began to undress each other. Helena began to unbutton the soft white blouse and was amazed that her hands were literally shaking.

Looking at her friend’s eager expression as she was taking Alicia’s blouse off, Alicia could hardly wait to feel Helena’s hands playing with her bare tits. “Don’t hesitate, she thought.” Get this damn thing off before my knockers explode with anticipation.” She was soon rewarded by the feel of her bra strap snapping loose and the weight of her big breasts dropping slightly against her chest.

The expression on Helena’s face as she looked at those perfect C + beauties was almost like that of an ecstatic child who has found a new treasure. “God, those nipples are gorgeous,” she thought,” as she stared at the dark brown, half-dollar-size areolas that were ascending and descending with her friend’s heavy breathing. She again licked her lips and reached out for one. Lightly circling the nipple with her finger, she smiled at her friends as she took hold of one large, very hard nipple. She was delighted to hear her friend’s sharp intake of breath and deep moan.

“God’s I like playing with these,’ she said softly to Alicia. She now had both hands busy at work. And then she bend down and gently took a nipple into her mouth. From the reaction of both women, it was not clear which one enjoyed it the more. Helena was now hungrily nibbling and sucking as she kneaded the soft flesh, moving back and forth from one beauty to the other. Alicia sometimes looked at her friend and pulled her face into her massive tits, and other times she moaned, saying, “Oh, oh, that is so damn good. Keep that up, Baby. You can’t stop now.”

And Helena was equally excited, saying, “God, they are beautiful! I just love them.” Eventually, uşak escort bayan she began to kiss below Alicia’s breasts and put her hand on her ass. Encouraged by her friend’s reaction, she slid her hand under the waistband and under the panties. She found herself eager to play with that beautiful rounded butt, saying, “You always did have one gorgeous ass, Honey.” When she reached down far enough to feel the back of Alicia’s pussy, she was delighted to find it very wet.

Alicia could not believe how wet she was and how much she enjoyed her friend’s hand on the back of her pussy. And when she felt Helena’s hands take hold of her waistband and panties and begin to pull them down over her ass, she could not have approved more. “Yes,” she thought, “I want you to make love to me. My pussy is ready for you.”

And as she helped Alicia step out of her slacks and sandals, Helena knew what she wanted. She had seen that pussy a number of times and had wondered what it would be like to taste it. She pushed her friend backs to the bed and watched her sit down. Now she began the pilgrimage that would take her to that beauty spot.

She kneeled between Alicia’s separated legs and began to lightly kiss her tights, first on one side and then the other. Gradually, her face was right in front of a beautiful dark-haired pussy, neatly trimmed but not shaved. It delighted her that her friend was holding both side of her pussy, obviously waiting for Helena to continue. And she loved seeing the juices that were leaking out of that pink love hole.

When she felt her friend’s tongue brush against her swollen cunt, Alice gulped in pleasure. “Oh, my God,” she thought as she let out a soft “Yes, yesssssssss.” She felt the tongue circling her swollen labia. Then she felt it penetrate her moist love nest. “Oh, shit, she thought. Her tongue is so soft. That’s it, Baby, in and out!” Finally, when the tongue came out and the lips lightly kissed her clit before sucking gently on it, she let out a delighted scream.

She wanted to see Helena’s tits, so she reached down and pushed the soft blue blouse off her shoulders. Then she reached back and freed the treasures from the bra. Helena stopped eating her friend’s pussy and looked up while Alicia admired the two beauties she had freed. The kiss that followed was long and passionate, followed by Helena going back to work on her friend’s wet pussy, while having her willing tits played with.

Alicia continue to moan and gasp in pleasure as she felt her pussy become unbelievably alive and sensitive. Now she had her hands woven into Helena’s hair as she pulled the pleasure-giving mouth even more forcefully against her throbbing cunt. “You Bitch, you are going to make me come,” she said between clenched teeth. “Oh, God! Don’t stop! Right there, YES THEIR. Oh, oh, oh–that feels so damn, damn good. Oh, yeah. Oh! Oh! Oh!”

Helen was delighted that her friend was enjoying her mouth so much. She felt Alicia not only pull her mouth harder against her, but she also realized that Alicia’s legs were wrapped around her head. When Alicia’s hips began to buck wildly, humping her mouth, Helen just dove in more fiercely. Eventually, she was delighted to feel her friend’s body stiffen and shudder as she screamed softly in pleasure.

Finally, after several waves of pleasure, Alicia’s orgasm subsided. Her body began to relax, and she looked down at the satisfied look on Helena’s face. “Thank you, you little Bitch,” she said. “Are you trying to kill me with pleasure?” she added. Then she bent her head down and kissed the woman between her legs, long and tenderly, all the time playing with Helena’s creamy tits. “That was incredible,” she purred as she realized that she was tasting her own juices from Helena’s mouth.

Alicia enjoyed the comedown from her organism for a few minutes, just holding her dear friend and saying words or appreciation and endearment. Then she took a deep breath, and raised Helena by the hand to stand in front of her. Hugging her and kissing her, she gradually brushed her lips first across Helena’s throat, and then nibbled a little at her ear. She whispered, “You are marvelous, you know. A wonderful lover, an exceptionally beautiful woman, and a dear, dear friend. Now it’s my turn to have fun making love to you.”

With those words said, Alicia began to kiss lightly down the throat to her friend’s chest. With her hands playing first with nipples and then full tits, she paused to look fully at the beauties in front of her. Pink nipples, already hard. Firm creamy skin. An apparent erotic blush. . Even a faith hint of perfume coming from the cleavage. Now she was as excited about making love to Helena as Helena had been in reaching for her friend’s tits a little escort uşak while before. She realized that her hand was trembling.

Helen’s pleasure was immediate when she felt a hand circle one of her nipples and then lips nibbling and sucking it. She was surprised at the intensity of sensation from a woman’s soft, hand and lips. And she loved it. “Oh, Baby,” she purred. “That is so, so good. Don’t stop.” She continued to gasp and moan as Alicia increased the intensity, pulling as much of a tit into her mouth as it would hold and sucking. And then she squeezed both and rubbed her face into them. Helena’s reaction came with a request: , “God, hug me and pull your tits right into mine. HARD!” A request that Alicia excitedly complied with, and the two squealed in delight at the new erotic sensations of tits hugging tits.

Helena was still enjoying the tit play when she felt her friend’s hands begin to pull down her slacks. She eagerly stepped out of her slacks and panties, and enjoyed Alicia’s hand on her ass. “Our tits felt nice together; let’s try our pussies, ” said Alicia. With that she pulled her friend’s neatly trimmed pussy into her own. Both women reacted with moans of pleasure. “They feel nice together,” said Helena, and she kissed her friend deeply while grabbing her ass and pulling her hard up against her. Alicia, feeling hot pussy against hot pussy, murmured her agreement.

Then Helena felt herself gently pushed back onto the edge of the bed, and Alicia was kneeling in front of her. She willingly spread her legs to let Alicia begin her journey of kissing up her thighs toward her blond pussy. And when Alicia first flicked out her tongue on her wet cunt, the sensations made her gasp with a sharp intake of breath. And soon she felt a soft tongue playing with her labia and Alicia’s lips gently sucking the swollen lips. “Ohhh, ohooo,” she cried. “Don’t stop now. That is wonderful.” And then she felt a tongue going deeper and deeper into her pussy, deep in and then out. And she realized that she was beginning to hump her friend’s mouth.

“You taste just great,” Alicia said as she paused and looked up at her friend. She was delighted to see how heavy her friend was breathing, her beautiful tits rising and falling with each gasp. “And her cute, pink cunt tastes wonderful,” she thought. Now she reached out her tongue and lightly touched the cute head of the swollen clit that was peeking out from it protective hood. Rewarded by Helena’s reaction, she took both hands and pushed the hood further back before gently running her tongue over the head of the clit. And when she took the clit gently into her mouth and began gently to suck on it as well as let her tongue play with it, she knew by Helena’s reaction that her orgasm was fast approaching.

Helena’s was so full of sensations that she was afraid that she would pass out. She loved the ever increasing warmth in her pussy, and she was now weaving her hands into her friend’s hair. Her hips were moving, humping her friend’s wonderfully warm mouth on her clit, and she could feel a tinging sensation all the way down her legs into her toes. “My God, even my toes!” she thought. But it was fast moving up her legs and toward her aroused pussy, and she wanted it to send her over the edge. “Ohhhhh, Goddddd” she screamed, as she felt the wave move into the very dept of her inflamed womanhood. And the pleasure was so intense that she was groaning, moaning, and screaming at the same time.

Wave after wave of pure pleasure hit her before she began to feel the multiple orgasms subside. And her body began to relax, as her friend moved her mouth away and laid her head on the still moving mound of Venus. After a few moments of silence and stillness, Helena reached down and took her friend’s head in her hands. “Thank you, thank you,” she purred., and she kissed Alicia, shoving her tongue into her mouth and enjoying the taste of her own female juices that she found there.

And a few moments later, they were lying side my side on the bed. Looking at each other and being softly playful, they ran their fingers though each others hair, played lovingly with one another’s tits, kissed, and ran their hands over various parts of their nude bodies. Finally Helena spoke: “You are truly beautiful. I have always thought so, you know. I do not know how our guys would feel about our lovemaking, but I thought it was just wonderful.” As she said that, she played with the lovely areolas of Alicia.

“I should warn you, Honey,” Alicia said, “those tits never get too much of being played with.” She winked at her friend and continued: “Anyway dear friend, all that you just said is what I feel too,. I never could have guessed that it could be that great with a woman. But I wouldn’t want it with just any woman. I found it marvelous partly because I have always known that we both love each other.” And as they looked into each other eyes, each realized that their friendship was now deeper than ever. And they had a few more days to explore the new possibilities before their husbands would return.

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