A dark shadow outside the window


A dark shadow outside the windowA dark shadow outside the windowHome alone again… and also very horny, of course.I sat down in front of the large flat screen at the dining room and put a porn movie in the player. Working hard all day had me so exhausted that I could not relax. Masturbate should release some tension to be able to rest…The scene playing out was one of my favorite; an interracial couple seducing a young babysitter. She was now lapping away at the wife’s pussy while the black husband was taking her ass from behind.My own pussy reacted like my desire and it was getting damper now…Soon I was pushing my shorts aside, only to tease my damp pussy. My middle finger soon found my engorged wet clit.After a few minutes of watching the action, I chose to get a nice toy to help.When I stood up from the sofa, I caught a sight of a black man staring at my bare breast and pussy. I decided not to cover my nudity and the stranger suddenly moved back to the street…I came to the windows and closed the blinds, but then I thought if it really wanted to hide my body from a total stranger’s view… So, I finally pulled the heavy curtains, but leaving them partially open, in case that watcher could come back…Then I rushed to my bedroom, retrieving my favorite vibrator: a huge black one that reminded me my old black lovers. I came back to the sofa… Pressing the head of the vibrator against my wet pussy lips felt good as I spread my long legs wide. I threw one leg across each arm of the sofa. iskenderun escort Being so wet, I could feel the juices lubing my own asshole, as the black husband on screen, was starting to enter the babysitter virgin anus…When I inserted my toy deep in my cunt I opened my eyes and caught a glimpse of something moving outside the window. I smiled and closed my eyes again, moving my toy back and forth; opening my mouth and starting to moan…Pinching a nipple between my fingers, I moaned loudly, so that he could hear me. I could imagine that black guy stroking his cock in the darkness…Elevating my ass high off the sofa, I rubbed my black toy against my ass. The pussy juices that have been running down from my drenched cunt had lubed enough my rear entrance and now it was ready for my favorite toy…Working the head of the vibrator in circles at my tight hole, my asshole opened easily for that hard latex black dick. But then I moved my body and lay my stomach against the arm of the sofa; so my round ass was up in the air facing the window. Reaching back, I pushed the head of my toy into my tight asshole.Laying there over the edge of the sofa arm, I gently rubbed my spent pussy with my ass still up in the air facing the open curtains. Turning my head I took a quick glance toward the window, noticing my new admirer was still there watching from the shadows…I run again my hand down to my wet pussy and slipped my middle finger against my clitoris. The contact made me shiver. escort iskenderun I pulled it out, so I could suck the juices coating it.Meanwhile I was feeling my tight ass stretching to attempt to fit my nice black toy. Rising back up slightly, I eased down on it again slowly allowing my sphincter to adjust. I felt my ass opening, allowing me to push down. The entire black latex piece invaded my bowels. Moaning loudly, I worked my body in a circular motion, enjoying the full sensation… rocking forward and backward on that lovely black toy.I had an intense orgasm as I felt my anus invaded with my huge vibrator.I screamed in pleasure, knowing the stranger outside would be close to explode as I was…Finally I took my toy out of my anus and guided it again against my hot wet slit and bulging clit. I moaned loudly as I guided the phallus into my cunt. Rocking violently, I bounced on that bulbous black toy, building another intense and loud orgasm. Then I realized one thing: I was missing a hard dick in my mouth…Then I looked at the stranger behind the window. He looked back at me and his first reaction was an attempt to run. But I looked directly on his eyes and pointed at the front door.I opened the door, allowing him inside… His hard erection was still in his firm grip and I could not avoid looking at it with my hungry eyes…The black guy stood before me. Raising my eyes from his hard cock, I looked at his face. He was young, handsome, heavily muscled. But then my eyes iskenderun escort bayan came back to his beautiful large and vein covered black dick.I closed the door behind him and then fell to my knees.Then I guided that incredible huge shaft to my mouth, passing my full lips.He pulled deeper into my throat by grabbing my head from behind.I was on my toes and knees. The pressure of the thrusting into my mouth caused my vibrator slid deeper into my wet cunt.My orgasm was building hard and fast. My cunt began to spasm on the latex black cock. Then I felt the black guy was arching his back and soon a large load of semen flooded my throat.He pulled his hard dick out of my mouth and released my hair.I limped to the sofa again and sat down there, spreading my legs wide open and taking out my toy from my wet cunt.Then I looked at the black man and ordered him to lick me clean.Scrambling to his hands and knees, he approached to my open thighs and he slurped my pussy clean. I grabbed her head and shove his face into my slick slit and grind against it. He made me cum again with his tongue inside.After he licked my pussy dry, I bent over the arm of the sofa and ordered him to lick my asshole. He grabbed my ass cheeks and soon I felt his soft tongue deep inside my anus…Suddenly he got up and said he was going to sodomize me. I turned around saying “No”, but it was too late…The black man held my waist down and soon I felt his giant black monster dick opening and trespassing through my rear door…He fucked my asshole in a wild way, but it was well lubed with my own juices and so, I felt pleasure instead of pain. He sodomized me during hours. Around midnight he finally said he was done… but he would come back for more, before my loving Victor could come back hom

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