A Cruise with my Daughter Pt. 03

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I woke to the sound of my cabin door closing. I looked over and saw that the bed was empty and lay there slightly embarrassed that the last thing Keiko saw was a passed out old man with his flaccid dick (impressive as it might still be). A bit of panic spread in my stomach at the thought that this hot, young, Asian goddess would regret her night of rough sex with an old man and rush to tell her father.

Fuck. Or tell her new best friend – my daughter.

Fuck. My daughter. Who isn’t back yet. Meaning she slept elsewhere. What was I even going to say to her when she got back? First things first. I have to get ready and clean up. I can’t have her coming home to see the same sight Keiko just saw as she was leaving. I jumped in the shower and put on some clothes. The warm water had done well to clear my head.

OK. so last night was just a passionate mistake. If she finds out and wants to tell her mother, she should. I can deal with whatever comes. I’m still her dad and always will be.

The sound of the door opening shattered most of the resolve I had just been building up. I exited the bathroom to see Tiffany walk in and kick off her shoes. Sure enough, she was dressed in the same clothes she had left in the night before.

“Hi, Dad,” is all she said without making eye contact before getting in the shower.

‘Probably washing the cum off her chest,’ bellowed an evil voice inside.

I had to keep my cool. I will follow her lead and try to make everything OK.

Tiffany got out of the shower and after picking some clothes, went back into the bathroom to get dressed. When she came out she was wearing one of her own bathing suites; a sensible bikini. Nothing scandalous.

“Going for a swim?” I asked hesitantly.

“Yea, I figured we would go to the pool like usual, no?”

‘We.’ So I’m included in her plans. Maybe she has no idea what happened last night.

“Yea, sure. Maybe some breakfast first.” She granted me a smile in agreement and relief washed over me. Things seemed to be OK. But I didn’t feel right ignoring that she had been somewhere last night. “About last night…,” I started.

Tiffany turned her head quickly and locked her eyes on mine. “We aren’t going to talk about last night. It’s not your business.” She then turned and walked out.

Ice flowed through my veins and the dread pit grew in my stomach. Tiffany had sent a clear signal to back off. She wanted to keep things neutral and would spend time with me, but her personal life was off limits. Could I do that? Wasn’t I entitled to something as her father?

I sighed. I knew I couldn’t be that guy. I had always internally mocked my friends who were the type of men who needed to control the women in their lives in order to feel strong. Besides, last night I tried to put my foot down and that drove her straight out the door. I had raised this girl with spunk and confidence, and this was the result. I could hardly be mad. But I couldn’t help still feel conflicted. A father’s battle between an ability to trust and a desire to protect is a hard one. Once this cruise was over, I wouldn’t have to worry about this anymore. Ultimately I trusted her ability to make decisions.

I found her at breakfast and joined her at the table. We sat and eventually the ice between us chilled. As the morning went on, things felt more normal again. We swam in the pool, drank and lounged. While there was clearly some tension, it was at least a start.

At one point, Tiffany had gone to the bar to get drinks as I lay with my eyes closed. I heard someone sit in the lounger next to me, but didn’t know who it was until I heard the voice. “Hey Steve, mind if I join you?”

I opened my eyes to see that Jon had already made himself at home in the lounger next to me. A ball of rage bubbled up inside. I sat up and turned to him. “Are you serious?” Tiffany and I might have to deny things to get by, but I didn’t have to do it with this guy.

Jon didn’t look shocked or defensive. He looked me in the eyes evenly. “Look, I know I should have talked with you first about your daughter, but she said she wanted to be the one who spoke with you and I had to respect what she wanted. I guess, by your reaction, your talk didn’t go so well.”

“No, Jon. It didn’t go over well with me at all,” I said with a bit of sarcastic bile in my tone. “We were friends. Friends don’t try to fuck their friend’s daughters.”

Jon seemed taken aback, like I had offended him in some way. “Why are you so mad? She’s an adult and made an adult decision. And out of anyone, I think you can trust that I’m a pretty good guy.”

Is this guy for real? He was treating it like he borrowed my favorite golf clubs. I got ready to let him have it, but he interrupted me.

“I mean, I knew Keiko was safe with you last night. I was happier knowing that than thinking she was with some young nobody from the ship’s club.”

The cold water of guilt extinguished any fire that was rising in me. I could only çankaya escort stare at him stunned, unsure of what to even say. He knew Keiko had been with me? Did Tiffany know? To make matters worse, it was at that moment that Tiffany and Keiko joined us.

“Speak of the devils,” Jon said and stood with a broad smile. He and Tiffany shared a greeting kiss that was polite but felt like a slap across my face. Tiffany stayed by Jon’s side, with one arm around his waist.

“Hey dad. Keiko invited me to go with her and Jon to the spa right now.” This was a statement, not a question. My 18 year old daughter was informing me she was going to be spending time at a spa with her 40 year old fuck buddy.

Keiko chimed in. “You should come too, Steve. They do great massages. And the saunas are really relaxing.” Tiffany shot her a bit of a look of surprise.

I looked over to Jon and Tiffany, and couldn’t imagine spending time with them as some sort of couple. I wanted to rage, but knew it would just push her away more. “No, you go ahead,” I said flatly, and turned my head away. Keiko let out a disappointed sigh.

“Oh…OK,” Tiffany replied. I think she expected a bit of a fight and maybe was surprised at my acquiescence.

I stood up, unable to stand being there any longer. “I’ll see you for dinner then I guess.” Without waiting for a reply, I walked off toward the closest bar.

Thank god for cruise ship bars always being open despite the early hour. I spent the next couple hours drinking to forget. My vision got hazier and hazier and the weight on my shoulders got lighter.

Next thing I knew, I was waking up in an unfamiliar cabin. The room was a bit smaller than mine, with clothes strewn around the floor. Sunlight through the window told me it was probably some time in the mid-afternoon. I must have blacked out from the drinking. I suddenly became aware of something unmistakable in my hand. A tit. A massive one at that. I looked over the body next to mine and had to appreciate the voluptuous curves of the woman.

Her skin was tanned, with obvious tan lines across her breasts and sizable ass. Her tits were a healthy D cup at least, and she carried a slight belly that wasn’t unattractive, but instead made her just the more sexy. I took this all in while in a hungover haze as she turned and opened her eyes to see me looking her over. I recognized her immediately. It was the divorcee who had been trying to dance with me at the club our first night on the ship. She smiled at me.

“Well, good morning.” As she said this, she snaked her hand down to wrap it around my exposed dick. She gave me a quick kiss. “That was a lot of fun. Round 2?”

Although my dick had already started to respond to her touch, and a part of me really wanted to take her curves out for a ride, I pulled back. “Oh, I…uh. I’m sorry. I think I’ve made a mistake.”

The woman looked offended but then smiled at me. She lifted herself up a bit, and rested her head on her hand. Her heavy breasts sagged under their own weight, inviting me to grope them. She looked like a 1950s pin-up stretched out seductively on the bed. “You don’t remember much, do you? You were pretty drunk at the bar.”

A new low for me. I blacked out and fucked a stranger. “No, I’m sorry. I don’t remember anything.”

She laughed. “Well that’s a shame. Because I remember it all. You were quite the animal. You must have really been working something out because it was the roughest sex I’d ever had.”

Shame flooded me. What had I done? Flashes of me tearing off a cheap, drooping-neckline shirt and grasping at her giant breasts raced through my mind. Next an image of me pushing her down onto the bed and holding her hands above her head as I pounded her.

She saw the guilt and horror on my face. “Oh, don’t worry. I was game for it. But you went after my body and punished my pussy so hard.” As she said this, she ran a hand over her body, caressing her own breasts lovingly. She turned her body, so she could look down at her ass. “Yup, left me those marks too.” I looked down to see some bruising where I had obviously spanked her and grabbed her ass as I fucked her.

Seeing the aftermath of my anger made me feel even worse. I got up and stepped back a bit. In doing so I realized I was still naked and began to grab for some clothes.

The woman got up a bit and crawled to my side of the bed. She took a hold of my bunched up pants in my hand. “No, no. It’s OK. It was thrilling.” She looked up at me with submissive eyes. “How about we see if you can do it again, but sober this time?” With her free hand, she cupped my balls.

I pulled away, and began hastily putting my clothes on. “No. I’m sorry. You’re really sexy and all; and I am going to kick myself for doing this later, but I have to go.”

Without waiting, and with my shirt not even buttoned all the way, I rushed out of her room. I ignored the stares and giggles from other passengers escort çankaya who were witnessing my walk of shame. I made it back to my room and jumped in the shower to wash the shame off.

I lay on the bed in my towel, staring at the ceiling, trying not to rage or cry. I steadied my breathing and fell asleep. I woke to the sound of my room phone ringing. I picked it up and tried to sound alert. “Hello?”

“Oh, sorry. Did I wake you?” It was Keiko.

“No, no. It’s fine. What’s up?”

“I want you to come to dinner,” she said.

“What? I don’t think that is such a good idea. Listen, before…it was a mistake-.”

“Steve. Come on. We had fun and no one got hurt. I don’t think it was a mistake. But, I don’t want to get into that. I feel bad about how we left you today and it sounds like you’ve had an awful day so far. Just come to dinner so we can talk about it. Just me and you.”

Just us two? I couldn’t help but think that meant that my daughter would still be with Jon doing god knows what.

Whatever, I’m hungry anyway. I agreed to meeting her for dinner and got myself dressed.

Despite my anger at the situation, and knowing that getting any further involved with Keiko was against my better judgement, I still got ready for a nice night out. I dressed myself well, put cologne on; almost as if I was getting ready for a date. I had to acknowledge that some sick side of my brain was still wanting to impress this young girl.

I made my way to one of the ships nicer restaurants and was shown to the table where Keiko was already waiting. It was a small table, and the setting was intimate. Walking up the to table I couldn’t help but get a bit excited. From the back I could see she was wearing a sexy, backless dress that was floor-length with a slit that showed off a generous portion of her legs. Despite her short stature, the effect of the slit made her legs seem long and inviting. As I made my way around the table, she gave me a smile and I tried to maintain eye contact. But the front of the dress drooped down and exposed the sides of her tits. I had always been a big fan of the under-rated side boob.

I took my seat, thankful that any growing erection could be hidden under a dinner napkin.

“You clean up nice,” she said to me, joking.

“No so bad yourself,” I said, a little too flirtatiously.

Keiko giggled, and being that she was an 18-year-old girl who probably didn’t have an ounce of subtly to her gave a little shimmy-shake to made her natural tits jump around. “Thanks! Isn’t this hot?”

That immaturity aside, Keiko actually did a pretty good job of engaging me. I felt awkward at first and kept wanting to bring up what’s been going on with Tiffany, but she somehow would just steer the conversation to neutral waters. By the time we were finishing our second round of wine and tucking in to our main course, I realized that we had somehow ended up on a date.

The conversation and laughter felt easy. I reminded myself that this little sexed up girl had some hidden maturity- if her Harvard acceptance was any indication. She had got me talking about my work, my life before having Tiffany, and women I’ve dated before Tiffany’s mother. For her part, she told me about her interests, her hopes to study engineering, and her one serious relationship she had.

It was only after the third round of wine that she brought up recent events.

“Look, Steve. I know you feel bad, but I loved every minute with you. You can’t deny that we have great chemistry.”

“I know,” I replied. I was tipsy enough to admit it to her. “But it doesn’t matter. I’m married. And you’re so young.” I tried to keep my objections simple.

Keiko shifted a bit, and knowingly turned her body a bit to expose more of her breasts. “You can resist all you want…” I felt a foot rest on my dick under the table -“But I think you secretly love being with a young girl.” Despite the table’s small size, I was still impressed at how far she could reach. Her shoes were off, and she used her toes to gently graze my dick under the table. I shifted uncomfortably, but didn’t get up.

Keiko smiled at my discomfort. “I think you like being with someone that reminds you of your daughter.”

I felt a spike of anger and began to object. “Wait a minute-,” but I felt Keiko’s foot push harder into my cock.

“Shhh. It’s ok. I don’t mind. In fact, it was a huge turn on last night.” I began to speak, but she interrupted me and kept up the pressure with her foot. At this point there was no denying the effect she was having on me. I was rock hard under the table. She knew what she was doing with that foot of hers. “Just let go Steve. Enjoy your vacation. Far away from the rest of your life. You can go back later. But for now,” she released her foot, “Just enjoy me.”

I don’t know if it was the wine, or my hard on, but I couldn’t deny that I enjoyed playing this game with her. Keiko just had a way of drawing you çankaya escort bayan in. A true seductress. “Okay young lady.” At my use of ‘young lady’ she perked up with a smile. “You sure you can handle me letting go?”

“I handled you fine last night… Daddy.” As she said this, she leaned back and somewhat discreetly ran her hands down her sides, grazing her breasts. “How about we leave the restaurant and find some dessert?”

“Where to?”

“Well old man. I rented a luxury room for the night. I knew where we would end up, so I came prepared. Follow me.” And without another word, she got up and walked away, expecting me to follow.

Which I did. Fucking Keiko. Always has the upper hand. I followed her as she led me to an area of the ship I hadn’t been before. As soon as we got into the elevator and the door closed, I pushed her against the wall, my knee between her legs. I kissed her deeply, and her body responded by grinding into mine. I pulled away. “You going to be to a good girl for me when we get to the room?”

Keiko kept one hand on my back to hold me close. “We’ll see. You going to be a good daddy for me?”

“What I am going to do to you, good daddies don’t do.”

The elevator opened, and she led me down a long corridor. I let myself be led, enjoying watching her ass in the dress. We eventually entered a large, luxurious room. It was crazy to think they had something like this on a ship. The space opened up to a large living area with a couch and glass panel walls with a generous balcony. Keiko walked through to the nearby bedroom. We stopped at the door and kissed deeply. I let my hands roam over her body and took in generous amounts of ass. God I love her ass. As her tongue explored my mouth, I drifted my hand up the slit in her dress and played with her pussy over her panties.

After a bit, she held my wrist and stepped back from me. “You missed our spa day earlier, so let’s get a bit more comfortable and get in the hot tub on the balcony.” As she said this she slipped off the dress and went into the closet to retrieve a bikini for herself. I followed her like a drooling dog.

“I didn’t bring my suit,” I said, knowing she knew that.

“Oh well. I guess you’ll have to just deal with what you have.

I stripped off my clothes and let her take in my body. She smiled approvingly at me and walked over to grip my cock. She led me to the hot tub as if my dick were a leash, and we settled into the pleasantly hot water. She made some adjustments and started the jets on full blast. Soon the tub was bubbling hard, making it difficult to see anything below the surface.

Keiko slid herself onto my lap and straddled me as we kissed. Her hips gyrated and gave my dick a good ride. The feel of her silky bikini was heavenly, but I wanted what was underneath. I made a move to slip her bikini off, but she stopped me.

“Not so fast. Let’s enjoy this. I’m going to make you a nice stiff drink. I like you when you are too drunk to think too hard.” She exited the tub and I watched her ass move as she went back inside to the bar.

Once she was gone, I looked out over the ocean. The water was dark and endless. I did my best not to overthink things. Just go with it, Steve. You are down the rabbit hole and will deal with consequences later. Might as well live it to the fullest. I closed my eyes to enjoy the sensation of the heat and the jets.

I heard Keiko’s footsteps return. “Finally. I was starting to think too much. I am going to need that drink,” I said.

“Dad! You came!” I heard Tiffany say.

I almost jumped up in surprise, but realized I couldn’t without giving my daughter an eyeful of cock. Tiffany stood above me with Jon at her side. They both were wearing bathing suites and had drinks in their hands. “Tiffany, you’re here?” What was she doing in the suite?

Keiko walked up right behind them with my drink in her hand. “Steve, I told you they would be meeting us soon, didn’t I. How was the massage?”

Tiffany smiled at her friend. “Oh my god. It was so good. And they let us just relax afterward in their lounge. It was all so luxurious.” She sounded giddy.

Keiko smiled back. “That’s so great,” then turning to me said, “I know there’s been a lot of tension, so I suggested we all meet up and have a soak together to get past it.” Turning again to Tiffany. “When I explained it to your dad, he basically jumped at the chance to make up. He’s been so torn up about it all.”

All I could do was stare at all of them, trying my best to understand what was going on. Keiko, Jon and Tiffany all got into the hot tub and made groans of appreciation for the welcoming heat. As Keiko waded over to my side, the look in her eyes was pure evil mischief. She slid next to me and whispered, “Just go with the flow. It’s for the best, you know?” As she said this, she grabbed my dick and gave it a few hard squeezes, as if to remind me what a compromised position I was in.

I jumped a bit, drawing Jon and Tiffany’s attention. “Uh, ahem… Hi, sweetie. Tell me all about the spa.” This was all I could think of at the moment, and hopefully would get her talking while I thought of what to do. Jon smiled at me from across the water. The family resemblance between his daughter and he became much more clear in that moment. Devils the both of them.

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