A Couple’s Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 12

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Since they hadn’t seen anybody else around except for their neighbors, the four of them decided to walk nude back to the cabin. Along the way Robert and Edward shot a few more pictures.

Once back in the cabin, they took some towels and took a dip in the lake to clean up and instead of using the towels to dry themselves they laid on the pier to let the sun dry them.

Vanessa saw that their neighbors were also sunning themselves on their pier, the young man was on his side with his back to them and he was naked. The young girl was lying face down and Vanessa could see she was wearing her bikini bottoms but she wasn’t sure about her top.

Pamela also saw them when she went into the cabin to get some beers for the four of them. She had brought a full six pack out and after handing the other three their beers she waved to their neighbors and shouted, “Hey you guys! Wanna beer!”

Without waiting for an answer she walked along the shore until she reached their pier. The young man turned to face her a bit awkwardly due to his nudity. Pamela stood between them and introduced herself.

“Hi, I’m Pam and over there are Van, Ed and Bob,” she said, “thought you might enjoy a beer, you know, it’s kind of hot in the sun.”

The girl lifted herself on her elbows to take the beer Pamela offered her, exposing her small but nicely rounded breasts and perky nipples to Pamela who squatted between them giving them a full frontal view of her puffy cunt lips. The young man shifted his position a bit as his cock began to rise at the sight of Pamela’s cunt. The girl couldn’t avoid looking to and she blushed.

“I’m Jake, and this is Jen,” the young man stammered trying to hide his growing erection.

“Well, nice meeting you… again,” Pamela said, “Hey! Why don’t you guys come on over and have lunch with us, I’m about to fix some sandwiches and a salad.”

“Well, I don’t know…” Jen said hesitatingly.

“Oh come on,” Pam insisted, “I mix a mean salad.”

“Well I guess it’s OK,” Jake said as Pamela got up again, “We’ll be over soon.”

Pamela walked back to their own cabin and told the others she had invited the neighbors over and went inside the cabin followed by Vanessa to fix lunch.

Jake and Jen were nervous about going over. They didn’t really know what to make of these four people who seemed to be so comfortable in their nakedness. They debated about how to go over, Jake said they should go naked but Jen argued that they should cover themselves. She had seen Jake’s cock spring to attention when Pamela squatted in front of them and she had seen Robert and Edward naked from a distance and she casino şirketleri had to admit she wanted to get a closer look.

Finally they decided that Jake would wear his trunks after Jen pointed out that he might get another erection being close to the two naked women and she would not put on her bikini top. She wasn’t completely comfortable with this since she had never exposed herself to total strangers.

They walked over just as Pamela was walking out of the cabin with a platter of sandwiches followed by Vanessa carrying a large salad bowl. Edward and Robert got up form the pier and went to join them. Pamela made the introductions and they all sat on chairs on the deck.

Robert went inside to get some beer and wine and Vanessa noticed that Jen kept stealing glances at Robert’s and Edward’s cocks while Jake tried not to be to obvious as he eyed her and Pamela. Vanessa was seating right across from Jake and she decided to tease him some more parting her legs a bit without being to obvious, so he could get a better look at her pussy. She was rewarded when she saw a bulge beginning to show under Jake’s swimming suit.

They ate lunch and drank beers and wine making small talk. Then Pamela steered the conversation to the pictures they had been taking and asked Robert to show it the all of them. Robert went inside to get his laptop and the cameras and taking the SIM cards from the camera he inserted one in the laptop and set it up in the table. They all moved their chairs to get a good view of the screen as the pictures began appearing on the screen.

They all commented on the ones each one liked better. Vanessa was waiting for the pictures where they were fondling each other. When those pictures began appearing on the screen she saw Jen flushing and looked down at Jake seeing that the bulge under his shorts had grown.

“Hey! Would you take a few pictures of the four of us?” Pamela asked Jake when the picture show was over. “We only seem to be able to get three of us in the pictures and I sure would like to have some of the four of us.”

“Well, sure, why not?…” Jake said looking hesitantly at Jen, she just kind of nodded and Jake got up to take the camera from Robert.

“And then Bob might take some of you two.” Vanessa added, “That is if you want him to?”

The four of them posed in several groupings, holding each other by the waist or with their arms around their shoulders while Jake took several shots. Afterward Jake and Jen posed for Robert and he could tell that Jen was obviously not quite comfortable by having her pictures taken topless. Soon after that Jake and Jen excused casino firmaları themselves and waked to their cabin.

Vanessa picked up the dishes and walked inside to the kitchen to wash them. When Edward finished his beer he went inside. Vanessa was still by the sink and Edward stood behind her circling her waist with his arms and cupping her breasts. He bit her neck and Vanessa shivered as she washed the last plate. She could feel Edward’s cock getting hard against her back and she pushed her buttocks closer to him. Edward squeezed her nipples between his fingers and slid his tongue into her ear. Vanessa squirmed and turned around. She placed her arms around Edward’s shoulders and kissed him, slipping her tongue into his mouth. Edward sucked Vanessa’s tongue and reached down inserting a finger between her labia. A muffled moan escaped from Vanessa as his finger found her clit.

Out on the deck, Pamela and Robert were standing by the railing watching the lake and their neighbors as they walked into their cabin. Robert pulled Pamela to him and kissed her as his hands traveled down her back to cup her ass cheeks. Pamela reached down and grabbed his cock. She stroked it until it was fully erect and then she sank to her knees and ran her tongue around the head a few times before she sucked Robert’s cock into her mouth.

In the kitchen Vanessa had pushed Edward back against the table and she was running her tongue up and down his shaft as she fondled his balls. She reached between her legs and began masturbating as she took his cock into her mouth and lowered her head until the head pressed against her throat. She gasped and had to pull back but she kept trying until she was able to take the head past her throat. She remained still for a few seconds, controlling her gagging reflex and when it passed she sunk down on Edward’s cock until her nose touched his belly. She had to pull back suddenly as an unexpected orgasm rushed through her body and she gasped.

Edward reached down and circled his cock with his fingers pumping furiously, “Oh Gawd! I’m about to cum! Suck me some more!”

He grabbed Vanessa’s head pulling her to his cock but just as she was about to take it back into her mouth, the first blast of Edward’s cum landed on her cheek. She opened her mouth and the second spurt landed on her tongue before she closed her lips around the crown of Edward’s cock head and milked the rest of his cum with her hand, swallowing hard in order not to miss a single drop.

Pamela had been teasing Robert, sucking him hard until she felt he was getting close to the edge and then slowing down, only to deep throat him güvenilir casino till he was on the edge again. Robert was gasping and moaning enjoying this kind of torture. Pamela was enjoying it too, she hadn’t even touched herself and her cunt was drenched. She could feel her own juices dripping down her legs. She had been debating whether to let Robert cum in her mouth or if she wanted it in her pussy. When she finally made up her mind, she got up and placing her arms on the railing she offered her back to Robert.

“Come on darling, put it in me.” She said in a hoarse voice, “I want it so bad.”

Robert got behind her and grabbing his cock he parted her labia with the head, feeling her moisture immediately. He rubbed his cock up and down her slit a couple of times and then the head slid into her vagina. He pushed forward slowly, savoring as every inch went into her. Pamela was concentrating on the sensations Robert’s cock produced as it opened her inner flesh and went slowly into her. She let out a long moan as Robert slowly buried his cock in her.

Pamela began grinding her hips, moving them back and forth, feeling Robert’s balls striking her pussy every time his hips bumped against her ass. The slapping sound of their flesh and their moans mixed with the sounds of birds and with the sound of the wind blowing in the trees. Pamela reached down between her legs to pinch her clit as her orgasm began building up inside her. She was panting and moaning continuously. Robert felt her inner muscles contracting around his shaft and he couldn’t hold back any longer. Pamela felt the head of Robert’s cock pulsing deep inside her as he shot his cum deep into her womb.

Vanessa and Edward had moved to the living room. Vanessa made Edward stretch on the couch and she sucked his cock back to hardness as she stroked her outer labia and her clit, building her own excitement. As soon as it was sufficiently hard, Vanessa straddled his hips and guided his cock into her. She began a rhythmic movement of her hips feeling Edward’s cock growing to full hardness inside her. Edward pulled her to him and began sucking her nipples, sending shivers down Vanessa’s spine.

They went on fucking in a slow rhythm, enjoying the friction of their genitals. Robert and Pamela were sitting now on the lawn chairs on the deck, they’d placed them so they could look inside and watch Vanessa and Edward. They turned their heads when they heard a loud moan coming from the lake. Jake was lying on the pier and Jen was over him riding him hard.

Vanessa turned around and saw her husband and Pam watching them. She looked straight into Robert’s eyes and saw the lust in them. She increased the tempo of her movements until her orgasm exploded. Just as it was subsiding, Edward exploded inside her, the feeling of his warm cum flooding her vagina revived her orgasm and another wave of pleasure traveled through her body.

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