A Couple of Stories about my Sex


A Couple of Stories about my SexI used to read a lot about fantasies, especially about nieces and uncles. Perhaps I did so, because as a young girl I had some close shaves with my uncle, whom I liked a lot, and I know I can be truthful on here, by telling it like it happened, he did touch me, and I let it happen, because I wanted to be touched, which if I am honest, says more about me than him, because I really do think I encouraged him.He was a man who little girls are attracted too, even my girlfriend back then told me she loved him, when we lay in our sleeping bags one summer’s night.There had been a big party and daddy had pitched a tent for us to camp out in, as the party went on, we knew my uncle was coming and we were both excited, but he was delayed, the flight was canceled until the next morning, so we went to sleep talking about him.The next morning we both were awoken in our sleeping bags around six, with the sun rising and everyone still in their beds, he arrived, coming through the back green entrance and when he saw the tent, he pulled the flaps back to see us sleeping in the nude. When he awoke us we could barely believe it was him and pulled him into the tent and immediately wanted to know everything, we were so excited we forgot our state of undress, as girls do, and suddenly, he was being smothered by not one but two naked nymphs, and his hands could not be anywhere other than touch us, during our excitement.There was that one moment that spoke a thousand words for me, he cupped our crotches simultaneously, I felt him push into me and watched as he did the same for my friend, by then we both were silent and let his fingers do their magic while we hung on around his neck and ground down on the most exquisite feeling a girl gets when she is fingered, his head turning first left then right, as we took turns in kissing his mouth and humping his inserted fingers.We both experienced something that early morning, penetration and orgasm, our own little orgy of pedophilia, which we mistakenly assumed was all of our own doing, hence we kept quite, very quiet because we were a pair of naughty girls who had taken advantage of my uncle and two days later, this time on my own and in bed sleeping as a family party raged on outside, I awoke from a dream about my uncle, to find him pleasuring me with his naughty finger inside me, did his touching inspire my dreaming, was I aware of his presence and allow him the freedom of my lower body, either way, as I lay being masturbated my head was turned in the darkness, my long hair brushed from my face, and the indescribable feeling of his cock being pushed into my virgin mouth, led to my eagerness to please him, he cummed and I swallowed, and he left the room to my bewilderment.In the morning he was gone, leaving me an envelope with fifty pounds in it and a letter thanking me for being a good girl to her beloved uncle.Of course I cried, I loved him, and his act of feeding me his cock and cumming, was my interpretation of a love that was special, I never told a soul, not even my best friend, until now, so you men could know what girls are capable off when the fall in love with you, the fifty pounds helped too.I learned later when he left to go back home, he was actually living and working in the Far East, in places I knew nothing about, and that was the reason we never really saw much of him for years on end, in fact my next encounter was nearly five years to the date, on my fifteenth birthday, when he breezed back into our lives, secure in the knowledge our little secret had remained just that and my acceptance of all wrongdoing was of my own making, the very fact he turned up as a surprise guest, made my sitting on his bulging erection later that night, told him I was a young woman, expecting more than to just give him a blow job.He had booked into a small hotel in town, he had turned down a spare room, for that very purpose to entertain me for sex, by now he was in his fifties and our age difference was great enough to make sleeping with me, still an exciting prospect.Was I still friends with my best friend from the tent, of course I was, and the king size bed was large enough for our three bodies as we romped and ran naked, being filmed on his new video camera, his memory, as he put it, but his evidence of our willingness, something that even today, we both girls, now married women, with our own c***dren, know to say, ‘No’, could mean exposure on the internet and embarrassing for our own daughters to see.So as you see I was sexualised at a young age, but to be honest, I always knew deep down I was into sex, I was the one playing ‘Doctors and Nurses’, with my friends and my poor brother, stripping him naked as we played with him lying naked on the ground and we nurses took our clothes off just to see him get an erection so we could straddle it and grind down on it, at one point five girl and my brother, yes we all handled him, kissed him, sucked him, but only one allowed him inside, and that was me, because it was just canlı casino a physical feeling.Going out on a date to the cinema, it was always understood, like an unspoken word, if you agreed to sit in the back row in the dark areas, you would be felt up and fingered. I used to go with two brothers, one either side of me, and never could tell you what the movie was about, as each brother did his thing with me.Do I regret it, never, this sort of sex is the tops, being shared is as primeval as it gets, females are built for multiple partners, as if the survival of the species depends on it, why do you think its females who have multiple orgasms, its our reward for humping all the men and men only have one at a time.On a holiday to Thailand, we came back to the hotel from a night out in a horse drawn carriage, and as we sat in the back my husband saw the driver kept staring at me, ‘He wants you’, he whispered, as we fooled around.We pulled up in a side street, which was dark and quiet when my husband got out and went to the driver as I sat in the back of the open carriage, ‘The driver will help you down’, he called out as he held the video camera to film it as if I was some Princess.The driver was old, really old, and as he approached I swung around so my legs were facing him and my skirt was way up my thighs. He reached into me and his hands went right up my skirt as his body pressed against my knees and I could feel his hand grasping for my panties, which he started pulling down.My husband was filming, and the smile on his face told me he had paid the man to do this, so I let him, not struggling or anything, until he was holding my warm panties in his hands aloft with all of us laughing and I still sitting with my thighs open showing him a white girls wet pussy.’Tell him to finish’, I said out loud to my husband, he knew instinctively what I meant, my voice sounded aroused, thick and as I lay back on the seat, I raised my knees to expose my open wet crotch, and the old mans bald head licking between my thighs.I climbed out and lent across the rear wheel as he fucked me to orgasm, one of my holiday bucket listing thing to do, fuck a local, while watching my husband masturbate and shoot his seed onto the ground, that’s the sort of sex I get off on, dangerous and exciting, giving men something they thought unattainable, one moment, and looking down as their cock moves in and out of me and hearing my moaning as they fuck me, as I only care for that ultimate reward, the bodies own orgasm, everything we do, leads to that one aim.When I was a student I spent a week at my uncles place and one night we went out and met a bunch of his friends. What I did not know was he had informed them of what kind of girl I was sexually, so at the end of the night we all piled into the car, I found myself in the back seat with three of his friends, being kissed and groped, and undressed as the car went on a roundabout way back to our destination.Uncle drove with the rear mirror on my ass as each man in the back took his turn with me. Including uncle, I had sex with five men that night and f******n orgasms. I don’t expect anyone to believe that, but then again there will be some amongst you will know of women who tell of similar stories, I just happen to be one of the liberated souls who has spent most of her life fucking men.I am now 45 years old, and from my first to my current last I have been having sex in one way or another, for 36 years of them.Public Sex and why I can’t say, ‘No’, by FridaWhen you do something naughty you get that deep seated thrill that’s makes you want more, until the final release. Sex does that to you, it turns and encourages ideas and dirty little thoughts, into realities with far reaching consequences, usually involving complete strangers, because, well, for me that is, in keeping it a secret, so I can do it again and again and all because I have a high sex drive and love satisfying myself.I’m Frida, now in my thirties, with an enviable tally of close to double my age in engaging with men I don’t know or ever met before for casual sex in public places.Slut and nympho are tags I avoid, because I am careful and know how to play the game so that the men I copulate with, think it a chance meeting and it is because of their seductive prowess, I succumbed to the ultimate act so much so they leave me thinking I was an innocent they seduced.I have always had a strong attachment to beaches, and thanks to cheap flights I could go off on weekend jaunts so southern climes and have as many as twenty to quell the fires burning deep inside me. Being a fit young woman with a model body, brings the opposites that turn me on sexually, old and young, beauty and the b**st, fair and dark.When I walk down Princess Street I see men look and I in turn look as though butter would not melt in my mouth, but underneath my outer clothing rages a nude female wanting sex, the way those strangers look at me, because their wives wont do something they want to try, being that weak turns my güvenilir casino firm thighs to jelly, as my lubrication runs from me freely down my naked inner thighs.If only men knew what a girl thinks as she passes them on the street and gives them a knowing smile, I am willing to bet some would cum in their shorts.It all happened for me a long time back on a warm summer’s Saturday, down Portabello beach. It was windy and mother, I and my older sister set down our beach towels, with a wind break screen, like an opened out deck chair, a wooden folding frame with bright rainbow coloured fabric.As the beach filled mother and sister went off to the ice cream vendor’s van some ten minutes walk, leaving my sprawled out on the towel. I lay on my side with my back pressed against the coloured fabric as I watched them walk off into the distance.At the time I was not aware of the movement on the other side of the screen, a man had laid down his towel and conveniently found a tear in the fabric, into which he inserted his erection, now pressing against the back of my thigh.It was only when I moved slightly I felt it slip between them, about midway down, I froze and he coughed, and I turned to see my first cock in all it’s sexual anger, its dark skin and pink top snug against my fair skin, its dew drops leaking onto my being like some Anesthesia, numbing the skin, so more and more could pour onto it without alerting the person.I looked in the direction of my mother, still out of sight, whilst pretending the cock was not there as it pumped more leakage onto my legs. He was moving it slowly in and out on my thigh, spreading the clear slippery liquid onto my skin and suddenly the wicked idea crossed me head, to hold him there until mother returned.I raised my other leg slightly and positioned it over the throbbing cock and brought it down and pressed my thighs tightly together, feeling him humping between them. I relaxed my grip and slid down the towel until he was into my crotch and sticking out in from of my costume, now it felt comfortable for both of us as my hand fondled his pink top as if moved against my crotch.He was moaning and whispering for me to put it inside my bottoms, which I did and I suddenly experienced, what I still think to this day, my first orgasm and by the time I regained some semblance of normality, I espied my mother and sister approaching and the feeling between my legs gone. I jumped up to see and man walking away carrying a beach towel and the realization my crotch was full of semen.It was a feeling I never forgot nor in manner of how it happened, and the reward, that orgasm, made me realize my body had something to give me that was out of this world, every time and providing I let it happen, or at least encouraged it to happen.Trying it in my Mid-Teens with a willing BoyfriendMany many years later down the same beach I went with my boyfriend I had been a bit on the daring side showing more than most girls do, but doing so and testing my boyfriends reaction to his girlfriend attracting attention from men walking past and looking at me.I was never naked, but even just to undo your top and show a naked back was enough to stir the imaginations of men who have never strayed down to the Med, where girls are more daring.’What do you think would happen if I let them see my tits’. I asked my boyfriend, studying his facial reactions to my daring act, my nipples a deep red, from the normal soft pink and standing hard with sexual desire, something the cool surrounding air masked, but he could hear it in my voice, all thick with desire?’Do you want them to see you like that’, he asked me, his voice showing a reaction to mine and the bulge in his shorts confirming my tease was working?’I want to be completely naked and show everything’, I retorted, aching to feel a cock push into me and I reached across and started to rub his erection.It was quiet except for the squeals of some girls playing down by the waters edge. ‘Fuck me’, I commanded him and I laid back on the towel and pushed my bikini bottoms down over my hips, whilst keeping my eyes on him all the time, not caring if anybody was approaching us, and tossing my bottoms over my head, once they were freed from my feet.’Jesus fucking Christ’, he blasphemed, as I lay completely naked and writhing in sexual energy, ‘Come on get it in me’, I moaned, even the little girls squeals were deaf to me as he lay across my body and we fucked, with him shooting almost immediately as his cock went up inside my pussy. I was disappointed, but at least it was a start.We started to have open air and dangerous sex and I started going out in short skirts without underwear and letting older men see me by letting my skirt ride high or sitting with my legs open, this got my boyfriend off bid time and he would shoot as soon as I touched him.Then one Sunday we were messing around on the beach and I was masturbating him when another girl, quite pretty happened by and caught me jacking him off with my face down at his crotch. I looked internet casino up as my boyfriend jumped, but she laughed and I knew she was a kindred spirit, ‘Join us’, I called out to her and I felt my boyfriends cock jerk in my hand.She just shrugged her pretty shoulders and turned back to us and came across, sat down and introduced herself, took a look round, as if to make sure the coast was clear, and started to go down on my boyfriend, as I smiled and watched his look of disbelief, before reaching in and use my tongue as she did and together we gave him an orgasm that said it was OK to start inviting men to fuck me.Julie was the girls name, she was one year younger than me and we hung out for a while as she and my boyfriend started making out behind my back, not that it meant much to me, but she never took precautions and by s*******n was pregnant. By then I had started getting serious on my own ventures, with men, Julie and her husband were now domesticated, for me they were too tame with their sex, I wanted something with an edge, something spontaneous, with a feeling of being used and discarded, I knew I had what it took to attract men easily enough, but I wanted men who thought I was out of their league, that element of surprise that makes a man pop, and I can feel i when he cums inside me.I do anal, but not because I enjoy it, it makes me more submissive when it goes right up inside me.Anal sex is shown to be the third most popular sex amongst heterosexuals. A girl, willingly taking a fat cock up her arse, is depicted as to being a dominated soul. Females are often quoted saying they remember their first true love, implying the word true, means sexual partner, but a truer saying would be more apt, I forgot my first sexual partner, but I can remember the first guy up my bum. On one of my studies at university we discussed in social history Victorian prostitution, where anal sex was used as a form of birth control. There were three girls and the master at this lecture, and all of us girl were shifting uneasily in our chairs as the master read aloud, a man in his early sixties sitting talking about shagging women up their bums with three very pretty girls, who as it turned out, had all experienced anal sex.My first encounter with both holes in my own crotch was with my younger brother, whom I had cordially invited to put his fingers into both and feel around. In his teens he never forgot that experience and broached the subject with me on weekend of boredom, climbed into bed with me and proceeded to please both of us with his erection and a bottle of lubrication.Our lecture that afternoon bordered on the acceptance of 21st century females being buggered for fun, to which I admitted, without blushing, I had experienced, quite by accident of course and failing to admit it was with my brother, my boyfriend, had quite by accident slipped into my rectum and finished before either of us had realised he was buggering me.Both other girl then confessed to having taken it up their arses and the consensus was, that anal sex was quite acceptable in modern sexual themes, as most girls did it willingly.I was out one night with a friend when we went to a pub and met some rugged looking guy sitting on his own. We got chatting and started, as opposites do, telling jokes to each other, and as sex was always on table, the jokes turned dirty in nature as we all primed each other for a romp.He told a story of a girl, an Admiral’s daughter, who married a seaman and was curious about anal sex. ‘Daddy used to tell me never to marry a seaman because he always wanted to do it the other way’, she hinted to her husband one night she was horny as fuck.He just ignored her.She pestered her husband for more information on the other way she was obviously keen to try out, but he continued to ignore her requests.Then finally one night she broached the subject again, only more forcibly, ‘I want to try it the other way’, she demanded.He finally turned to her and said, ‘Why’, and she looked shocked, as he continued, ‘You only have babies when you do it that way’.So anal sex was on the cards as an acceptable form of sex, our joking had confirmed our female acceptance of the act and that night we girls decided to share him and went back to his flat for sex.My girlfriend was more to his taste tall and leggy with a small pert bum and a thigh gap that showed both her fuckable holes in line. We all stripped off naked and kissed, and he stroked himself hard as we performed a little lesbo session for him then he grabbed her and turned her face down and mounted her pert arse to slip into her open wet pussy as I say open legged and rubbed my pussy as he watched, saying all those dirty things a girl wants to hear from a man about to fuck her after fucking her friend.I watched as his hand went down and took hold of his cock and rear ended my friend right up her arse, she screamed in sheer pain but he buggered her in her agony until I could not hold back any longer, I orgasmed brilliantly, knowing he was dominating and hurting her as he fucked her arse, call my kinky if you want, but that afternoon lecture I would have willingly let that old man bugger me, but for the fact one of the other girls went with him and the other two knew why.

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