A couple guys in my backyard


A couple guys in my backyardThat sunny Sunday my loving hubby had invited some colleagues from his office. We had spent a very nice day at the back yard; enjoying a delicious barbecue with red wine and some beers.After dessert and coffee in the early afternoon; Victor and his mates decided to go for a game at the golf club. All they agreed and soon they left. I made the dishes and later I went outside again, to enjoy the sun over my body. I stripped down to just my bikini bottom and stretched out in one of the lawn chairs. The warm sun felt good on my almost naked body and soon I passed out. When I woke up, two of my husband’s colleagues were standing over me at looking at my naked body. Both guys were blacks…I smiled and told them if they had got bored from playing golf.Then I noticed that both men were staring at my bare boobs, with my nipples almost hardening. I started to cover up; when Peter said I did not need to do that, because I had very nice boobs…His mate Jackson nodded with his head.Then I could see both guys were not trying to hide the hard bulges in their shorts. Jackson had now his hand on his big cock holding it through his trousers. I sat up and looked down, while Peter was grabbing my bikini bottom and pulling it down my legs to my ankles. I did not any protest at all. Both black men smiled when canlı bahis şirketleri they saw my shaven labia exposed.Peter pushed me back down on to the chair; I thought he would be first. Meanwhile, Jackson picked up my bikini and sniffed it; saying it smelled sweet…Then Peter pulled his black cock out and I could see it was a good ten inches long and thick. He told me that both his mate and he were horny. They would have some relief with my sensual body.I asked where my husband was. Jackson laughed and told me that the other colleagues were entertaining my loving Victor at the golf club; until he and Peter could enjoy my company…Peter then pulled my legs apart; pushing them wide open he started to kiss the inside of my thighs, up and down, back and forth…I closed my eyes and let out a soft moan, as Jackson took my hand bringing it up to his hard cock. I wrapped my hand around it and started stroking him.Peter finally put his mouth on my wet pussy lips and licked them from bottom to top; I let out a loud moan and begged him not to stop…As Peter licked my hungry cunt, I pulled Jackson’s cock to my wet mouth and sucked it in taking as much as I could. The bastard grabbed my hair and started pumping his thick cock into my mouth.With no warning, Jackson soon cum in my mouth and I swallowed it down my canlı kaçak iddaa throat. I felt my cunt was now ready for a good fuck; so I begged both guys I wanted some black cock in my body.Both black men laughed and Peter pulled me up from the chair and dragged me in the house, I tried to pull away from him; I wanted to be fucked outside in the sun…But he pulled me into the bedroom and threw me on the marital bedJackson sat on the edge of the bed and ordered me to straddle him and ride his huge black cock. The bastard pulled me on top of him and I felt his cock buried deep into my pussy. I started to ride him back and forth, as he sucked my erected nipples and bit them…Peter got behind me and I thought he was going to put his cock in my cunt together with Jackson; then I felt him rubbing my very tight rosebud; he wanted some anal. Then I asked him to use the lube my husband had next to the bed; but suddenly he just spat on my rear door a couple of times.He placed his cock head at my tight butthole and pushed slowly. His thick black cock felt like it was tearing my rectum wide open.The three of us got a good rhythm; while Jackson was sucking my nipples and Peter slapping my ass cheeks very hard. Both called me a slut… a white married bitch, a slut nigger lover…Peter grabbed a hand full of my curly hair and canlı kaçak bahis thrust his huge cock deep up my ass and suddenly he shot his warm load in my anus.At same time I felt Jackson filling my hungry cunt with his burning semen. I fell on top of his hard chest and Peter fell onto my back.Then he pulled out of my ass and I rolled off Jackson.Both black men shoved their cocks in my wet mouth and made me clean them with my tongue.Soon both bastards were hard again. Jackson got on the bed onto his back and Peter pushed my face against his friend’s hard dick, as he mounted me from behind.He lubed his dick with my own pussy juices and then he shoved it deep in my asshole again, in just one swift motion; a brutal push…This time I cried in pain; I felt his dick very thick and hard…Soon they both traded places and they fucked me until each one shot at least four loads inside any of my orifices…When they finally went done; both bastards said they would fuck me again, whenever they wanted; because I was a slutty bitch and I deserved to be treated like one of that kind…Later that night when I was in bed, my loving Victor moved close to me and I felt his hard cock pushing against my buttocks. But my cunt was so sore from taking all those black bastards dicks.So I moved a bit and his cock head slipped directly into my asshole, which was not too sore as my cunt. As my adorable hubby pumped my ass; I thought about those two black bastards that had abused my body so bad during the afternoon and their warning about coming back for more…And I hated them…and I loved them…

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