A Couple, A College Boy and a Waitress


A Couple, A College Boy and a WaitressAxel and I have been a couple for three years. We’re both in very good shape, him being 42 and me being 38. I love young college cock, however. Let’s suppose your name is Andrew and you are a 20 year old college student. After meeting through Xhamster, we agree to meet.We’d have you meet Axel and myself for the first time at a little dive diner we know of in the valley. We would end up in the empty back room, in a small booth. I would sit in the middle, you and Axel across the table from each other. I would be wearing a tight silk top and a short skirt. You’d be able to see my nipples clearly through the fabric. We would chat and laugh and get to know each other, unafraid of anyone hearing us, as we would be the only ones in the room. At first, you would notice a slight itch, but when you reached down to adjust your crotch, you’d realize I was gently tracing your cock through your jeans using one finger tip. You’d also realize Axel couldn’t see I was doing it. I’d watch as your face would turn red, but you’d just keep talking as I now give your cock a squeeze and really begin feeling you up. Your cock gets bigger, harder, stiffer and I love feeling it grow. After a moment you realize you can reach under the table and touch me without Axel seeing it. You brush your hand over my knee and move it up under my skirt. Doing this you discover two things; A) I’m not wearing any underwear, and B) my cunt is dripping wet. You work my pussy lips and clit before shoving two fingers up inside me kind of quickly. I almost gasp, but hide it as well as I can. Axel doesn’t notice, you and he are discussing the World Series. But I can feel your cock is full sized now, and I slowly begin to open your fly, as discreetly as possible, not easy to do undetected.A waitress comes to the table (at last) asking what we’d like. She is a stunning young blonde with amazing tits, and I see you give her the once over, really looking at her rack. Playfully, I squeeze your balls through your jeans in retaliation. You laugh, and the waitress and Axel both give you an odd look. Caught! You shrug it off and hatay escort we all order coffee. As you and Axel continue to talk about baseball, I finish unzipping your pants. I also undo your belt and pop open the top button, and pull out your large, very hard, young cock. Because it’s still under the table cloth Axel can’t see it, nor could the waitress should she come back to the table. I slowly run my hand up the length of your prick, barely touching it, teasing your dick. Meanwhile, you’ve been stroking my pussy lips and inserting a finger or two in turns. I’m getting wetter and wetter. You start pounding my pussy in short, swift strokes, so as to be unnoticed. I adjust how I’m sitting so your fingers can have better access, and you take full advantage of it. I know you like it, because there’s a flood of pre-cum dripping out of your cock, and I wipe as much as I can on my fingers and begin to smear the pre-cum all over your engorged cock head.You gasp as I do this, and look guiltily at Axel, who smiles and says, “She gives terrific hand jobs, doesn’t she?” You flush red for a moment, before you realize that he and I had planned all of this. Then we all laugh. With my left hand I push you back in the booth seat, never letting go of your dick, and really start giving you the hand job of a life time. You close your eyes, to enjoy it. I spit on my hand and grab your cock again, working my slick fingers all over your young prick. You’re really working my cunt with your fingers now.Because you’re eyes are closed you’re surprised to hear a little gasp. You open your eyes to discover the waitress has returned with the coffee. You push my hand away and throw your napkin into your lap. The waitress is shocked and mumbles, “Gee … I’m not sure… um …” Suddenly we all laugh again, and introduce you to our friend Kim, whom we’ve known for years. Axel gets up out of the booth. His pants are open and his cock is out, since he was masturbating watching us. He stands behind Kim and starts feeling up her tits. Meanwhile I lay back in the booth, spreading my legs. You lean forward and bury your face and tongue escort hatay in my shaved snatch. You work your tongue around my clit, opening my pussy lips so your tongue can slid even further in. I moan and open my blouse so both of us can play with my tits. As you eat my cunt, you reach up and finger my right nipple, teasing it and pulling it slightly. My juices flood my twat, covering your handsome young face, leaving your chin and cheeks soaking wet. I come twice, before you sit back up. Kim is now standing with her legs spread wide, leaning against the table, Axel kneeling behind her eating her blonde cunt.Now it’s my turn. I unbutton your shirt with one hand, all the time stroking your cock with my other hand. I lean forward and take one of your nipples into my mouth, gently biting and sucking. Then I work my tongue down your torso and into your hairy pubes,then my tongue goes up your shaft to the head. The pre-cum is literally dripping down the front of your shaft, and I lick it up before shoving my head over your cock, deep throating your prick. You grab my head and force it down even further, gagging me. In a guttural voice you say, “Yeah, suck that big, hairy cock, bitch.” You release my head and I start working my lips up and down, using my spit slick hand to help work your cock shaft. I circle my tongue around your dick head, toy with the piss-slit, and then deep throat you again. “Suck that fuckin’ cock,” you say, and my pussy floods again.Axel is now fucking Kim from behind, and Kim reaches over to me, and insert her fingers into my pussy while I’m sucking you. Kim removes her fingers and putsthem in Axel’s mouth, so he can taste my juices. He greedily sucks it off her fingers. You and he look at each other, and high five. We all laugh.I pull myself off your prick with a sucking sound, and lay back in the booth again, spreading my legs wide. You pull off your shirt, and get up in your knees in front of me. When your huge, twenty year old cock first enters my cunt, I gasp, and when you shove it all the way in, I moan loudly. After your first two strokes in and out, I cum for the first hatay escort bayan time, grabbing your shoulders and throwing my legs around your ass and thighs. You start fucking me with deep thrusts. We hear Axel say, “Yeah, fuck her, Andrew. Fuck that fuckin’ whore.” I flood pussy juice all over your cock and I cum again. You grab my tits, sucking on a nipple, then working your tongue up to my face. I buck my hips, forcing your cock even deeper into my dripping snatch, and you kiss my mouth, your tongue probing my mouth, tasting like my own pussy and I cum again.Kim climbs up onto the table to suck Axel’s cock. Her pussy is right above my head, and I reach up, thrusting my fingers into her cunt, then pull them out almost instantly, bringing my fingers to your mouth so you can taste her pussy juice. You suck my fingers clean, then, never missing a stroke fucking me, you put your lips up to Kim’s twat, and begin to eat her pussy. You moan that moan, and I know just what it means. I push you back, and climb on to the table myself, lying back and pushing my tits together. I look at you and smile, “I want you to cum all over my face and my big titties. Please, Andrew. I want you to do it now!” You stand up on the seat, your pants dropping around your ankles, and as you do, Axel cums on Kim’s face, grunting. It splatters all over her lips and chin, some of the cum dripping down onto my face.That’s when you shoot your load, almost screaming with pleasure. Salvo after salvo of hot, sticky man juice shoots across my face, the first wad streaking across my nose, most of it landing on the table. The second wad hits my forehead and gets in my hair. For the third shot you scream, and this load lands across my tits that I’m still holding together. Some more jizz drips out of your bursting dick, and you take that slick cock and smears the cum around my nipples, and then readjust yourself so you can slap my face with your still hard, college cock a few times. Your cock smacks my face and the cum splatters all over the table. You look into my eyes and say, “Fuckin’ cunt.” Kim leans over and licks some of your cum off my tits, then sits up and puts your cock into her mouth in one fast movement. Axel’s cum is still dripping off her face, now onto my face, where it mixes with yours.“Okay,” Kim says, “We’ve got the cream for the coffee. Now who wants sugar?”

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