A Compulsion Ch. 03

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Daniel was more than a bit nervous about meeting with Ted at Murphy’s Bar. His good friend had added up Daniel’s sudden disappearances with his bruised knees and lame excuses and quite correctly concluded that Daniel had been on his knees servicing another man. Ted had given Daniel a stark choice: come clean with him on the full story or he would take what he knew to Daniel’s wife, Nicole.

Nerves aside, Daniel knew he couldn’t avoid the conversation. He was at Murphy’s at eight o’clock as agreed. He picked out a booth for privacy, far from the noise at the bar. Ted soon found him and the two men exchanged pleasantries and ordered drinks. Once the cold ones were on hand, their conversation began in earnest.

Daniel had been terrified at having been caught out as a cheating husband and he was embarrassed at the submissive and homosexual circumstances, but he had been the cock-sucking slave of another man for the past two years and a part of him welcomed this chance to confide in someone. He would rather have the conversation with a friend, especially if by doing so he convinced Ted not to tell Nicole about Daniel’s secret cum-eating proclivities.

Daniel unfolded the entire story to Ted: how after barely a word of introduction to his wife’s recently estranged brother at a wedding, Jake followed him into a private washroom and seduced him. A grin, eye contact and the provocative gesture of unzipping his fly was all it took to compel Daniel to drop to his knees and give his first blowjob. Since then, the encounters continued, with Jake texting Daniel at any time of the day or night to drop everything and come service him. Daniel knew that Jake would keep their secret for two reasons: Jake wanted to keep getting hummers from Daniel and if their liaisons became common knowledge, Jake would be ostracized by his family for ruining his sister’s marriage. But if Jake had good reason to remain silent, Ted did not.

“Wow,” said Ted. “Your wife’s brother!”

“I know. I can’t even blame bad judgement; thought never entered into it. Now I’m his complete slave.”

“It seems to me you could stop anytime. He hasn’t got anything on you that wouldn’t hurt him just as much.”

“You don’t understand. I can’t resist his call.” I stared in my beer as if scrying for a solution to my problem.

“What I really don’t understand is this. You service him but he doesn’t return the favour. What’s in it for you?”

“I can’t explain. When I’m… doing it… I feel like I’m where I belong, like I’m fulfilling my purpose.”

“But he’s the only one who gets off.”

“It makes me horny as all Hell. When I get home, I throw one into Nicole the first second I can get her alone. It’s a strange affair that makes you have more sex with your wife. At least she can’t complain of that.”

Ted stroked his chin thoughtfully. “Are you arguing that your affair, if we can call it that, has strengthened your marriage?”

“I wouldn’t put it like that, but Nicole and I are as intimate and loving as we ever were. If only I didn’t have this guilt.”

“Hmm… Maybe you’re only being true to your nature. Some men have a strong submissive streak in them. That can manifest in different ways. Some men are mastered by their wives; others like to be dominated by a mistress or prostitutes. Maybe being a plaything to a man in emotionally distant encounters is just your thing.”

I reddened.

“Don’t be ashamed. It’s only natural. Our society still puts an emphasis on male dominance, but the vast majority of men are betas, not alphas. Your situation might be more extreme than just letting your wife be on top, but there’s nothing unusual about a man having a submissive side.”

“I have met Jake a few times, a passing acquaintance. I’ve been to his bar, so I know him from there slightly. I will talk to him. It seems to me that what you’re doing won’t hurt anyone unless ümraniye gecelik escort the secret gets out.”

“Talk to him?” Daniel asked. “What would you say to him?”

“I’d suggest some compromise. Put some boundaries in place.”

As nervous as Daniel was about the idea of a confrontation with Jake, Ted was making sense. They had a few more drinks before Daniel had the courage to follow Ted to Jake’s bar.

Jake’s Place was different than Murphy’s Bar and Grill. Where Murphy’s had a wholesome pub atmosphere, something was a little off at Jake’s. The staff and patrons were of a rougher sort. The place wasn’t dirty, but it looked dingy under the dim lighting. Once more, Daniel and Ted took a booth. Jake was behind the bar, but when he saw the two men, his brother-in-law and a casual acquaintance, come in and sit down, he was curious about it. Jake wasn’t the kind of man to back down from a challenge. He walked right over and stood by their table.

“Hi, Daniel, Hello, Ted,” Jake said. “What can I get for you boys tonight?”

It was the first time that Jake had spoken directly to Daniel since they were introduced two years ago.

Ted ordered for both Daniel and himself. Jake stopped a passing barmaid, a woman whose tattoos covered every inch of visible skin except her face, and passed the order on to her. Jake mused to himself that he had fucked the barmaid this afternoon and had been blown by Daniel an hour later. Jake kept some small talk alive until two beers arrived. When the server retreated back to the bar, Ted spoke up.

“Jake, I know about your arrangement with Daniel here.”

Jake was taken by surprise and let his gaze pass from Ted to Daniel. Jake saw fear in Daniel’s eyes, but Ted’s were resolute. Jake realized immediately that Ted was going to speak for Daniel, so he reverted to his custom of not speaking to Daniel.

“So, you know. What’s this, then? Blackmail?”

“I think we should talk in your office.”

“Sure, bring your beers.”

Ted and Daniel followed Jake to the office at the back of the establishment. A few chairs sat empty around a large old oak desk. There was a tall four-drawer file cabinet against the wall behind the desk. On the other side of the room was an old couch which had definitely seen better days. Above the couch was an old framed print of a naked woman reclining on a settee. Jake made himself comfortable in his office chair while Ted and Daniel sat across the desk from him. Jake took a bottle of Scotch out of a desk drawer and poured himself two fingers.

“Alright, what’s up?” Jake asked.

Ted looked him in the eye. Ted explained to Jake how he deduced that Daniel had turned cocksucker. He described how he pressured Daniel into telling him the whole story.

“Okay, Ted,” Jake said. “You’re a smart guy. Now you know. Your friend has been my cocksucking whore for two years. What do you expect now? That I will just stop fucking his mouth where I want, when I want?”

Ted shook his head and pointed at Daniel. “No. I don’t think that little slut could stop himself now even if he wanted to.”

Daniel was stunned. He turned to look at Ted.

Ted continued. “No, I am not going to try and stop you from feeding Daniel here. I just want to put a few boundaries in place for everyone’s best advantage.”

Jake gave Ted a lop-sided grin, a look so arrogant and masculine that Daniel felt an impulse to get on his knees before the superior prick there and then. He barely suppressed it, even with Ted there.

“Boundaries?” Jake said. “Don’t you think we’re a bit past that?”

“These texts summoning Daniel late at night and the wee hours of the morning have to stop. You will have to limit yourself to times and dates that won’t arouse suspicions the way mine were today. Your sister is very trusting and not too bright, but she will kadıköygrup yapan escort catch on eventually. So, make dates in advance that will work for you both.”

Jake wasn’t stupid. There were no blackmail demands here, so there was no need to get tough. The only limitation Ted was trying to impose made sense even to Jake. He knew it was in his best interest not to be his sister’s home-wrecker.

“Okay, that’s doable.”

Daniel was relieved. His servitude to Jake’s cock had not been ended—and he didn’t know if he could endure it if it had—but an agreed schedule would make it much easier for him to serve without raising his wife’s suspicions. He was grateful for Ted’s intervention.

“Choice of venue is the next issue. You have picked some risky places for your meetings. That can’t continue. Remember, if he’s exposed, so are you.”

Jake had his own apartment and access to a few other private places he could use Daniel. He enjoyed the risk of being caught, but Ted was right. It was a small wonder no one had seen Daniel blowing Jake in the alley out back or any of their other more public meeting places.

“Agreed,” Jake said. He sipped at his Scotch.

“Third and last. I want a piece of the action.”

Jake snorted as Daniel’s jaw dropped.

Ted continued. “I hear you’ve been fucking his face, but you don’t seem to take much interest in the rest of him. I suggest we each pick our favourite end and fuck it.”

Jake laughed. “I’m agreeable.”

“What about me?” Daniel asked.

“What about you?” Ted asked.

Daniel felt betrayed by his friend, but he had to admit to himself that he was tingling with excitement at the prospect of being shared by these two dominant men. Even so, he felt the need to put up at least a token resistance.

“How do you know I won’t tell Libby?” Daniel asked Ted.

“You’d be too embarrassed to admit to a woman that you’re her husband’s bum-boy.”

Daniel blushed crimson. That was true. The word and context of being a ‘bum-boy’ sent an involuntary shiver through his cock.

“And how do you know I won’t tell ‘Libby’?” Jake asked.

“That’s simple,” said Ted. “If Libby finds out about me, Nicole finds out about you. Once she’s over the shock that her husband eats more cock than she does, she’ll be straight off to Daddy. I understand you were the black sheep of the family and have only in the last couple of years been back in your father’s good graces. I’m pretty sure that dear old Dad would rewrite his will again if his prodigal son ruined his daughter’s marriage.”

Jake remained impassive.

“Don’t you both see? This is the perfect arrangement. I can’t tell because I have a wife who wouldn’t take the news well. You, Jake, can’t tell because you’d be back in the wilderness as far as your family is concerned. You, Daniel, can’t tell because your wife would take it worse than mine. At least my wife knows I’m bisexual.”

“Alright,” Jake said. “That works. As for Daniel, we divide him up. I take him in the face and you get him below the waist.”

“Don’t I get some say—” Daniel started, only to be interrupted. He was being cut up like a piece of meat.

“Shut up,” Ted said to Daniel, but in a mild voice. Turning to Jake, he put out a hand. “Done!”

Jake and Ted shook on it. Daniel knew his body was the subject of a user agreement between two virile, confident men and he was fit only to abide by their pact. A vestige of pride withered in the heat of his rising arousal.

“Well, let’s seal the deal,” Ted said before looking at Daniel. “Alright, get naked and bend over that couch.”

Daniel blanched. Jake had never asked him to take his clothes off in front of him before but now Ted commanded it. Daniel felt self-conscious. It was one thing to perform oral sex on a man, but quite another to consider dropping his pants bostancı türk escort and taking another man’s cock up the ass. Just the same, as if he had no will of his own, Daniel found himself turning to face the couch and pulling his shirt over his head and off. He kicked off his shoes and pulled his pants and underwear down around his ankles before shaking them off. He obediently bent over the arm of the couch, terrified and turned on simultaneously. His face was close to the fabric. The couch smelled of stale alcohol and jism.

Jake crossed the room, undid his fly and sat down on the couch where Daniel could easily put his head in Jake’s lap. He let Daniel perform his automatic function. Even at this odd angle, Daniel was able to unzip Jake, reach into his underwear and free his magnificent cock. In seconds, his head was bouncing on it and the room was filled with his slurping, sucking sounds.

So it continued until Daniel felt one of Ted’s lubricated digits pressing its way through his back door.

“Oh!” Daniel cried out as another finger joined the first, and then another. With three fingers sliding in and out of his backside, Daniel cried out again. “OH!”

Jake put a hand on Daniel’s head and pushed it back down on his cock, stifling further cries.

Daniel had to admit that once the initial pain passed, the fingers in his anus felt good, their friction against the walls of his chute generated an unfamiliar warmth within his bowels. When Ted pulled them out after a few minutes, Daniel felt empty. It was not to last. Seconds later, a spongy hardness pressed against his anal sphincter, and as if made of no sterner stuff than Daniel’s resistance, it gave to the pressure. Slowly, very slowly, the lubricated organ sank into him until finally Ted’s hairy balls tickled Daniel’s arse. He was fully penetrated. Then the penis began sawing back and forth in his passage. The pace picked up until Ted’s fucking synchronized with Daniel’s sucking. The three men were like one long shuddering beast. Jake’s organ continued to absorb Daniel’s moaning.

Minutes passed as the two confident, demanding men pushed the submissive Daniel into hitherto unknown frontiers of pleasure. There was a joy in having purpose even if it was only to be used by others.

But the pleasure of the alphas was paramount. Ted pounded Daniel’s ass, chasing ecstasy in its virgin tightness. Jake moaned from the expert ministrations of Daniel’s less-than-virginal mouth. Daniel could only savour the taste of Jake’s salty pre-cum in his mouth while enjoying Ted’s hard cock up his arse.

It couldn’t last forever. Jake gave a loud groan and held Daniel’s head in place to ensure his mouth become the receptacle for his milky semen. Daniel’s taste buds were flooded with the taste. At almost the same moment, Ted let out a growl and thrust deeply into Daniel’s anus, coating his bowels with his sperm. In response to this stimulation of feeling and flavour, Daniel howled in his own pleasure and came all over the arm of the couch, his sperm blending with the rest of the jism that had saturated the sofa over the years. They collapsed in a heap of sweaty, exhausted limbs. The two studs remained dressed and sat on opposite ends of the couch as Daniel fell naked between them, leaking cum at both ends.

And that’s how it began. Where once Daniel was on call to service one male lover, now he was enslaved to two. Since that first meeting, Jake and Ted took Daniel together or separately dozens of times. They spit-roasted him in the flatbed of Jake’s truck, on the diving board of Ted’s swimming pool, in Daniel’s marriage bed. Without fail, when they fucked his face and ass together, he came too. As for his wife, Daniel’s encounters continue to stoke his lust beyond the duration of the events; he inevitably went home and fell on his wife like a tree. Daniel doubted she was ever more sexually satisfied in her life. As for Daniel himself, his bisexual life had fallen into a new balance: his wife and his male lovers fulfilled the full spectrum of his needs to a degree he once thought impossible.

He owed this new perfection of gratification to his complete surrender to his compulsions to submit to cock.

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