A Charmed Life Ch. 02

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(With continued thanks to my editor ‘larryinseattle’ without whose help my stories would be nothing more than words on a page)

For Miranda and Aaron, the days soon became weeks and weeks became months. Since landing on the island after their ship had been wrecked, a lot had changed. The most dramatic was that Miranda who had been his aunt and step-mother was now his ‘Island Wife’.

After the wreck, they had salvaged various supplies from some semi-flooded freight containers which had allowed them to build the hut that they now called home. Built entirely of bamboo and thatch, the only change that they had made was to take down the individual hammocks and build a bed for two after they became lovers.

Now their days were filled with the basics such as gathering fruit, hunting or fishing, and maintaining the signal fire that they had prepared on the highest, close point to their hut.

In addition, Miranda had proven to be a wizard at making clothing from the material they had salvaged from one of the freight containers which was perfect since their activities frequently exposed them to the sun and occasionally to sharp edges of the plants. That was why Aaron was more than a little surprised when he came into the hut one afternoon and found her sitting there in only her bikini bottoms.

“What’s up?”

“What do you mean?”

Pointing at her bottoms he replied, “I mean that?”

A quizzical looked covered her face.

“You’re not going out like that are you?”

“Why not? You’ve seen me in a lot less.”

“I know, it’s just …”

“Just what?”

“The sun and the bugs and the plants …”

“Ok, so what about them? We’re only going down to the pond for a picnic and a swim, so what’s the big deal? Or don’t you like my tits anymore?”

“You know it’s not that,” he retorted. “It’s just …?”

“JUST WHAT?” she replied in an exasperated tone.

“I don’t know. Let’s just skip it and enjoy the day.”

Grabbing the picnic basket that she had made from various grasses and vines she headed out the door. “That sounds FINE with me!”

Inwardly he cringed. There was that word again: FINE. Somehow he had done it again, whatever ‘it’ was. Over the last several weeks he had noticed that her mood seemed to swing from one extreme to the other and he had no idea why, just that it always seemed to be his fault.

Quickly following her down the trial that he had carved out of the underbrush, he barely caught up with her before they arrived at the pond.

Together, they spread out a blanket also made from the material they had salvaged and stretched out to enjoy the sound of the water falling from the waterfall. Slowly, the tension between them dissipated and they found themselves laughing and teasing each other as they ate a lunch of fish and papaya, washed down with coconut juice and topped with fresh pineapple that he had found the day before.

Then suddenly she stood up and stared at him.

“Oh, oh,” he thought.

Quickly she peeled off her bikini bottoms and placed her hands on her hips, exposing herself to him. Standing 5-foot, 7-inches tall in her bare feet, she seemed to tower over him. Her once brunette hair was now sun-streaked and the bikini lines that had originally been there were almost totally gone. The 36C-28-38 frame that he had found so appealing when they had first landed had changed in a ‘good way’ as he told himself and become fuller and lusher.

“Do you like my body?”

“Aaarrgghhh,” he groaned inwardly. A trick question if there ever was one. If he said ‘Yes’ she’d want to know what was wrong with the way she used to look but if he said ‘No’ she’d think he didn’t appreciate the way she looked now. “I … ahhhh … I …”


“I love your body,” he replied hoping he had avoided becoming the bad guy.

“So you like these?” she asked, cupping and hefting her breasts.


“And this?” she continued as she slid her hand down over her stomach.


Spinning around, she looked over her shoulder as she grabbed her ass cheeks, “And what about this?”


Spinning once again so she was facing him, she spread her legs before bringing her hands around between her thighs. Her fingers glazed lightly over her public hair before she slid them down and spread the outer lips of her pussy. “And even this?”

“Absolutely,” he said stressing the word. He had no idea what was going on but knew from the look on her face that whatever it was he must be giving the right answers.

“And do you really mind when I walk around nude?”

“Not really. I’m just worried that you might get hurt.”

Silently, she stood there. “Listen, I want to make you happy. If that means you want me to be covered from head to toe I will be, but if you want to see me nude, I don’t mind being that way for you either. So just let me know what you want. I know that this is going to sound crazy but from the moment I met you I knew that there was going to something special esenyurt escort between us. Not like this of course,” she gestured to the area around her, “but some type of … I don’t know … bond, I guess is a good word. And since the wreck, it has become so much more. I mean it’s not just the physical, which I’m definitely not complaining about, but something … well, more. Do you understand?”

“I think I do,” though in fact he really didn’t. All he knew was that as his eyes slowly took in the sight of her body, his own was reacting and a sizable lump was growing in the front of his shorts.

“Are you sure?” she asked as she watched his cock grow even more.

“Oh ya, I’m sure.”

“Good. Enough of that then. I’m going for a swim!” she chided as she spun around and headed for the pond.

As he sat there, his mind tried to make sense of what had just happened but all he seemed able to do was watch as she walked away. He noticed a little extra spring in her step, which caused her tits to bounce up and down while her ass muscles flexed, accentuating their roundness and the tightness of her legs. The next thing he knew he was standing next to the pond’s edge with her. It was as if he were being drawn by a magnet with no choice of his own.

Taking his hand, she stepped into the water before sitting down on a rock. When she turned her head slightly, she found herself staring directly at the bugle in the front of his shorts. “Ohhhhh, and just what do we have here?” she giggled.

He looked down and was mildly surprise to see that his cock had barely softened as he’d followed her. “Well, I guess … mmmmm … well … ahhhh … watching you touching herself and asking if I liked what I saw … it’s just that you’re so damn sexy to look at!”

“Hmmm … I guess I’ll have to do something to help you then, won’t I?” she whispered as she leaned forward and pulled his trunks down. His hard cock sprang out and smacked against her tits.

“It seems like this fella knows where he wants to go,” she snickered as she leaned further forward and let his cock nestle between her tits before she pressed them together, engulfing it.

“Would you like to fuck my tits?”

Since arriving on the island they had lost all their inhibitions about having sex together, anytime or anyplace that both agreed, so it was no surprise when he sighed, “Yessss.”

They both smiled as he started working his cock up and down between her tits. Soon his cock head popped up through her cleavage and she bent her head down, licking the tip.

“That’s it darling … fuck my tits.”

He groaned as she taunted him. The sound of her voice and the explicit words just added a new level to his excitement. “That’s not fair … aarrgghhh,” he wheezed as he started to piston his cock faster.

She loved the feel of his hard cock sliding between the soft, warm flesh of her tits. With each thrust, they jiggled and she could tell as he stared down at her chest that he loved watching. “There’s no doubt that he’s a tit man,” she thought.

As his cock slid between her tits, she continued to tease it with her tongue. Almost like a snake, she would flick her tongue over his cockhead and slit each time it reappeared.

All too soon, he started thrusting faster and faster, his cock gliding smoothly between her large tits as she pressed them together around it until she felt his body start to jerk.

“Oh fuck … I’m gonna cum,” he moaned.

“Go ahead, lover. Cum for me. Cover my tits with a layer of your man-cream. Coat them until it drips off them,” she said seductively as she held her tits together and watched the head appear and disappear faster and faster.

When she looked upwards, their eyes met and the unspoken words that pass between lovers were spoken. Then without warning, his cock burst forth with a powerful blast of cum. It hit under her chin and dribbled onto her neck and tits. She tilted her head downwards so that she was looking right at his cock when another shot of cum rocketed from the tip, hitting her across her lips. Her mouth opened, ready to catch any more spurts as his cock shot another spurt that landed directly where she had hoped. Immediately, she closed her lips to savor and swallow it and he hit her with another spurt, this time right across her cheek all the way up to her eye. Quickly, she scooped it off of her face and snaked her tongue out to lick the delicious cum from her fingers.

“You covered me,” she sighed when his cock stopped and she released it from between her tits.

As he stepped backwards, his still rigid cock suddenly gave two more powerful spurts that sent strands of cum onto her tits. Startled at first, they both soon found themselves laughing at the cum shower he had given her.

Without even thinking about it, she began to wipe the lingering cum off her face with her fingers and then lick them clean until there wasn’t a drop left. Then, looking down at the cum covering her tits, she started massaging avrupa yakası escort it in while he sat watching her every move.

“You know, I once read that cum is one of the best skin moisturizers there is. I just wonder if it works just as good as a suntan lotion?” She nonchalantly continued to massage it onto her tits, neck and cheeks.

“Oh I’m sure it is,” he laughed.

“Well at least I know where there is a good supply of it whenever I need some,” she teased as she stood and waded further into the pond.

The water was warm and refreshing as it rose up over her body. Slowly she lowered herself into its depth until just her head was showing and then graceful as a mermaid, she slid beneath its surface. Her hair flowed around her like a halo as she ran her fingers through it loosening the tangles that developed daily. Striking an especially stubborn one she surfaced. “Oops, a spurt must have hit there and I didn’t even realize it,” she thought to herself, realizing that the tangle was probably caused by Aaron’s cum.

Seeing the water tumbling over the falls, she swam to it and then climbed up on the smooth rocks beneath. Standing under the cascading water, she let it tumble over her almost as if she were in a shower. As she washed her tits, she thought about how good he made her feel when he sucked on them. Deftly, her hands moved to her nipples but when she pinched them, she felt a twinge of pain along with the usual pleasure. “What …?” she thought. Taking her nipples between her thumbs and forefingers she again applied pressure and felt the same slightly painful sensation. “Hmmmm … going to need to keep track of that,” she said to herself.

Continuing with her nature shower, she washed her shoulders, arms, and face before moving lower to her stomach. Normally flat and smooth, she found just the slightest bulge near the belly-button. Her mind began to race through the possibilities until one emerged before all the rest. “Could I be …?” she started to ask herself.

Suddenly, she shuddered as if the water had become ice-cold. It wasn’t from fear but from desire and excitement. Her parents had divorced before she knew what a ‘normal family’ could be. “A mother, father, and child or maybe children,” she reflected as she smiled. But now as she stood there, tenderly massaging her stomach, she wondered to herself if that dream might be possible. “I wonder what Aaron will think if I’m pregnant? Does he even want children?” she thought.

The problem was how to approach him about it. She debated whether to bring it up or wait to see if he mentioned it first. With all the love-making and fucking they’d done since arriving on the island, he must have given at least some thought to the idea that she might become pregnant. Briefly, she recalled how he’d asked her the first several times if she wanted him to pull out of her when he was about to cum and how she’d said ‘No’. “Was that his way of asking? Was that his way of finding out if I wanted to get pregnant or not? He couldn’t possibly think that she was on ‘The Pill’ after all these months, could he?” she asked herself.

Overwhelmed by her thoughts, she continued to softly stroke her stomach. Retreating to her memories of the days before the wreck, she began to slowly run her hands over her body searching for any changes that might answer her question.

Tentatively, she started at her face. She remembered how her mother had related that her face had swollen when she was pregnant but she had also said something about having problems with the pregnancy. Another shiver ran through her body, “Please no,” she prayed but there was no swelling. Next, her hands slid down to her breasts but this time she gently explored and caressed every inch. They did feel like they were a little larger and fuller. Cupping and lifting them, she noticed that they also felt heavier but that could have been from all the attention Aaron had been paying to them. The same with the increased sensitivity of the nipples. After all, he was a ‘tit man’ and she loved it when he paid special attention to them even if it did get a little rough at times.

Her stomach was next, Yes, it was a little bigger but she could explain that away due to the change in diet and lack of strenuous exercise. “Nothing a couple dozen sit-ups a day couldn’t get rid of,” she murmured. Finally, she slid her hand down to the junction of her legs. Delicately, she explored and investigated her pussy. The lips were full and swollen and fluids covered her fingers almost immediately yet she could also explain that away with what she and Aaron had just done and had been doing daily since they had arrived. A ripple of pleasure flowed through her body as she thought about their love-making and she recalled how deep his cock had been inside of her, sometimes pressing right against the opening to her womb, when he’d cum.

Her hands began to move as if they had a mind of their own. She lightly strummed her finger anadolu yakası escort across her clit and felt it grow. With her other hand, she spread the lips of her pussy. Water vapor and mist splashed against the sensitive skin. Slowly, her hand slid down from her clit and began to slip into the warm, tight confines of her love-tunnel. “Yesssss,” escaped from between her clenched teeth. As much as she’d learned to enjoy playing with herself it wasn’t the same as Aaron’s long, hard cock pushing and thrusting into her daily.

That was when it hit her and she stopped what she was doing, her hands falling to her sides as if they’d become wet noodles. The word flashed in her mind over and over again like a neon sign. ‘Daily … Daily … Daily.” How could they have done it ‘daily’ if she’d had her period. She had never been the type to make-love during that time of the month. “When was the last time I even had my period?” she asked herself.

She sat down on the rocks behind the waterfall and began to try to remember. She had her cycle regularly before her wedding and while they had been on the yacht. In fact, she had just finished her period a few days before the wreck. Then she had one about a month afterwards but … she hesitated as she realized that it had been almost three months since her last period and it all suddenly made sense. Fuller, heavier breasts, sensitive nipples, slightly larger stomach, continuously wet pussy, no period … it could only mean one thing. “I’M PREGNANT!!!” she yelled for all the world to hear yet even Aaron who was only a few yards away didn’t hear her because of the sound of the cascading waters.

Pictures and articles she’d read about pregnancy ran through her mind until one pressed forward and held. The picture of a woman nursing her child. She surprised herself by giggling as she thought about it. Her hand instinctively rose to her nipple and she lightly pinched it wonder what it would feel like to nurse a baby and when she’d start producing milk. “And what about Aaron? He was such a ‘tit man’ would he want to nurse on her swollen, milk-laden tits too?” she wondered before adding, “I hope so,” resulting in a sensuous shiver to slide over her body.

The thought of him latching onto her and nursing from her caused her nipples to stiffen and ache. Quickly, she slid back into the pond in hopes of relieving the throbbing in her chest. Instead, it seemed to stimulate her as she felt the warm water swirl around her breasts, stimulating the nipples. It seemed to tickle them. It caressed the region between her legs and she found herself spreading them without a thought.

Instinctively, she let her hands roam across her body. Each touch seemed somehow different with her new-found knowledge. “How big will my breasts get?” she thought as she cupped them. “And what about my nipples? I’ve read how they get larger, too, so the baby has something to latch on to.” She giggled as she pinched them trying to imitate what a child might feel like. “And with my luck, my stomach will get as big as a house,” she snickered. The whole time she was questioning herself, her hand moved lower and lower until she felt her fingertip glide through her public hair and brush across her hooded clit. “And what about this? Will it still feel the same when we make love? Will he even want to make love to me when I’m so big? And if he does, how will I feel? Will it hurt, will it feel as good as it does now or won’t I feel anything at all?” She continued these questions until a thought filled her with dread. “Who will deliver the baby?”

Fortunately, her thoughts were broken when he called from the pond’s edge. “How’s the water?” before adding jokingly, “You’ve been in there forever.”

“The water is wonderful. You should try it,” she told him.

“Well I did get a bit sweaty earlier, you know with working along the beach this morning and then this afternoon’s activities,” he replied with a smirk on his face.

Then before she could say another word, he dove into the water. She enjoyed seeing him relaxed and enjoying himself. He moved powerfully through the water. Diving and surfacing in a completely new area. Occasionally he’d come up with a shell or beautiful rock that he lay along the shore before diving back in. Life on the island was enjoyable in many ways but not without its dangers and needs, all of which he’d helped to overcome.

Treading water, she realized she wasn’t ready to bring up the thoughts that were milling about in her mind. She knew that someday soon she was going to have to talk to him about what she suspected, but not today. Instead, she joined him frolicking in the water.

“This place is absolutely beautiful,” she said as they paused in the shallow water.

“It sure is,” was his response.

Puzzled by the tone in his voice, she looked back and discovered that he was looking at her instead of the scenery around them.

“You’re incorrigible,” she laughed.

She turned her back to him and snuggled backwards as she felt his arms encircle her. She felt his skin against hers, warm, tender, comforting, protective, and something more, something deeper, something not physical, something … but she never finished the thought as she looked over her shoulder. Their lips met tenderly. She felt him place his hands on her hips, holding her and, not surprisingly, his hard cock brushed against her leg.

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