A CFNM Weekend with Tease and Denial


A CFNM Weekend with Tease and DenialTechniques for tease and denial of a man during CFNM play.The following is a brief list of tease and denial techniques for a man either alone or by a partner. The context of the list is a CFNM 1-1 party that occurred at my home a few years ago.Prelude.I met Miss S at the train station around late morning-midday on the Saturday. We hadn’t met before though we had been conversing online with a little bit of play. I had introduced her to CFNM and she had discussed her enjoyment of facesitting and some anal play, both of which were new to me. I was okay with the former but unsure of the latter.My home was only a 10 minute drive from the station so we were here quite quickly. Thankfully we had hit it off and got on very well, both feeling comfortable with one another. We’d decided that initially we would just get to know one another before anything else and so I remained clothed until it was time for me to start cooking at which point I stripped and began the preparations for the spaghetti bolognese.Miss S was very pleased to see me naked, whilst she remained naked, sipping wine and watching me cook or just chilling out in the lounge.I had been in chastity/denial for about f******n days (not long by some standards) and so was quite aroused. My balls were heavy and she enjoyed inspecting me as I busied illegal bahis siteleri myself in the kitchen, occassionally popping into the lounge to check she was okay or if she wanted a top up of wine.I served dinner wearing a bow tie and nothing else, eating with Miss S and chatting comfortably. Miss S complimented me (thankfully!) on the cooking and I got busy with the cleaning up as Miss S watched me busy at work.The evening moved into the CFNM proper now, so-to-speak. Miss S had already told me before the meeting that she wanted to shave me and so she busied herself with an electric shave, running it around my cock, that was hard to her touch, and balls. We then proceeded to the bathroom where she wet shaved me, leaving me raging erect and aching for her touch. But, the evening was not going to finish quickly for me.We had already arranged some games and toys, including a cock leash which she really enjoyed (I have been fortunate to have experienced this with other partners and they have all enjoyed the power associated with having me on the end of a leash, hard, chaste and desperate to cum). I was also bound, and painted, made to stand outside in the garden and count slowly and loudly to ten. As the evening progressed however we ventured into the specific tease and denial games that would see me red-faced, perabet giriş hard-cocked and ready to burst. Each time I was close I was told to stop.The games varied and sometimes Miss S would take charge, touching, stroking and teasing me herself; my hard cock aflame in her hand, other times I would stand naked in front of, following her instruction as she decided:Count strokes. Miss S would tell me how many strokes I could have and at what speed. I would then wank myself in front of her counting loudly at each stroke. Occassionally she would tell me to slow down, speed up or stop. (It was important that I was honest and tell her how close I was, to avoid any accidents and/or displeasure).Alernate speed. Miss S would determine if she wanted me to wank really fast, then change to really slow. This would continue as long as she wanted. Thus, she would say twenty fast, ten slow and I would repeat until I was told to stop.Spider. She liked this one, as many Ladies seem too! Lock your fingers loosely around the helmet and pump the cock back and forward. This, for me, gets very intense, very quickly and should be watched carefully in case orgasm is reached.Finger. Rubbing the finger (or something similar) between glans of the helmet. Up and down, up and down. Not as hard-going as Spidy, but a good one to keep perabet güvenilir mi you hard and wanton.Pretend. Ideal for when I was really horny and Miss S desired to keep me hard, but not allow any stimulation. I would place my hand into very a loose grip so that I didn’t actually rub against the length of the cock or move the foreskin back and forth. My cock could feel my hand brushing against it, but no actually stimulation would occur. This was an excellent way to tease me and at times made me so desperate to really wank. Singalong a Wank. Sounds silly, but actually this added good humour to the evening. I was told to wank and sing a song at the same time. For some reason I chose Away in a Manger! Not sure why, but Miss S found it hilarious!Games. We incorporated cards into our play, though dice could work just as easily. The general idea is that the card could be selected and that would determine either how many strokes, or, if you have a list of techniques to use, you could relate a card or suit to a specific technique. Thus clubs could be singalong a wank, spades could be spidy, diamonds could be speed changes etc. On top of these games, we also played paint-the-cock with chocolate. Miss S enjoyed the chocolate as she took a nice long time of sucking me. She also enjoyed painting me with water-based paints and a nice session or two of face-sitting.Despite all the teasing, I wasn’t allowed to cum the first night. That reward would occur, if I was good, the following day. MAYBE.Hopefully, some folks on here will find some nice inspiration to enjoy with their partners or to use at larger games.

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