A Canadian Cum Loving Encounter Ch. 02

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When I awoke from a great evening of playing, I found myself sleeping in-between the couple with both Patrick and Karla’s arms around me. It was very early in the morning. Being an early riser, I slipped out of bed and got dressed in my compression pants, sports bra, tennis shoes and after putting my dirty blonde hair in a ponytail, along with inserting my earbuds, I went for a jog. When I had completed my 3 miles through the scenic landscape, I returned to the front door, having worked up a small sweat in the cool air.

As I walked in, I found Karla in the kitchen wearing a rope, fixing breakfast and coffee. I was dabbing my sweaty forehead with a towel when I sat down to enjoy Karla’s company. We chatted about the previous evening and shared with each other how much enjoyment we had gotten from it.

Karla then shared a wicked idea as a devilish grin came across her face, “Why don’t you go in there and wake up Pat, Brittni style.”

“Oh, I don’t know. Look at me, I’m a mess. I have had so much time elapse since my last shower with the sex and running and all, I’m not sure her would like that. I’ll go take a shower first.” I answered, reluctant to obey.

Karla smiled, “Don’t worry about that. I know my Pat and he won’t mind at all. Trust me. The stronger the better.”

After that rationale, I agreed, smiled and tiptoed into the bedroom. I peeled off my clothing until I was wearing only my white ankle socks. I watched him in his perfect slumber. He looked so cute and comfortable but I knew I was about to ruin that. I quietly approached the bed and pounced on top of Patrick like a kitty cat. He was startled and when his eyes popped open, he saw me smiling not six inches from his face.

“Good morning sunshine,” I brightly whispered.

“Your wife sent me in here to be your own personal wakeup call. We have already been up for over an hour, enjoying cappuccinos and we are just about to get into the hot tub. Let’s get the day going,” I giggled.

Suddenly I flipped around and planted my ass right in Patrick’s face. Karla told me that he wouldn’t mind and I was certainly going to find out. I thought, “What a way to wake him up!” At that moment, my sweaty little asshole was staring him right in the face and I was anxious to see how he would handle that. Without hesitation, he pulled my ass cheeks apart and slowly ran his tongue over my puckered sphincter. He took long tender licks up and down my crack before rimming my butthole.

The warmth of his breath and tongue felt amazing. I moaned and pressed down on his mouth. My weight helped Patrick push the tip of his tongue inside my puckered bud. Just feeling that penetration skyrocketed my arousal but when he twirled it around, I just about came. As his tongue did its thing, I felt my asshole loosening up. Then Patrick did something I had never felt. He put his entire mouth over my anus, sucked very hard, which felt like he was pulling my insides out before pushing his tongue back in as far as it would go. That jolt made my pussy twitch. I was shivering as I approached an orgasm.

“Oh my God, Patrick, that feels soooo good. I don’t know how you do that but never stop,” I moaned.

The more his tongue zipped in and out, the freer my asshole became, allowing him to go faster. Patrick was literally eating my ass out! I was in ecstasy and the sensation sent me over the edge with a climax, “Aughhhh, yeeesssss,” I grunted.

Now I needed to suck his dick. It was hard and looked scrumptious. Completing our sixty-nine position, I was lying flat on his stomach with my mouth engulfing his cock like a warm sleeve as my pussy was now resting in his face. I couldn’t believe how wet I had become. Patrick, licked around my smooth, slippery lips. For the time being, he was ignoring my clit so he could lap up my juice. The man sure loves to eat pussy.

In-between licks, Patrick remarked, “You taste so good. Mmmmmm. Your swollen lips look like pedals of a flower opening up.”

His comments and oral skills just inspired me to suck harder. I was deepthroating all six and a half inches. It was such a sloppy blowjob that my slobber began running down his shaft and coagulating on his balls. I moaned my approval as I slurped. Patrick latched onto my clit and sucked it hard into his mouth while he tongue-flicked it. My nub was so swollen and hard as a bean. It was sensitive and pulsating. At that moment, I needed to cum again!

I lifted my head off his cock and pleaded out loud, “Make me cum! I need it. Do it! Make me cum!”

Patrick increased the intensity of his sucking and I screamed out loud while shaking. My pussy throbbed and I couldn’t help but grind into his face allowing me to find relief, “Oh, shit! I’m cuuumming! Yes! Yeesss!”

My body was locked up in pleasure and I rewarded Patrick with a gush of juice all over his face. I know at first it was a little bit of pee but soon transformed into my feminine, salty liquid that I had grown accustomed to ejaculating. His mouth was filled and he eagerly bahis firmaları swallowed it all down. I continued to shudder and groan for what seemed like minutes.

When I finally came down from my orgasm, I flipped around and kissed Pat hard and thanked him. Reaching between my legs, I guided his cock into my pussy and impaled myself on it. With his dick completely buried up me and judging by his facial expressions, I knew he wasn’t going to last long. I wanted him to enjoy every minute but I also had a devious plan. He reached up and grabbed my boobs, pinching and pulling my nipples while I flipped my long ponytail out of the way to give him better access.

“You like that? I love it. It is so much fun!” I seduced as I tightened my vaginal walls to milk his dick.

Patrick had that look in his eyes and his mouth began to open, just as he got close to blowing his load, I stopped and got off his cock, much to his dismay! I had edged him and wanted to start the morning with a tease to make him want me more throughout the day. It was so mean of me to not allow him to cum after what I had just did. Not only was I going to deny him, I was going to force him do me again with that magnificent tongue of his.

I stood up and while peering over top his head, I squatted down, smiled and said, “Pat, I’ve dreamt of you licking my pussy for a year and now you are going to it over and over this weekend!”

“He followed orders and licked both holes as I would guide him, “That’s baby. Don’t forget the asshole again, it’s lonely…there you go. Mmmm, eat that pussy. Taste it. Smell it…see that, I haven’t showered since yesterday and you love it. Go ahead smell it again really deep!”

I continued to tease and guide him to what I wanted. His dick was so hard and leaking. Finally, he brought me to another shuddering climax as I mashed my crotch on his face when I came. When I squirted, I just about drowned the poor thing. I know it was so evil to not allow him to cum but I had to stick to my plan.

I got off Patrick, licked my lips, smiled and said, “Mmmm that was good. Are you awake now? I think you might want to wipe off your face.”

Still naked except for my socks, I pranced out of the room to join Karla. Not long after, Patrick strolled into the kitchen to a smiling Karla, “Did you have a good wakeup call?”

Patrick smiled from ear to ear and walked over to make more coffee. We all ate Karla’s nice breakfast of bacon and eggs, just chatting about the upcoming day. Before Pat awoke, Karla and I had already decided to go up to Whistler so she could show me the mountains.

We also had discussed going to a swinger establishment when Karla brought the idea up to Patrick, “Hun, there is a party at Club Eden tonight and maybe we should take Britt.”

After looking at me and asking if I wanted to go, my enthusiastic answer to Patrick was, “Yes! Let’s do it!”

Now that we had a definitive plan, we knew we had to get moving for the busy day ahead. I showered, dressed in my shorts, hoodie, and my hiking boots that I had strategically brought. We hopped in the car for the drive to Whistler. The weather was perfect and we did a little hike off the peak of Whistler before taking the peak to peak gondola over to Blackcomb.

The countryside was gorgeous and I couldn’t believe the beautiful view when we got to the top of Whistler peak. We hiked back down to the main lodge. Halfway down, we stopped for a quick break and Pat convinced us girls to get naked so he could take some pictures. Being the closet exhibitionist, I agreed.

Karla and I were giggling and posing in our birthday suits with the mountains as our backdrop. The eroticism of it all caused me and Karla to get more sensual and provocative with each pose. We would embrace and touch each other as Patrick would move around to capture the perfect angle. Our final pic was Karla putting her leg up on a rock while I knelt between her legs with my tongue sticking out, touching her puffed out lip as Patrick zoomed in for a close-up.

Not wanting to get caught by any other hikers, we got dressed and hiked down to the Peak to Peak gondola in Blackcomb for lunch. As luck would have it, we got the entire gondola to ourselves. It was this large enclosed cart that traveled on a wire while the riders could peer out the surrounding windows at the mountains and trees below.

I turned to the couple and snickered, “All the outdoor picture taking has made me so horny. Here, Pat, feel my panties, they are damp.”

Pat reached inside my shorts and felt the moist material before asking me, “Do you want to join the mile-high club?”

I grinned while shaking my head in agreement as Pat added, “It’s only a ten-minute ride, so we have to move quick.”

I knelt on the floor and while on my knees, Patrick pulled my shorts down to my thighs, giving him just enough room with none to spare. Karla pulled her shorts down and took one leg out of the hole so she could spread her legs while the scrunched material kaçak iddaa hung off one ankle. She sat down on the bench and pulled my head to her crotch. With just his zipper down, Patrick pulled his hard cock out of his opened fly. While, also on his knees, he aligned himself behind me and plunged his dick in my warm, wet vagina. Because I was already enjoying the taste of Karla’s pussy, Patrick didn’t have to pump me very long before I was twitching in orgasm.

Right in the middle of my climax, the phone in my short’s pocket rang. I pulled it out and saw that it was my boyfriend Shane. I hadn’t talked to him since the day before, so I needed to answer it. The only problem was that I was enjoying my time being rotisseried by Pat and Karla.

I wiped Karla’s juice off my face before swiping my phone to answer, all the while, Patrick continued to fuck me from behind, “Hi baby. Did you have a good evening?”

He asked me how I was doing, I told him I was great and that the Canadian couple had been so nice to me. We continued our chat for another minute or so while Patrick never slowed down his thrusting. I had denied the poor guy his orgasm in the morning so not only did he need the relief, we needed to consummate our mile-high club initiation. I was hoping Shane couldn’t hear the jolting in my voice inflections.

Judging by Patrick’s throaty groans and increased pace, I knew he was getting close to cumming, so I had to hurry Shane along, “Ok, baby, I have to go. Patrick is just about to give me a gift…(I winked at Karla)…I promise I will call you later.”

While I was still on the phone finishing my goodbye with my boyfriend, Patrick grabbed my hips, pulled me tight to him while roughly slamming his ejaculating cock in me, and grunting like a grizzly bear, “Ok. Ok. I promise. Kisses. Bye.”

By the time I had hung up the phone, Patrick had finished blowing his load in me. I ordered Patrick to stay inside me while I rubbed my clit from between my legs. I went back to eating Karla’s pussy and sucking on her large clit. I brought myself off a second time as I screamed inside Karla’s muff which caused Karla to also cum on my face. It was a perfect simultaneous orgasm. We were approaching the platform and we had to dress quickly. Patrick stood up and when he pulled his now softening cock out of my gooey slit, I could see that my cum was pasted on the base of it and a little on his crotch. I just had to pull up my shorts a very short distance while Patrick tucked his spent pecker in his zipper.

We were arriving at the other side and Karla just finished getting her shorts on before we stopped. I suspected someone probably saw us through the windows of the gondola during the approach, but nobody said anything. I had a load of Patrick’s cum in my pussy and Karla’s juices on my face as we walked out of the gondola, smiling, hand in hand. The community was nice and the buildings reminded me of a small Dutch village. I loved feeling like a dirty slut but didn’t want to cross the line. When I told Patrick that I was going to get cleaned up before lunch, he insisted that I don’t. We sat down to order.

With my flat hand to the side of my mouth, I whispered to Patrick, “I smell like sex and your cum is oozing out of me. I’m sure the waitress can smell it.”

Judging by Patrick’s satisfied smile, he loved it. After lunch, we took the chair back to the bottom of the peak and headed home. Between Karla and I, the car smelled of used pussy and it was driving Patrick crazy. He was like a male dog around a bunch of female dogs in heat.

As soon as we got in the door of their house, Patrick threw me down on the couch, and peeled off my shorts and panties. From the combination of Patrick’s spunk and my liquid, not only were my panties soaked, there was a huge wet spot on my shorts. Patrick then held my silk underwear up to his face and inhaled deeply. Even though I know they smelled of sweat, pussy, cum, and pee, his look was one of euphoria. He then stuffed my panties into his mouth and sucked on the crotch before putting them into my face, confirming all the scents that I had suspected.

The smell intoxicated Patrick as he dove into my sticky pussy. He sucked and licked it like a starving animal. I put my feet up on the couch so I could give it totally to him. He would hit certain spots with his tongue, causing me to orgasm. This man took his time and ate me out properly, never hesitating or worrying about the creampie he had deposited while riding the gondola. I took hold of my knees, to pull my legs back even further before my second orgasm hit me.

I gasped, “Ooooo Patrick. Oh, my…God! Right there! That’s the spot! Oh, oh, oh…aauughhh!”

Patrick lapped me until I had cum three times. When he finished, I was clean as a whistle and when my heart stopped pounding, I was also very relaxed. Patrick’s face glistened with my juice as he smiled. The three of us decided to have a quick hot tub soak and then a nap before we were to get ready for the evening.

After kaçak bahis a lovely little snooze, we all woke feeling refreshed. After first showering together, Karla and I were getting our outfits ready for the evening. I had never been to a swinger’s club and wanted to look my best. The theme was, “It’s Vegas baby!” Patrick went to the kitchen to make a nice little dinner for us all while we girls tried on clothes, laughed, and primped in the full-length mirror. We would also take turns, modeling outfits for Patrick and solicit his opinion. Of course, he picked the skimpiest ones of the bunch.

Karla decided on a long black sheer skirt with black thong panties that were clearly visible as the skirt opened up in the middle to the waist along with a blingy gold bustier. I was dazzling in black thigh high stockings, a black pleated leather mini skirt, and a sheer red lacy top which clearly showed my nipples. We both topped our outfits off with black, spiked, high heels.

Patrick excitedly asked, “What are you wearing underneath?”

I pulled up the skirt and his eyes just about popped out of his head when he saw that I was wearing the tiniest, Wicked Weasel red thong that barely covered my clit.

“Mmm, you girls look delicious!” Patrick moaned.

Patrick wore an open necked black shirt, a crushed velvet jacket and black pants. He accessorized nice with two blondes on his arms. We smelled great and looked even better. We pulled up to the club about an hour later and checked in. We girls checked our coats before Karla and Patrick took me upstairs. There were already about 200 people, all dressed in sexy outfits?, mingling and dancing. I was just taking it all in. I was amazed at the sexual ambiance.

As we walked in the room, a group of Pat and Karla’s friends waved and we went over so they could introduce me to them. There were four couples that they had made sure to invite, but there were tons of others that they knew from all the previous visits. All the introductions were a blur and I just tried to keep up with a huge smile on my face.

We found our table while Patrick went to get drinks for the us and when he came back, he turned to me and toasted, “Welcome to our lifestyle baby! What do you think?”

My eyes widened as I replied, “This is amazing! It’s the most sensual atmosphere I’ve ever experienced and everyone is so friendly and open!”

Pat just smiled and said, “You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Patrick grabbed me by the hand, took me on the tour and explained the rules, “The main floor is where the bar and dance floor are located, and nudity is allowed, but only above the waist and no sex here.”

Then we went up to the play area on the second floor and he showed me all the beds and couches separated by curtains and explained that single men are not allowed in here. They must be accompanied by a woman. Then it was up to the third floor which is a balcony overlooking the bar and dance floor. There were chairs, couches, a couple of beds and even a voyeur room where people who like showing off, can fuck and be watched. He also explained that in the lifestyle, the girls control the action and “No” means “No”!

I soaked it all up with a smile, turned to Patrick and gave him a long wet kiss. When I pulled away, he looked at me and proudly said, “Britt, this will be a night you’ll remember forever, and I’m honored to be able to make this happen for you!”

I kissed him long and hard again while he slipped his hand under my skirt and inside my thong to feel my wet pussy which was becoming a theme of the weekend. When his finger penetrated me, I was dripping.

I excitedly said, “I don’t think I’ve ever been this horny!”

Patrick just smiled and said, “Indulge yourself baby, and enjoy it all!”

We then went back downstairs to join the party. We were mingling with friends and meeting new people. I seemed to fit in like a glove and was truly having a great time. Patrick kept getting us drinks as needed and we were starting to get tipsy. Every so often, I would look over at Pat and he would wink or give me that sexy smile. We ventured out on the dance floor for several songs before I had to pee. On my way out of the lady’s room, a six foot four, hottie with blue eyes, approached me.

“Hey beautiful, would you like to go upstairs and play?” The hunk asked.

I was mesmerized by his charm, so I readily agreed. As he took me by the hand upstairs, he saw a friend of his and asked me if I minded if he joined us. Fueled by alcohol, the sexual atmosphere, and my own heightened arousal, I had no problem with a friend of his, joining us. We got a couch upstairs and the two guys stood directly in front of it.

“Guys, take your pants off. Let me see em?” I requested, referring to their cocks.

Both guys dropped their drawers and placed their pants on the floor. They sat down side by side. Both guys had their beautiful cocks sticking up from their lap. I got on my knees and alternated sucking both. While I bobbed on one, I would jerk the other. They were so hard and luscious. My new friend was maybe just a little thicker than my boyfriend’s cock and his buddy’s was uncut and about an inch shorter. Both were at least seven inches long.

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