A Bus Journey to Remember

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It was the last day of my summer holiday staying with my dad and the sun was shining through the gap in the curtains as I slowly awoke and stretched lazily. I got out of bed, showered and went to get dressed. I pulled on a white lace thong and matching 34C bra smoothing my hands over my toned body as I looked in the mirror. I chose a strappy pale yellow short summer dress that contrasted nicely with my soft tanned skin and let my golden sun kissed hair flow loose and wavy down my back. I slicked on some black mascara and swept a dab of blusher over my cheekbones before making my way downstairs to the kitchen for breakfast.

My dad was already up, eating toast and reading the paper at the breakfast bar. He was wearing a plain white t-shirt and his favourite blue shorts which made me cringe a little. They’re shorter than what’s in fashion at the moment but he likes them and wears them anyway. He’s in good shape for a 46 year old so I guess he can pull it off. I said good morning to him and helped myself to coffee and popped some toast in the toaster. We talked about what we’d do that day and eventually agreed to go down to the lake, rent a boat and spend the day relaxing and making the most of the hot weather. Unfortunately his car had broken down the day before and his mate Richard who was once a mechanic was due to come round tomorrow evening to take a look at it for him. I didn’t bring my car with me since it would have been a six hour drive so I got the train down for the week instead, which meant we didn’t have our own transport and would have to get the 162 bus to the lake.

After breakfast we packed a bag of food and drinks and set off for the bus which takes just under an hour to get to the lake. We didn’t have to wait long until the bus arrived but it was packed and really hot with it being a Saturday and such gorgeous weather. My dad managed to get a seat near the back right by the rear door. I tried to follow so I could stand near him but there were so many people it was difficult to get through. With more people getting on and off the bus I was moved back and forward with the crowd and by the time the bus started moving again I’d ended up stood right in front of my dad but with my back to him. I tried to turn around but there were too many people crushing against me so I had to stay where I was and we set off for the lake.

The bus stopped at some traffic lights and as it accelerated again I tried to move my foot to get better balance only to find there was nowhere to move it amidst all the other feet and people’s bags. I overbalanced and started falling backwards and felt my dad’s strong hands grab my waist as I fell. I ended up sitting on his lap facing forwards away from him. I felt really awkward as we don’t have a touchy sort of relationship so sitting on his lap isn’t something I’d usually do. I tried to get up but there were so many people and I had no leverage, I heard my dad from behind me telling me it was okay; I could just stay where I was. We sat for 10 minutes or so, me still feeling slightly awkward about it. As we rounded a bend the lady in front of me moved position again and stood on my foot by accident. She looked halkalı escort over her shoulder and apologised but I just said it was fine and scooted further back on my dad’s lap, I felt him tense up and thought he must be feeling awkward like I was.

As the bus swayed on I suddenly felt something brush the underside of my thigh close to my lace covered pussy, I thought I was imagining things at first but then I felt it again. To my horror I realised that the only thing it could be was my dad’s cock. I must have accidently rubbed on him when I moved back causing his cock to stir. I stayed as still as possibly my face flushing with embarrassment. Why was this happening, I was his daughter, surely he couldn’t be getting turned on!

As the bus continued, with each bump and turn of a corner the rubbing pressure on the underside of my thigh increased and I could feel my dad trying to move backwards into the seat. I didn’t know what to do so I remained as still as possible and pretended I hadn’t noticed anything was wrong but I was alarmingly aware of the fact that my short dress wasn’t covering my pussy underneath me as it had rode up a little when I sat down. There was only the sheer lace fabric of my thong and the thin material of my dad’s shorts between me and his hard cock which was still rubbing an inch to the left of my pussy lips every time the bus moved.

Suddenly the bus lurched to one side as it took a corner and I was jolted to the left on my dad’s lap. With the sudden movement my body was ground down causing his hard cock head to push sideways on my thong, pushing it to the right of my pussy lips. I felt panic rising as my pussy was now completely exposed and the head of my dad’s cock was pushing horizontally between my pussy lips, only separated from me by the thin material of his shorts. I gasped, it felt so big, my boyfriend’s cock is 6 inches and not very thick but my dad’s felt as thick as my arm and it was at least 8 inches long. I’d only just turned 18 last month and lost my virginity to my boyfriend shortly after. I felt so ashamed as I felt my pussy lips swell and my tight hole become moist. How could this be happening? My pussy became really sensitive and I could feel every twitch and slip of his hard cock as the bus continued on.

I then heard my dad’s voice in my ear, through clenched teeth, he quietly told me to get up. I tried but there was nowhere for me to go, all the floor space was covered in either other people’s feet or their bags and the people were packed in tight around us making standing impossible. I looked over at the person next to us thinking he must have noticed something by now but he was facing away, talking to someone across the aisle.

My dad remained tense and still behind me, I wondered what must be going through his mind and whether our relationship would be strained after this embarrassing nightmare was over. I looked at my watch; we only had a further 20 minutes to go. I willed it to go faster.

A few minutes later we came to a section of straight road that had speed bumps to stop people driving too fast but the bus driver barely slowed below 30mph and as şişli escort we hit the first speed bump I was jolted up and my upper body went forwards so I was almost bent double. As the buses momentum pushed me back into my dad’s lap, to my horror my ass pushed his thin shorts high up his legs and his hard protruding cock was pushed horizontally between my silky wet pussy lips, the head rubbing on my clit causing me to shudder. I heard him gasp behind me but he remained stock still, probably in shock. I didn’t know what to do, I couldn’t stand up because of the throng of people and there was nowhere else to go. My pussy was becoming more and more wet because of the constant stimulation and I just wanted the ground to open up and swallow me.

Before I realised it we reached the next speed bump, the driver barely slowed and we hit it hard. I jolted up and forwards again and as the bus sped on the momentum drove me back, I tried to reach out and grab someone to stop myself falling back but I missed and my swollen wet pussy lips were roughly parted as my dad’s hard bulbous cock head pushed through my tight wet opening. I stifled a yelp as my pussy was forcefully and painfully stretched open. His cock was only a couple of inches inside me so I try to squirm around to dislodge it but I immediately stopped as all it did was push him deeper. I couldn’t believe this was happening! From behind me I heard a suppressed grunt through clenched teeth and then nothing. I was so embarrassed and scared of what might happen next. My dad’s cock was huge and it was only half way inside me!

All too soon we hit the next speed bump, I was thrown up again, my dad’s cock sliding almost all of the way out of me before I was thrown back again. I clenched up, preparing for what was to come but it made no difference as every hard pulsing inch of my dad’s cock was forcefully plunged inside my tight gripping pussy walls until the head must have been up near my stomach. It was so thick and hard, I gasped, my eyes wide, staring straight ahead as every nerve set on fire in my stretched throbbing pussy. There was a stifled groan behind me.

I knew we’d hit the next speed bump any second and quickly grabbed my dad’s bare thighs. We hit the speed bump hard and I was thrust up again, my dad’s cock sliding all the way out of my pussy. I dug my fingers into his thighs trying to break my fall and move myself at the same time. I fell back to his lap and to my relief I felt his hard cock head jab at my opening but then slide along my exposed pussy so it was horizontal between my pussy lips. I no longer had my dad’s cock in my pussy but instead it was rubbing insistently at my clit each time the bus moved, the vibrations from the engine taking my arousal to a new level. When was this ever going to end! My pussy was dripping wet and my swollen lips were gripping the length of my dad’s horizontal throbbing cock. I was so aroused but felt disgusted with myself at the same time, this was so wrong, I couldn’t think of anything worse.

I was still gripping my dad’s thighs and as the bus hit another speed bump I was thrown up again, I tried sarıyer escort to control my fall as I did before but the lady stood in front of me lost her balance for a second. My instinct took over and I raised my hands to steady her so she wouldn’t fall and crush me. I immediately realised my mistake as I was thrust back onto my dad’s fully erect thick cock, my swollen wet pussy lips giving way to him as he penetrated my sore tight wet hole once again. I felt him stretch me, fill me as I shuddered, letting out a moan. I dropped my head in embarrassment.

With each sway of the bus my body was being moved backwards, forwards, and side to side effectively making me grind down on my dad’s throbbing cock buried deep in my overstretched wet hole.

We stopped at a set of lights and I thought this would bring some relief to the constant swaying and jolting of the bus but the idling engine under where we sat caused a new sensation and our tense bodies hummed and vibrated causing further stimulation to my full aching pussy. I didn’t know how much more I could take. I was flushed and sweating and so wet between my legs and the underside of my thighs where my dad’s cock had spread my juices.

As each speed bump came and went we were thrust apart and thrown back together, my dad’s hard cock deeply penetrating my silky wet pussy and stretching my smooth inner walls as we both quietly gasped and grunted. I was so turned on but didn’t want to be, I tried to think of other things to take my mind off what was happening but it was impossible, I couldn’t ignore the hard 8 inch cock that was stretching my pussy walls and setting my nerves on fire.

I felt a slow tingle come over my body and desperately tried to hold off the inevitable, what sort of person orgasms on their dad’s cock!? It was no good, as the momentum caused my dad’s cock to repeatedly force into me, I tipped over the edge, my toes curled, I dug my fingernails into my dad’s bare thighs, dropped my head so no one would see the look of ecstasy on my face and my whole body shuddered as I clenched tight around his cock. A wave of pure pleasure washed through me as my body spasmed. I immediately felt my pussy being stretched further as my dad’s pulsing cock engorged, I heard him grunt ‘no, no, NO’, then there was a sudden warm gush deep inside me as his swollen cock pumped his hot fertile seed into me, my pussy spasming and milking every last drop of cum from his thick twitching cock. We both sat still, not daring to move as our sweaty bodies remained pressed together at the hips and we panted, trying to regain our composure. I was so mortified, I’d effectively just ridden my dad’s cock until we’d both cum together and his now softening member was still wedged deep inside me!

I squirmed a little and felt it move, I squirmed some more and it slowly slid out through my wetness causing me to shudder from the sensitivity of my used pussy. His cock remained there, the softened hot length of it pressed horizontal between my pussy lips as his cum slowly dripped from my aching tight hole onto him.

The bus stopped and some people in front of us got off leaving a small gap. I struggled up on shaky legs, pulling my dress down as I stood. I turned around, my dad was pulling down his shorts which were crumpled and wet with my juices and his cum.

I stood panting for a moment then reluctantly looked up and looked him in the eye. He stared back at me, his face unreadable, eyes dilated black.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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