A Brief Moment of Insanity Ch. 01

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After the intense eb 16 I decided on something a little more light. What happens when everything goes wrong for poor old mom? Everything goes right for her son. All characters are 18 years or older. Please feel free to comment and tell me how you liked or didn’t like the story. I offer for your enjoyment…


If I ever deduce what unkind god bent his will upon my poor dear mother on that fateful day, I’d like to shake his hand.

I was sitting in the living room watching the weather report. The meteorologist was calling for one hell of a storm. I looked outside and shook my head.

“No shit dude,” I said to the television.

“Who are you talking to,” my sister called from the dining room.

“The weatherman,” I said. “He is predicting a really bad storm.”

“Okay I get it,” she said agreeing with my earlier statement. “I hope mom gets home soon. I don’t like her being out in this shit.”

“You and me both,” I agreed. “How is the homework coming? Do you need help with your calculus?”

“Nah, I got a handle on it thanks. But I could use…”

She was interrupted as the front door opened and mom stepped in soaked from head to toe. I didn’t see her at once it was my sister’s reaction that prompted me to spring to my feet and race for the door. There was my mom all five foot two inches of her soaked from head to foot. My sister Willow was closing the door behind her as I instinctively scooped her up in my arms and carried her upstairs to the bathroom. Sis was right behind me and grabbed up towels to dry her off. Mom was blubbering in my ear the entire way upstairs.

“The car broke down… my cell phone died… I had to walk home…” she managed to get out.

“We’ll take care of you,” I promised her as I set her on her feet.

I tried to stand up but her arms had a deadlock around my neck. She was sobbing now and I literally had to pry her arms off of me. When I turned to go she panicked.

“Mom we have to get those wet clothes off of you,” I said.

“This is an emergency Warren,” Willow said. “Man up and help me strip her.”

“Oh alright,” I said reluctantly.

I say reluctantly not because my mother isn’t attractive she is fucking gorgeous. I think that’s why I was anxious. She is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my life; my sister is a very close contender to that spot. So as I helped Willow tug off mom’s soaked shirt and her confined breasts came in view I bit back a gasp. My sister undid her bra from the back and I was the one who removed it. Even after two kids her breasts were still gorgeous and firm topped with rosy nipples.

Then I undid her slacks and let them fall to the floor. I knelt down and there was her panty clad pussy right at eye level. I untied her shoes one at a time stealing a glance at her sex when I could. Then Willow was tugging mom’s panties off of her from behind. I stood up and grabbed the towels. I was just in time to see mom step out of her thong. I could see her shaved slit and god how it drove me mad.

I tossed Willow a towel and we began drying mom off. She must have truly felt like the Lady of the house right then and there. It was awkward drying off her tits but she didn’t seem to mind as I lifted them up to get underneath. She even winked at me when I was done as if it say ‘Cheeky Boy’.

Then I worked my way down to that most desirable of places. When I bent over mom spread her legs so I could get everywhere. I dried her inner thighs and I caught a whiff of her scent. That would haunt me for a very long time. At last she was dry and I was painfully hard in my jeans.

I gathered up her wet clothes and went to drop them down the laundry chute. Mom grabbed me and Willow and we just stood there for a long time.

“I’ll go make some nice hot coffee,” I offered.

“Oh god you are a life saver Warren,” mom praised me. “You too Willow, I don’t know what I would do without the two of you.”

Sis got mom a robe and I headed downstairs. About ten minutes later and just in time for fresh coffee mom and sis came down. They sat down around the kitchen table. I fixed mom coffee just the way she liked it, creamer and just a little sugar, Willow took hers with just a splash of milk. Mom was still in her bath robe and when I set her coffee down a stole another glance at those gorgeous breasts of hers. Then I set Willow’s cup in front of her and she gave me a smile and knowing look. She had caught me staring down mom’s robe.

While Willow and Mom talked I began fixing dinner. I was grateful for the distraction and the time by myself. I heard giggling and I looked over my shoulder and they were both looking at me. The two of them both blew me kisses, I felt my cheeks burn and another round of laughing erupted. Damn them both! I was chopping onions when Willow joined me.

“You told her didn’t you,” I whispered.

“Told her,” Willow whispered back. “She caught you staring at her upstairs. And don’t think she didn’t miss the boner you were sporting either. You are so busted mister!”

“Goddamnitalltohell,” I bakırköy escort cursed under my breath.

“Don’t be so upset she likes it. She is a woman and all women like to be noticed. I’ve caught you staring at me when I’m in my panties and a t-shirt.”

“WILLOW,” I yelled.

She just laughed and continued on with fixing supper. I moved like a zombie. I was so fucking ashamed and I had nowhere to hide. While dinner cooked in the oven I slipped up to my room to kill some monsters on my Xbox. A soft knock almost went unheard.

“Warren,” mom said softly. “Can I come in?”

“Sure,” I said wincing still feeling the sting of the earlier embarrassment.

She had gotten dressed into some brightly colored pajamas. Her long copper colored hair was still plastered to her back. She glanced down at me with those amazing gray-green eyes of hers and smiled.

“Mind if I join you?”

“Have a seat,” I said.

I was sitting on the floor at the foot of my bed. Mom sat next to me and watched me blast aliens for a bit before she said anything else.

“I’m sorry,” she said.

“Sorry,” I said dropping the controller and turning to look at her. “What could you possibly be sorry for? I’m the sick one. I’m the one stealing looks at his gorgeous mother and sister when he can. Jesus what the hell is wrong with me?”

“Warren you are a man,” Mom said. “You are surrounded by as you so wonderfully put it two very attractive females all the time. It is only natural to be attracted. You are the man of the house really with your dad working ALL the time.”

“Do you miss it?”

“You mean acting,” she said and I nodded. “Yeah, I admit it. It’s hard on some shoots and being away for long stints, but yes I miss it.”

“You should call your agent,” I said.

“You are an angel,” she said.

“A horny one,” I said.

“The best kind,” she said and got up and left.

What the hell did that mean? I turned off the game and went down to check on dinner. When I got into the kitchen there was Willow bent over peering into the oven. My eyes locked onto her ass and I let out a low groan.

“Oh good you’re here,” she said without missing a beat. “Can you lift this out for me?”

“Yeah sure,” I said.

“You could at least say, nice ass sis…” she said as we exchanged places.

“God I hate you,” I moaned as I carefully lifted up the steaming tray.

“No you don’t.”

“How do you know?”

“I’ve seen you sleep and heard you moan my name in your dreams,” she said licking her lips.

“You are a wicked evil little…” I began but then mom came down weeping.

“Dad’s working late again,” Sis said.

“He’s banging that new legal assistant you mean.”

“No there is a new partner I hear, a real hotty.”

“Yeah dad… at least he’s consistent.”

“Dinner is ready mom,” Willow offered.

“I am sorry guys…” she said and then saw how much work we had put into it. “Looks delicious let’s eat.”

Mom wiped her tears and I broke out a bottle of wine for her and soda for us. We ate in relative silence in the pall of knowing dad was once again banging a new prospect. Why mom stayed with him was still a mystery. She had her own money and then some. She had more in the bank than he’d make in ten years as a high price lawyer so it wasn’t money. He wasn’t fucking her so it wasn’t that. So I guess it boiled down to love. I’m not sure I ever want to fall in love; lust is just fine by me.

After dinner I went up to my room to finish the last of my homework. I was just about done when someone knocked at the door.

“Okay already you have a nice ass,” I said.

The door opened and mom stepped in. I closed my eyes and wanted to disappear.

“Why thank you sweetie I appreciate that,” she said as she closed the door behind her. “How goes it?”

“I am almost done,” I said as she sat on the edge of my bed. “So what’s up?”

“I noticed something when you guys were drying me off in the bathroom,” Mom said her voice changing in a subtle sort of way. She continued and I could tell she was unsure of herself. “Can I see it? I mean it’s only fair really since you’ve seen…”

“You want to see my…” I said and she nodded and I swallowed hard. “UM… are you sure?”

“MMMMMMMMM very sure… seeing that bulge has been bothering me.”

“Oh… I’m sorry,” I said.

“Don’t be sorry but would you be okay me seeing it?”

“I guess it would be only fair,” I said.

I set my books aside. I unbuckled my jeans with mom’s eyes on me like a hawk. I unbuttoned them and lifted my butt off the bed and slid them down. All this talk of seeing it had gotten me really hot and bothered.

“Oh my,” Mom moaned as she reached for the waistband of my boxer briefs. I lifted up my butt again and she pulled them down. My erection once free swelled up once the cool air hit it. “Jesus what a monster,” she exclaimed. “Have you had girlfriends complain Warren?”

“Well I haven’t really had girlfriends they’ve been more like fuck buddies. beşiktaş escort But the strange thing is they don’t last very long.”

“I can see why,” she said.

“You think it’s too big?”

“Me, oh hell no,” she said a little too eager. “But younger girls might not be able handle a blessing like that.”

“You call a… something this big a blessing?”

“MMMMMMM god it’s so long and thick…” Mom moaned and licked her lips. “Can I touch it?”

“UM… sure I guess… it would be…” I said.

The words were barely out of my mouth when her hand wrapped around me. Oh damn that felt good! She gave it a little squeeze and I moaned for her. Her eyes were ablaze with lust. Then she was slowly stroking me.

“Wait… if you do that…”

“Hush mom knows what she’s doing,” she said reassuringly.

“Oh god that feels so good.”

“MMMMM you have no idea what good is yet,” she purred. “Why don’t you lie back, close your eyes and just enjoy this?”

“NNNNNNNNNN okay…” I moaned caught up in her jacking me off.

I heard and felt the spit hit the head of my cock. Then her hand was gliding nicely. Oh but she wasn’t done yet. Without warning I felt her lips wrap around the head of my cock. Her tongue was making love to it while her hand moved faster now.

“Oh god… that feels amazing… oh yeah suck me… lick me…” I moaned.

Jesus but that just added fuel to the fire. Soon her head was bobbing up and down on me. I was biting my lip to keep from screaming. I opened my eyes and there was my mom sucking my cock like a pro.

“Damn you look hot like that,” I said and then she looked me in the eye and deep-throated me. “OH SHIT… oh my fucking god… if you keep that up I am gonna cum!”

I warned her but she kept stroking and licking and sucking. I drove my fingers into her hair and got a death grip. Just a little more and I would come.

“I almost there… don’t you want to…” I began to ask but her fist just moved faster and I lost it. I bit my lip to keep from screaming. My cum shot down her throat and my mom swallowed every last drop. She licked me dry and I was so excited I was still hard as a rock. Just then the phone rang.

“Mom it’s for you,” Willow said a moment later. “It’s Aunt Janine.”

“Crap, well that was fun.” She said and walked away without a look backwards.

“Warren, are you busy,” Willow called from the hallway.

“Give me a minute,” I said trying to get back into my jeans but failed since she walked in anyway.

“Oh… My… God…” Willow said seeing my iron hard cock and bare ass. “You are fucking HUGE… no wonder the poor girls complain about you.”

“FUCK…” I said and dropped my jeans and sat on my bed. “So they complain huh.”

“Yeah,” sis said closing the door behind her. “What did mom do to you, you poor thing.”

“Don’t feel sorry for me,” I said. “She blew me like I’ve never been sucked off before. I’m not sure how to feel about this.”

“Look at it from mom’s point of view. You are the only man in the house. Dad is off fucking god only knows who. You my dear brother are prime real estate.”

“I am so going to hell for this,” I said.

“You don’t believe in hell,” she said as she wrapped her fist around the shaft of my cock. “Damn you are so thick… how long is it?”

“I don’t have a clue.”

“Let’s see,” she said as she wrapped both hands around it. “Oh my god Warren no wonder mom wants to eat you alive!”

“I don’t get it.”

“You are so naïve you know it. She wants this,” she said squeezing my cock for emphasis, “inside of her and real bad.”

“But she’s my… and I’m her…”

“A cock like this trumps things like that. Besides how long has it been since mom got laid? Be prepared dear brother to get your brains fucked out and soon.”

“Soon… how soon?” I asked.

Sis lowered her lips to the head of my cock and began sucking me off. I grabbed her by the hair but that only seemed to stir things up.

“Willow, what the fuck are you doing,” I asked.

“I am getting this thing slick enough for this,” she said as she chucked her shirt and jeans. I had never seen my sister naked before. “See how wet I am,” she said taking my hand and putting it between her legs. “That’s the effect your cock has on women. Now shut and lick my pussy while I suck you off.”

We shifted into a sixty nine position and I eagerly ate her out as my sister’s head moved up and down on my ‘mesmerizing’ cock. I didn’t know how else to think of it now. One look and boom instant wet pussy. And Willow’s pussy was soaked. I licked and suckled her clit and that pushed her to a fevered pitch.

“Can’t wait must fuck,” Willow said as she lifted off of me.

“You sound just like a guy,” I said.

“Hey girls have hormones too,” she shot back. “Now shut up so we can fuck!”

She straddled me and took my cock in hand. She teased her pussy with the head a little bit and then with a mutual groan she eased it in. I could feel her open to me.

“Oh beylikdüzü escort dear god this is going to be tough going,” she said.

“We could…” I began but she silenced me with a look. She wanted my cock and badly.

I watched my fraternal twin, my sister and my best friend slowly lower down and take me inside of her. It was strange and surreal and goddamn it felt good.

“So fucking tight… your pussy is amazing…”

“OHHHHHHHHHH you’re in my womb,” she moaned as she impaled herself completely.

I let her do it all afraid I’d hurt her. I watched intently as her pussy swallowed up my cock in by agonizing inch.

“So FULL… you cock is bloody amazing…” sis said then she was moving slowly. “Oh god I think I’m hooked. Oh, what have I done…” Then she was moving faster now. “Yes oh god yes… fuck me Warren… roll me onto my belly and fuck me like an animal…”

I did as she asked. Without pulling out I got her onto her hands and knees. Then I slowly drove my cock into her. I cupped her ass cheeks and pulled them apart to watch my cock penetrate her.

“I’m gonna cum Warren… fuck me harder lover… driver that wonderful cock of yours into me…”

I thrust harder now and she yelped but drove her hips backward into me. It didn’t take long before she was crying out and shaking like a leaf as she came.

“Damn did I do that?”

“Uh huh,” she moaned weakly.

“Cool,” I said.

I rolled her onto her back my cock still in her.

“Wait… no… give me a minute to catch my breath… UNNNN UNNNN UNNNN…”

I watched her mouth go slack and her eyes roll up. But her lips curled up in a smile so it was all good. I fucked her with nice long strokes but slowly. I leaned forward and I drove my cock into her I tasted her nipples. My first lick sent Willow into her second orgasm. Her hips drove up and into me unexpectedly. I came right along with her. I ground my cock against her as I shot ropes of cum into her tight pussy.

“Sorry I didn’t mean to,” I said as she pulled me close.

“It’s okay I’m safe,” she reassured me. “I wouldn’t have started this bareback if I wasn’t. You know you have ruined me for other men.”

“I…” I started but once more she was giggling. “Damn you I hate it when you do that.”

“I was being honest on that part but you don’t need to apologize. I wanted to be ruined.”

“You are so bad,” I said.

“You haven’t seen bad,” she said with that wicked tone in her voice.

“Oh god I’ve woken the Beast,” I moaned in mock horror.

“This beast has a taste for man flesh,” she growled.

“Oh bloody hell what will I do,” I said.

“Feed me… UNNNNNNNNN… ARGGGH… goddamn… hard again?!”

“Your tight pussy is still wrapped around me,” I said as I began to thrust very slowly.

“MMMMMMMMM you are going to spoil me,” Willow moaned. “Just one more orgasm I still have a little homework to finish.”

“One more,” I agreed. “Gentle or shall I drive it home?”

My bed was shaking as I thrust into my sister from behind. She bit into my pillow and her pussy grabbed me as she came. I held her as she caught her breath.

“I got to go,” Willow panted. “Aunt Janine can’t keep mom busy forever.”

“You called Aunt Janine,” I said. “Oh you wicked little thing you. You better hope mom never finds out. Off with you and now,” I told her.

Sis opened the door and we could hear mom still on the phone. Willow made good her escape and blew me a kiss goodbye. Life just got surreal. I shook my head and sat there naked on my bed.

I had my own wicked idea just then. I washed up and walked downstairs. Mom was in the living room talking on the phone. I walked in and she nearly dropped the phone. I was naked and sporting the hard on Willow had inspired with that tight little pussy of hers. I walked right in front of mom, my cock within inches of her lips. I began to stroke my cock while Aunt Janine droned on about something or other.

“You are so in trouble mister,” my mom said.

“Okay I’ll go back to my room,” I said.

“NO… I mean…”

“Stand up,” I said.

“Why,” she asked but stood up all the same.

I walked behind her and pulled her to me; my cock sliding between her legs. Then I reached around and cupped her tits through the pj top. She bit back a moan.

“Tsk Tsk this won’t do at all,” I said as I slowly undid the buttons of her top. I cupped her bare tits and then whispered. “MMMMMMMM that is so much better isn’t it.”

Mom nodded as I nibbled her ear and played with her tits. “Should I take off your bottoms or do you want to do it? Or am I presuming too much from what happened before? Do you want my cock inside of you? Do you want me to bury it deep? Or should we just tease each other?”

She took my hand and placed it on her bottoms. I knelt behind her and slowly pulled down her bottoms. Her bare ass greeted me and I kissed each cheek. I tapped her inner thighs and mom took a wider stance for me. I reached up and found she was way past soaked. I stood up and took my former position. I returned to playing with her tits. I thrust my cock just below her pussy teasing her. I could hear her breath quicken.

“Do you want this in you,” I asked and she nodded. “Do you want to wait?” She shook her head vehemently. “Why do you want it… or do you need it?”

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