A Breakfast to Remember

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MMMMM To wake up to you! Laying there beneath the silky white sheets. I can see the silhouette of your handsome body beneath, see each curve, watching this gorgeous specimen of a man, as the sheet moves up and down with your breathing. I see the form of your hardness in the center of your body, so delectable, that my mouth begins to water at the thought of tasting your delicious juices.

Slowly, quietly I move to the end of the bed, raising the covers slightly as I slowly begin to crawl under the sheet, gently parting your legs with my warm soft fingertips, licking my

lips as I approach the gorgeous hardness set before my eyes. I hear your shallow breathing continue while you sleep.

My index and thumb encircles your throbbing hardness, as they move downward to the base, pulling down the top skin away from the head of your pulsating, beautiful member. moving closer to you, my tongue moves along my fingers at the base. The warmth of my breathe, the wetness and velvety feel of my tongue upon the long hard vein running along the underside of your glorious cock, moving upward like stroking a lollipop. Along to the head as my tongue circles around the shaft, but not touching the head just yet! Licking canlı bahis each solid thick inch of you, tasting each pore of your delicious throbbing shaft, my other hand taking your balls within the palm, gently but firmly caressing them within it. My fingertips move behind them, slowly teasing you as it moves from behind your balls to your butt and back again, teasing your g-spot, as my warm breath brushes against your long hard shaft.

Feeling your stir beneath my grasp, I hear a moan of pleasure come from your lips, feeling your hands move to my hair, so that your fingers begin to play within it. Your hips push upward, wanting me to surround your thick cock within my lips…

Looking up to you seeing you raise the covers as you watch me dine upon your beautiful body, smiling I look at you….. holding your gorgeous hardness within my circled fingers. I wink at you and blow slightly against the tip of your throbbing cock, my tongue slowly parts my lips as you feel its wetness moving closer to the tip of the head, pressing my tongue against the small opening of your pulsating member. I open my lips and enclose them around the head. Slowly I begin to suck on it. My tongue circling the head within the bahis siteleri heat of my wet, warm mouth, swirling and sucking slowly. I begin to take you deeper and deeper in my mouth… inch by inch… as my hand continues to caress your balls. My fingers tease your g-spot moving back and forth pressing slightly each time along the center… inch by inch you feel the heat of my mouth move down on you, sucking and stroking the long thick shaft with my velvety tongue swirling around your thickness sucking you deeper into my mouth.

Feeling you down in my throat as I take all of you into me…. mmmmmmmm the throbbing against my lips, feeling the head push into my throat! Moving my head side to side, sucking you deep, my

tongue stroking your shaft, my mouth begins to move up and down on you, I feel your hips push into my mouth, the moans of pleasure escape your lips. Stroking you up and down, back and forth feeling your intensity building, as my mouth moves up over the head, then down the long thick throbbing vein, to your balls. My tongue sliding along them one by one as I take them into my yearning mouth, sucking on the gently, as my warm soft hand strokes your long hard shaft, up and down, then the palm bahis şirketleri enclosing around the head and pressing down against it, sending chills through you as I suck upon your balls. My tongue moving behind your balls to your tender g-spot and beyond to your butt as it presses against the opening, my hand moving up and down your throbbing hardness, stroking you, as my hand slides upon your pulsating member, feeling you wanting to release all your delicious juices for me. My mouth moves up to your balls sucking them slightly, then slowly moving back up the long thick shaft, tasting your delicious nectar, as you begin to release all you have. Opening my mouth over you feeling the hot cummmm spraying out over my tongue, lips, face and chest, yessss cummm for me baby! Licking up what is fallen on my tongue.

Pressing against your g-spot as the sprays become more intense, feeling your delicious juices all over me as my mouth falls upon your glorious hardness and I suck you deep in my warm wet mouth. My tongue stroking every inch of you getting every drop of you, my hand massaging the cum that spilled on my chest…. along my breasts and nipples having your juices soak into my pores. My breasts shining from your juices on me…. as I feel you push one hard thrust, releasing all you have to me, drinking up all you have to offer!

Smiling at you as I lick my fingers of your delicious nectar …. mmmmm, baby what a great breakfast!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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