A Boundary Crossed

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This is a sequel to a story I wrote some time ago about a woman pushing her boundaries after her conservative approach to sex led to divorce. After much thought, I have concluded that although I don’t generally write about incest, this is the logical extension of the original story and unless it was written, the story wouldn’t be complete. I would advise you to read the original story before this one (‘Pushing My Boundaries’ in the ‘Mature’ category). Having said that, it is a story I have enjoyed writing but please remember that it is entirely fictional and has been written for fantasy and entertainment rather than promoting a particular lifestyle. If you feel that anything in this category may offend you, even though it is just a fantasy fiction, I strongly advise you to not bother reading the story at all. It’s surprising how many people read a porn story in a clearly indicated category just to then hurl abuse at the writer. Positive feedback on my work, both public and private, is always welcome and if you contact me privately, I will always respond as soon as possible.


Mark came to see me a number of times after he stopped living in my home and each time he visited, it was characterised by passionate sex that left me both exhausted and thoroughly satisfied. I hoped it would continue like that for a long time but deep in my heart, I always knew that such an arrangement was impossible to sustain. Over time, his visits became less frequent and eventually he became involved with a woman closer to his own age. I was hurt and cried a lot but I couldn’t begrudge him his happiness and scolded myself for even thinking that there might have been a different outcome. He deserved a relationship with a future and realistically, that was never going to be me but I was grateful for the incredible sex life he’d given me and it had been wonderful to have a man in my life again who desired me.

I was tempted to get another lodger and see if I could recreate the sexual adventure I had with Mark with a different young man but it wasn’t an idea I entertained for long. I couldn’t do that because it would never be the same. I didn’t want a pale facsimile of what I had with Mark, I wanted a new sexual adventure that would push my boundaries even further. It sounds very positive doesn’t it, but actually finding that adventure is significantly harder. I knew I didn’t want to be with a man my age, I certainly didn’t want to be with an older man and I wasn’t keen on having some sort of sequel to Mark so what was left? I couldn’t think of anything so my sex life evaporated and I gradually regressed into the routine that had existed before Mark. It was a lonely existence that was devoid of physical contact with a man and before I knew it, I was ‘celebrating’ my 52nd birthday and the only affection I had in my life was coming from my beloved son, David, now just turned twenty eight years old.

David had never really had many girlfriends when he was living at home, or at least none that I was aware of, which was surprising given that he was such a good looking young man. If he had any relationships after he left home, he kept them very quiet as I was never aware of any women in his life. For a while I wondered if he might be gay but there was equally no evidence of that either. All I could conclude was that he was a very private young man and would introduce me to someone when he’d found that special person. For now, I was just grateful to see him whenever I could and my birthday was bringing me a welcome visit.

Tidying his bedroom ready for his visit was a bitter sweet experience. It was fantastic to be having him back in my home again but as I finished making the bed, I couldn’t help remembering seeing Mark lying there masturbating. That was the first time I’d seen his cock fully hard and the first time I’d realised he had a sexual interest in me. The memory made my neglected pussy tingle and I wondered if it would ever be filled with a hard cock again. I hoped so but I saw no obvious likelihood of such pleasure. I wondered if David would also masturbate in that bed during his visit and if there was a woman in his life who was enjoying his cock. I hoped so because David deserved to be happy but I also experienced a small tinge of jealousy that such might be the case.

It was a strange cocktail of feelings I experienced while these thoughts raced through my mind. One of the reasons I was drawn to Mark was that he reminded me so much of David but at no stage had I ever thought about having a sexual relationship with my own son. Despite this, I couldn’t deny that their similarity had made me wonder, more than once, if David’s cock was as impressive as Mark’s and I guess the inevitable result of merging Mark and David in my mind was a certain jealousy that another woman might be enjoying him. Perhaps I was biased because I was his mother but I was sure David would have a cock that would please any woman and it only made me miss having bahis siteleri a man in my life all the more.

In this rather confused and slightly disturbed state I left his bedroom and went to wait for his arrival rather impatiently. It was late afternoon before he arrived but he was well worth the wait. David was a tall young man who spent quite a bit of time in the gym so he had a well-toned body that was tall, strong and masculine. Seeing him as he came through the door made me sure that he must have endless women in his life; how could any woman not be attracted to him?

‘Hi Mum,’ he said cheerfully, ‘happy birthday.’

‘Thank you David,’ I replied, accepting the large bunch of flowers he’d thoughtfully brought for me. It was typical of his consideration for me and I was grateful to have such a loving and devoted son. ‘You didn’t have to go to the trouble of getting such beautiful flowers for an old woman like me,’ I protested, ‘I’m sure you’d be better off spending your money on whichever beautiful young woman is in your life at the moment.’

‘Don’t be silly,’ he protested, ‘you know you’re the only woman in my life.’

‘I hope not David, what a waste that would be of such a good looking young man.’

‘Perhaps you’re the only woman who sees that Mum,’ he replied, with just a hint of sadness in his voice.

‘Oh, I’m sure that’s not the case David,’ I said, trying to reassure him.

‘It’s OK Mum, you’re the only woman who matters anyway, certainly tonight.’

It was sweet of him to show such devotion to me on my birthday and I thought no more about it, instead asking about his plans for his visit. I anticipated him spending a little time with me, at least tomorrow as it was my birthday, but after that I expected him to seek out old friends in the neighbourhood. As it turned out, I was wrong and he intended to spend every day with me for at least a couple of weeks as he had quite a bit of holiday time owed to him from work. I was absolutely thrilled to have so much time with him and after dinner we sat down together with a glass of wine. The TV was on but we were only half watching whatever was on.

‘So is there a man in your life yet?’ he asked by way of conversation.

‘Dear me no,’ I laughed, ‘what man would be interested in an old woman like me?’

‘I think plenty men would be interested in you Mum,’ he insisted, ‘you’re a beautiful woman and you still have a great body so why wouldn’t someone be interested in you?’

‘I think your opinion may not be shared by most men,’ I replied, brushing aside his compliment. ‘Men prefer their women young, pretty and busty so I have no chance.’

‘So cynical!’ he laughed.

‘Perhaps,’ I smiled, ‘but it’s still true.’

‘Of some men, yes, I’m sure it is but that’s not all men,’ he insisted. ‘Anyway, you may not be in the first flush of youth but you’re not that old, you are pretty and you still have an impressive chest,’ he said, winking at me.

I laughed and looked down at my fully covered breasts, ‘They may not be a bad size but time and gravity aren’t kind to them so I don’t imagine men find them that attractive anymore.’

‘You’re wrong,’ he said, in a far more serious tone than I expected and there was an awkward silence before he continued. ‘I thought you’d found someone a year or two ago because you always seemed so happy and full of life when I called,’ he said casually before continuing. ‘Wasn’t that about the time you had that young lodger?’

‘I was probably just happy to have some company in my life then,’ I replied evasively.

‘So why not get another lodger then?’ he persisted.

‘Perhaps I will at some point but for now I just want to enjoy you in my home again,’ I smiled, hoping he wouldn’t continue with this line of questioning.

‘There’s always at least one man in the world who loves you Mum,’ he said in a more serious tone than I expected.

‘I know,’ I smiled, stroking his cheek, ‘and that’s enough for me but you can’t love me like any other man.’

‘I can love you better,’ he replied, apparently missing my point but I decided not to clarify what I meant.

As the evening wore on, he excused himself to go for a shower and I was left with my own thoughts for a while. David having a shower was bringing to mind another memory of Mark and the first time I was able to spy him naked. What a wonderful body he had and what a wonderful cock. In thinking of Mark, my thoughts drifted to the idea of David showering and his equally beautifully toned body being covered in water. Without any conscious effort, my mind was suddenly filled with an image of David, naked in the shower with a cock at least as impressive as Mark’s.

I was immediately ashamed of such thoughts and blushed at my wickedness, even though nobody else was present. I was still trying to calm down when David returned, wearing nothing but his tight briefs as it was such a warm evening. I tried not to look but it was impossible canlı bahis to ignore the outline of his cock that was clearly visible. Obviously he wasn’t hard but it was also clear that he must be fairly well endowed and again I felt a tinge of jealousy for whichever woman was sharing his bed.

That night I went to bed a very confused woman. I’d never thought about sex with David and I wasn’t really thinking about it now, if only because it seemed such an impossible idea but there was no escaping the fact that I had been checking out his package that night and I had been thinking of what his cock might be like while he showered. For the first time in a long while my fingers drifted to my pussy and found it already wet from the evening’s strange events. I’d bought a lovely 7″ vibrator a few months after Mark left and I took it out of my bedside cabinet and started to rub it over my sensitive clitoris. Conflicting images of Mark and David drifted through my mind as I started to pleasure myself. It wasn’t long before I needed to feel my pussy being stretched and I whispered ‘Fuck me Mark’ as I started to push the vibrator inside me. It was glorious to feel stretched again and I could already feel my orgasm start to build, such was my need for relief.

Thrusting the vibrator in and out of my desperate opening I started to cum and I knew what I needed: ‘Oh baby, shoot your cum in me and fill me up,’ I cried but in that moment of release, I was horrified to find that it was David’s face that came into my mind and not Mark’s. Coming down from my release I was racked with guilt as I struggled to come to terms with what had happened. I eventually decided that it must have been my use of the word ‘baby’ that caused me to think of my own son and therefore it certainly wasn’t because I had any sexual desires for my son.

The next day I found that I spent half the day trying to avoid David and the other half gazing at him with repressed curiosity. He must have thought my behaviour very odd indeed but shortly after lunch he told me that he was taking me out for dinner to celebrate my birthday and I should ‘dress to impress.’ Who I was to impress I didn’t know but I didn’t want to let him down. Looking at a range of outfits, I had it narrowed down to two. One was a respectable looking dress that was one of my better outfits and the other was a far more daring suit that comprised a short, tight skirt, a tight fitting jacket and a very low cut bra. Unsure what I was dressing for, I decided to let David choose.

‘Do you mind David?’ I asked. ‘I’m unsure about tonight so I’d like a man’s point of view.’

‘OK, sure Mum, just show me what I have to choose from.’

At first I showed him the respectable dress and although he said it was very nice, it was clear that he was hoping for something else. My rather more revealing outfit got a very different response.

‘Wow, that’s incredible!’ he gasped as I walked into the room.

‘I take it this is the one you prefer,’ I laughed as I gave him a twirl. I felt a little self-conscious with so much of my legs showing and the low-cut top with my plunging bra left little to the imagination.

‘You look fantastic Mum, every guy in the place will be checking you out!’

‘Maybe I don’t want any other men tonight,’ I replied, feeling a little flirtatious, ‘just my wonderful son.’

‘That suits me,’ he sighed, ‘I could look at you all night.’

That last remark seemed a little odd but I let it go on the assumption that he was merely giving my ego a bit of a boost on my 52nd birthday. Dinner was wonderful and David even took me onto the dancefloor afterwards, which was something I hadn’t done in years. As the evening drew to a close and the music slowed, I melted into his arms and felt totally content for the first time in ages.

‘Thank you David,’ I said softly as we swayed to the gentle rhythm of the music, ‘tonight has been the best birthday ever.’

‘It was my pleasure Mum,’ he whispered, ‘I’ve been with the sexiest woman here and I’ve loved every minute.’

‘You can’t call me sexy David,’ I protested, ‘I’m your mother!’

‘I’m still a man and you’re a woman,’ he protested. ‘Wouldn’t it be odd if I didn’t appreciate the way a beautiful woman looks?’

‘I suppose so,’ I reluctantly agreed. Perhaps I was being overly sensitive about it because of my guilt from last night so I decided to give the matter no further thought. The final song of the night came on and we slowly danced, holding each other closely. I was drifting on a sea of contentment so I was a little surprised when I suddenly thought I could feel his cock pressing against me. It was a very brief moment when he seemed to push closer to me and then it was over and he moved slightly away from me again. I decided I couldn’t be sure and as I was his mother it almost certainly couldn’t have been that so again, I put it out of my mind.

It was late when we finally arrived home and David escorted me güvenilir bahis to my room. It was like a first date as we stood at the door to my room to say goodnight. Had it been a normal date with a man, I guess we’d have made out for a while and I might have let him feel my tits but this was my son.

‘Thank you for a wonderful birthday David,’ I sighed as we looked at each other, ‘you’ve made this old woman very happy.’

‘It was my pleasure Mum,’ he grinned, ‘I told you, I was with the most beautiful and sexy woman there.’

‘It’s nice of you to say so,’ I smiled back at him. ‘Even if it isn’t entirely true, you’ve still made an old woman feel good about herself again.’

‘I love you,’ he said softly and with that he leaned in and kissed me goodnight before swiftly leaving for his own room. He didn’t kiss me on my lips but it was a lot closer to my lips than I had expected but he was gone so quickly I had no time at all to react.

Mulling over the evening as I lay in bed, my mind was filled with questions. Did he really find me beautiful and sexy? Was that really his cock I felt against me as we danced? Was his kiss really as provocative as I’d imagined? I had no way of knowing for sure and it wasn’t something I could easily ask him about. Even if I could, how did I feel about this? I didn’t want to ruin my relationship with David and I knew that any sort of physical relationship between us was wrong yet I couldn’t escape the fact that one of the main reasons I’d been attracted to Mark was his similarity to David. Furthermore, I had to admit that on more than one occasion I had thought of David in a sexual way because I had wondered about his cock. I eventually drifted into a restless sleep but it was also an erotic sleep where my dreams were filled with a strange blend of Mark and David.

When I woke the next morning, after a rather restless night, I decided that I had to see if I could work out if what I thought had happened between us the previous evening was really sexual or something more innocent. What I would do with that discovery was rather less settled in my mind. I was disturbed by the fact that I was starting to have clear sexual thoughts about my own son as it was surely wrong so the only reasonable thing to do was to make sure it went no further. If it turned out David was also having sexual feelings about me, as unlikely as that seemed, I would have to make sure it stopped and as the older person in the relationship, I reasoned it was my responsibility. He may be 28 years old but he was still my boy.

Getting dressed, I opted for a plunging bra underneath a very low cut blouse and quite a short skirt as it seemed to work so well as a combination the night before. It was summer so such limited clothing could be justified but I reasoned that if he did have any sexual interest in me, such an outfit might make it more obvious to me in one way or another. I didn’t have to wait long before getting my first indication!

I was stood in the kitchen making breakfast when he came down and as soon as he entered the room his jaw hit the floor in astonishment.

‘Wow Mum, you look hot today! Do you have a date or something?’ he gasped.

‘Don’t be silly,’ I laughed, ‘who’d want to date me?’

‘Looking like that, I imagine most men would want to date you and a lot more.’

‘Well, as it happens, I’m not interested in most men,’ I casually remarked, ‘I prefer to be selective.’

‘Perhaps you’re too selective Mum,’ he responded, ‘you don’t seem to have had a man in your life for a long time.’

I should have felt some relief at the fact he was talking about me being with other men and in a way I was, but I confess I also felt a little disappointed that David apparently had no interest in me. ‘Would you like to see me with a man in my life?’ I asked.

‘That depends on the man,’ he replied, ambiguously. ‘You deserve to be happy and be loved.’

‘Well I’m happy you’re here and you love me don’t you?’ I asked rhetorically.

‘Of course I do,’ he replied, ‘but it’s not like you’d want me in your bed.’

He sounded a little sad when he said that and having just been reassured he had no sexual interest in me, now I was suddenly less sure. The conversation drifted on to other subjects and we ended up having a lovely day together, enjoying the sun and relaxing in the garden. I undid a few more buttons on my blouse so my cleavage was certainly on show but this was as much to do with the heat as anything else. I thought I saw him checking me out a couple of times but I was far from sure. If it had been any other man I suppose I would have been more certain but it’s difficult to accept that your own son is ogling at your tits and your legs so every time I started to think this, I immediately told myself I was silly and tried to push such thoughts from my mind. I was far more certain about my own reaction! David was just wearing shorts in the sun and his young body was magnificent. Perhaps it was wrong but I consoled myself by reasoning any woman with a pulse would be fascinated by his body. It might have been my imagination but from what I could see, what was inside his shorts was probably just as impressive as the rest of his body.

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