A blackmailing


A blackmailingSofia joined the company almost a year to the day that Simran had started there. They were in the same department and couldn’t avoid each other. Which was a shame as from the very first they did not get on. Really it was Sofia that was at fault, wherever the sultry brunette had been before she had always been the centre of attention. Always the loud & fun girl. She was in her late twenties now and to have it re-enforced as to how beautiful and desirable she still was a real fillip to her fragile ego. She expected it to be no different when she joined the firm but then she met Simran.Simran was a couple of years younger than Sofia and was also, without a shadow of a doubt, prettier. Which when you consider how good looking Sofia was tells you that Simran was something special indeed. A tall, leggy with a winsome smile and the longest black eyelashes which she was adept at fluttering, Simran was a statuesque beauty to be sure. Although Simran was hardly shy she was not nearly as worldly as Sofia and had only really been with a few people in her life. But they did share one common characteristic in that both had best tits, and both their busts were impressive things to see.In the main it was Sofia who took a dislike to Simran, unreasonably, because Simran had done nothing to offend her but as that continued it was difficult for Simran not to feel a level of dislike for this jealous woman. So at work, at least, they avoided one another and dished out the odd dirty look but in the main they ignored the other’s presence wherever possible and tried to be as coolly professional around each other at all times. It was hard. Sofia was jealous of Simran’s looks and viewed her as a dumb bimbo, while Simran hated that Sofia was so mean to her and thought that she acted like a hungry slut. It was a recipe for disaster.Sofia got some printed document of past from Simran’s committing financial crime in her earlier job. It was, for a curvy, sexy, sultry fox like Sofia it was simplicity itself to seduce Simran Now.One day Sofia managed to follow Simran into one of the meeting rooms at work and swiftly locked the door behind them before Simran realized she had been tailed. When Simran turned round to face Sofia she could barely conceal the distaste that she held for the woman from her face. Sofia had positioned herself in front of the large doors and, somewhat flustered Simran tried to push past her to get out. Sofia calmly placed her palm against Simran to halt her and before she could complain, Sofia addressed her.“Simran, I know you all about your past & what are you up to here. I know that you hate me right now and I know that we haven’t always got on well in the past but please give me this time to speak to you.”Simran’s black eyes bore into Sofia’s and she angrily crossed her arms but the slight nod of her head gave her assent that she would listen to what Sofia had to say. Both women were dressed in their normal work attire, Simran in a smart dark blue business suit and white blouse and Sofia in a scarlet blouse and tight black mini skirt.“Wait. Simran, i’ll give you the chance. If you submit to one night of love with me. You’re beautiful, Simran. All the men here desire you but I can give you what they can’t, I can make you feel so different, so sexy. Consider it, I’m serious.”Simran’s jaw was slack and open with this indecent proposal and she made to dismiss it out of hand…. She obviously gave it some deep thought. Sofia watched trying to keep the sly look from her face, knowing that Simran was considering what she had offered.“And you’ll keep the secretes to your self only? No questions, if I agree to this little offer.“OK, but there better not be any tricks, you do what you said and yes i’ll do it.”“Good, i’ll book a room at the JW Marriot Hotel at Juhu and text you the room number, you come over on Friday night and i’ll show you what a real woman can do Simran.”Simran left the room with a consternated look all over her face and obviously puzzling over whether this was the right thing to do, but to save herself from that woman she was willing. Sofia sat on the edge of the table and smiled and ran her fingers through her luxurious hair and spoke to the empty room.“I guess it’s true that you’re a dumb Simran, real dumb.”That whole week was a strange one for Simran. She went from changing her mind to going ahead with it a hundred times and it certainly didn’t help that Sofia was meticulously nice to her in the office, complementing her and asking sakarya escort how she was getting on. It unsettled Simran and as she finally decided she must go through with this, she was just desperate to get it over with.That Friday Simran got the text she had been dreading, it told her the room number was 315 and that there would be a key card for her at reception and to just come up when she arrived. She drove home that afternoon after work and had a couple of stiff drinks, she needed them. She showered and changed. She had initially intended to wear a dowdy, conservative top and jeans, giving as blank a canvas as possible for Sofia to paint her twisted plans on. However, sitting there in her bedroom thinking about the evening to come she suddenly felt that she wanted to look her best, show Sofia that she was far better looking that that trout could ever hope to be, really put on a front, show her up. She wore a pair of red panties and a red bra that contained her big tits. She wore a black skirt that fell just below her knees but had a very revealing slit right up the left hand side and a sheer cream blouse. Over that she wore a leather jacket zipped right up.The JW marriot, when she got there, was quite a classy hotel and she had no problem collecting the key card from reception. Getting into the elevator her legs were shaking and all the way up she thought of backing out, even at this late stage. Nevertheless, those legs took her along the lush carpeted corridor until she stood breathless outside a large, oak hotel room door, emblazoned with the numbers 315. She stood for the longest moment before plunging the card forward and swiping it in the slot by the handle and the door swung open revealing a soft lit room.She could just make out Sofia, sitting atop her bed in the lamp light, dressed in a very short, black silk dressing gown and holding up a tall champagne flute to salute her guest. The predatory smile she flashed Simran sent shivers down her spine, she wished to hell this was done and over.“Hello Simran, I was beginning to think you wouldn’t turn up. I was so disappointed. But here you are.”Simran couldn’t think of anything she wanted to say and stood stock still just inside the door, frozen.“What’s wrong Simran?” Sofia’s voice dripped with insincerity as she shifted on the luxury sized bed and slipped of it and sexily walked across to greet Simran. Sofia’s hand reached up and played through the ends of Simran’s hair tips and Simran snapped out of her inertia and recoiled back before storming off across the bedroom towards the curtained window. Sofia just curled her crocodile smile even more and took a sip of the alcohol and stood observing the fly in her spider’s web.“You know Simran, that’s not very nice, is it? I’ve gone to all this trouble, a lovely room, expensive champagne and look a basket of strawberries and cream for us to enjoy. You should just relax and enjoy the evening. I know I am. Unless of course you don’t love to be free?”Right about then Simran could have ripped this Bitch’s head off and shown her exactly what she thought of her but she didn’t, instead choosing to stare hard at Sofia and cross her arms protectively across her chest. Which Sofia took as an indication that Simran had listened to her and Sofia moved over before Simran tried to meet her furtive brown eyes. Her hands reached out for the zip on Simran’s coat and she slowly pulled it down and then stepped behind Simran and slipped it off her shoulders and placed it on a chair in the room.“Hmm, that’s better, isn’t it? Now why don’t you have a drink, I’m sure that will relax you a little”, and she handed Simran a full glass from the small table in the room.Simran rushed the full glass down in one, needing the courage the alcohol would provide. Sofia just kept on smiling and began to run her hand over Simran’s midriff and higher. Both girls glasses were put back on the table and Sofia’ slim finger hooked around the top button on Simran’s blouse and popped it open. At this Simran made off towards the door, having had just about enough of this. Before she could grab the door handle Sofia spoke out again.“I guess you don’t love your Freedom, do you Simran? (the words had the desired effect as Simran stopped dead in her tracks and as she turned to face Sofia her eyes fell in a final show of her submission – Sofia’s dark eyes just bored into Simran and she was much harder with her next words) Now stop teasing me you slut and get that blouse and skirt off, I want escort sakarya to see more of that body.”Exhaling, Simran’s nervous fingers fumbled at her blouse until eventually it fell open and she dropped it to the floor, her shoes and skirt followed and Sofia stood appreciating this young woman’s impressive figure in just her scarlet lingerie. Running her tongue along her lips Sofia plucked a strawberry from the basket, swiped it in the small tub of cream and took a lingering bite from it and held it out for Simran to come over and finish it off. As Simran moved Sofia spoke again.“No, on your knees Simran. I want to see you crawl over to get this little present.”Without further complaint Simran dropped to her hands and knees and submissively crawled over to Sofia and took the fruit in her mouth, its sweet taste bitter to her right now. Feeling so powerful with her adversary at her feet Sofia took the opportunity to undo the silk belt from around her dressing gown and shed it, revealing her own splendid figure clad in only tiny, matching, tartan bra and panties. Even Simran had to admit that Sofia was in terrific shape and an incredible sexual power seemed to spread from her. As much as she enjoyed having Simran at her feet Sofia soon pulled her to her feet and their hot bodies were so close that their breasts were pressed together gently.Sofia’s soft hands caressed Simran’s body, squeezing her ass and breasts and soon her head fell forward and as both girls long hair mixed Sofia’s full lips found Simran’s unwilling ones and they engaged in an endless kiss. Sofia was doing all the work, her lips pressing forcefully against Simran’s and her snake’s tongue invading Simran’s mouth and tangling with Simran’s. Simran could do little but accept what was happening and try not to get into it or enjoy it. But that was going to be really difficult because Sofia surely was a supremely sexual woman and knew all the right moves and all the buttons to press.Sofia’s scent was intoxicatingly sweet and Simran just had to breathe it in as, while they continued to kiss, Sofia’s arms stretched around Simran’s back and unfastened the clips that held up Simran’s spectacular red bra. Finally, their lips separated as Sofia slowly pulled the bra from Simran’s body, bit by bit revealing Simran’s massive breasts until it fell to the floor between them. That was the sign for the Sofia to switch the attentions of her gasping mouth away from Simran’s sweet lips and towards her erect nipples. Her lips encircled Simran’s left breast and began to suck fiercely upon it, lapping at it with her tongue and also capturing it between her teeth and sensually chewing on it before repeating the process on Simran’s right breast and there was no hiding or mistaking that Simran was starting to get turned on.As Simran closed her eyes and tried desperately to control her feelings Sofia’s fingers moved down and hooked themselves under the thin strap of Simran’s panties at her waist and swiftly removed those leaving her naked body wide open before Sofia’s gaze. And what a body it was, surely built for naught but sex, curves at the hips that delved in towards the smallest shaved strip of pubic hair and a hint of a pink slit at their centre, which Sofia’s fingers soon found and set about exploring. Now there was no hiding Simran’s arousal as Sofia entered her pussy with first one, then two fingers until she could feel the juices begin to soak her fingertips.“That’s it Simran just relax and let yourself enjoy me, I know what you want and how to give it to you. All men want you but only I can really satisfy a slut like you.”Simran hated that Sofia could treat her and speak to her like this but hated even more that her body was reacting so towards the treatment. It must be true she was a slut. But this evening was not to be about Simran’s pleasure, before long Sofia had made Simran strip off Sofia’s underwear revealing her own superb naked form (this one with no pubic hair!) And as Sofia reclined atop the bed she opened her legs and ordered Simran to give her ‘good head’. With a heavy heart, and an already sopping pussy Simran crawled onto the bed between Sofia’s legs and bowed her head and began to eat out her office rival. Sofia was insatiable and Simran spent what felt like hours between Sofia’s legs, submissively lapping at her wet cunt and pressing inside to taste the delights hidden inside. Eventually, Sofia came, climaxing over Simran’s face, her juices pouring over her compliant tongue. sakarya escort bayan Sofia was not done yet, not by a long shot.She had Simran spread herself on the bed as Sofia fetched another glass of champagne and some fruit as she consumed them she drew a suitcase from the wardrobe, and snapped it open to reveal a selection of kinky sex toys. And Simran was in no doubt that Sofia was proficient in the use of them. She plucked up a large vibrating egg and switched it one and squeezed it tightly inside Simran’s pussy, loving to look up on the forced ecstasy on the her face. It was a look that altered as Sofia withdrew a monstrous strap on dildo from the case- at least 12¨ in length and an imposing width. She took her time strapping it about her crotch, reveling in Simran’s bulging eyes at both the egg inside her and the thought of being penetrated by this plastic monster. Sofia clambered onto the bed and on her knees made his way up Simran’s body until the phallic object pressed against Simran’s waiting lips.“You had better get it nice and moist Simran, ‘cos I’m going to plunge it in that tight asshole of yours in a few minutes. Oh, what’s that I see in your eyes Bitch, never taken it in the ass before? Even better, i’ll look forward to introducing you to that delight. Now get sucking!”Sofia thrust the dildo between Simran’s lips and teeth and she got to work with her tongue, desperately coating it with as much of her own saliva as she could muster. Sofia gave her a few moments but not nearly enough to Simran’s mind before rolling Simran over and lifting Simran’s curvaceous bubble butt towards her. Sofia took great pleasure in smoothing Simran’s skin and parting her ass cheeks to show her puckered little arsehole. Sofia slid her hips up and forward until the spit coated tip of the dildo pressed against it. She paused allowing the tension and anticipation to build (Simran was shivering in her wait) before pushing hard forward with her hips, driving the dildo deep into Simran with her first thrust and quickly establishing a punishing rhythm of pumping into Simran, relishing the squeals and cries of ecstasy that rose from her.Sofia was unrelenting with her fucking, hooking her hands around Simran’s bucking hips and using them to draw her deeper and deeper inside and feeling the plastic dick touch the vibrating egg buried inside Simran’s pussy through thin folds of skin. The two of them were an a****listic writhing mass atop the bed and it was only much later that Sofia pulled the dick from Simran with a loud ‘popping’ noise. As Simran lay gasping on her front, Sofia wasted no time to roll her over and without further ado slid the dildo, so recently embedded inside her own arsehole, into Simran’s surprised mouth. Sofia knelt over Simran’s face and pushed the plastic deep inside her mouth, making her lick it clean and gagging as it moved into her throat, only finally being given relief when Sofia was sure it was clean. Sofia had more in her case of tricks and used various implements and toys to give both women maximum pleasure but it was late in the night that Sofia spoke of her coup de grace for Simran.“Simran, you’ve done so well, been such a good little bitch. But I want to take you even further into the depth of ecstasy and debauchery. See these scarves? I am going to tie your hands to each corner of this headboard, and then I will use this ball gag to keep you silent, to let you feel the intense sensations as I plunge this b**st of a strap on inside your pussy. And then my dear it will all be over, I promise I will keep my word and before I leave this room I will have those paper handed over to you.”So Sofia tied Simran’s arms to the solid wooden corners of the bed, they were tight knots; Simran would never be able to escape them herself. Then the orange ball gag was placed in Simran’s mouth and Sofia fastened them tightly behind Simran’s hair. She was in position just as Sofia had planned. And it was with an overwhelming sense of victory that Sofia switched off the lamp and plunged the room into total darkness. Sofia replaced the handset and smiled widely as she listened to the muffled grunts and struggles from the bed and pulled a night image recorder from the case and set about setting it up hidden atop a shelf. This would be a special moment indeed. With that done she stood over Simran and spoke in the darkness one final time before leaving.“Well Simran, I take it you know what’s coming. What a night you’re going to have. And don’t be too hard on me, after all by tomorrow I rule that office, just you remember that!”I love feedback good or bad as long as it’s honest. Send all feedback to the link below. Pls make sure you put the story title in the subject line so I know It’s not spam

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