A Bit of the Unexpected Ch. 02

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Big Tits

This is the continuing story of Mitchell. To find out what got him to this point, please read the first chapter.

I woke up early the next morning and started my usual routine. I can’t imagine why, but I forgot that the girls were visiting, so I neglected to wear anything besides my boxer shorts up to breakfast. I grabbed a loaf of bread and started some toast. As I was starting the coffee I heard the bouncing steps of my daughter coming down the stairs and the previous night came flooding back to me, and to my groin. I pressed it into the counter in the hopes of stemming its lift.

“Morning Daddy! What’s for breakfast? I’m starved!” She came up to my side and planted a kiss on my cheek.

“Morning Sarah. So far, I have toast. Anything more, you’ll have to wait for Branwin to get here, but I can manage coffee.” I took my time measuring out the grounds, as I didn’t think I could turn around just yet, but I knew that I should throw some more clothes on before Anika came down to join us. The last thing I needed was for her to see me this way.

“Sweetie, why don’t you finish this and I’ll go get dressed.”

I virtually ran out of the kitchen before she could answer me. I closed my bedroom door and leaned against it for a moment relishing the feeling of arousal. I wasn’t sure how long I was going to be able to behave myself around Anika, but I was damn sure going to try. I knew that I shouldn’t make advances on my daughter’s school friend, no matter how much I wanted too. What was driving me crazy was the way she carried herself. Anika appeared to have control over everything around her. She was the image of cool assurance. The more I thought about her the more I wanted her. “She probably does this to all the men in her life” I mused.

I sat on the step and looked down at my throbbing erection. I had to get this thing back down. I went through all the mental images that would usually kill it and they weren’t working. My mind kept straying to last night, how Anika had waked away from the car. I dwelled on the way that tight ass of hers swayed ever so slightly as she clicked her way along the path to the door: the taught muscles of her calves as she took each step. My hand made its way to the inside of my boxers. I freeze framed my mental re-run on her taking the first step up to the door, and stroked my hand quickly along my cock. I must have been much more aroused than I thought, because after only a minute or two, I felt the stirrings of orgasm rush though me. I held my breath to stifle my groaning so Sarah wouldn’t hear. As the euphoria wore off, I hung my head, panting, and looked at the stairs. “Ah shit.” I was going to have to clean this mess up fast. I took off my boxers and used them to wipe up the ropes of come that were sliding their way down the wood steps.

I managed to clear away the evidence as best as I could, went to clean myself off and to get some clothes on. As I stood in the closet I realised that I was choosing the apparel I would normally wear when I wanted to go out and pick up women. A snug, light knit sweater, in just the right cut to show off my upper body, a pair of black Dockers, and my Bacci loafers. I had even put on some Old Spice. “What the hell? It’s true, admit it Mitchell,” I told myself. “You want this girl more than you’ve lusted after any other woman. Just go for it.” With new resolve I got dressed. I wasn’t going to let Anika fluster me any more. I was going to be the man I knew I was. The charmer, the seducer, and the ladies man my colleagues told me they wish they could be. She wasn’t going to be the one in control any more.

I took much longer in my room than I had thought, for when I got to the kitchen, the girls were at the table chatting with the Branwin, the cook, over cups of coffee. The remains of a quick breakfast were piled next to the sink waiting to be washed.

“Good morning Mr. Mitchell.”

“Guten morgen Mitchell.”

“Morning all. Are we ready for our spree?” I smiled conspiratorially. “Branwin, I doubt we will be home for lunch, so perhaps just a light dinner for this evening. I’m not sure when we will be getting back.”

“Of course Mr. Mitchell.” I liked Branwin. She was always on time and always courteous. Tack onto that a splendid cook. She had been working for me for years and not once did she displease me. She’d seen her share of my life, and despite her somewhat advanced age she never looked at me disapprovingly, nor once let out anything past the walls of the house. She had my full trust.

“Ladies, shall we?” I made a sweeping gesture with my arm and the girls got up from the table. Had I not come back upstairs with my new frame of mind, then I would never have been able to make it out the door when I saw Anika’s outfit. She had on a very tight black skirt that bahis firmaları flared at the knees and a lavender blouse that fit her curves with such precision that it must have been tailor made. A pair of sling back heels completed the ensemble and all in all made her look every bit the sophisticated European. Sarah by comparison looked very North American in her jeans and pullover, but very comfortable, and very lovely. She was my baby girl; she would always be beautiful to me.

We got into the car and drove to town with both Anika and my daughter in the backseat. What little historical information there was about our small burg I gave them, but for the most part we were a relatively new town, so I tried to make everything as interesting as possible. I did much the same for the clients who wanted a tour so I was reciting most of my repertoire from memory. I knew that the mall would be empty this early in the day but I wanted to go to the independent stores first. I tried to shop there as often as possible. I disliked the mall atmosphere and I figured Anika would prefer to see more of the town then just the florescent trappings of commercialism. I parked the car at the top of the street and fed the meter.

“So ladies, shall we start here and work our way down?” I was feeling more like myself. I knew I could handle this excursion. It would even give me some idea as to what pleased Anika. If I knew some more of her tastes then I was sure that I could win her over later. Just like that, the anxiety she stirred in me was gone, and the assured male was taking over.

“Sounds good Daddy. Oh Anika you’ll love these stores. It’s not quite what we have back home but it’s close enough.”

“I am sure they will be lovely. Do not worry so much. So long as I can find something unique then I do not much care where I buy it.” Well that was interesting. But then my mind registered what Sarah had said. ‘Back home.’ Didn’t she think of this as home any more? I was crushed. Maybe I was reading too much into the statement, but it hurt none the less. I couldn’t let the comment ruin what little time we had together, so I held my tongue and made a mental note to talk to her about this when Anika wasn’t around.

The morning passed by fairly quickly as I watched the two girls paw through racks of clothing, and parade in and out of the changing area. My budget was taking quite the pounding as my daughter racked up purchase after purchase. Perhaps I was trying to make up for what she said earlier but I couldn’t stop myself from buying her what ever she wanted. Anika seemed pleased with the selection the shops offered, it was hard to tell through her serene exterior, but she didn’t buy very much at all. Eventually they managed to get me to try on a few things in one of the men’s stores. I normally don’t like shopping with company, but I quite enjoyed their reactions to my mock modeling, and it gave me a way to make Anika smile again. Despite my already full wardrobe, I bought a few items that Anika seemed to especially like.

We stopped for lunch in one of the more trendy restaurants the area had to offer. The selection wasn’t that large, but the food was very good. We settled on salads and a rather expensive bottle of Chardonnay. The sommelier raised his eyebrows to me before pouring wine for the girls and I nodded my permission to him. The conversation was as light as the meal and just as delectable. Just after we finished, Anika excused herself from the table and I took the opening to talk to my daughter.

“I don’t mean to pry Sarah, but what did you mean earlier, when you said ‘back home’? Don’t you think of this as home anymore?”

“Oh Daddy of course I do.” I could tell she meant it too. Her eyes gleamed with the beginnings of tears. “This will always be home. But with Mom is home too. Home will be wherever the two of you are. Don’t think it isn’t. It just came out that way ’cause I was talking to Anika.” The tears started to escape down her cheeks.

“Sweetie I’m so sorry. I just thought … I don’t know what I thought. I just love you so much, and since I don’t get to see you nearly as often as I would like I got worried. Please forgive your old man for thinking that way?”

“No forgiveness needed!” She reached over and wrapped her arms around me, and I held onto her tight. For a moment I thought I was going to cry as well.

“I love you Daddy.”

“I love you too Sweetheart.” I kissed the top of her head and pulled back from her. “Come on now, we don’t need every one looking at us.” She giggled and wiped her tears away with her napkin. I felt like a new man. Children can do that to you. Just when you think that they don’t really need you any more they turn around and surprise the hell out of you.

“Did something happen?” Anika had returned kaçak iddaa form the washroom and looked at us with concern. Her frown may have been one of worry but my mind saw a face in rapture.

“No we’re fine,” said my daughter, “we just cleared the air of a few things.”

The bill arrived and I insisted that I pay for the three of us despite Anika’s protests. After all, it was the gentlemanly thing to do, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

“Very well Mitchell. I shall have to make sure to pay you back somehow.” I cocked an eyebrow at her and the corner of her mouth twitched up in a slight grin. Perhaps I was just reading into things for the second time in one day, so I decided not to press the matter. I would find out soon enough.

We left the restaurant and I went to put more money in the accursed parking meter, and put the bags in the trunk as the girls continued on to the next store. As luck would have it, it was a lingerie shop, one of the finest in the town. The woman who runs it was an old colleague of mine. She had always wanted her own store; it was a dream of hers. In order to fulfill my part in keeping that dream afloat, I often bought things there for the women I dated, and recommended her to all the women I knew. Now was the moment to be that fly on the wall. Mind you, I was also dreading what things my daughter would end up wanting to buy. I may be male, but I was also a father.

“Hello Mitchell! I haven’t seen you here in quite some time. How are you keeping yourself these days?” My daughter’s jaw dropped and Anika tilted her head in inquisition.

“Hello Isabelle.” I leaned over the counter and we kissed each other on the cheek. “I’ve been fairly busy with work to be honest, and now I have my daughter Sarah and her friend Anika visiting. Sweetie, I’d like you to meet Isabelle, she used to work with me at the office before she escaped from the corporate race.”

“Oh I’ve heard so much about you!” quipped Isabelle, “Your father talks about you every time he’s in here.” I risked a glance at Sarah and she looked at me with a very odd expression. I shrugged my shoulders at her and tried to stave off the embarrassment.

“All good things I hope,” replied my daughter, with a slight shake in her voice. We had never really discussed my dating other women, but I guess she knew now. Either that or she thought … Oh great. “Excuse us a moment.” I took her aside and whispered in her ear. “Hon, I shop here sometimes for gifts, for women. I don’t buy things for myself.” She looked at me in shock and then burst out laughing. She doubled over, she was laughing so hard. I turned around and gave a nervous smile to Isabelle and Anika. I was on the verge of panic. “Hon, are you ok? Come on now Sarah, stop laughing please? What’s so damn funny?” She looked back up at me and started another peel of laughter, wiping tears from her eyes. Twice today I’ve made my daughter cry.

“I’m sorry … Daddy. It’s just … well it’s just so … funny. I … I never thought … I know that … Ah…” she resigned herself to giggles. “I never thought they were for you Daddy. I just didn’t figure you for talking about me in a lingerie store.” She had calmed down enough by now and I was mollified but embarrassed. Way to stick my foot in my mouth. I coughed lightly and returned to the counter where Isabelle and Anika were looking at me trying not to giggle.

“I believe you two wanted to shop?” I tried to get back down to business and forget about his whole episode. “Isabelle, would you please cater to their every whim. I’ll be over there.” I pointed to the ‘man chair’ outside the dressing booths. The three of them began their browsing while I took a seat and looked around the store. Isabelle had changed a few things since my last visit. The walls were now a pale shade of blue and the carpet had been changed giving the place a lighter feel. She had even changed the layout somewhat to give an easier movement around the store without compromising on space. The dressing rooms were also different. The wall enclosing the area had been torn down and replaced by drapes. The rooms themselves no longer had doors, but velvet curtains that stopped about a foot above the floor. The mirrors that had been between each of the old rooms were gone. Instead there was a full length Cheval glass off to the side, opposite my chair. Isabelle had done her homework. She had changed the store from a place of function to a place of seduction. I noticed for the first time that music was playing. I couldn’t quite place it but I knew it was something by Chopin. It was all quite soothing and very comfortable.

I tried very hard not to notice what the girls were looking for. I wanted to be surprised if they decided to model them for me. Although I was still having misgivings kaçak bahis about being here with my daughter, I tried to convince myself that she wasn’t a little girl any more and that she would end up buying things like this when she went back to her mother anyway. I figured that so long as I didn’t see her in them then I would be able to restrain my fatherly concerns. But just in case I waved Isabelle over to me. Before I could say a word she summed it all up for me.

“Don’t worry Mitchell, I’ll steer her clear of the more alluring ensembles.” She said in a low voice. At one point I had considered dating this woman, when she was still working with me, but I knew that it would cause hassles later on. Since she left, I always maintained a flirtatious yet respectful friendship with her. It appeared to suit the both of us and nothing ever happened to make me want to change that relationship.

“Isabelle you are a goddess among women. I doubt my mind would be able to deal with my little girl in the things I know you have on those shelves.” I gave her a wink.

“Well why don’t you go and have a coffee upstairs while I take care of the two lovelies. Your daughter’s friend really is quite beautiful isn’t she?” She looked at me in such a way that made me think she knew what was going on in my mind.

“Yes she is.” I said wistfully. Isabelle raised an eyebrow at me, so I hastened to add, “So is Sarah. Actually,” I cleared my throat, “I think I will go for that coffee.” I got up and looked at Isabelle with a bit of guilt. She just kept that eyebrow right up there and chuckled. I passed her my credit card and aimed for the door.

“I’ll be upstairs when you two are done. Just come up and find me.” I called out to them. I caught the sound of giggles just before the bells tinkled the door’s closing behind me.

The café was a little place bustling with customers but I still managed to find a seat by the window. It overlooked the plaza below and gave me a chance to people watch. I ordered an espresso from the waiter and sat back to ponder. As much as I wanted to see the sort of lingerie Anika would buy, and as much as I wanted to see her in it, I knew that I would never be able to accept the sight of my daughter in anything besides footed fleece pyjamas. I decided it was better to forego the pleasure, then to go through the coronary. In any case I was hoping that Anika’s way of paying me back was to model her purchases for me in private. Now that would be a pleasure. They still had two more nights here so I knew there was no rush. But before they left I wanted to have Anika in my bed. I sipped my Italian brew and ran through several scenarios on how to accomplish that.

About two hours and three coffees later the shopping queens came up to collect me. They were each carrying bags in both hands.

“Daddy I’m pooped!” my daughter exclaimed as she sat down in an empty chair next to me. “Do you think it would be okay if we went home? I glanced up at Anika and she nodded her acquiesce.

“Of course. Why don’t you head back to the car and I’ll settle up here.” I got up and went to pay at the counter while they headed back down the stairs.

The drive home was much quieter than on the way into town. My daughter sat dozing in the front and Anika just stared out the window in the back. I turned the radio on low to the jazz station and enjoyed the drive. I also enjoyed looking at Anika in the rear view, just like I did the night before, only this time I saw her in profile. She was beyond beautiful. As much as her serenity attracted me, I wanted to make this girl cry out in passion, to make her lose that unflappable personality and beg me to make her my slave. Well perhaps not that far, as tempting as it was. I just wanted to make her writhe beneath me as I drove her to ecstasy.

When we pulled into the driveway Sarah made her excuses and staggered straight to her room to take a nap. I carried her bags up, and found her asleep on top of the bed. She hadn’t even bothered to change out of her clothes. I heard the water running in Anika’s room so I headed down to my own.

I put on some track pants and a t-shirt, and figured I would get in a quick work out before dinner. I popped my exercise mix into the CD player and got to it. I did my regular warm up of rowing, followed by a light arm and leg routine. I didn’t want to push too hard since I was going to be eating soon. I finished up in just under an hour and took a long hot shower. I let the heat and steam of the water relax and refresh me. I stood there and let the water pound my skin and wash away the sweat from my work out. In order to keep Anika off my mind, I thought about the account for my employers that I was supposed to be working on. I had been so distracted that I hadn’t been giving it any thought at all.

I put on a clean pair of jeans but stayed shirtless and barefoot. My CD ended and I heard Tchaikovsky coming from upstairs. My curiosity was peeked. When I reached the living room I saw a vision beyond belief.

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