A Birthday Present

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Ruth had noticed the couple as soon as they walked in. Older man. Much younger woman. A philandering husband and his mistress, maybe? A businessman escorted by a particularly high-class call girl? A terrible cliche, but an attractive sight nonetheless. He was mature and ruggedly handsome; she was sexy and ridiculously curvaceous.

The young waitress witnessed how touchy-feely they were, hands roaming all over the place. But Ruth was a professional. She endeavoured not to notice, even though she saw everything that was going on.

Later in the evening, Ruth was in the restroom. After she had left her stall, she went to the basin, to wash her hands. Stood there was the young mistress/whore/whatever, leaning nonchalantly against the wall.

“Hi.” She said, with a dazzling grin.

“Uh, hi.” Ruth responded.

“I’m Jess. I mean, actually I’m Jessica, but everyone calls me Jess.”

“I’m Ruth.”

“Hello Ruth. Has anyone told you how beautiful you are?”

“What?” Slightly thrown by the non sequitur question.

“Beautiful. You really are stunning. A total knockout. casino siteleri Ten out of ten.”

“Uh…thank you.”

“Dad certainly thinks so.”


“Yes, my father. My dining partner for the evening.”

“Oh…he’s your dad. I thought…”

“You thought he was my lover?”


“He is.”


“He is. He is my lover. He’s my father and he’s also my lover.”

“You’re joking?”

“No. I’m not. We fuck. My daddy and me. We fuck. A lot. We have done for a long time.”

“Oh. I don’t know what to say.”

“You should try it. It’s fun. It’s nasty. But that makes it more fun.”

“Why are you telling me this?”

Jess moved closer to Ruth, resting her hand on the young waitress’s hip. Her face was now only inches away.

“My father…my daddy…he likes you.”

“Thank you, I guess.”

“And he wants you.”


“It’s his birthday, you see. He’s 50. And that is why we came here to this hotel. The plan was, we’d have a nice meal and then we’d go upstairs and I’d impale myself on canlı casino my daddy’s cock.”

Ruth emitted a high-pitched squeaking sound. Her nipples were rock hard, her panties were suddenly wet and her skin was flushed; as she absorbed every word this buxom little slut was telling her.

“Then he saw you.” Jess continued. “He fucking loves redheads. His mother was a redhead, and just between you and me Ruth, I think incest may be hereditary in my family.”

Ruth said nothing. She just stared at Jess, as the young woman reached round and stroked her ass.

“So, he saw you, and he was smitten. He couldn’t stop talking about you.”

“He couldn’t?”

“No. So that made me wonder. It’s his birthday, he deserves a present. Now, I was going to let him fuck me in the ass. But he’s done that so many times already, it’s hardly a present. But you? You are a present.”

“You want me to fuck you dad?”

“You’d love it. He’s great in bed and his cock is huge. He knows just what to do with it, too. He’ll make you cum so hard you’ll think you’ve died and gone to heaven.”

“And kaçak casino where would you be? Watching?”

“No. I’ll be fucking you too.”

Ruth gasped, and Jess cupped her breast.

“You must have been with a girl before, surely? Everyone’s bisexual these days.”

“Yes.” She whispered.

“I thought so. I can tell. I’ve got a sixth sense for these things. I love eating pussy. And ass. I’ve got a versatile tongue. I’m very industrious.” Jess whispered.

Ruth stood there blinking, conscious of her sexual juices trickling down her legs.

“So, here’s the deal.” She said, pulling a keycard out of her purse and handing it over. “When you finish work, come up to room 1801. And we can all get down to it. You. Me. And my daddy. I’d offer you money, but I think you’d be insulted. So, hopefully curiosity will be enough to reel you in. I hope you can join us. It’ll be fun.”

Jess leant forward and kissed Ruth lightly on the lips. Then she walked out of the restroom.

Three hours later and Ruth was standing in front of the door to Room 1801. She knocked softly. After twenty seconds or so, it opened and there was Jess. Completely naked and glistening with sweat.

“Ruth!” She exclaimed. “You came. I’m so glad.”

Jess took her hand and pulled her inside. The waitress offered no resistance.

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