A Bet Between Brothers Ch. 4

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As the heat of the afternoon slowly subsided, so did the pace of the party. While Sebastian retired to rest yet again, the others amused themselves in different ways. The security guard returned to his anxious young wife to try to explain why he had to work right through and why he wasn’t as frisky as usual at the start of the weekend! She seemed to accept his explanation that he had been up all night and was tired. But that didn’t stop her joining him in bed!

Debbie and Baptista retired separately to their bedrooms with their new found farmer friends and spent the afternoon in slow and comfortable lovemaking. Amanda and Tom sat by the pool chatting and dozing. The Chinese and Indian ladies were shown to the kitchens to supervise the feast for the evening celebrations.

Anouscha and Gladys went off together in their bikinis to explore the beautiful countryside, so different from where they both came from. At the top of the hill, they stopped and looked back over the valley, down to the hotel set quietly a short way from the small village. The white figures of a cricket match proceeded slowly in the warm sunshine with the occasional sound of bat on ball punctuating the silence. They chatted as best they could in their broken English.

“A lovely view!” said Anouscha. “Let me see the rest.”

Gladys looked around, puzzled. Anouscha was not looking at the countryside any more; her eyes were scanning up and down the dark, long body of the African princess.

Gladys removed the top and bottom of her bikini and stood proudly at the top of the hill with her arms in the air, revelling in the cool breeze on her body and the increasing warmth returning between her legs. Anouscha smiled admiringly.

“You are so beautiful, such a perfect body!”

“Let me see you. I have never touched a white woman before.” She untied Anouscha’s top revealing those shapely soft white breasts and slowly pulled the bottom down over her hips. The thick dark bush sprang out as her pussy was revealed. Gladys ran her hands all over the white perfect skin and gently kissed each large pink nipple.

“Let’s get in the shade, before we are seen.”

The experience of participating in an orgy had enabled both women to lose any last inhibitions. It seemed totally natural to lie down in the small glade they soon found, with the sun through the trees shining a half-light over their bodies and for each of them to explore another woman’s body for the first time. No one would miss them for an hour or two, so they took their time, kissing fondling licking and teething over every inch of flesh and in and out of each tasty juicy pleasure hole.

They used their bikini bottoms to help stifle their gasps and squeals and to wipe up the sweet tasting fluids they produced. They ended in position each sucking on the other’s clitoris, enjoying the distinctive taste and configuration of each pussy, Gladys on top. At last she moved down to concentrate bahis firmaları on bringing her lover to a massive orgasm, which racked through Anouscha’s body for what seemed a life-time as she tried to suppress screams that would have wakened the whole valley and put the batsman off his stroke.

They continued until both were satisfied, then returned down the hill hand in hand with the broad smiles of women whose bodies were satisfied and whose minds could look forward to a whole new sexual dimension in their lives.

“Gladys, we must stay in touch.”

“Of course, we are the new Bi-Babes!”


The feast was a great success, a succession of delicious oriental dishes, each spicier than the last, washed down with more champagne, warm sake or cool Indian beer according to taste. Sebastian sat between Chi- Chi and Nishma drinking tea and being spoon-fed delicacies from either side. As they whispered erotic thoughts intimately into his ears, he began to enjoy the sensation of his body returning to life.

The others ate and drank heartily in varying forms of dress. As things got noisier and threatened to get out of hand, Sebastian was led out of the dining room and up to the stateroom, a large room with an enormous king size bed. Chi Chi lit candles, which sent subtle scented incense around the room, and put on a tape of sensual Indian music. Nishma undressed Sebastian, kissing him lightly as each area of white flesh was revealed. Chi Chi waved and left them alone to return to the party.

As he lay in the middle of the bed, with his back supported by pillows, Nishma danced provocatively in front of the bed swaying her hips to the music. Slowly she allowed the long sari to unwind from around her shapely full figure, moving around and around so he could see her back and profile as well. Sebastian was treated to a tantalising glimpse of each part of her light brown body, seen and then hidden again, as the dance continued. The top of a large firm breast, a plump knee, a dark brown nipple, a strong thigh, a well rounded buttock, a flash of hair, then a clear black triangle at the centre. All the time, she maintained eye contact, as if to say. “The body is nothing to do with me. It has a mind of its own!”

At last, she threw the last layer of cloth from her body, stood with her arms above, showing a glimpse of hairy unshaven armpits. She quickly unfastened her large mane of black hair and allowed it to fall almost down to her impossibly small waist.

She lifted a small tray on to the bed and rubbed a succession of ointments, some very warm and some room temperature, on to Sebastian’s body massaging him as she did so. She started with the feet and worked upwards; he could feel the heat and tingling increase and spread up his legs. It was as if someone was giving him little pinpricks, very delicately all over his body, more pleasure than pain.

From the kaçak iddaa top of his thighs, before she reached his tight balls and eager shaft, she teased him by moving to his arms and then working down his body, pulling hard on his chest hairs. By now the potions were affecting his whole body, the ripples of ecstacy increased until he felt he could bear it no longer. He had always wished he could be inside the body of a woman at the point of orgasm; perhaps this was how it felt!? When Nishma at least got down to his hard shining, throbbing sex, he was ready before she was; he didn’t even need her to touch him.

“Get on me, now!!” he yelled.

She was just in time. As she eased on to him, her pussy wet and ready, her felt the familiar tingle of public hair on public hair. He was then oblivious as his body exploded like a highly sexed woman coming to her peak. Silence and then a huge, high-pitched squeal of pleasure mixed with acute pain as his balls exploded and he came into her. The guests below stopped their high jinks for a second, smiled for a second or two, and then continued playing.

She had felt little or nothing physically but felt huge satisfaction at the sight of his seed on the tip of his dick and at the opening of her wide pussy. But the look of exhaustion on his face as if he had run two marathons and had nothing left to give was more of a concern.

“Rest, Sebastian. We will call you when the time comes.” She whispered softly in his ear as he fell into a deep and dreamless sleep.

At about 11.30, they came to wake him; he felt as he was half-dead, but could recognise that the whole party had joined him, some in a better state than others. The two farmers could hardly walk! They all removed their clothes and got into pairs except for Chi-Chi who was in charge of things, it seemed.

She was a small, pretty, very skinny oriental woman with snake-like hips and hardly any breasts, just bee-sting nipples, and a shaven pussy. Sebastian lay there unexcited, wanting to go back to sleep; but something in the back of his mind told him that he should make an effort. And something between his legs began to give him a good reason to do so!

His balls were aching, his penis was sore and swollen and his body hurt all over. But Chi-Chi was doing something to him. Using techniques handed down over many generations by her family of concubines to the Chinese royal dynasties, Chi-Chi began to work on him, starting by using her whole body to massage him back and front until he felt looser and more relaxed. Her hands to massage his scalp and face, hard strong hands and then gentle reassuring kisses and murmuring of love and affection.

His brain cleared. As Chi-Chi moved back down and concentrated on bringing the last and most important part of him back to life, kissing and sucking it back to full size and then lowering her wet pussy down on to him. Although she started slowly and gently, she was very kaçak bahis tight and the scraping against his tired member was excruciatingly painful at first but he gradually got more used to it.

Meanwhile the other women, who had been half watching and half playing with their respective lovers, moved on to the bed each with their back sides in the air ready to be taken from behind. Debbie went between his legs and began to lick and suck on his balls and her ever-willing farmer returned to grab her hips and plunge in yet again. Baptista, with the other farmer behind, took one nipple and Amanda the other, with Tom dutifully doing his doggy impersonation on her. The girls also sucked and licked while most of their attention was on the hard driving fucking from behind. Nishma, who had taken a fancy to the head chef, a dishy French man, kissed Sebastian’s lips passionately and was taken elegantly from behind by a long slim French dick.

That left Anouscha and Gladys who were happy with their own company, the strap-on dildo and Gladys’ powerful thrusting from behind into Anouscha as she kneeled on the floor at the foot of the bed and sucked the balls of the farmer and the juices between Debbie’s legs.

Sebastian felt surrounded by a humping heaving mound of flesh and sex. His whole body was being pleasured. Chi-Chi was doing something indescribable with her pussy lips; he felt as his shaft was disappearing and then returning, as if it became part of her body. The skin of his foreskin seemed to melt into her. His penis seemed to twist and turn, to grow and contract. Her whole body seemed to be wrapped around him as if she was urging them to join together like Siamese twins at the genitals, never to be parted; one body; one being.

She shouted at the top,of her voice in her own language as if she was calling on the gods to pull it out of him. The women all started to come, screaming louder than ever. Chi-Chi came almost squeezing Sebastian off at the roots. The men came, one after the other.

And Sebastian came, his balls emptied whatever was left; it dribbled up Chi-Chi. She tightened, let him out quickly, tightened again and screamed her foreign words of triumph.

As silence returned to the valley, the bells of the village church chimed midnight.

Sebastian always walked with a slight limp afterwards. Even those many years later, his memories were mixed with pain. But Tom and he could still joke about it as they sat over-looking the Thames. It had been an interesting week-end!

As they reminisced, they were joined on the balcony by a gaggle of women of different races. Seven were all beautiful elegant women in their early forties, still very attractive and slim. Two were at the back, secretly holding hands.

Then there were seven youngsters, almost girls, between eighteen and twenty, Sebastian and Tom guessed. All gorgeous, like entrants to the Miss World competition, all smiling sexily at the two brothers.

“Well, Seb, it looks as if you are a step-father too!”

“Why yes, indeed!” He smiled and thought for a while, a familiar feeling of arousal returning between his legs.

“Fancy another bet?!”

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