A beautiful woman’s bisexual needs.

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This is a story of a divorced mature beautiful, and very sexy bi sexual woman, falling for her daughter’s bi sexual and also beautiful black best friend. Heather is a dominant personality and soon had her friends mother under control, Her handsome almost irresistibly good looking black boyfriend takes her away from her. Only for the womans daughter to undo the knots that bind them together. This story is lesbian, and black sex.

Heather Watson was gazing at the glorious sight in front of her, the small, tight, and very splendid ass was right in front of her, her pussy tingled, and her nipples twitched hard. She so wanted to grab a hold of it, kiss it, lick it, suck it, along with the rest of the fabulous owner.

The owner of such luxury was Jenny Jordan, and she was the mother of Heather’s best friend Carol. They had met two years ago when she moved to her school; they got on like a house on fire, told each other everything, well nearly everything. Heather hadn’t told Carol of her fixation with her gorgeous divorced mother, the divorce being the reason they had moved here.

Jenny Jordan was sex on legs as far as Heather was concerned, about 5ft 6″ a fantastic body which she had seen many times in her home, and in the garden whilst sunbathing. It was a delight, smooth and rounded in all the right places, she moved with grace and femininity. Her long hair, red in some light, dark brown in others was gorgeous, just like her.

Heather was bi sexual, and it sometimes depended on the day of the week, or which side of the bed she had got out of that morning. Whether she was a lesbian this day, a heterosexual or both, but in reality, Heather was both. She was nineteen and a bit, hadn’t gone to college as Carol had, she came home every Friday and went back every Sunday night, sometimes on a Monday morning, depending on her school curriculum.

Heather was everything a girl like herself wanted to be, black and beautiful, 5ft 10″ a statuesque woman in the making, she had everything, a gorgeous face, long silky jet black hair, and a fabulous body that she was now well aware of thanks to her boyfriend, and her past school teacher who Heather had trapped one day after class and got her big style.

Her teacher became just that, her lesbian teacher, she was married, but that didn’t stop Heather from doing her when opportunity arose. And she would visit her home too, and take her teacher to her own bed. She had tried to resist, but Heather’s insistence wore her down, and she did indeed, go down!

Heather had picked up the vibes in her classes, the side looks the wistful glances and sighs. Heather tested the waters now and agin with little loks and touches unseen by others. Then one day just after lessons she went to Janet, her teacher, stood behind her, and said.

“You seem tight today Mrs Wallace, let me see if I can help you?” And before her teacher could react, Heather had her hands on her shoulders and started a massage, one that left Mrs Wallace gasping.

“You like this Mrs Wallace don’t you?” she asked huskily, “you like me doing this don’t you, hmmm? Do you like my touch Mrs Wallace?” Her head rolled from side to side, she was almost asleep with Heather’s wonderful touch.

Heather broke the spell by kissing her teachers neck, biting it, and running her hands down and over her breasts where her nipples screamed as Heathers palms ran over them. Then she just said.

“That’s enough for now Janet, don’t you think, maybe I’ll do it again tomorrow, if you can be a good girl for me?” It was more of a statement of intent than a question, then she walked out of the classroom without a backward glance.

Mrs Wallace sat there completely stunned, shell shocked and utterly aroused, it had been years since another woman, or even a girl had done this to her, but the results were the same. She absolutely adored the attention, and the way her nipples cried out for it. She hurried into her little stockroom and delved her hand into her knickers and brought herself off. Heathers applications in her mind, her knees buckled when she came and she nearly fell down.

Heather, being the girl she was, had now set a target, and Mrs Wallace was the target, she was going to go after her teacher now and get her. She didn’t know yet that Mrs Wallace was already got! She had a thing for black women, her lover all those years ago in college had been black, and she had missed her and it, ever since. She even had a thing for black men, although she had never been with one and never would. And though she would try to fend her off, the growing black beauty who had her in her sights, was about to shoot her down.

After class the following day Mrs Wallace had asked another girl to stay behind to do some follow up work, Heather smiled, “Won’t do you any good teach,” she said to herself, smiling at and catching Mrs Wallace’s eyes. Heather gave her a knowing look then casually made her way to the exit, turned an slowly made her way back just in time to see the bahis firmaları girl closing the classroom door behind her.

“Great timing Heather,” she praised herself. She opened the door and walked in silently. Mrs Wallace was sat at her desk as she had done the day before, and she was engrossed in school books. Heather sidled up behind her, took a deep silent breath, and moved as her hands landed on her neck and shoulders, Heather said, “Here I am Mrs Wallace; let me take the stress out of your day for you, hmmm?”

Her teacher tried to rise but Heather held her down, “don’t struggle Janet, its okay, it’s only me Heather, now keep still, you know you love this, don’t you?”

“Heather please don’t, this isn’t right, I’m your teacher, I will lose my job if someone found us here like this,” she almost bleated. Mrs Wallace wasn’t a tall woman, only about 5ft 2″ extremely good looking, a dirty blond haired woman, and most of the pupils had the hots for her.

But only Heather had seen past the veneer, the covering over her persona, Janet Wallace was also a weak individual, though she hid it well. But Heather had seen, she knew. And now she had everything going for her, height, weight, a much superior personality, and definitely the determination to succeed.

Where as Mrs Wallace, who while being much more than an able teacher, was putty in the hands of a knowing woman, and in Heather, she was in knowing hands. She tried once more to rise, but Heathers hands were already working their magic and Janet could feel herself giving in.

“I’ll let her do this for a while, then I’ll make her stop,” she said to herself, which was the most hopeless thing she could have advised.

Heather worked away, judging the moment to move in for the kill to perfection. She heard from Janet, mewling, sighing, and soft gasps, she bent down and kissed her neck, another sigh, more kisses brought more sighs. Nibbling her everywhere she could reach, Heather had her teacher rolling her head to give her all the access she needed.

Then the coup de gras, she slid her hands down and cupped her breasts. “Heather, don’t, please don’t, Oh Heather pleeeeease.” It was her plea for release, of course it fell on deaf ears. Heather gripped her nipples through her blouse and bra, and it was game over.

“You want me to keep doing this don’t you Janet, you can’t resist me can you, tell me to stop now Janet and I will, go on Janet!” she ordered her, silence, nothing but silence. Heather rapidly undid her blouse pulled her bra up and took the rock hard and bullet like teats in her fingers. Her teacher moaned deeply.

“Come on Janet, we need to be private don’t you think?” Janet could only nod her head. Heather helped her to her feet, hurriedly went to and locked the classroom door, took Janet by the hand and pulled her into her tiny stock room. There she took full control of her, saying, because she now realised that most of her seduction was her down to being black.

“You like me being black don’t you Janet,” she whispered into her ear, “you love black, and especially someone beautiful and black like me don’t you?”

All Mrs Wallace could say was, “Oh Heather, oh.” Heather kissed her for the first time and her teacher responded fully, putting her arms around Heather in a loving hug.

Believing she now had control, she said. “I’m going to take you Janet, you are going to be mine, and we are going to be lovers aren’t we, AREN’T WE!”

Janet moaned a “yes” into her mouth. Heather immediately stripped her, pushed her over the small table and set about eating her thirty year old teacher’s pussy. Janet cried out in ecstasy when she came over Heather’s face.

Then Heather did what she had been aching and wanting to do forever, climb on the table and sit down on her teachers face. Knees either side of her head Heather put her hand under the back of Mrs Wallace’s head and pulled her tight up in to her dripping pussy. Her teacher lapped away, she knew what to do and how to do it. She was gazing up into the slatted eyes of her pupil as Heather looked down at her captive, and rejoiced in the fact that she had succumbed once again to a black girl, and more, a black sodden dripping pussy.

Heather swayed about on her teachers face, reaching behind her and crushed her nipples so hard it made her gasp and suck at Heather’s pussy all the more. Heather came, her nectar dripped out into Janet’s wide open mouth, she drank everything she was offered. Heather tore at her nipples from behind, Janet cried in pain, and came in buckets under her new mistress.

Later as they recovered, Heather got all the information she wanted from her teacher, in between kisses and caresses from her fabulous beautiful black pupil, Janet gave away her time table. When she would be staying after school, days off, and home alone, when her husband would be away.

“You know that from now on Janet, I will be seeing you a lot don’t you?” she told her.

“Yes Heather, I think I’ve kaçak iddaa guessed that already.”

“Good, I’ll be at your house on Thursday, you will mark me as present later for the school. And I want you to dress for me.”

“Dress for you, what do you mean Heather?”

“Like a school girl Janet, like a school girl. I may have to punish you. So dressed as a school girl will fit the bill, yes?”

Her teacher looked at her blankly, she didn’t want this, but her inner need to be dominated now by her beautiful pupil out stripped her reservations.

“Yes Heather, I’ll be dressed the way you want me to be.” Heather was beside herself, she would be leaving the school in three months, and the relationship would more than likely come to an end. She wanted to learn as much as she could about other women. And even more about this new dominant personality inside of her creeping to the fore.

On the Thursday Heather was dressed to kill, she had left home at her normal time. She had her highest black heels on, sheer black stockings, a garter belt, a teeniest thong, no bra, a bright white mini skirt, and a matching bright white tank top. Her long silky black hair hung down around her shoulders.

“Janet Wallace,” she told herself, “you are going to die when you see me like this:” And she was right, Mrs Wallace almost collapsed. She sauntered up to her door; she saw the blinds twitch, so she knew her teacher had seen her. The door opened rapidly, her face was a picture, and complete awe would describe it maybe.

Her teacher was stood there dressed as a St Trinians pupil. She looked a picture, Heather smiled in victory, her hair was in pig tails, spotted cheeks, a scruffy tie halfway around her neck. An open necked white blouse, the top four buttons undone, a short pleated navy blue skirt, bobby socks and buckled shoes!

“Please come in Heather,” Janet stuttered.

“Who? Did you just call me Heather? Don’t you dare call me Heather unless I say you can!” She told her loudly, while stepping inside.

“I’m sorry, I erm, I, what should I call you erm?”

“We are not in school; I am in charge here, and why? Because you need me don’t you? DON’T YOU!” And this was where Heather wanted to know if she could assert authority over her older married teacher. “What do you think you should call me hey, you are a married black loving slut!”

Heather didn’t know she could be like this, she was finding out more and more about herself and she liked it, she liked it a lot. She had always been forthright, making her point, defended her stance, told it like it was. And she was a leader not a follower, but this, oh this was new, her pussy tingled.

She was having a good sex life, her boyfriend took care of all of her needs in that direction. Her girlfriend, a class mate, was doing the other, although Heather was the dominant one of the two. She often her partner down and teased her to the point of distraction before allowing her to cum.

Her stringent hard words hit right home with her teacher, her other lover in college had done this sort of thing, and she had been too weak to resist. She had tried but had gone down without much of a whimper. And she also knew that Heather was a far stronger personality, and a far more demanding girl.

“May I call you mistress, Heather?” That was all Heather wanted to know, “now” she thought, “the first test, and if this works I’ll be having all the fun I want with her.”

“On your knees slut!” she told her, and pointed at the floor. Janet gaped at her, but now there was nothing to be done but obey, she had already lost the battle of wills, not there had been much of one really.

She put out her hand and slid down to her knees, “why am I doing this, and in front of a pupil of mine?” she asked herself. But she knew why, Heather had found her out; she had thought she had got past this desire to be surmounted this way, to be made to feel so inferior. But it was because Heather was black and beautiful. She knew she had been glancing at her for a while in class. The way she looked at her when conversing, her sleek black lines, her flowing black hair, it had all brought her to here. And her pussy had driven her to masturbation several times.

Heather had been to a sex shop and bought two items, one she thought she probably wouldn’t need, and her teacher now on her knees before her, and also dressed the way she was negated their use. The other was a strap on dildo, her first! It was black, and she had selected it because of that, it was also 8″ long, and 2″ inches wide, after much deliberation this was the one she had bought.

She walked behind her teacher, she was forcing herself not to dive on her and rape her right there on her hallway floor. She punched the air in delight, tapped Janet on her head, and asked.

“Well Janet, my little blond, married black loving slut, what shall I do with you. What would you like your mistress to do with you, hmmm?”

(Who are you?) a voice said in kaçak bahis her head, she was making it all up as she went along, apart from the certain knowledge that she would definitely soon have her hapless teacher right where she wanted her. With her legs up in the air over her shoulders, naked and full of her lovely strap on, being royally fucked by her black and beautiful, young pupil mistress.

Heather had tried it on with Carol a couple of times but had been given a very sharp heave ho by her, with the words.

“You’ll never see me doing that Heather, never, sorry.” Carol loved her, but she was her best friend and that’s all she would ever be.

Her teacher looked around to see her, “I’m not sure mistress, erm would you like to tell me, show me, please?”

“Would you like to have me let you lick my hot black pussy Janet?”

“Oh mistress pleases.”

“Well, you black loving slut, you need to ask me very nicely then, go on, and tell me what you are whilst you are doing it.” Her teacher blanched, she was letting Heather gain complete mastery of her, her pussy was on fire, her nipples were at the point of shattering, they were that hard.

Her head bowed, there was no way out, she had to do what she told her to do, or her magnificent black delicious pussy would never caress her face, lips and tongue.

“Please mistress, let me lick you, I need you mistress, oh please mistress,” the dam broke, it washed her away. “I’m begging you mistress, please make me do whatever you want, I will serve you mistress, please let me, make me lick and suck your goddess pussy.”

Heather liked that, ‘Goddess’ it suited her.

“You may lick you’re Goddesses pussy slut, go on, crawl to me.” Heather stood back, making her teacher crawl on her own floor to the young girl who was subjugating her in every way imaginable. As she neared her Heather started up the stairs backwards.

“Come on slut if you want this pussy!” She told her stepping away. And she lifted her short skirt to show her what was there for a little effort.

Her teacher speeded up, she almost chased her pupil up, Heather kept backing away then she saw her marital bedroom and smiled. “This is where I ‘m going to fuck her, in her own bed and in the same place that her husband sleeps.” Her teacher hesitated,

“Do you want me to leave cunt!” she said forcefully. Janet hurried, Heather’s nasty words irritating her astronomically growing arousal. Shaking her head at the same time now. She was long gone past the point of no return.

In the bedroom Heather told her to stand and strip, “and quickly!” she shouted. Her teacher was disrobed in seconds, standing before her pupil mistress. Janet was now utterly humbled, shamed, defeated, she had not one jot of control left in her. But completely and irresistibly aroused.

Heather stood in front of her and took both of her nipples in her fingers, rolled and squeezed them, then dropped her hand to her pussy and fingered that. Her teacher’s legs buckled.

“You go down, and I will leave!” she said quietly. Janet stayed upright whilst Heather tormented her, her clit was ready for exploding, Heather could see it in her eyes, she had seen the same look often enough in her girlfriends too.

“If you cum without me saying you can you slut, I will punish you severely.” Janet’s eyes grew wide in fear, and tortured arousal. She bit her plump lower lip, clenched her fists as she fought the urge not to cum yet.

“On the bed slut, lie on you’re back,” she said, Janet did so quickly.

Heather slowly and tantalisingly undressed, all the while never taking her eyes off her captive. She stood there letting her teacher take in her goodies, Janet’s mouth went dry, she had never seen any thing, or anyone so gloriously beautiful as Heather, her skin was sleek like satin, creamy dark, she was truly magnificent.

Heather languidly got on the bed and climbed over her in the classic 69 position. Putting her hands under her taut ass she settled down on her teachers face with a contented sigh. Then she raked her nails over her tits and nipples, she could feel the reaction under her and she squirmed. She gripped both nipples in her finger nails and squeezed, a muffled cry came from below.

Janet was in heaven, she hated and loved this, the pain, a hot black pussy pressed tight on her face. Her nipples were like firework rockets about to be launched. A hand slid down to her waiting pussy, it stopped, it made her wriggle in frustration. Heather was expertly controlling her.

“You can cum as soon as I do slut, so the quicker that happens the quicker you can cum, get on with it slut!” She nipped her teachers clit in her nails and lifted it, it forced Janet’s backside up as she did so. Heather needed to cum badly, it was a two way street this she knew, she wiggled her pussy on her teacher and made her tongue fuck her.

Then Heather felt that fabulous sensation gathering in her secret places readying to erupt, she did so. Her pussy jammed tight down then lifted and she gushed her cum out over Janet’s face. She drank all she could while she was exploding in Heathers fingers; she too dipped her head and sucked up her juices as they flowed out.

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