5 Days


5 Days“Good girl,” His voices rings deep in my ear, as his fingers pull back a handful of my hair. Lifting my chin to the sky. “I have been waiting for this opportunity for days.” My eyes are closed tightly. I can feel his hot breath against my exposed neck. His warm, strong hands sending liquid electricity straight to my groin as he peels my panties down my thighs. The material of my skirt soft, and cool in contrast to the heat of my skin. I am on fire from within. My wanton pussy a beacon flame guiding him to my darkest needs. His fingertips glide up the back of my thigh, beneath the hem of the skirt. He takes it in his palm and I luxuriate in the feel of his flesh against mine. Before I realize it his hand is gone, then back with a vengeance. A hard slap reverberating through the muscular tissue.“Count for me baby girl,” his says, his smile playing through his tone.“Yes Sir,” my breathy reply. “One. Thank you Sir.”His hand rests a moment, rubbing gentle circles. Awakening my skin. Goose flesh mardin escort is quickly spreading from that spot. My legs, arms, and breasts covered. My nipples rising taut against what’s left of my bra and shirt. I hear the air before the impact. My eyes squeeze even tighter, bracing myself.“Two. Thank you Sir.”“How many days has it been?” His voice is much deeper now. It takes on a warmth. Not sentiment, pure tone, deep and delicious. If chocolate had a sound. It would be his voice.I think to myself a moment, checking my answer several times in my head before finally whimpering, “5 Sir.”“Oh. My good little girl remembers. That’s five days that you haven’t know my cock. Five days that I haven’t emptied my cum into you. Five… whole…. days I have gone without.” I can feel his lips against my ear. His tongue sneaking out to caress it before he growls, “Five days that you’re going to make up for.”Another impact. This one harder than the last. I feel it in my core. My mersin escort walls clench air, begging for the cock it craves. My breath catches in my chest and when it’s released my words come out as a moan, “3. Th…thank you Sir.”An exhalation. Most would think it was nothing. For me is speaks volumes. His heat is rising as well. He rubs a gentle circle again into my heated cheek. His lips resting in the hollow of my neck. Teeth grazing the heightened flesh. The nailed tips of his fingers scratch, trace lightly. The hypersensitive flesh responding.The air rushes around his arm as he draws back. Farther this time I can tell. His hand lands roughly, nails catching the curve of my cheek. Though I was clenching my muscles as tightly as I could my muscles still reverberate. I feel the tears begin streaming down my face. They are cool rivers against my scalding skin. I am burning from the inside out. He has made me flame, a phoenix. I would wipe them away normally, but I escort bayan have my instructions. My hands are not to release the edge of the desk beneath my hands. My nails dig into the wood as a cry burst from my lips. A moment to breathe then in a whisper, “4. Thank you, Sir.”His fingers release my hair, massaging my scalp, down the back of my neck to my shoulder and lower. He crosses his arm over my chest, his right hand gripping my left breast. Tweaking the awakened little bud between his thumb and index finger. I can feel her, my glorious b**sty clench hard and long. It takes my breath away almost as much as the feel of his right hand lifting my skirt and tucking it into the top hem. I swear I can hear my skin sizzle as the air hits my pert bottom. I quickly inhale through gritted teeth, my mouth suddenly going dry. Right as I begin to center myself, to calm I feel the final blow. I nearly jump out of my skin yet I am there still standing, still wrapped in his embrace. The tears stream down my face anew. I hear the drips hitting his hand.I gulp down the lump in my throat, my teeth still gritted, “5! Th…. thank…. Thank you Sir!”“You are most welcome pet. You’ll make sure to leave room in the schedule for me from now on, yes?” He is smirking.“Yes Sir.” I reply

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