4 Pregnant Pauses


4 Pregnant PausesThese are very short tales about wombs being filled and bellies expanding… Enjoy!1. family Love“Mom… I scared…”“Don’t be afraid baby, every woman goes through this. It is truly a ‘rite of passage’!” “I know we’ve talked about this for years. I’m really want to do it, but now…”“I understand baby… Really I do. You’re worried about the pain. Remember how I told you about my first time? How I looked everywhere for the right man, the perfect man to take me into womanhood. It really surprised me when that turned out to be my own brother! Phil was so wonderful! He was so gentle and understanding. He made it so good for me…” “I wish Uncle Phil was here now mamma…” “I know baby, so do I. His death so young was a tragedy, but luckily he left us someone almost as perfect, your cousin Peter.” “Are you ready Auntie?” “Yes dear you may begin…” “Mamma…” “It’s OK baby, let mama touch you…. I’ll make you feel good while Peter breaks you in.” “Damn Auntie she’s so tight!” “Slowly Peter. Just inside and wait…” “Oh mamma, I feel so full already!” “I know baby, our men folk  are well above average. It will make it feel so good very soon…” “Oh God mamma, I feel it… I can feel his dick stretching me!” “I’m right up against her cherry Auntie…” “Alright now…. both of you take a deep breath. and relax a moment…” “God mamma your hand feels so good rubbing my clit, I think I’m about to cum!” “That’s great baby, go with the feeling! Peter, when she hits her peak, push it through!” “Oh wow she feels so good Auntie, do I really get to cum in her?” “Yes Peter, the only regret I ever had about your dad was I didn’t let him breed me. Tonight baby gets the whole package, a popped cherry and a fertile belly full of sperm. I’ll be a grandmother before I’m 40!” “Mamma, I’m right on the edge…” “NOW PETE!” “OH GOD!” “Good k**s, you’re both doing great!” “Auntie, she’s so hot and so tight I’m going cum!” bolu escort “Mamma I’m so full of him, I never knew anything could feel this good! I’m going to cum again too!” “Then cum together, make our family complete!” “Then Peter, I want you to fuck a baby into me…”~~~~~~~~~~~~~~2. A Change of PlansYou entered your hotel room to find her standing against the open window wearing NOTHING but lingerie, thigh highs & heels.“Hello sir, I have a gift for you… Drop you bags and your pants and take me right now! Don’t speak to me. Don’t kiss me. Just FUCK ME!”Now you understand the desk clerk’s strange look as you checked in. Someone has messed up someone’s carefully laid plans!Never one to tempt fate you do as she commands. You push into her and fuck her against the glass, anyone passing by in the harbour below could see you clearly!You cum strongly inside her and fill her with your sperm. Your excess spend pouring out of her down to the carpet below…Panting after her own release she turns to you, her smile giving way to a look of shock and then a scream!“Who the fuck are you and where is my husband?”Your laugh fills the room. Her anger melts to terror.“Fred canceled at the last minute, something about family, his wife. That would be you?”She begins to cry and runs for her clothes on the bed. You grab her arm as she tries to move past you. You start into each other’s eyes. Her eyes flash downwards to your STILL hard cock. You smile at her with a wicked, almost evil glare…“Let me guess, romantic baby-making weekend? Well, his loss will be YOUR GAIN!”You turn her around and push her to the bed. She lands on her back, her legs thrown into the air from the impact. You grab her by both ankles and lean towards her open, dripping, cunt…“Please no! We’ve been trying so long for… I’m on strong fertility treatments! Please God don’t make me do this!”You shove your thick cock inside her again and begin to fuck bolu escort bayan her even harder this time. She starts to orgasm almost immediately from your strong thrusts. Her words of negation turning swiftly into moans of ecstasy as you give her sex like she has never imagined it before.Soon all thoughts of her husband Fred are gone, replaced only by the extreme pleasure you are giving her. Her over-stimulated womb prepared to accept your second offering of very fertile seed.“At least you can get your baby this weekend! Poor Fred though… Yes, take it!”~~~~~~~~~~~~~3. The HeroBecky couldn’t believe the sensations that his huge cock gave her as he stretched her tight cunt. She had had several lovers before but nothing to compare with this massive piece of meat!Brad had had no outlet for several months. He had been deployed overseas in an Arab country training local fighters. There were no women around, no privacy to be had. As soon as he reached home he longed to empty himself into his woman…Brad then discovered that “his” woman was cheating on him while he was gone. She now carried another’s c***d inside her. Broken hearted, Brad turned to his best and truest friend, his sister…Becky tried to comfort her brother as best she could. Her tender comforting embrace suddenly flared his sorrow to anger and then to passionate lust. He tore off both their clothes and took her savagely! Becky never tried to stop her brother from using her for his cathartic release. She meekly took his anger and lust. She wrapped herself around him and tried to show him the love and compassion that had been torn from him.For a day and a half Brad buried his thick cock into his sister cumming strongly and deeply in her again and again, pausing only to piss and drink water. Becky never told him she was not on birth control, thinking only of his need to vent his rage and seed.She would bear the fruit of his rage in 9 months. escort bolu Never telling a soul her now deceased hero brother was the father of “Little Brad”! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~4. Summertime“Summertime, and the livin’ is easyFish are jumpin’ and the cotton is highOh, your daddy’s rich and your ma is good-lookin’So hush, little baby, don’t you cryOne of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singingAnd you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the skyBut till that morning, there ain’t nothin’ can harm youWith daddy and mammy standin’ byOne of these mornings you’re gonna rise up singingAnd you’ll spread your wings and you’ll take to the skyBut till… “ – ‘Summertime’, by George Gershwin, Ira Gershwin & DuBose HeywardSummertime had also been so much fun, especially the time you spent at your grandparent’s house in the country…Your mom had 2 siblings, both sisters. All 3 women only managed to produce 1 c***d each, you being the only boy.You and your 2 cousins were only months apart in age, all favoring your fathers.You had learned to swim together. You had explored the countryside together. Explored the mountains together. Even your first tentative sexual explorations had been together…Now with college completed the entire family gathered together one last time. Your grandparent’s age and illness signaled the closing of their time with you.Your cousins had other plans for you though!While everyone one else was attending the local church supper they brought you to your grandparent’s bed to renew your sexual adventures. You stood at the foot of the bed as they teased you with their bodies…You fucked one, then the other. Filling both of them with your fertile seed over and over that afternoon. Neither said a word about the lack of condoms. Neither ever mentioned protection. They just smiled knowingly at each other and encouraged you to fill them both “deep and full”!In a few short months both of your grandparents were gone, leaving the 3 of you their farm.They were far wiser and more seeing than your parents. Knowing the family would grow large on the fertile lands of the family farm. Even beyond the 2 round bellies now carrying the next generation!

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