387 kay and the dungeon, 3rd and final part


387 kay and the dungeon, 3rd and final partKay and the dungeon 3 and finalI lay on that bench feeling broken, crying softly, my body aching all over. I put my hand between my legs, gently touching my swollen lips, painful to my touch, lumpy and stinging, my fingers came away wet, I looked at them, covered in a thick clear slime, with a slight red twinge in it. I realised it was discharge from my orgasm, mixed with a little blood from where the clips had broken the skin of my poor labia.I had mixed feelings, it had been extremely erotic, the orgasms were the best I had ever had, deep, powerful releases, almost spiritual, but I also felt broken, definitely used, like a slab of tenderised meat.My fingers traced the raised welts on my pubic mound and my lower belly, they were thick, and angry. everywhere I touched stung. I got up slowly and walked to the closest mirror. My body was a mass of red whip marks, my cunt-lips looked deformed, grotesquely swollen, and blackening to the same colour as my mangled tits. I could see several small cuts on them, from the metal teeth where the clips had torn themselves free. My eyes were puffy and bloodshot from my crying, my face a mess from ruined make up. my body had been tortured from the neck to my knees.I slowly collected my shoes and my dress, tokens of another world, then walked back through the wine cellar, and slowly climbed the stairs. I found he was sitting on the sofa sipping a goblet of red wine as I entered the living room. “You’re beautiful Kay, turn around for me, very slowly please. Let me look at you.” I put my clothes on a chair, then turned in front of him, displaying his handiwork, feeling strangely proud of myself.”Come sit” he offered, I sat beside him on the sofa. there was a two-litre bottle and large glass of milk on the coffee table. “Drink the milk, then refill the glass.” he ordered. I drank it, it was soothing on my throat, then I refilled the glass, “Drink that as well and keep drinking until the bottle is empty.” I drank the second glass. It was filling and I was becoming bloated from it. I looked at him, my eyes pleading. he reached over and grabbed my right breast, squeezing it hard, till I cried out, my bruised tit hurting terribly. “Drink the fucking milk.” I drank it down, he refilled the glass and made to grab my tit again, I moved it away and drank the milk quickly. He chuckled, then kept refilling the glass until the bottle was completely empty.He sat there watching me, slowly sipping his wine, his eyes devouring my battered body, my stomach felt bloated, my head hanging, not now meeting his gaze, I could feel the displeasure of a very full bladder, I had drunk his piss, a bottle of water, and now two full litres of milk. the pressure was becoming unbearable, and I was squirming, my thighs together painful as that was, not daring to speak. The minutes passed slowly, he watching, enjoying my discomfort as he slowly sipped his wine. five minutes past, ten, I felt like I was going to burst, then he finished the last of his wine stood, picked up the empty milk glass and said, “Come.” I followed him down the hallway, he opened a door and we were into a huge, very opulent bathroom. white tiles, a huge bathtub, and a large shower stall into which he pushed me, and squatted in front of me, holding the glass between my legs, close to my bruised cunt, “Now piss for me Kay”. he said. it took several seconds for it to start as till now I had been concentrating so hard to keep the piss from leaking. I felt embarrassed, and humiliated, then the flow started, strong smelling and yellow, I quickly filled the large glass, the rest going down the drain. he stood up, showing me the glass full of my own piss, “kneel down.” he ordered, I began to cry, so he reach between my legs and pinched my labia, “Owwww” I yelled, “Kneel down then Kay”, I dropped to my knees, he grabbed my hair, pulling it back tilting my head, “Open wide”, I did, and he started pouring my foul piss into my open mouth “Drink. or I’ll hurt you” he threatened, as if he hadn`t already. I scrunched up my face and I desperately swallowed, trying not to taste it. I could see he was enjoying my discomfort, as he poured more into my mouth, his erection was huge, hard as iron, his cock bouncing as I coughed and spluttered, but he managed to pour almost the entire large glass of my piss into my mouth with minimal spillage. “Excellent”. he said, “Now for some more” he aimed his cock at my open mouth, and then he was pissing into it, despite his errection “Swallow it bitch” I gulped it down quickly, in between swallows he directed the stream all over my face and hair, then back to my mouth. I was covered in piss, then as the stream weakened, he pushed his cock into my mouth. He grabbed my hair in both hands, holding my head tightly in position, his cock still dribbling piss as he forced it right into my throat. His cock was big, very big, it hurt my throat as he pushed it in, pulling my head forward at the same time, his cock was filling my throat, stretching it, forcing it deeper, I was choking, gagging, çanakkale escort as I looked up at him, tears running down my cheeks, “Yeah, give me those fucking eyes, you dirty cunt.” he growled, fucking his cock into me, r****g my throat. I gagged and regurgitated a huge gush of piss and milk, around his cock and out of my mouth, ” Fuck yeah” he said, pulling his cock out and slapping my face hard, then ramming it back in, deeper, again a flood of liquid erupted around his cock, splashing him and coating his balls with the foul mixture, this time instead of pulling out he pushed deeper, his dripping balls slapping on my chin, holding me tight on his cock as I spewed around it. “Yeah, keep on it slut.”, he fucked it in and out about 3″, as I continued gagging, choking the milky, piss mix out of me. occasionally slapping me in the face, very hard, and very loud, occasionally catching a handful of the foul liquid and smearing it on my face and in my hair. He fucked my face for about twenty long minutes without cumming, I was dry retching by the end, covered in that vile smelling slime, my face red and stinging from the constant slapping. totally humiliated and degraded. My throat raw, and aching. disgusted that I had orgasmed twice during that spewing ordeal. He was now slowly rubbing his cock all over my face, “Your a filthy fucking slut, I own your mouth, you cocksucker, you dirty fuck pig, With-out this you are just a worthless cunt.” I was broken, I felt exactly how he described me, I knelt there sobbing weakly, his filth dripping from my face and hair. ” Get up.” I struggled to my feet as he pulled on my hair. then he turned the shower on, I just stood there while he soaped me, he was gentle, not trying to hurt me now, tenderly washing the filth from my sore, damaged body, washing my hair clean, my face, my tender bruised body, rinsing me with a soft sponge, the soapy water soothing. then he was patting me dry, with a soft fluffy towel, careful on my bruised tender breasts, and between my legs. he led me naked to a warm bedroom, lay me down gently onto crisp cotton sheets, and for the first time, Jack kissed me, softly, his tongue exploring my mouth, filling it with the taste of red wine. he opened a drawer, and took out a small container of salve, he began applying it to my body, it was instantly soothing, his touch infinitely gentle, as he covered every area on the front of me that his punishments had touched. “Roll over Kay.” I did so, instantly reacting to his command. He applied the salve to my back, arse, and thighs. his touch almost erotic, I felt a stirring between my legs, Damn, I thought, I really am a slut. he noticed my wetness, as he worked the salve between my legs, massaging it onto my swollen labia, “You’re magnificent.” he said. he rolled me onto my back again, gently parted my legs, positioned himself carefully between them, very careful to hold himself up, trying not to touch my broken body, his cock was rampant, twitching, he massaged the head gently between my cunt lips, I winced, but raised myself up at the same time, capturing the head just inside my dripping entrance, I so wanted him. Then he slowly thrust forward, I gasped as he entered me, so big, spreading my bruised cunt open, stretching me, I couldn’t help myself, I grabbed his buttocks and pulled him hard into me, his cock impaled me, and I cried out as his pubic bone ground against my swollen labia and clit, and then he was fucking me, regardless of my pain, pumping his thick warm meat deep with each stroke, my cunt creaming on his shaft, as it always does on a very thick cock. I was arching my back, thrusting up to meet him, the pain in my cunt taking on a new dimension with each crushing lunge, my belly started to tremble, he increased his tempo, his heavy balls slapping my arsehole, I started growling, deep inside my chest, my cunt tightened around his cock, he was slamming full length strokes into me, the pain now an exquisite tingle as it joined with other, more pleasurable sensations, then forgetting himself, he grabbed both my tits, squeezing them hard and using them to drag himself into me for his final massive few strokes, I gasped, the pain taking me over the edge, my cunt gripped his cock hard, then released as a flood of juice, flushing around his cock, splashing his tightening balls, then the warmth of his thick, powerful spurts of cum splashed my cervix, it kept my orgasm going, his fingers still digging into my sore tits, pain and pleasure overwhelming me, he was grunting, still thrusting as his cock spurted, I could feel every inch of him, my cunt tightly clutching the full length of his thrusting cock. And then, suddenly, it over, we both lay there panting, sweaty, ragged breathing. he realised he was still gripping my tits, and quickly released them, which funnily enough, really hurt me. He pulled out of me, and I felt his cum, still warm, dribbling down over my arsehole, there was a lot of it. suddenly I was sore again, but completely sated, and too exhausted to really care, it had been a big, escort çanakkale big night. he got off the bed, leant down and kissed me softly. it was 1am, according to the digital clock on the side table. “Sleep now my sweet Kay, I will see you in the morning.” then he quietly left the room. I was asleep almost instantly.I was woken by him entering the room, the digital clock showed 9am. he was carrying a tray, breakfast, scrambled eggs, bacon, cocktail sausages, thick toast with butter, and a mug of steaming coffee. I realised I was famished. I sat up gingerly, god, my whole body was aching, the bruises had set, a dirty black colour, edged in red brown. there were a lot of them. the welts had also risen, every one of them. he put the tray down, “Enjoy, darling.” he said, and quietly left the room. I sat there devouring the food, relishing the hot coffee, I was on the last piece of toast when he came back in with my bag. he put it down waited for me to finish, then took the tray away, returning with a second cup of hot coffee, he sat on the edge of the bed, smiling at me as I sipped it. then opened the bedside drawer and took out the salve again. I put the coffee down and laid back down as he gently applied it to my needy areas, then turned over so he could do my back. once again, I got juiced up between the legs at his soothing touch. “You’re incredible.” he laughed. that made me giggle, he was very handsome, especially when he laughed. “Use the bathroom when you’re ready.” he said and left. I lay there for several minutes feeling absolutely contented, then realised I needed the bathroom. I thought about dressing but decided against it, so I walked naked to the bathroom and peed, it stung as it passed, but that was expected. Then I saw there was a new toothbrush, and toothpaste near the sink, and a hairbrush, I used all three, then felt almost normal. I looked in the mirror, he had really worked me over, I turned to get a partial view of my back, it looked like a roadmap. I was feeling pretty proud of myself, and more than a little horny once more. I walked slowly back to the living room, he was on the sofa, his eyes watching me, as I stood in front of him, my legs slightly apart, turning slowly, letting he see just how badly he had marked my body, I noticed his growing bulge, and knelt down and started undoing his pants, he lifted up as I slid them off. I stroked his thickening cock, as I licked and sucked wetly on his big hairy balls, he groaned, I ran my tongue along the length of his shaft before taking the head into my mouth, working my tongue under his foreskin and swirling it around his knob, “Fuck Kay.” he said, I giggled with his cock in my mouth, then started taking it into my throat, sucking it and working my tongue on it as I did. my fingernails scratching lightly on his balls. I sucked him enthusiastically for several minutes, then took his cock out, stroking it as I looked up at him. “Fuck me in the arse” I begged, then turned, leaned over the coffee table, reached back and pulled my arse-cheeks apart, offering him my still stretched hole. he was behind me in an instant, I felt him dribble spit into my crack, then his cock was spreading it on my hole, before he began pushing into me, my anus expanding, reaching its limit, then a painful pressure as it expanded more, much more, before the big head plopped inside, his weight as he leaned over me, pushing it ever deeper, I moaned loudly, moving back onto it, gritting my teeth as it over filled me, met a barrier deep inside my guts, then pushed through it, god he was big. Finally I felt his heavy balls banging against my labia, as he started to fuck me, with short pumps deep inside my body, I moaned again as they lengthened, his fucking increasing in tempo, and then he was fucking me fully, his cock pistoning, occasionally popping free from my clutching hole, only to slam back in, balls deep. I raised up slightly off of the coffee table, found his hands and brought them to my damaged tits, “Squeeze them” I gasped, I needed pain, he didn’t need to be told twice, as he dug his fingers into them, “Oh fuck yessss”, I cried out, my hand shot between my legs, fingers finding and squeezing at my bruised clit, he fucked my arse like he was possessed, his hands working my tits the way he had at the very beginning, almost twisting them off, my fingers alternating between rubbing and squeezing my throbbing clit, I came in a rush, no build up at all, just a powerful spasming deep throb deep inside my cunt, as unknowingly my own fingernails clawed at my swollen labia the wave broke, it overtook me. he grunted at the clutching of my arse tight around his cock, but to his credit he kept fucking, I was spent, like a rag doll, but he kept going, tearing at my tits, his weight driving my pelvis into the rough edge of the coffee table, minutes past as he fucked me like a best stud, then he sank his cock deep, shaking as he emptied his balls deep into my bowels. he collapsed on top of me, his breathing ragged, I had the biggest smile on my face. I felt him withdraw çanakkale escort bayan his cock, it made a wet plopping sound as it pulled free of me. He flopped onto the sofa, I turned, smiled and crawled between his legs, taking his glistening cock into my mouth and licking and sucking it clean. he started laughing, “You’re fucking insatiable, not to mention, really fucking good at it.” I smiled at him, “You’re pretty good yourself.” He stroked my hair as I nuzzled against his spent cock. we stayed like that for quite a while, then got up and showered together, soaping each other, then later drying each other. we both dressed, then he took me out to a café for a late lunch. We chatted about Friday night, discussing each aspect of it, over the meal, dissecting it. he asked if there was anything, I didn’t like about it, but it turns out I liked it all, even the throat fucking till I spewed around his cock, and of course he liked it all as well. he asked if I was okay, I assured him I was. We talked about meeting up again agreeing it was a must! he said wants to further my limits, frankly I can’t wait. We discussed future torments he would subject me to, over the sweet, I told him about my needle and skewer fantasies, he was very interested. he told me about his desire to hang me by my tits, and his passion for hole stretching, large inserts, and of course there would be much whipping and caning once again. we skirted the topic of introducing others into our “play”. deciding against it at least for now. The afternoon dragged on, and soon it was time to head back. when we got back, he had to pee, I quickly stripped and followed him into the bathroom, took his hand, led him into the shower, silently knelt down and opened my mouth wide, head tilted back, he just smiled, then started pissing in my mouth. I drank it all down. a small amount spilling onto my tits, I rubbed it into them, then I sucked his cock until he shot a massive, thick, creamy load into my mouth, I swirled it around, opened my mouth to show it to him, then swallowed it down. We settled on the sofa, each with a red wine, chatting. we discussed many things including my love of glory holes, swinger parties, gangbangs. he is also very keen to buy me sexy outfits, he likes to parade his “merchandise” (meaning me) in public, he’s also a big fan of “walks of shame” and hinted we may include one after a glory hole session, me covered in cum of course, walking with him on crowded public streets. it sounds kind of appealing, he reminded me it would always be followed by some very severe discipline. later heading to the bedroom, where he fucked me again, slowly, gently, with lots of kissing, as he shot his cum deep inside my cunt, I gently orgasmed twice, not violently or massively but steadily and lovingly. He massaged salve into my body, still very tender, especially my tits. I slept solidly, awoke to another breakfast, pancakes and maple syrup, juice, and coffee. we fucked again after it, then I showered, and he applied the salve once again. The morning we knew was getting away from us, and I knew I had to leave soon. I was dressed in my tracksuit, and slip-on shoes, my dress and heels stuffed in my bag, the stockings were ruined, and he wanted to keep my panties as a keepsake. “Just one thing before you leave Kay”. he walked into his dining room and came out with a straight-backed chair, and a thin whippy cane. “Take off your top and sit on this chair facing its back.” he instructed. “There’s just the small matter of the spilled piss on Friday night still to clear up before you go.” he smiled as he said it, I willingly took of my top, smiling as well, as I compliantly sat myself for him in the chair, he grabbed my tits, lifting them both and pulling me tight against the chair back, dr****g my tits over its back, he told me to grab the bottom of the chair back, which I did. “Now I want you to listen carefully, you must make no noise, grit your teeth and bare the pain silently, also if your hands move of the chair, I will tie them behind your back and start again… understand?” I nodded. “Tilt your head back.” I did, as he swished the cane, then rested it across both tits, high up on them. Thwack, I bit down hard, gasping, the pain instant and powerful, he struck again, just below the first, hard stinging blows, instantly stripping my bruised tits, eight more equally hard followed those first two, the final stroke hitting both nipples. A crescendo of wonderful pain as he watched me carefully, waiting to see if I broke. I didn’t, though a tear rolled down my cheek as I desperately held my mouth closed, my hands remaining by some miracle, gripping the chair. my tits were on fire, the painful stings burned deeply into them, as I looked down, nine bright red welts, perfectly placed, close together, had risen starkly on my already bruised breast meat, both nipples now hugely erect, bright pink, throbbing in pain. “There that’s something to remember on the drive home, Kay.” I stood, put on my top, picked up my bag, and he walked me the short distance to my car. kissed the top of my forehead. “We’ll talk later.” then he turned and walked off, as I got in my car, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck I chanted, as the pain hit.” I started up and began the long journey home, my tits throbbing, but once again wet between the legs.

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