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36Weekend away 136Weekend away 1Friday, work had dragged, hubby had helped her get ready to go out and having rushed around here she was the sun going down, the hot dusty streets still basking in the warmth of the summer day rushing to be at the location where she had been told to meet him.She believed her date would not wait, so her heels clip clopped along the paving at a fair trot, his car stood at the kerbside, the door just open as she by now panting arrived beside the sleek 4×4.She leapt in throwing her small bag into the backseat as the machine began to move even before she had the door closed, he was annoyed, she could tell, nothing was said he not wishing to vent his anger, her forbidden to speak as was her instruction.Half hour passed in silence, the houses receded, rolling wooded hillside now, the scenery more remote the car slowed and turned onto a track, trees with dark shadows overhanging the track with a menacing sort of gloom, she shuddered, she had know her master for some months now, but this was the first meeting.She had left her husband, and daughter to be his slave for the weekend, hubby was an eager cuckold, and had read every word the master had written throughout the time they had communicated.It had started with him writing for her; it had progressed till he had persuaded her to be his for a whole weekend.She knew he would be no soft lover boy, he was twice her age, he was keen on BDMS, but he had always been totally honest in saying he wanted to use her all weekend and that she would go home very tired, a touch marked, bruised and perhaps and little wiser.She was expectant, stimulated and perhaps more than a touch frightened by this giant of a man at the wheel silently driving her too she knew not where and to abuse her in ways she could only imagine.For his part he couldn’t believe his luck, she had agreed to be his for the weekend, knowing his wish to abuse her, and her husband had been happy to get her ready for him and had dressed her, sent her to him and was looking forward to her return. He fully understood the menace of the silent drive to his hidden away forest hut where normally he went to have peace when the stress of the world was just too much for him, it was not his usual way as by nature he was a happy go lucky sort of guy, he just had this fantasy he had held for some years and he was off to live the dream and it would feed off her terror.The 4×4 bounced along turning onto an even smaller track that abruptly stopped at a log cabin. He told her to “get out” then to “unload the boot and fetch whatever she found into the hut while he lit up the lamps and stove”The final dribbles of light were vanishing as the tasks were completed; a Tilly lamp hissed its powerful glow, casting its welcome light around the small building, a small gas stove soon had a kettle boiling and the smell of coffee drifted around giving an almost ‘camping with a friend’ feel to the small room.She saw his almost benign smile, as he looked her up and down, sticking a huge hand out to her in a gesture of friendship. Her mind now doing cartwheels, they shook hands like some distant relatives that had not met for years each appraising the other now they had finally met in the flesh so to speak.“You came then even though you know I am going to make your life hell this weekend?” Was it a statement or a question, she couldn’t tell. In reply she said “she was intrigued by his mails and had had a fantasy to be used and not in control of her own life even if it did mean a little pain”. A comment more in hope than anything and which brought a smile to his face as he surveyed her evenly saying that before they began there was food to enjoy in the ice box, to “get it on the table then make up my bed”, she hastened to do as bid noting it was his bed not “ours” . The bed made and the cold sandwich meal eaten, they sat over another coffee. She if anything now more worried by the almost non sexual way he was behaving, why she wondered, he hadn’t even asked her to undress yet, it was all very unsettling.He asked about hubby, wanting to know more of a man that would allow a woman, his woman, to go away with what amounted to a total stranger for a weekend in some place they knew not where; he could be jack the ripper for all they knew.She explained that though hubby was unhappy about her loving even the idea of pain, (her fantasy for some years,) he loved the idea of being able to cosset her on her return, to use her beaten body and to nurse it back to full health. He wanted her to experience the pain she so wanted and that he was just not able to inflict on her in his own placid way.“So shall it be then girl, fetch that bag over here” she scurried over to the bag he was pointing out, her heart in her mouth as she knew the fantasy was about to begin.He took the bag and gave her a torch, “go empty yourself girl it`s at the back” he grunted.By now the darkness had closed in and the forest black and foreboding and forest noises made her heartbeat just that bit faster with the unusual, as she picked her way round the little place, she did as bid, though not staying in the smelly toilet hut a moment longer than she needed, returning and closing the door behind her with a nervose hand as she approached his old armchair.On the table in front of him lay cuffs in brown glossy leather, straps, a crop, a cane clamps, pegs, a rather ominous little black box, a ½” paintbrush and a jar of honey. Her eyes fixed on the items and she stood transfixed as he began to remove her clothing.Off came the blouse, the impractical high heels and the dark skirt, chosen with such care by hubby who after all didn’t know the venue any more than she had, they were all gone before she realised what was happening.He motioned her to remove her stockings, which she soon accomplished along with the lacy little girdle; she patiently stood now in her silky white knickers and lacy bra as he attached a cuff to each wrist, then one round each now naked ankle, both tight but not uncomfortably so. “Off with the webbing then” he said and she was quick to divest herself of the upper clothing, standing up straight for his inspection of her not untidy body. Not overly huge in the breast department, nor yet undersize be it said, he nodded his approval, running his huge rough hands over the soft flesh and stiff nipples in a most suggestive sort of way,!She shuddered, as he muttered that they should mark up well she knew it was not a casual comment, he meant every word.He pointed at the only item of clothing left, she knew it was inevitable and slid the silky material down to her ankles kicking them to the corner, she instantly knew that was a mistake as a digit pointed and a gruff “FETCH” command sent her scuttling to collect the wet gusseted item.She looked down as she presented the silky and somewhat scanty white knickers to him he sniffed at the wet crotch, smiled then lifted the crop as he quickly spun her about and swiped at her pert buttocks. A single red line instantly appeared, and an involuntary squeak emitted from her pursed lips. It would not be the last this weekend she knew.He innocently offered her a cold drink, saying it would be a long night and she should keep herself hydrated, she took a large glass of squash downing it rapidlyHe raised her left arm, clipping the cuff to a small chain she had not noticed hanging from the roof truss, she was now stretched upward her feet barely touching the floor. Two bricks he placed for her to step up onto, then the second wrist as quickly secured to its own chain.She now hung on flat feet facing his bed in the centre of the room, the lamp casting her shadow onto the wall as she waited his pleasure.He sat on the bed looking at her lovely body, and slowly explained he “had a schedule” he said of “what was to happen to her over the course of the next 24 hours”.He then produced from his bag a poster in large black lettering that he pinned up so she could read it clearly from her standing position. It was a schedule alright even giving the times she would be allowed food, drink or to urinate, it was so precise it made her shudder as she read the thing, noting there was no time allotted for sleep or rest.There in black and white was her life and misery for the next day mapped out for her, clinical and unfeeling, she read it from the top again, as she was to do over and over all night, it was to taunt her knowing that whatever pain she was bearing now was nothing as to what he had in mind to follow and she now had no doubts that he would do just as he said.The list started with; Tack hanging overnight with weights0600 Sex, 0700 Breakfast Water worksToilet break 10 00 SpankingSex1200 Dinner My little friends1400 Toilet break Piercing and Marking with cane1700 Pack and leave Home about 1800 dependent on trafficSex, in own bed (before hubby as he has requested.)It was oh so clinical she reread it again, then again as she would perhaps a hundred times during the long night ahead.He lowered her wrists on the chains then produced the tack filled bar and slid it between her legs, two ropes supported the thing, it was not touching her body at all but she knew that as her muscles tired it would be a contest between them or the pain of that awful bar.He now added what would prove to be the ultimate torment, a soft clip caressed each labia lip, a light chain and a small empty bucket hung below the tack bar from the chains.She re read the poster it said with weights, did the little bucket count as weights? She pondered that as he lowered the light to a low glow Set his alarm then settled his body on the bed with a smile, wishing her sweet dreams and after silently yalova escort watching her for a time soon dozed off.An hour passed, two, she had no idea of the time, her arms aching from the unnatural position, her legs began to become uncomfortable the small bricks not allowing her to move a lot to relive her aching muscled, she began to flag a little, the tick of his old alarm clock regular like a metronome, TICK, TICK, TICK, the invisible face to her its hands moving on oh so slowly TICK, TICK, TICK,GOT TO THINK OF SOMETHING ELSE she told herself, desperately she re-read the schedule, trying to understand his thinking; weights? Had he forgotten? He began to snore, oblivious to her pained position, she hated him at that moment, shear bloody hate, and how dare he put her in this awful position.The clock ticked on regularly TICK, TICK, TICK, god she thought I need a pee, TICK, TICK, TICK.Suddenly she realised the significance of the tiny bucket, TICK, she reread the schedule, TICK, weights, with weights it said, TICK, the fiendish bastard it had all become clear TICK, she was full of that blasted juice he had so innocently offered TICK, the subtle bastard; she could never last all night she knew. She relaxed her legs, the immediate effect was red hot pain from the spiked bar between her legs she quickly straightened her legs again, the pain returned to her calves. TICK, TICK, Perhaps one leg, she slewed her weight onto the right one of her painful legs, stretching the left, the tack bar slumped against the top of the standing leg as did the bucket, stretching the right leg, bliss, but the spikes scratching at the inside of her thigh, TICK, TICK, TICK, and the increased pressure on the left calf, doubled the intensity of the pain. Change to the right leg, TICK, the reverse effect and she was soon backing onto both her legs.TICK, TICK, TICK, TICK, the clock facing him passed away the time, she unable to see the face had no idea of the hours she had stood. TICK, Perhaps her muscles would ease if she sat on the spikes, something like the fakir`s bed with multi points or nettles not hurting if you were firm with them. TICK, TICK, She decided to try.Bending her knees oh so slowly pins and needles first, getting stronger as the weight came on and her calves were relived. TICK, Pain now, on both lips of her sex and the tender rosebud. TICK, The red hot burning effect of the penetration of each individual point, by impressing themselves on extra tender skin, multiplied by the body-weight , adding to the pain, TICK, TICK, after only seconds this became unbearable and her legs took the weight of her body again.Desperate to pee now her flow began, TICK, the tiny bucket becoming the weight on her labia as he had intended, the clamps tightening as the weight increased adding to her discomfort. TICK, TICK,Tears began to flow, her arms steadying her, ever conscious of the bricks she was still balancing on, her labia felt it was about to tear now, and that clock TICK, TICK, TICK, driving her to distraction TICK, TICK, calves cramped, foot arches painful, the tack bar striking her inner thighs from time to time as she wobbled occasionally.He snored, loud regular and sleeping the sleep of an innocent babe, as she stood trembling with the combined pains he had designed for her.The alarm began its clamour, the sound sudden, a raucous clattering that nearly made her jump from the precious bricks.He roused, a huge paw shut of the noise, and he raised himself, smiled at her, and asked if she was comfortable.Her reply was unrepeatable, as she swore at him that she was in severe pain, he was a bastard she hissed, and she hinted as to what she would one day do to him if he didn’t release her.The outburst set him laughing, he slid from his bed blew her a kiss then went outside, the clock ticked on, she heard him urinate from the veranda, then after a while he returned, released her from her wrist restraints and told her to step down as soon as she could, returning to his bed and watching as she carefully uncoupled the small bucket and the tack bar.He told her to join him and to call him at six, she reset the alarm finding to her surprise she had only been stood up there for less than two hours, and it had seemed to her like a lifetime.Exhausted she slipped into the bed, his body warm hers cool and stiff, she cuddled down then soon slept.That dammed alarm clattered again, she had been asleep minutes not hours she thought, the clock as she shut up the alarm read 6 AM, her bladder again bursting for release, she began to raise herself to go and empty, but a huge hand stopped her, saying she should have thought of that before, it was 6 and that meant six and sex.She protested that her bladder was full, he laughed, that she should have taken that into account when she set the clock, after all six was six, and did she not understand! She had read the schedule had she not and he had let her sleep for the last few hours she should be grateful.He leapt from the bed, dragging her across to the table and throwing her face down across its broad top. Held her down, he slipped his length into her and began the old, old game; each thrust a mixture of joy and discomfort as she struggled to control her full bladder. The inevitable soon happened and in short bursts the hot water ran over him, dripping from his now wet balls to the earthen floor.It appeared to spur him on his thrusts becoming frenzy and soon climaxing deep in her body. Regardless of her being oh so near he withdrew leaving her in a highly exited state, her mind reeling.She tried desperately to remember the schedule, what would be the next torment, would she get to climax, her jumbled thoughts as he prodded her to get up and check that list were playing like an old newsreel as she read; Breakfast 0700,Water works,Toilet break,10.00 Spanking. She got no further as his voice could be heard demanding she did a huge fry up him having worked up an appetite. Her body craved a release, a climax, to cum, call it what you will but her mind knew she must cook. Naked as she was she felt that her body was vulnerable to both his gaze and the frying spits of the bacon, she had never cooked naked before and her nipples and swinging breasts felt most vulnerable.She soon produced eggs bacon and all the accompanied items, bread and butter all washed down with lashings of tea, and all taken in sexual silence, oh they chatted about the weather, her hobbies, even work, but of sex, the whole reason they were here, not one word would he allow.He motioned her to wash up which she did while he told her that she “must toilet herself and be both empty and presentable come 10am”, he then raised himself from the table and went outside, wearing just an old pair of shorts and slippers, presumably to carry out some unknown chore.As bid she cleaned and replaced the crocks and plates, carefully returning each item to its allotted spot, spent a short while on the smelly old earth closet out back, and then she washed herself down, she felt revived clean, scrubbed like a prize a****l awaiting sale or slaughter.Her task completed her eye constantly checking that old alarm clock, and re reading the schedule.10 00 SpankingSex1200 Dinner My little friends1400 Toilet break Piercing and Marking with cane1700 Pack and leave Home about 1800 dependent on trafficSex, in own bed (before hubby as he has requested.)Suddenly he reappeared in his paw a hazel rod ½” thick 3 ft long and tapering to a thin whippy top, newly cut from some remote hedge no doubt; he showed it to her then placed it in the corner, saying it was his flexible friend that he would be using it later. She shuddered with real fear and he smiled.She had prepared some coffee, they drank in silence, he expectant she nervously as he took a seat in the old armchair, called her too him then had her d**** herself over his knee; she could feel his prick through the shorts nestling against her body oh how she wished it was deep in her sex. The spanking began, flat hand splatting on alternate cheeks, light fast strokes, more fun than pain.The area became a tender flush of pink, slowly the warmth progressed, spreading from the top of her legs to the top of the buttocks, pink gave way to a darker hew, then redness, stronger now, the strokes each a resounding SPLAT sound, her breathing deeper as she fought to control herself.Her hands flaying about, partly for balance partly instinctively to protect herself.He was not amused grunting that she was to keep her hands out of the way, but she could not trust herself to speak and her instinct overran her wish to comply, he stood letting her fall to the floor.Moments of sublime relief now he had stopped, getting her breathing under control, her wits suddenly aware of his movements. He had fetched a pair of hand cuffs which he clipped to her left wrist, he stooped from his seat reached over her and clipped the cuffs round the left chair leg then sat placed her back in position her feet to his right, strong hands held her on his knees The slight slope of his knees meant her right hand, the only one available to her, was now needed to stop her falling to the floor again. The hand spanking restarted, SPLAT, SPLAT, SPLAT, her butt a sea of fire, she wriggled the delightful target, causing him to miss his aimed for spot. Instantly he stopped, his patience gone, he reached down to his foot causing her problems of balance as he removed a slipper.She knew what was now to come, THWACK the first stroke landed THWACK, THWACK, THWACK, the strokes rained on the already red and tender seat, this time pain accompanied the strokes and the sensation was neither warming escort yalova nor erotic. Tears fell, head swinging from side to side, her body writhing on his now erect member causing him some joy, she begging him to stop, which when he finally climaxed wetly he did.Again she had had no climax frustration coursed through her veins as she remembered the schedule, 10 00 Spanking Followed bySexHer body craving its climax having been frustrated that morning, she was hopeful of a sexual relief. He released her cuff, and she stood surveying this man who had used her so, she awaited his instruction fearful of the consequences.He grunted “get dinner prepared!” Her mouth opened as if to protest but he stopped her with a hand gesture and the comment that “the veg needed sorting.”Reluctantly she knew it was not a case of arguing, she turned to the task, her sex aching for a release, she pouted her lips, and growled that “it was not fair he had come twice and she had only got frustration”He laughed and said “she would get some when the dinner was on as he needed time to recover and he was not as young as he once was”She peeled spuds, and carrots angrily, her rump still over warm and a reminder of his temper, the task completed and the meal on the stove she turned from her task to find him sat still in the armchair, naked now and with a stand like the tower of pizza from watching her red rump at the stove, surveying her with his brown eyes piercing her very soul.“Turn the stove down we have about 20 minutes” she heard him whisper, his next command was “SIT.” She did just that the stove lowered in a trice; she sat slowly onto his turgid full fore-skinned prick which needed no assistance finding its way deep into her very wet and expectant sex. For but a second they remained still savouring the moment before the urgent dance began, his strong hands gripping her hips, aiding her to lift and drop her body her on that rigid post deep inside her love tunnel.It was urgent, long awaited, needed, craved even, the pain and frustration forgotten in this automatic instinctive penetration.The climax when it came was one which took both of them to the edge, his manhood flooding her with hot jism, and her sex contracting round him in waves of excitement such as she had wanted since this adventure began on X hamster all those months ago.Sated now they collapsed back in the armchair still joined, as they waited the natural shrinkage they knew would come, neither wanting that moment to end and savouring the closeness of the link, neither spoke.She finally raised herself to complete the meal, he insistent that she did not touch herself, letting his seed dribble from her open cleft dribbling and wetting her thighs as she moved to her task, perhaps as a sign of his virility or a reminder that he had allowed her finally to climax.They sat over the steaming plates, contentedly eating, when she raised the subject of the schedule, timidly asking what the cryptic ‘my little friends’ were and wanting to know about piercing and how involved her husband back home was in what he had been asked to do.Between mouthfuls he told her she would soon see about his little friends, and as to her husband, he had had a long conversation between them and hubby had agreed to let the weekend go ahead but only if he fulfilled certain exact conditions.Hubby had put together the schedule, he said saying that he wished to imagine what was being done to her in this secret location.Knowing her husband as she thought she did she was surprised and her interest now forced her to ask for more details.So he went on to explain that her man at home: had requested that he must mark her body for him (something hubby had long wanted to do but had not the heart to request) and to bring her home with some marks that proved that she had been used. Finally he was to have bondage sex with her in front of him on the marital bed, so after he had done with her, her hubby could also enjoy her at his leisure after another man had finished with her cleaning her up again something he wanted for so long to happen. On the rest such as how she was to be marked he refused to be drawn returning to his meal with some relish and bidding her to eat up as for her it was to be a very long afternoon…Part 2The meal over washing up followed then he announced “it was time,” the butterflies immediately returned, as he led her outside and bade her to stand on the veranda. In front of the building was a square of wooden strips very much after the shape of a door frame, he had her lay spread-eagled inside the frame and he spent the next few moments securing her He went indoors returning with the paint brush which he firstly used to dry paint her nipples, her sex and finally her rosebud. It tickled and she said so, enjoying the sensation as he administered to her with the soft brush,Next he produced a blindfold, she raised her head so as he could fit the dark materiel around her head, she then felt the paintbrush repeating the gentle dry brush on the same places as before, finally he painted her nipples oh so lightly, with the contents of the honey jar, then her rosebud and finally her sex with a heavier dose. She felt the frame lifted then being dragged across the ground; it was then stood up before her being laid forward onto the earth, face down, she didn’t understand, her mind in a turmoil now, what was all this about, why the honey?It did not take long to find out, the ground began to move under her, insects seethed onto her sweetened body, she knew to her horror that he had laid her on an ants nest. The effect was instant; she began to writhe in her loose bonds, as the little creatures began to crawl over her skin, she began to scream, and he removed the blindfold stuffing it into her open mouth to quieten her.Her eyes became focused as he sat on the veranda, a beer in hand smiling at her as the nests contents removed the honey from her nipples, odd braver members of the nest began the trek over her belly towards her sex, searching for the sweet food that he had thoughtfully provided.Her skin crawled literally; he advised her “to keep still” as he explained that “they sting folks when they became angry.”She tried to comply, but the tiny b**sts by now marching from nipple to nest in a black convoy, each carrying portions of the nectar, made that option somewhat harder than she had expected.He stood, was her torment over she wondered, he approached her, bent grasped the frame lifted it, then he moved the frame forward lowering her sex onto the centre of the nest,He sat again watching her every move as the little monsters smothered her in a black carpet, ranging from her rosebud over the labia. She lay resigned now, excepting the irritation as a state of mind, as they again laid a trail from the nectar to the nest, she imagined she was sunbathing on some sunny beach, she was swimming, she was …but she wasn’t was she, she was laying face down over an active ants nest, being watched as the black hoard irritated her smooth skin.He stood walked to her and to her sheer terror opened the soft lips of her labia, scooping a few of his black pets onto her wet clitoris.She didn’t want too but she had no choice, the stimulated clit betraying her as she began to climax, breathing deeper and more rapidly she began the most intense sexual peak she could remember as he dragged the frame from the nest.With a small brush he swept her clean of the last ants releasing her wrists, then her legs, asking her if she had enjoyed his little friends.She was unable to speak the experience had been so intense she just wanted to have a moment to herself to get back her breath.He smiled, perhaps understanding, perhaps sympathetically, though she doubted it, he smiled again then explained that she had but a few moments before she was to be marked and pierced he suggested she emptied herself. As a reply she walked to the ants nest squatted and began to pee onto her erstwhile tormenters. Her bladder empty she walked to him and to his surprise kissed him full on the lips, whispering to him that “he must do whatever he needed to do for her husband and for her marriage, and she hoped he would stay in touch after this weekend, during which she had, had more intense climaxes than ever before.” He took her hand and led her to the table, on which she lay on her back like a sacrifice. He offered to secure her, as the process was to be very painful, but she refused saying “he must do what he must do though if she was unable to stay still he must secure her if that`s what it took.”He leant forward, suckling her nipple, tasting a faint tang of honey, sweet and tangy; from his bag he produced a needle, a bottle of antiseptic, some swabs, and a small disk. She lay back her whole body quaking as he showed her the disc she knew would be in place for the rest of her life. It was similar to a dog collar disk, on which was clearly stamped, her name and her husbands, under that the single word PAINSLUT.She read it twice, nodded to him and slowly opened her legs, saying he was to “do it now” He swabbed the area with the antiseptic, asking “left or right?”She said that “it was his choice and for him to just do it”. Gripped the table edges with white knuckles, as the needle oh so slowly penetrated the left labia, tears filling her eyes, as she began to scream, the needle soon completely through, he stopped the process.She quietened as the initial pain subsided and he slipped the needle out, sliding the ring into the vacant hole that was now bleeding. A pair of pliers appeared in his hand and the deed was done, the ring closed and the disc twinkling in the dimly lit room.She lay yalova escort bayan still for him to splash the antiseptic on the area again. The sat up nodded at the hazel rod and asked how many strokes was she to receive. He said the number had not been specified he was just to mark her, and he asked how many marks she suggested. She gave it some thought then said as she had been married for 8 years that should be the number as it was for her husband. She then asked was it to be on her backside or where. He answered that her backside was the obvious target, but she shook her head and then got up from the table.“Let`s load the motor as I doubt I shall be ok to do so when you have finished and I can recover a little on the way home.”He agreed and together they cleared up the building, putting away all but the items they needed for the trip home, he she noticed placing a pillow on her seat, He dressed in a full set of clothes and she leaving out just her nightdress to travel in, He offered her the security of the ropes, but she refused so the bag was packed into the motor.The final scene was now set, her saying determinedly, “one on each thigh one on each breast, the rest on my backside hard pleases” she lay on the table again knowing what he was to do.The wand swung though not at full power and landed with a whack on her left inner thigh, instantly a red line appeared, her body jerked the hands again gripping the table edge.He moved sides. The wand now landed on her right thigh with the same effect, tears welled in her eyes, as the target moved to her breasts, and she laid passively head back to give him a clear target. Again the stripe appeared, again the jerk of the body and the slight squawk as the pain hit. She laid back again her eyes defiant she waited the last of the frontal assault, he moved and swung the wand yet again the sound loud as the breast was struck again, she involuntary sat up as the red line appeared on the creamy 32b breast just below the nipple.Tears falling freely, as she stood, turned and very deliberately lent forward, presenting her soft backside to his gaze, and placing her hands on the table edge again, as her marked breasts flattened to the table top the pressure causing yet more pain. The wand rose and descended across both cheeks, an involuntary jerk of the body, and the inevitable red line appeared, a second followed, in short order, and to his surprise her hand raised to stop the third as he was asked to put more power in the last strokes.With a shrug he raised the wand, and swung it full power at his target, she screamed as the line appeared across the lower buttocks. Where the lines intersected, small blood spots appeared, the wand beginning to fray now as he raised it once more for the final stroke. That wand whistled down, and with a scream she jerked upwards as the splintered wand struck, it was over, the marks clear on her body for her husband as she was helped her to her feet, they stood clinging to one another, him supporting her buckling knees, her in the aftermath of the strokes desperately trying to control the pain coursing through her body He helped her into her night-dress, her wristlets and leg straps still in place he helped her from the hut then into the front seat, he locked up and they were soon on the road.The rough road was torture on her wounds despite his careful driving, she was glad though that they were soon on the hard smooth road and speed picked up, during the hour and a half of the journey home they passed the time talking about the weekend, she had learnt a lot, her husband had a sadistic streak she now knew of, her master from x hamster was older but devious, though she trusted him now completely, she was a marked pain-slut who had it must be said a masochistic streak.He said “he respected her need for pain, and was looking forward to taking her in front of her husband, and he wished to have more time with her to play with her body but would be leaving this time as he had been asked, she was her husband`s woman and it had been a privilege he wanted to repeat.”The motor slowed to a halt outside the home the family shared, the third act was about to begin.The door opened before they had stopped, hubby bouncing down the steps to great them, kissing her passionately as he helped her from the machine.He nodded at her lover and then led them both into the house before the neighbours saw her cuffs and night attire, she walking oh so carefully her body feeling stiff from both beating and journey.Their daughter had gone to visit granny he told her so the house was theirs for the night. However before sticking to the schedule he wanted to talk to them both he led them into the living room where he had sit in the wing chair while he made tea and served it to them both. Her lover sat awaiting his tea silently surveying her with a steady gaze. Hubby reappeared with the tea on a tray, saying as he did so for her to sit and gain some strength, and in a chatty way he asked “if the weekend had been a success”, as someone would ask of a weekend at the seaside.She blushed as she said she had “found it most painful, but she had also found it stimulating, but was now in some pain” He smiled, then turned to the lover and asked for a more detailed report, adding that he hoped she had given every satisfaction. “We used the schedule as we had laid it out”, the answer came back, “at first she was not happy at the tack ride, or the spanking and I did have doubts at the start, of her ability to finish the weekend, but she came good when she got her head in order after I explained that the schedule was your idea and of your desires to see her marked both permanently and with the cane she submitted for you without being secured.”“How about the insects, my dear were they to your liking?” she could tell he wanted to wring the smallest details from her, So she got up to show him, impassively standing upright her hands at her sides, the nightdress spotted with blood at the seat, her wrist and ankle cuffs prominent, So she explained she had been bitten and now the air was able to get to them her sex and backside itched wildly from the few ant bites she had sustained, he could see the marks if he so wished, but he shook his head, explaining that he wanted to get things straightened with her first.He explained that “he had known for years now she loved sexual pain, and though he had long had sadistic dreams since he was a c***d he could not bring himself to hurt her lovely body, loving her with his whole being.” He went on that “he had long held the desire to mark her as his, and he had also wished to enjoy her pain but he had no wish to be the man to hurt her, despite the contradiction of that thought.” “He had not been man enough to admit it to her or to inflict it, so when she found this friend on hamster, it had been the perfect opportunity and he had jumped at this slender chance.””One afternoon mid chat on your P/C you had been called to the door, you had not closed down and I had quickly taken note of the profile name of your on line lover and when later you were at the gym I had made contact for myself. At first the Weekend for you both together had been a fantasy, but slowly it became more real so I began to suggest myself as a cuckold, you thought that was my ultimate fantasy, for you to be used for me.”It was you my love who asked if I would allow you a night away with our friend here. Her face showed that she now beginning to understand, and she to clarify things she asked if that was all he now wanted; just to use her as a sex object? He was at pains to reassure her that he still loved her with all his heart and that he wanted to keep her as his wife and lover and would allow anything she required to ensure she stayed his, saying he hoped this would be just be between the three of them, that is if you still want to be used and our friend here is up for it. It was agreed then and there, her head nodding, her eyes wide, if hubby would not do it himself she would be most happy for her lover to administer his wishes.It was beyond her wildest dreams, to be used, and they both looked at the lover who assured them he wanted to use her at every opportunity, but did not wish to intrude on what he saw as a perfect marriage.She leant towards hubby, kissed him then kissed her lover, saying she was theirs, and it was time.Hubby led her to the bedroom, by her hand; at the door he bade her remove her night dress which she did, he spent a time examining her striped breasts, then her new mark which seemed to please him a lot, his finger traced the thigh marks then turned her to count the marks on her buttocks. “Eight in all” she said “one for every year of our marriage “ he kissed her tenderly, passed her hand to her lover and told him he was to secure her on the bed, it was soon done and he sat watching as the last knot was tied.Handing the lover a cane he said She is yours, use her as you will, and draw blood if you so wish, finally fill her with your seed, as I wish to feel your slipperiness as I take her after you have finished and left, you have just an half an hour, then she is mine.Abruptly he turned and left them, they heard his feet on the stairs, as the first blow fell on her marked body. Thirty minutes later the men said their goodbye`s at the front door, hubby saying he would be in touch, soon, his feet sped up the stairs before the fumes of the lovers motor cleared.She was still secure, a smile on her face, a few extra stripes on her raised backside, d****d over a pile of pillows, tears of joy running freely down her face, dribbles of cum trickling onto the bedclothes down her legs.He leapt onto the bed and buried his rigid tool deep into her body, revelling in the feeling of the full pussy and the groans of his wife as the fresh marks rubbed on his body.They both knew it would not be the last time that the pain would be their joy.

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