3 Evil sisters-Part 1


3 Evil sisters-Part 13 Evil sisters-Part 1 Introduction: If you like it, dont like it, just feel like commenting or anything in between, feel free. Feedback is always nice. Thank you My life wasn’t ideal for any 13 year old boy hitting puberty. I grew up in a house with no father (because he kicked the bucket when I was only two years old) a mother who seemed like she was always out of town, and three older sisters. Needless to say I was lacking a father figure in the house, or any kind of figure that would teach me to be a man because I sure as hell knew I wasn’t. With mom being out of town a lot that meant that we’d have to take care of ourselves more. Do the cooking, cleaning, and make sure we were all safe and whatnot. However my loving sisters didn’t feel the same way, instead they felt like I had to do all the cooking, cleaning, and fulfill any wish they needed of me at the time. I was ordered around like a slave and I hated it everyday. Guess I know how Cinderella feels now.I stood in front of the door of our light green two-story house, my eyes scanning the place as if checking for heat signs to give me hints on where the girls were at. With a deep breath, I opened the door and poked my head inside. To the right was a narrow hallway that led to my room and yes I had the only room on the bottom floor, secluding me from my family. The stairs were directly in front of me with another hallway right beside it leading to the kitchen. The doorway directly left of the front door led to the living room, complete with a small couch, two reclining chairs and a coffee table all facing a big screen TV. The living room and kitchen were connected thanks to some remodeling last year allowing people at the dinner table to be able to watch TV too so it was a very popular place for the girls to hang out at. Luckily the TV wasn’t on so I knew that that area was safe. Everything was clear as far as I could tell…and then my eyes moved upwards. I could only see a little bit of the second floor but I did notice that there was a door slightly cracked open. I took a chance, ignoring subtlety as I shut the door and darted into my secluded hallway, diving into my room and slamming the door shut. I pressed up against it as if a monster would try and burst threw it at any moment and after a couple seconds of agonizing silence, I sighed in relief as I headed into my bathroom.Seeing as how I was lucky enough to get the master bedroom of the house it came with its own bathroom, which was helpful in more ways then one as I shut the door and splashed water on my face. Just looking at my reflection disappointed me. I was rail-thin and I mean the hand rails people use to help climb stairs, barely 5’8 on a good day with all of my sisters being at least 6 foot. I was the oddball of the family when it came to my hair as well, being the only one with short and shaggy chestnut colored hair, not to mention my freaky red eyes that I was constantly teased about and I didn’t know why. That was enough critiquing for one day. I did my business and exited only to run smack dab into a brick wall. After I stumbled backwards I looked up to see my 21 year old sister Isabella (Izzy for short and the oldest of the three) staring at me smugly and currently blocking the entrance to my room. She was 6’1 with an hourglass figure that was model worthy, having an amazing pair of boobs that were at least a D-cup. Her smooth face was always wearing the same evil expression when she glanced my way, with chin length black hair that always seemed to rest over one of her emerald green eyes, and a small stud in her nose to complement her punk look. She wore a tight long sleeve black shirt that had small rips in it along the rib area giving me a nice taste of her soft white skin, and her black thigh high skirt revealed smooth shaven legs from top to bottom. “Had a nice look pervert?” she hissed and I snapped out of my trance and realized who the body that I was ogling at belonged to, “If I catch you doing something like that again I’ll beat your perverted ass so bad that you’ll be hospitalized. Got it? Now get the fuck in the kitchen and start making dinner.”“Alright,” I mumbled climbing to my feet avoiding eye contact. However this proved difficult because she didn’t budge an inch leaving me with my head held down like a scolded puppy, “Move.”“Excuse me? You better learn some fucking manners real quick before I beat it into you!”Izzy was always a little more violent then the others, resorting to threats and a couple cases of physical abuse that reinforced the fact that she could kick my ass without breaking a sweat. “Please,” I looked up at her, “Move.”“I’ll let you go this time but if that ever happens again where you give me a bit of attitude for trying to help your uncivilized ass, I’ll drop you faster then a sack of potatoes.”“Whatever,” I muttered out of earshot distance, walking out of my room and into the kitchen as the blasting TV caught my attention. I knew who it was, and more importantly I knew why she was doing this. “Riley! CAN YOU TURN IT DOWN!”Riley poked her head up from the couch and shot me a funny look.“TURN IT DOWN!” I shouted again pointing towards the ground. She shrugged her shoulders as if she couldn’t understand the language I was speaking. I knew very well what her plan was but I didn’t have a choice but to fall for it. “I SAID TURN IT DOWN!”She muted it the second I started yelling so my voice was heard throughout the house. Only seconds later did I hear my lovely sister Izzy yell, “Why the fuck are you yelling at Riley! Your supposed to be cooking remember?”I can’t cook if I can’t hear the beeping from the timer. Riley knew damn well that I did my homework while I waited for things took cook so I needed to be able to actually hear them or else I’d burn the food. And if I burned the food, it wouldn’t be Riley’s fault no matter how much I argued. It’d always be mine. I still ignored the devil smile that she was currently shooting my way now as I shook my head and began cooking. Once I had everything set up I grabbed my homework and sat down at the kitchen table to do some math. This however proved to be a dumb choice because within seconds I had Riley breathing down my neck.She was smart, plain and simple, and I wasn’t exactly the brightest student but that was because I was dealing with a lot more then her in my opinion. She was sitting down next to me humming a cheerful tune as she looked over my work. “That’s wrong,” she happily told me, “Number 4 too. Oh and you really screwed up on number 13. How dumb can you be to miss number 19? Are you trying to fail Max?”“I’ll go back and check them later,” I tried to ignore her and continue but she snatched my paper away and ripped it up in my face. An hour of hard work was now trickling out of her fingers like rain into the garbage can. A stuck up bitch at 6 foot, with long sandy blonde hair and pompous blue eyes, she was a senior at my high school and turning 18 two months from now. She was the youngest of my older sisters but I felt like she was always trying to prove to them that she could be just as mean to me as they were. Her body was nothing short of perfect either. Her ass was perfectly round and always visible in the tight clothes she wore to school, not to mention her C-cup breasts were extremely perky from what I could tell. I could sum up her wardrobe pretty quickly too, tight jeans to show of her body, and low cut shirts to give guys a glimpse of her breasts. “What the heck Riley!” I shouted as a timer went off in the kitchen. I scrambled back and proceeded to take some things out of the oven as she skipped into kitchen.“Well you weren’t listening to me so I figured I had to get rid of the distraction.”“The distraction was my homework,” I reminded her, accidentally touching the side of the tray in the process. My finger burned like hell as I ran it under cold water.“As clumsy as always,” she shook her head slowly, “You’ll never be smart if you don’t accept the help of others little b*o. But then again who’d want to help someone as sorry as you?”I wanted to shout and scream and start trashing the place, but that was exactly what she wanted so I just turned around and continued to focus on my burn. Eventually she left and after wiping it clean I wrapped a band-aid on it and finished cooking. Once the table was set Izzy and Riley found there way to the kitchen and took a seat, pigging out before our last family member could even come home from practice. One tradition that mom taught me was to wait until everyone had their food to eat, so I sat there and waited. By the time Izzy and Riley finished the front door swung open then shut harshly as the middle sister finally made her appearance. Ashley dropped her muddy cleats smack dab on the kitchen floor causing all that crap to s**tter everywhere meaning that I would just have to clean it up later. She was 19, matched Riley in height, with an incredible body no thanks to the recreational soccer team that she played on. Her golden tanned skin only served to make her hotter and also make up for her lack of big boobs that the my other two sisters had. They were still visible but they were solid B-cups and I doubt that would change unless she stopped playing soccer. Her ass was her saving grace though, better then Izzy’s and Riley’s combined. Her shiny black hair was pulled back into a ponytail as she took a seat at the table with her sleeveless white shirt and black short shorts. “Man practice sucked,” she whined slumping back in her chair, “We ran up and down Matson Hill at least twenty times. I felt like my legs were going to fall off. Thank god I caught a ride home today.”“Well hurry up and eat your food you big baby,” Izzy taunted walking away, “Its movie night remember?”“Yeah, yeah I remember,” she sighed looking up at me. “What do you want chicken legs? You waiting for me to get my food again? Jeez you’re a dumbass, mom’s not here just get your food and eat you spineless loser.”Ashley was a name caller if that wasn’t obvious within the first sentence. I kinda laughed when I thought about it but each sister had their own special way of making my life hell. Izzy would resort to v******e, Riley would pull pranks on me and other mischievous things, and Ashley would constantly critique and belittle me. I guess I was getting a good dose of everything, which was a lot better then having everyone follow Izzy’s method. Regardless I waited until Ashley got her food and even though she took it up to her room, I remained at the table and finished eating. After I had cleaned everything up including the mud stains on the kitchen tiles, I loaded up the dishes and retreated to my room for some peace and quiet. I had a ton of homework to do and I couldn’t forget about the math I had to completely gümüşhane escort redo now thanks to Riley. Plus on movie night I wasn’t allowed to leave my room unless I was going to die of starvation. Last time I did Izzy clocked me square in the eye giving me a shiner. It was difficult to explain at school but I just told everyone that I fell down the stairs…some right handed stairs that packed a deadly punch, but stairs nonetheless.The clock read 6:30 when I started and by the time I finished it was 2:13. My eyes hurt, I was tired, and frankly if a punch to the face meant getting a bite to eat then it would be worth it now. I stumbled through the pitch black hallway only to catch a blue light emanating from the living room. It was late even for the girls standards, and there wasn’t any point in sneaking into the kitchen because the refrigerator was so loud that they’d know I was there. I’d probably get hit for scaring them then so I just openly walked into the living room.To my surprise, Ashley was the only one in here. She was curled up in a little ball on the couch watching TV until she noticed me.“What the fuck are you still doing up you waste of space?” she hissed sitting up.“I had a lot of homework,” I eyed her suspiciously, “What are you still doing up it’s late for you too.”“I’m not some freshman loser Maxine,” (the girl version of my name apparently), “I can stay up as long I’d like so get your baby food and go back to bed.”There was definitely something wrong. I quickly find a clue to the source when I saw a DVD box on the coffee table, reaching down to take a look at it. It was some stupid horror movie that probably had an insane amount of blood and gore that they used to try and scare the audience. Frankly those kinds of movies really didn’t bother me, in fact they actually bored me to tears but that’s when I eyed Ashley again.Her eyes were wide open and her body was shivering slightly, as if cold even though she was wrapped in a blanket and the fan in the room wasn’t on. She was scared? Since the movie was missing from the case I knew that they probably watched it so that really was the only answer. But as I headed into the kitchen and retrieved a handful of g****s I shook my head in disbelief. Ashley’s always been pretty strong willed and brave as far as it goes on the soccer field. Going toe-to-toe with two people on a daily basis and almost always coming out on top. Could a scary movie really have caused this?Only one way to find out. I crept up behind her, plopping the last g**** as I got into position behind the couch. If this didn’t work I’d land myself in the hospital, but I had to try. I leaned over the couch with my arms outstretched towards her and roaring suddenly. She let out a shrill scream hurling the blanket over her head and panting heavier then a Doberman. Shifting to the side of the couch, I really couldn’t believe how scared she was until I touched her shoulder and she let out another scream.“Ashley calm down!” I ordered quickly, “It’s just me, Max.”She stopped her screaming and poked her head out of her blanket cocoon. Her scared look turned into unparalleled anger now as her entire body continued to quiver.“I bet you think you’re really funny don’t you Maxine? Big tough guy scaring a girl when she’s trying to get some sleep. What’s next are you going to **** me you filthy fuckin piece of trash!”I glanced at the clock, ignoring her as she continued to spout out insults like a fountain spouts water. She had a game at noon today and if she didn’t have any sleep she’d be screwed. Plus I felt kind of bad for scaring her and I have no idea why. I guess I wasn’t the kind of guy that liked getting revenge, or at least cheap revenge like this one.“Shut up,” I said abruptly standing up and turned off the TV. Her eyes widened as if I had just slapped her in the face. “C’mon.”“Excuse me?”“I said follow me.”“Who the fuck do you think you are twinkle toes? Giving me orders like you’re the boss around here.”“Humor me,” I pleaded looking down at her, “Please.”“Fine,” she threw her hands up in the air and climbed to her feet with her blanket still d****d over her body. She had changed into boxers and a white tank top that made me take a quick peak at all the exposed flesh of my tanned sister’s body. I grabbed her wrist and walked down my hallway and into my room trying to stay focused, flicking on the light and shutting my door. “I don’t know what your planning Maxine but if I even think it’s fishy I’ll kick your balls so hard your k**s will be stupid.”“Look,” I turned around and pointed at her menacingly, “Knock that tough girl crap out ok? Get in the fuckin bed and go to sleep ok? Your scared shitless from that movie and you can’t get any sleep plus you have a game in less then ten hours. I’m not going to try anything or mess with you I promise. I’ll even sleep on the ground just to prove it. You’re a mess right now and it’s only going to get worse the longer you worry about it. I’ll be right down here if you need me but you need to get some rest!”Her jaw dropped so far down that it would’ve hit the center of the earth given the chance. She didn’t move an inch for the next minute and finally I had to grab onto her and yank her to the side of the bed before shoving her onto it.“sleep Ashley,” I ordered grabbing a pillow and blanket off my bed and tossing it on the ground. “No one’s going to hurt you while I’m here with you ok?”She nodded robotically, slowly positioning herself on the bed as I moved to the light switch and flicked it off. I signed and nearly collapsed onto the ground, pulling the blanket over my body and resting my eyes. I’d slept on the ground plenty of times before so it was second nature to me and soon enough I was on the brink of slumber.“M-Max,” I heard Ashley stammer.“Yeah?” I answered in a raspy voice symbolizing my tiredness.“C-Could you…could you sleep in the bed with me?” I pushed myself to my knees slowly before flicking on the light switch. I had to see her face to tell if she was being serious or not and when our eyes met I knew that she meant her request.“Um,” I rubbed my eyes trying to think of what to say. She was my sister after all so I guess there wasn’t anything wrong with it right? Plus she was kind of hot and although I wouldn’t admit it I spent some time masturbating with the thought of seeing her body completely naked. “If you’re ok with it I guess it couldn’t hurt.”I flicked off the light and carefully crawled into bed with her. At first I just kept to the left half of the bed, laying on my side so I was facing the wall. But that didn’t last long.“Max…could you look this way?” she asked, her voice even weaker then before. I slowly rolled over to see her within inches of my face. Her warm breath was gently brushing up against my face now, sending shivers down my body. And those lips, those full and beckoning lips were almost taunting me with the sweet smell of strawberries. I had kissed a girl before but they couldn’t compare to Ashley in a million years as I found myself longing to taste them…to taste her. I could make out her weak smile now before she rolled over so she was lying on her side with her back facing me. She scooted towards me, reaching back to grab onto my arm and placing it over her stomach like a seatbelt as she finally lay nuzzled up against me in a spooning position. Her warm body pressed up against mine was unlike anything I’d ever felt before, and the sensation it sent through me was unlike anything I could’ve imagined. Needless to say, I was harder then steel now and I tried to move my hips back in hopes that she wouldn’t feel it.Almost as if she read my mind, she reached back and grabbed onto my side and pulled me in tighter until my dick was forcefully pressed up against her ass. Her perfect round ass that I had only ever snuck peaks at was now grinding up against me. It drove me wild and I wanted nothing more then to grab a hold of it. To squeeze and slap it and have all my expectations met but…I couldn’t.She was my sister.“S-Stop,” I whispered softly, my voice felt like it was fighting to stop me from doing this. “J-just go to sleep Ashley.”She looked back at me and I thought I saw her smile but it was hard to tell. Luckily she listened to me and halted her grinding, leaving her ass firmly pressed against my still hard dick. I don’t know how long it took after that but I was finally able to sleep.The next morning I woke up alone. I glanced around the room quickly and sat up as my heart started racing. My room was just the way it should be, and there was no one else in my bed either so with a sigh of exhaustion I let myself fall back onto my bed as my eyes closed.It was just a dream. I never had a dream like that before, and worst of all it felt so real. Tiny shivers ran down my body as I got up and headed into the bathroom to take care of my raging hard on. Just the thought of that dream, of feeling Ashley’s body pressed against mine, of her ass teasing me like that. It sent me over the edge in no time at all and I didn’t think I had ever blown a bigger load in my life. Once it was all over I turned on the shower and crawled inside, taking a seat on the floor as water continued to cascade down my body. I tried my best to shove all the thoughts of Ashley out of my head, going out into the living room only to discover a note telling me what I already knew.Clean up the house –IzzyAfter discovering the time I realized that it was nearly 1 in the afternoon and I had missed Ashley’s game. Then again it was probably best that I stayed as far away from her as possible until I get these feeling’s under control. I took care of all my chores quickly and efficiently, but the thought of Ashley crept back to me for some reason and I took a quick break to masturbate again. I felt dirty the entire time, but the pleasure outweighed my guilt without competition. After I had finished everything I cracked open a soda and leaned back against the counter, giving me a perfect view of the front door from where I was. It opened only a couple seconds later to my surprise, as the terrible trio came waltzing through the door laughing. Izzy and Riley headed upstairs immediately, ignoring me completely but Ashley changed her course and headed for the kitchen.Her hair was tied up into a ponytail again and she was glistening with sweat. Her green soccer jersey was hanging loosely from her body and her black shorts seemed to be rolled up higher then usual causing me to stare. She caught me staring and scowled immediately.“What do you want you brainless pig?” she barked opening up the fridge and bending down to look through it. My mouth was wide open and my head started tilting instinctively as I got a perfect view of her ass. It was practically falling out and I began reaching gümüşhane escort bayan out to touch it when I realized what I was doing, and the massive boner I was getting from it. I scrambled past her and hastily headed for my room.“What’s your problem Maxine?” she asked as I entered my hallway.“J-just had a weird dream is all,” I called back slamming my door shut. I took another drink of my soda and couldn’t take it anymore, rushing into my bathroom to take care of myself yet again to the thought of Ashley. Three times in one day, and it wasn’t even 2:30 yet. This was becoming a major problem very quickly. After I finished blowing another load I leaned up against the wall to catch my breath before heading back into my room. When I went to grab my soda I dropped the can immediately. It was all gone. Every last drop. I was definitely losing my mind now because I only took a couple sips from it, and I knew that I still had a ton left before I went into the bathroom. The smell of strawberries caught my attention as I sniffed the air and my thoughts just exploded after that. I needed to lie down to try and regain my sanity. Collapsing on my bed, I drifted off to sleep with only one thought in mind.My sister Ashley.“Get the fuck up Max!” Izzy shouted causing me to literally jump out of bed. “Stop being useless and go make dinner already before I break your legs.”I didn’t argue. My mind was too fried to even mumble a response. I slept walk my way to the kitchen and prepared some mac-n-cheese with grilled cheese and apple slices. After setting up the plates and everything I grabbed half a grilled cheese and scurried back into my room where I spent the rest of the night. The next morning my mind had calmed down a bit since Saturday’s torture session, but I was still wary of Ashley and thoughts of her creeping up into my head. However, my plan of total solitude was ruined when Riley came flying threw my door.“We’re going to see a movie!” Riley jumped up and down like a five year old in a candy shop.“What movie?”“Always and Forever!”“Isn’t that one of those stupid romance stories that aren’t funny?” I asked.“It’s not stupid and it is funny! You wouldn’t know art if it bit you in the ass!”There were a ton of holes in that statement, but I think it was in my best interest to keep that a secret. After a bit of arguing I finally convinced her to let me go see a different movie so she d**g me out into the kitchen where Izzy and Ashley were sitting.“He’s being a crybaby and won’t go.”“Just let me see a different movie,” I argued, “I’ll walk home from the theater if you want but there’s no way I’m seeing the crappy movie you picked out.”“Call that movie stupid one more time and I’ll make you regret it!” Izzy clenched her right hand into a fist before throwing her hands up in defeat, “Whatever just shut the hell up and get ready. I’ll give you a ride to the movies but that’s it, and don’t ever say that I never did anything for your whiny ass.”I rolled my eyes and left, catching a glimpse of Ashley out of the corner of my eye. Her eyes were glued to me, but not in her usual I’m better then you look. No. This look was leaning more towards curiousity. As if wanting to see what movie I’d pick. After throwing on some jeans, a large t-shirt, and a blue jacket, I made sure that I looked decent enough to not be hit by Izzy before heading out to the living room where they were all waiting. Of course they all looked incredible, but for some reasons my eyes always came back to Ashley. Her hair was now straightened and d****d over her breasts and she wore a soft white long sleeve t-shirt that showed of those deadly curves along with most of the top half of her breasts, and her jean shorts were barely reached her mid-thigh level letting me drink up the sight of perfect golden thighs.I gulped and quickly turned to head out the front door before any of the girls could make a comment. The eight minute car ride to the movie theater consisted of me forcing myself to stare out the window, mainly because Ashley was sitting in the back seat with me and I knew that if I turned to look for a second I doubt my eyes were going anywhere else for the rest of the ride. When we parked and all got out, the girls waited for me to get ahead of them for fear of being seen with me, which I didn’t have a problem with. By the time I got to the front of the line I heard there snickering letting me know that they had finally jumped into line with me. I walked up to the window and glanced at all my options. They were slim to say the least. It was that stupid movie my sisters were going to watch, a k**s movie that was for third graders, or the supposed scariest movie of the year. Only problem was that it was rated R so I couldn’t get in. Then again I had other methods, the main method being that I knew the guy that was currently working in the window. His name was Phil and he used to date Riley, even after their break-up he was still nice to me, especially after seeing all the crap I went through.“Hey Phil,” I gave him a nod.“Max! What’s up bud?”“Dragged to a movie.”“That sucks man, do you at least have a choice?”“This time yeah,” I laughed but he shook his head.“How you can stay happy I’ll never know.”“I’d be happier if you’d do me a favor,” I slipped fifteen bucks through the window and nodded my head towards the R rated movie poster. He got the hint and nodded, printing out my ticket and handing me the five bucks back.“Get that outta here b*o,” he winked, “Enjoy it man it’s a good movie.”“I’ll try,” I waved and walked through the gate, handing the doorman my ticket as he mindlessly ripped it and gave it back. Obviously he didn’t care about his job enough to realize that I wasn’t eighteen but I could care less at this point, heading to the right towards my movie. It was pretty empty, with less then a dozen people s**ttered throughout the auditorium. Nevertheless I climbed to the empty top row and plopped down on the far left. The movie had been out for some time so I couldn’t blame people for losing interest, but something caught my attention immediately right as the lights dimmed to start the previews.Ashley appeared from around the corner and began scanning the crowd until spotting me. She walked up the stairs and soon enough was sitting right next to me.“You’re an ugly moronic pile of crap y’know that?” she hissed sitting down, “I had to buy a ticket and watch this stupid movie with you because apparently you got in here by bribing Phil. You have any idea what would happen if you got caught? Thanks for ruining my day jackass!”I slapped my forehead, dragging my hand down my face. And here I thought I was going to have a nice relaxing movie all alone. Instead, I got an ass chewing and my dreams crushed. The movie began only a couple seconds later now as I sat back and laughed internally at how bad it was. A six year old could’ve probably made something scarier then this, however a mouse like squeak caught my attention just as someone was cut in half by a chainsaw (too original in my opinion). Ashley’s eyes were sealed tighter then a bank vault and to top it off she was looking away from the screen too. That’s when it hit me like snowball to the face. That wasn’t a dream.Ashley was almost on the brink of tears watching this movie and it was somehow all my fault. “Ashley,” I whispered grabbing her shoulder, “Ashley, its Max. Look at me.”She pried one eye open to look at me but after another scream of pain that eye shut faster then a mousetrap. I grabbed onto her other shoulder and pulled her in until we were hugging. She latched onto me now as I rubbed her back gently.“Shhh,” I began, “I’m here Ashley. It’s going to be alright.” Her body was quivering now and I was starting to panic too. I didn’t plan on making Ashley go threw this and now it was up to me to calm her down. After catching a quick whiff of her perfume though, my thoughts of helping her turned into thoughts of wanting her. I wanted to feel those longs legs. I wanted to taste those full lips. I wanted to grab onto that ass and never let go. I wanted Ashley. This wasn’t the time or the place for these feelings but I was getting tired of resisting them and the plan starting forming in my head that was as risky as it was helpful. “Ashley I’m going to try something to help ok? If you don’t like it just tell me to stop ok?” I felt her head nod so I gently pushed her just far enough away that our foreheads were less then an inch apart. It was now or never, and lust was starting to take control as I leaned in quickly and gave her a kiss. Her eyes opened immediately and I thought for sure my life was finally about to come to an end. But instead she let them drowsily close, and began slowly kissing back as if encouraging me to continue. Those full lips that I had wanted only two nights ago where slowly massaging mine now and soon I felt her tongue power its way into my mouth. I welcomed it, and without having any experience in French kissing, began to dance around her tongue with my own, exploring her mouth as she did mine. The passion and force that she was using was turning me on more and more as my hands began wandering up and down her back while her hands softly cupped my face making the kiss all the more lustful.Without warning she got up from her seat, our mouths still intertwined, and sat back down on my right leg. Her crotch was grinding up against it and it was driving me wild now as my hands immediately took the opportunity to latch onto the ass. She moaned inside my mouth as I squeezed and massaged them, taking this opportunity to finally release some of the lust that was built up inside of me. Her hips were thrusting harder now and our lips still never left one another’s until she pulled away suddenly. I found out why as she placed her knees on the outside of my chair and pulled the V-neck of her shirt down to reveal her perky boobs, mere inches from my face.“Suck them,” she begged, “Please Max!”She didn’t need to ask me twice. I leaned forward taking her stiff nipple in my mouth and began sucking on them like a baby sucks a bottle. Her head was just above mine now and I could hear her soft moaning until I lightly flicked the tip of nipple and suddenly that soft moan became a lustful roar. I brought one hand up to grab onto her free breast while my mouth worked on the other leaving my free hand to rub her ass which sent her wide. She was pressing her chest farther forward trying to get more of boob into my mouth and I happily continued to take what she gave me. It didn’t take long after I started that little rotation for her moans to become quicker and more urgent, I felt her body twitching out of control and I found out why only seconds later when she screamed (at the exact same time as someone in the movie died), “I’m escort gümüşhane cummmmmmming,”Her body jerked forward, her entire body tensing up until she slowly started to fall backwards. I grabbed onto her hips and yanked her back towards me so she wouldn’t fall of the chair but she slowly got up once I had finally secured her, and after a little repositioning she was sitting in my lap with her head resting on my shoulder and her legs sitting comfortably on another chair. Her eyes were closed and she had a wide smile on her face, lying in my arms peacefully until the movie finally ended. She looked so sexy now, her hair frizzled with a little bit of sweat glistening off her forehead and her boobs still exposed for the world to see not to mention the large wet spot over her crotch area. Knowing that we’d have to leave soon, I pulled her shirt up to conceal them before trying to straighten her hair out a bit.“Trying to clean me up?” she laughed finally opening her eyes and looking towards me.“I-I’m sorry,” I stopped immediately.“Your fine Max,” she sighed, “You’re just…fine.”Once the credits had finally ended and I caught a glimpse of the clean-up crew coming in I told Ashley that we needed to leave. She groaned, slightly angered as she stood up and stretched out. She fixed her hair quickly and gave me a giant hug before grabbing her purse and heading towards the exit with me following close behind.Riley and Izzy were waiting patiently for us as Ashley rapidly regained her formal cocky nature.“So how was it?” Izzy directed the question at Ashley.“A stupid boy movie that just attracts stupid boys,” Ashley shook her head, “Honestly how can anybody think that that’s a good movie I was practically asleep through the hole thing.”“What about the brat?”“I’m standing right here y’know?” I chimed in.“Shut the fuck up, I wasn’t talking to you.”“Hell if I know,” Ashley continued, “I wasn’t even paying attention to him.”“After what he made you do I don’t blame ya. Bribing a fucking worker, I can’t believe this bullshit you almost got us into.”“Whatever,” Izzy smacked the back of my head and I merely shook my head and continued out the door. I should’ve seen that smack coming but I wasn’t going to let it ruin my day. A bullet to the heart couldn’t ruin this day for me now. The car ride home was noisy as Izzy and Riley began relaying the entire movie to Ashley who was more then happy to hear it. When we got home I went to my room, changed into shorts and t-shirt, and proceeded to lay on my bed. My eyes where glued to the ceiling as I relived the evenings escapades. Time seemed to fly by as the clock read midnight now, and suddenly I had this strange feeling in the pit of my stomach. I got up, finally taking off my jacket and tossing it to the ground as I headed out my door and down my pitched black hallway. The blue light from the living room confirmed my suspicions as I walked in and leaned against the doorway.“I bribed Phil but he didn’t take the money, and that was supposedly the scariest movie of year. The others wouldn’t have given a damn about that,” I admitted, “Why’d you do it?”“I needed to get you alone,” Ashley admitted. Laying in the exact same position I found her in Friday night. “I asked Phil what movie you went to see and then put my plan in motion.”“But why?”“What you did for me Friday Max,” she sat up, biting her lower lip, “I felt a strange sense of passion when you gave me orders. But it wasn’t like any other passion I had ever experienced. It was concern and care, but also a strange sense of security, and when I realized that I lost all control. My mind started to think about what you felt like. How you would handle me. How I’d do anything just to have you touch me. I had to get you on that bed and when the moment finally came when your body was fully pressed against mine I melted. I-I…I wanted you Max,” she laughed to cover up her obvious embarrassment, “I never felt so nervous around a guy in my life much less my little brother. It only got worse after you told me to stop too. I wanted you even more after that and it took all weekend for me to finally devise a plan to get you alone.”“You planned all of that out?” I asked in disbelief, “Even the whole scene during the movie?”“No, that was all you,” she winked, “But I never came that hard before in my life and god did I need that from you. You have no idea how happy I was when you pressed your lips against mine and once it was all over you let me rest in your arms. I could’ve stayed like that for the rest of my life Max.” she paused and shook her head, “I’m sorry Max I know that it’s wrong and filthy and all kinds of other things. But I’d be lying if I said that I didn’t want you. I guess I’ll understand if you’re disgusted with me after what I-”“We,” I interrupted.“Huh?”“After what we did,” I smiled and I saw how much it made her relax, “Ashley I was as much a part of it as you were. I thought I was being a pervert thinking about you like that, hell I thought I was dreaming about Friday night. I love you Ashley no matter what, you’re my sister after all and I’m not even mad. I’m actually pretty relieved.”“You are? You’re not freaked out or anything?” I shook my head and she smiled, “So what would you say if I wanted to sleep with you again? The few scenes that I did see of that movie were a little…intense.”I thought about my answer, but I felt like the best answer was to just hold out my hand. She got up and shakily grabbed onto my hand, turning off the TV as we headed into my room. The only light in the room was the lamp at my desk as we both crawled into bed. I didn’t have much time to get comfy before she immediately latched onto me and started straddling my body. Her head was resting beside mine now as our breathing slowed and I enjoyed the warmth of her body, luckily we were under the covers because I didn’t want her to notice how hard I was just by her touch. “Max c-can I ask you something?”“Sure.”“Have you had sex before?” I was admittedly shocked by her question and she must’ve noticed because she quickly said, “I’m so sorry was that too far? I-I didn’t mean to pry into your personal life.”“It’s alright,” I laughed at how embarrassed she was and gave her a quick peck on her cheek, “I’ve never had sex before Ashley.”“A blowjob?”“Nope.”“A hand job?”“Nope.”“Fingered?”“Let’s just say that you’re the farthest I’ve gone with a girl,” I quickly said after realizing how lame I was starting to sound. Her grip loosened a considerable amount after that and I didn’t know why, but either way I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity like this especially because I was so horny that my dick was going to explode. Thinking quickly I hopped on top, pinning her down although I was positive she could’ve tossed me to the side like a rag doll. I stared down at her with hungering eyes, beautiful body only making me more aggressive. “Ashley you’re my big sister right?”“Right…” she answered nervously.“And being my big sister you’re supposed to take care of me right?”“Yeah,” she lost some of nervousness in her voice.“To make sure I’m happy right?”“That’s right,” a small smile crossed her face now.“To teach…” I leaned in so close that our lips were only one slight jerk forward away from meeting each other yet again. Her eyes were slowly narrowing and I could see that she was smiling wickedly now, knowing what the next words out of my mouth were going to be. “Me…right?”“That’s right,” she whispered back in a soft and succulent voice, her arms wrapping around my neck and pulling me in for the kiss. My hunger for her soft lips were met as the same wild kisses we had during the movie picked up right where they left off with our tongues dancing with one another. She quickly rolled me over so that she was now on top, pressing her alluring body onto mine and giving free reign over that ass that I loved so much. She moaned softly into my mouth when I slipped my hands under her boxers to grab her naked ass. Each squeeze made her moan louder and louder until she pulled away and began kissing my neck. “I want your cock Max,” she moaned in between kisses. “Please Max can you fuck me? I can’t take it anymore!”She stopped and looked up at me, my mind blown by her request but I wanted my sister and now she was practically begging me. I nodded quickly and she ripped of her shirt with her boxers following close behind. Tossing them to the side, she took off my shorts and her eyes widened immediately.“Holy shit!”“What?”“You’ve got to be at least nine inches.”“Is that good?” I asked slightly worried.“I would’ve done this sooner if I knew that this was what was rubbing against me Friday night,” she smiled. I was shocked to hear that, but then again I never really bother to measure my dick so she was the expert here. It was dripping with pre-cum now and she sexily bent down and licked it gently off my dick, which alone nearly made me cum. She noticed my groan and I could see her smile of approval as she laid down next to me and winked, “C’mon Max fuck your big sister good!”I got up and into position between her legs, lining up my cock as I slowly shoved it in but I was surprised at how tight it was, and with her moaning getting louder with each inch that when in I didn’t know if I was hurting her not. She must’ve thought I was teasing her or something because she grabbed onto my hips and thrust me towards her, nearly screaming in process as my dick filled her hot and juicy pussy up. Now that it was all the way in there I started off slowly, but I already knew that I wasn’t going to last long and judging by Ashley’s moaning she didn’t sound like she was going to last long either. “Oh fuck Max! Oh fuuuuuuuuuuuuck! God you’re filling my pussy up,” she moaned, her hands grabbing onto her boobs as she bit into her lower lip. I picked up speed a bit enjoying her warm pussy with each thrust I took, but I felt the tingling feeling that usually meant that I would be cumming soon.“A-Ashley…I’m gonna cum.”“Cum inside me little brother! Please fill me with cum!” she begged. Hearing that I started pumping faster and faster, “Oh god I think I’m cumming too! Don’t stop Max, whatever you do don’t stoooooooop!”She started screaming again but I quickly cut them down by wrapping my mouth over hers as we sloppily kissed. Her back arched just then and I felt her pussy clamp down on my dick and that finally sent me over the edge as I shot rope after rope of cum into her pussy. I was panting now as my dick slid out from her pussy and climbed up the bed to her side. She was out of breath too, but when I finally made it to her side she made a beeline straight for my mouth, kissing me passionately until I finally had to pull away to catch my breath. “That was amazing,” I smiled with a glazy look in my eye.“And that was only the first time,” Ashley winked as she nuzzled up against me. “God you stretched my pussy out so much I almost cried.”“Sorry.”“Do me a favor Max and stop apologizing,” she kissed my cheek, “Trust me you did great, hell I’m surprised you lasted as long as you did.”“Well, I had a great teacher.”

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