25th Birthday

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My twenty-fifth birthday was a blast and led to my entrance into the lifestyle. My girlfriend at the time was curious about being with another woman and another woman and me. So when she asked me what I wanted for my birthday I told her to watch her have her pussy eaten by a bodacious babe while I fucked her. Her eyes lit up and she got to “shopping” for gift.

Living in Grand Haven, Michigan leads to many opportunities for sexual adventures during the summer months due to the high tourist influx. My birthday is in January so finding some bisexual hottie willing to travel to Western Michigan during peak snow was challenge—but Amber was not discouraged. She had all the tools to lure in the right young lady.

Amber was 22, 5’3″, thin, strong legs small waist, ripped abs and stacked. I am talking can’t hear the radio when she wrapped her girls around my head stacked—44 DD with nipples almost an inch and a half long. This girl had lost her virginity early and never looked back. So when she got on an adult site and posted her picture with a pic of my 7″ and the description “looking for bisexual female to lick my pussy and fuck my boyfriend” the offers and pictures flooded in.

My birthday arrived and there was a knock at our door just before 5 pm. Amber was in the bathroom primping and heard the knock. “Her name is Cheri. She’s from Benton Harbor. Answer the door but if you start without me I will fucking kill you!”

I looked through the glass in the door and saw a redhead with a parka and knit hat standing outside the door. This girl had lips that looked like they could suck the stain off a broom handle. I opened the door and she looked at me with these big blue eyes. “Happy Birthday. I’m your present.”

I invited her inside and asked if I could take her coat. She peeled off that parka to show off a body that nearly had me on my knees. She was 23 with long read hair that curled it’s way down to the crack in her ass. Her top only made it down to her navel and I could see the top of a tattoo being hidden by the buckle on her belt that was holding onto a very tight pair of jeans. I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s ok to stare,” Cheri said. “As soon as I get Amber’s ok I am going to fuck the shit out of both of you.” She slipped her shoes off to display perfectly painted toenails and the cutest pair of feet I had ever seen. I’m not into feet but they were hot.

Amber came in to say hello and when they caught their first glimpse of each other I could tell I was in for one Hell of a ride. Amber came across the living room and put a light Hello kiss on Cheri’s very pouty lips. Cheri pulled her close and slipped her tongue in Amber’s mouth bahis firmaları and I almost came right there. There was a moment of silence as the two parted.

“The chicken is still baking in the oven,” Amber said to break the silence and headed to the kitchen and Cheri and I followed. I stood there against the counter as the girls got to know each other. Cheri was working as an administrative assistant for a manufacturing company in Benton Harbor but was looking to relocate by summer. She had just gotten out of a two year relationship with a guy who was always out of town. “I need fuckin’ and he just wasn’t cutting it.”

I brought out a bottle of wine and also offered beer. Cheri pointed at the beer and when I reached for a glass she waved me off.

“My lips are accustomed to being wrapped around something before I swallow,” she informed me. Amber looked over her shoulder and blew me a kiss. My dick tried to crawl through my zipper as I handed Cheri her beer. I couldn’t stop watching her her lips on the bottle as she sipped her beer and her eyes kept looking into mine whenever she lifted the bottle.

Not to be outdone, Amber also chose a beer but proceeded to stick her tongue into the top of her bottle between sips as she looked at Cheri who continued to tell us about the douche bag she had been with. We finally sat down to dinner with fresh beers and very strong libidos.

I sat across from Amber and she immediately started playing footsie with me as we ate. Things finally simmered down a bit during the conversation and we got to know each other. After dinner I replenished our beers and we took them back into the living room. I put on some music and the girls sat beside one another on the couch.

“Shit,” Amber yelled and jumped up. “We have cake.”

She ran back into the kitchen and gathered up a few forks and plates and then brought in my birthday cake with candles burning. The girls sang to me and I blew out the candles. Amber cut us each a piece and we sat back down—the girls on the couch; me on the easy chair across the room. As the girls ate their cake I could tell Cheri was really getting hot as she watched Amber.

“You’ve got a little bit on the corner of your mouth,” Cheri motioned to Amber. “Can I get it for you?”

“Sure,” Amber said with a shy smile. With that, Cheri ran her finger through the icing on her cake and wiped it on Amber’s lower lip only to follow-up with a kiss and sucked the frosting into her mouth. I dropped my fork.

The girls continued to make out and I got up and took their plates from them as not to cause a mess. Amber’s right hand moved up and touched the side of Cheri’s face as Cheri’s kaçak iddaa hand went under Amber’s tight sweater.

“Well this was silly,” Amber said and raised the sweater over her head and threw it on the floor exposing her bare chest. Cheri immediately cupped Amber’s large tits and began sucking on her nipples but Amber pushed her away. There was a slight tension before Amber smiled and said, “Fair is fair.”

Cheri lifted her own top off to reveal a lacy pink bra that was trying really hard to keep her breasts in.

“Let me help,” Amber said then reached around Cheri and removed her bra as the two again began to make out. Cheri laid Amber down on the couch as she began nibbling her way down to Amber’s nipples, then her stomach, and started to unbutton her jeans. Cheri lifted Amber’s legs and pulled her jeans and panties off in one fluid motion. Amber normally left a landing strip above her pussy but it was now revealed that she had shaved herself bald.

“Surprise,” she said looking directly at me. “Cheri gets it first though.”

Cheri didn’t need more of an invitation, moved her head down between Amber’s legs and ran her tongue from ass to clit along her slit. Amber shuttered with delight. Cheri looked over at me.

“Are you going to participate or just sit there with a hardon?”

I peeled off my clothes and joined the girls on the couch where I removed Cheri’s jeans and panties. I began eating her bald pussy while she was on all fours nibbling on Amber’s pussy. Amber laid there and giggled between moans.

“Lick that pussy good,” Cheri said, “and we will take care of you once I have made your lady cum.”

“Oh, don’t worry about getting me to cum,” Amber told her. “We are going to cum a lot tonight. He won’t cum until we do. Trust me!” Cheri smiled.

It is true. I am a very unselfish lover and can hold off my orgasm until I am ready to cum. Amber usually cums a few times before I throw a load on her.

“We will have to see about that,” Cheri said to me. “Stick that cock in my pussy.”

I did as I was told as Cheri buried her face in Amber’s pussy. The second my cock entered that pussy I felt a vice closed down on it. Cheri was so wet but had a death grip on my cock. I slowly slid my member deep into her as she moaned on the pussy between her lips. “That’s it.”

I spread her ass wide and got into a groove as I began pounding Cheri’s pussy with my cock. Amber started watching me and our eye contact only made it hotter. Before long Amber came unglued and let out with a loud shriek as she came. This only made Cheri bury her face in there more and Amber continued to wiggle and squirm. Once her orgasm had kaçak bahis subsided she climbed out from underneath Cheri’s face, laid down on the floor and slid under Cheri so she could lick her clit while I fucked Cheri’s pussy. I could feel her tongue on my cock as it ran down me and back onto Cheri’s slit. That was perhaps the greatest feeling I had ever felt—but I wasn’t ready to cum.

Cheri began to shutter from the sensations of Amber’s tongue and my fucking and she yelled to Amber lick her nipples. Amber scooted down and stuffed one of Cheri’s nipples in her mouth. Cheri returned the favor as she came all over my dick and slid off.

“Fuck me!” Cheri yelled.

“We did,” I yelled back.

The two girls turned around to find me kneeling on the floor. Amber laid back down on the floor and scooted her head between my legs so she could suck on my balls as Cheri got on all fours over Amber and began cleaning her cum off of my cock. Their mouths went to town on my dick until every drop of girl juice had been removed. Cheri seemed determined to get me to jizz down her throat but I wasn’t ready to cum yet. I wanted to fuck Amber.

The girls rolled over and licked the cum off each other and then Amber declared I needed to fuck Cheri again. “But I want to put it in her.”

Cheri laid down in a missionary position before me and Amber kneeled behind me with her breasts rubbing on my back. She reached around, grabbed my cock and guided it into Cheri’s wet pussy. “You can fuck me anytime. I want you to fuck her.”

Amber continued to hold the base of my cock with her hand and started to motion my hips back and forth as my cock slid in and out of Cheri’s pussy. Amber then moved around to stand above Cheri’s head and held Cheri’s feet up as I held her thighs down and pounded her into the floor.

“This is so fucking hot,” Cheri yelled and it wasn’t long before she was coming again. Amber kneeled down over Cheri’s face and rubbed Cheri’s sloppy wet clit as I continued to fuck it. Amber looked up at me and opened her mouth. I continued to fuck Cheri, who was screaming under Amber’s pussy, and then felt my cock begin to fill. I pulled it out of Cheri’s pussy and stuffed it into Amber’s waiting mouth. Amber began to guzzle my come down her throat as we all continued to moan. Amber swallowed every drop and then buried her face in Cheri’s pussy and they finished each other off again.

We all collapsed for a few minutes and then took turns in the shower, had another beer and curled up on our king size bed. The girls kissed each other to sleep and I woke them up the next morning for another good fucking.

Cheri went back to Benton Harbor and we emailed but eventually lost touch. Eighteen years later I wonder whatever happened to her but will never forget my 25th birthday present.

Amber and I had a few more encounters that shall be told another time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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