22 Ch. 03

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The sows mind had slowed but there was still more than enough to handle simple tasks like resewing and hemming its clothing. The sows pen had French windows that lead into a small secluded rose garden that was now known as the Sow Meadow. It seemed happy. Its hands never stopped moving, fore if they weren’t sewing they were massaging the still sore nipples.

I had released the hobbles for a short time and the pyjama bottoms had come off and had been replaced by panties and the dress.

The sow had been directed to lift her dress and seat herself on a large beach ball. In the hobble, it was hard to maintain a balance so that body was always in motion. The spine was forced straight perfectly displaying the teats and the constant motion was toning the muscles that would soon be needed to support the heavy milk filled udders.

The teats swayed in time with the gyrating hips and I allowed myself time out from the day to appreciate their flowing beauty.

* * *

The Sow Meadow was a pleasant place that was made more so by the swaying teats.

The French doors opened onto a cobbled area before the grassed meadow. The grass was enclosed by rose bushes, the thorns confining the sow to the small meadow and its shady quite.

With great reluctance I left the sow to her sewing and went back to the treatment room to prepare the dip for latter in the day.

* * *

Another secret to my success at the shows I believed was my dipping method which I had refined from the Royal Milk Boards own regulations. The local Constable was one who insisted on well maintained records and proper procedure being followed. One had been complemented once or twice for my records and adherence to Royal Milk Board procedures.

The dip its self was a stainless steel half cylinder that hung off one of the walls, the wall having a locking mechanism that held the grated cover up and away till needed.

Hu Cows needed to be dipped every day, this of course being much more than a sheep or cow needed dipping. It is all about skin tone of course and tone wins ribbons. A prize winning Hu Cow will radiate health when displayed to the shows judges and my additions to the Royal Milk Boards regulations and procedures cultivated health.

A sow would be naked after having brushed its hair and would sit on the edges of the dip before twisting and sliding into the waiting bath. Stainless steel inserts, chosen by size would support the back and shoulders, the buttocks, upper thighs, elbows ,wrist and ankles. Each was minimal and with quick filling of the vessel a sow would find the solution giving the body flotation, further relieving the supports of the body’s weight.

Very comfortable in other words. Being comfortable a sow showed little concern when canlı bahis the lattice work was pivoted down from the wall over a supine body, a resting body that was finding its self not uncomfortable at all in the soothing warm waters of the dip.

The lattice was modular and had been sized by myself last night and the help had assembled it this morning. I found myself inordinately proud that once again I had got the sizing correct.

The lattice imprisoned the sow at this stage which made the dip much more economical in the amount of liquid needed to totally immerse a sow. Curved rods of steel had swung over wrists, neck, brow and ribs. The stomach, waist and hips were similarly restrained and with such total restraint it always became interesting when the level arose above the mouth and nose and breathing now became possible only through a tube, fore at this moment the sow was totally immersed in the dip.

Once again I despaired at the stupidity of some Facilitators in the terror caused to the mind of a sow that was caught unprepared for their first dip.

My procedure was quite different of course for my sows; this would be the first time they would be fully nude and bare before me. Using my cunning mind, why not combine the humiliation of being fully displayed with the need for some sort of covering, even if that covering was only opaque water?

I always used my voice to coax rather then threaten, induce cooperation rather than force and finally just to go slowly through what was coming so the sow understood that panic was not at all helpful. As I have mentioned there was no discomfort in the dip, it was quite comfortable so with the right mixture of drugs a sow would find itself wonderfully relaxed as fully immersed it felt the water jets that the dip would play over the body.

It always took longer than the usual method but my way in the end had a relaxed sow that was fully immersed, comfortably using the breathing tube and enjoying the benefits of the dip.

The makeup of the dip would contribute to easing a new sow into a new life style for after all the sow needed some body hair modification soon and then of course dipping with flotation would ease the weight of the teats turning to udders.

So it came back to a small thing, facilitating and easing the sow to take the breathing tube and to be relaxed as the liquid arose over her and started to sooth the sow and its mind. A sow was never fully dipped in my treatment room till it was fully ready. Winner ribbons didn’t fall off trees in this village.

When a sow was held in the lattice cage and fully immersed I would take the control couch next to the dip and hook up with my pad to the program “Dip Control”. The couch was most comfortable indeed and allowed my left bahis siteleri hand access to the now floating teats while my right accessed the keyboard on the pad. I always felt that my playing with the trapped teats gave the sow a reassurance that it was not alone in its watery isolation.

Being a registered virgin I would use this time to have the help in at this time of the week to prepare me for my weekly inspection by the churches Ladies Committee and Vicar. The Royal writ, Bishop and local Knight had reassumed powers not used in 200 years since the passing of the comet and some of the morals of those times had returned with them.

The sows collar feed data into the program and this was correlated and then displayed on my pad so I always was up to date with a sows condition. The vessel could be emptied instantly should the need arise for safety was paramount with the Royal Milk Board *

I have wandered in the story, the Dip!

The dipping process is most important to the a developing sow as it cleanse the pores of the skin, gets teats floating and with one of my personnel touches cause an irritation to skin that is in contact with hair. My sows never wail when it’s time for the hair modification, in fact they thank me when the procedure is complete.

Furthermore the isolation that the dipping process gives marks the passing of another day in the life of a sow that is taking the journey to lactation.

The isolation is complete as when the pumps start and the jets start teasing the body, a well relaxed sow with the assistance of the drugs simply drifts away to a world of haze, a world without time, a world of inner calm. The sow is at peace.

A sow that is at peace is a sow that produces sweet milk. Sweet milk in its turn produce prize ribbons. I like ribbons.

* * *

Miss Robbins One hour latter

My hand played over the sows teat, as relaxed, I let myself drift, but kept a small part of my mind monitoring the immersed sows condition while the help worked between my legs. Life was good.

* * *

Miss Robbins One half hour latter The Treatment Room

The sow had finished the dip and now, held by its own hair was drip drying over a drain. I had simply taken a twist of long hair from the top of the head and clamped it on the end of chain suspended over the head. The sow had tried but could not release its self so now stood calmly while it air dried.

The nude sow looked much more like a sow now. Already body changes were obvious. The aureole were still puffy, the nipples stood proud and fully engorged while the hair of the sow was dripping liquid and stuck where ever it grew over the body.

The sow had used its hands to move the sodden mass from its eyes but even so it still looked bahis şirketleri like a drowned rat. I was using a mister to puff water vapour into the area around its eyes as a sow needed eye lashes for health reasons and I didn’t want the dips hair irritant working in that area.

I was once again proud that my methods had worked so well as my eyes took in the freshly dipped sow.

It indeed looked like a developing sow now as the nipples were inflamed and erect, each aureole puffy and of course for the first time nude and on display. I liked my new sows at this stage for they were now removed from their former humanity and there mind was now focused on two immediate discomforts.

Teats and hair!

The sows teats were still the focus of the reduced mind, it would be so for the foreseeable future.

Of course there was now a new discomfort because as the moisture dripped free from the body and it dried, the irritant that now coated the body hair started its work.

The sow had been dosed and stood calmly. It would be some time before the mist of the drugs cleared and it became aware.

I had the help move my control crouch into the treatment room and lay myself down and roamed my eyes over the nude, bare sow. I knew at this moment that I had something special as I critically inspected what I had to work with, well formed teat, pleasing to look at and a joy to handle. Milkers to be!

The winning ribbon would be mine and this sow would be the Hu Cow that provided it.

The sow was generally well formed with strong hips that would have no trouble bearing the weight of full udders. The stomach was flat, well muscled and a ribbon of hair fell from the belly button before thickening and rising over the pubic mound. A thick thatch disappeared between the legs, the hair then spilling down the inner thighs towards the knees where it thinned and stopped.

The teats were well formed and a pale alabaster white that I knew would hold a prize winning quantity of milk in the end. The sow, pinned as it was by its hair didn’t look its best at the moment to an untrained eye but I a could see its potential and felt lucky with what I had been given to work with.

I had things to do while 22 air dried but I paused for a last look and to let my mind flow on the journey that I would chart for this former subject of the king. The surrender of one’s humanity to the Crown bought a great burden to that same Crown.

A girl had an expectation that Royal service in a dairy would end and that a return into society would be insured. My Hu Cows had my support with that goal.

22 looked towards it teats and it should be noted that it could no longer see them as it no longer used glasses. What did it see?

It saw a blur while I saw them as empty vessels ready to be swollen and filled for the benefit of subjects and Crown. As a facilitator it was my part to make this so.

To make it SOW!!!

* * *

* Royal Milk Board. Now designated RMB

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