215 Wendy and Andrew reworked


215 Wendy and Andrew reworked215 Wendy and Andrew reworkedThis story has been reworked due to hubby sending me his version of his involvement!They were living in Norfolk it was a nice house, not new but very well appointed, it had a long and secluded garden at its rear fenced to 6ft on all sides. A neighbouring house was the only other home in range so the pretty 38year-old Wendy always sunbathed nude. Her husband Andrew and she being the only ones around except as I said the one next-door neighbour, she tended to throw caution to the wind, though she was always a lady who loved well-endowed men, her husband not being in that category by any means, they had, by mutual consent it must be said, enjoyed sharing her, allowing her the freedom to enjoy other men sexually, without upsetting the marriage, some would call it cuckolding, but with them it was more of a sharing for practicality sake. Their neighbour was a 66year old chap by the name of Steve, whom they hardly knew, they would just pass the odd word if they met, as he kept himself very much to himself.It was on one of these warm sunny days, when Wendy`s husband Andrew was in their back bedroom, which doubles up as his office, working on his laptop. He said later; “I could see Wendy at the bottom of the garden sunbathing naked. She always used baby oil so her nude body was glistening, and I could see her bald, smooth pussy and large breasts. That body of hers always turns my head and gets a second glance, it always has! I got up to put a file back in the cupboard and I noticed Steve, our next-door neighbour, out in his garden. I didn`t realise, when I first looked, but when I looked again I could see he was not only naked, but he was peering through the fence towards Wendy!” “Then even more of a turn on was as he turned I saw his hand around the most enormous member I had seen in the flesh and he was slowly masturbating!” “My first reaction was total shock but then a huge illegal bahis wave of being excited and totally turned on took over, knowing he was looking at my nude wife. We had been a sharing couple at that point for 3 years and Wendy had had a lot of men which as long as either I was present or got chapter and verse afterwards I had no objection to at all.”“ It`s partly knowing Wendy loves well-endowed men and I am only 3 inches when hard and I know I cannot give Wendy physically what she needs, as she loves her pussy being filled and stretched and feeling a big man`s cock right to the back of her pussy! It is a huge turn on for me as well, knowing that I am smaller than her lovers, so sensing that this could lead to some fun, I texted Wendy to come back to the house into the office.” she lay on the lounger, drink in hand when her mobile phone jingled, it was her husband, texting, and calling her from the house saying she was to come indoors as quickly as she could, it sounded urgent so rising from her lounger and cursing a little at the disturbance, she hastened to the back-kitchen door still naked. She called out to Andrew, and he called her up to the back bedroom.“I could see Steve wanking really hard as Wendy is 5 ft 9 and looks really fantastic when she is walking naked, she came upstairs, to me and I was sat small tool in hand, wanking- away sitting on the corner of our spare bed on the corner of the bed, out of view, still watching Steve, I stood up and ran my finger up her pussy. she was slightly wet and said that sunbathing naked and reading a sexy story always turned her on!”“At first, she thought it just a ploy just to fetch her indoors perhaps for what with me passes for sex. So, the day being warm and her sunbathing disturbed, she began to remonstrate with me, but I gestured toward the window with a finger to my lips and she caught sight for the first time of Steve, standing in his garden naked with his huge illegal bahis siteleri erection sticking out in front of him his eye to a knothole in the fence, awaiting her return to the lounger.! She gasped and as I knew it would it immediately turn her on.”“I explained that he had been watching her through that crack or knothole for some time and with a grin, she quickly kissed me then set off downstairs and back into the garden pausing only to refresh her cool drink. I heard her coughing as she walked back, which I knew was her way of telling Steve she had returned, and I watched him go straight back to the wanking!”“I could see Steve wanking really hard as Wendy is 5 ft 9 and looks really fantastic when she is turned on and naked.Back now in the garden and on her lounger knowing full-well what was on view for her neighbour she began to finger herself, gently at first, then with increasing vigour, knowing just how exciting it would be for the hidden neighbour. When she was really turned on and wet she started calling our neighbours name. He looked over the fence as if to reply, very shocked that she knew he was there and much to his amazement, she literally begged him to come over and fuck her!” “He had been embarrassed at first at being caught-out, but within a few moments of her entreaties, he over-came his blushes, slipped through the adjoining gate, and stood close to the lounger, his rampant swollen member slipping effortlessly into her mouth.” “I was just too far away to hear the words that she used other than the shouted name Steve, so I moved down to our patio, quietly and unseen by either of them.”“The feeling was indescribable especially when his next move probably at her suggestion had the huge penis pushing its way into her, now very wet pussy. The feeling of fullness must have been incredible, and she came almost straight away, her head waving from side to side as the throes of her climax took her.as canlı bahis siteleri she tossed her head her eyes alighted on me, by now stood on the patio watching the neighbour shafting my dear wife, my own hand almost a blur as I enjoyed the spectre of my beloved wife once more being unfaithful to me, and with a man we hardly knew.She motioned me to come closer, the better to view this stranger with his huge tool thrusting deep into her willing body. I silently did as I was bid. So engrossed was my wife`s sexual partner that he did not notice my approach, as with a roar the stud filled the sunbather with the seed of celibate months, both he and she, achieving such a climax together that her body arched to meet him, groaning in her climax, my own seed spewing onto the ground at the side of them also with a groan, which alerted him of my presence. beginning to rise in alarm from his well fucked woman, partly in surprise, partly in fear of the husband he hardly knew. She clung to him legs around his hips, lips urgently explaining that he need not be worried and that I was no threat… But he still wriggled himself free and stood to one side, feeling no doubt somewhat shocked and probably expecting v******e. He need not have worried, she clicked her fingers and dutifully I, her husband knelt and began to hungrily clean her sex, savouring the duty as if born just for that job!” “His fears calmed she explained that me not being physically able to satisfy her, not only did I enjoy her sexual conquests, I revelled in them. That seemed to do the trick he a man of few words, nodding his understanding.”“When she felt she was clean enough she had me, clean his giant appendage as well, no doubt to show him I was not in anyway-aggrieved at his having taken my wife, before assisting him to remount her, holding her lips wide for him and feeding that fantastic tool into her myself, inch by inch. This time the fucking was long gentle and very slow and lasted some considerable time. Wendy came several times again that afternoon and it was not to be their only tryst, but that first was some 15 years ago, and much water has now passed under that particular bridge it must be said.

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