207 the padlocked nurse pt5


207 the padlocked nurse pt5207 the padlocked nurse pt5John arrived early, saying he had been sent to appraise some financial paper-work at one of the subsidiary plants and had finished early, dinner was well advanced, and she had had time to dress provocatively, she had now found time to explain about Harry, Explaining that he wished to be her house and body cleaning cuck-butler, explain how far she had let him go and that she had left him frustrated begging to do his sexual “work” for her (or perhaps them all,) and that an occasional fuck or a blow job with that oversize tool would keep him panting and her happy and for a small fee he would be happy to clean and do some housework as well, but that was a separate issue.It all sounded good to John, and he went around to talk to Harry while they waited for Barney to arrive. What was said she never found out, but on his return he said that “Harry would be doing the basic domestics from Monday, she was to leave a list for shopping,” (which had always been a burden,) “and from now on Harry will eat with us each evening, and would be ‘on call’ to give her any sexual favours she required day or night, and to act as butler, as required!” to which he laughed, as he explained Harry was “nearly begging to see the rest of you, his tongue hanging out, he was so enamoured.” just then Barney rang the doorbell and grinning John added “and here is another one of your fans”, Barney appearing as was his habit bearing gifts of wine and flowers, and kissing Mandy in a very familiar way as soon as the door was opened to him.They explained Harry`s new role in things, and then after calling the ‘supposed butler’ they sat to eat the meal. As it happened a delicious roast, followed by an apple pie that was divine, they sat while Harry did the washing up, then he served coffee, and sat with them each full to bursting and happy in each-others company. Sex didn’t raise its head for over an hour the four being in such a soporific state, but inevitably it drifted in to the conversation as these things do in erotic company, Barney and Harry soon fell to discussing the late Olive, her lovers and her kinks, Harry reminiscing about the way she would bring him home “cream pies” just to prove she had done the things she then told him of in graphic detail! With one regular bursa escort masterful chap he said “she would go to him knowing he would whip or spank her badly, and he would write for Harry`s benefit on her back, long messages in felt tip that was difficult to scrub off, telling him what they had done and calling him a wimp, which he Harry loved for some inexplicable reason. Asked if she ever brought the men home, he said “often, and women too occasionally, but for the time they were visiting mostly she had him secured in his hard chair, in a place where he could see best, her debauchery.”Barney asked if he ever got involved and was told that they occasionally used him to “piss either on -or in, at both ends,” but that it was an unwritten rule he was never allowed to use her in any way, till she had been cleaned with his tongue and then only when the ‘friend’ had left. Strangely she would then goad him on in the hope that he would take some sort of revenge for her infidelity, but he said he could never bring himself to hurt her, as he loved her too much, though he did occasionally make her drink his urine or take a fill below, which she hated but did as a penance.Mandy asked about that and was told that it was called a ‘fill below’ when a man urinated inside a woman either front or back. Harry nodding, his agreement, and saying he enjoyed that game no end.By now they were all lounging around on sofa or armchairs, and taking a more sexual interest, so John explained that as he was master to Mandy, he and Barney, her lover had had her tattooed, adding that “he had had her sex pierced,” he went on that “to comply with his friends wishes his name had been inscribed forever as well,” (which Mandy suddenly understood) and that he had fitted weights for this week, to stretch his wife`s labia as it was his intention to fit her with a form of chastity device which Barney would make, and that they alone would have keys too. Again, this was enlightening to Mandy, who now suddenly understood the whole scenario!John now clicked his fingers and told her to stand, which instinctively she did, he then told Harry to “remove the ladies clothing, and you can all see the reason you were not permitted to touch her lower than her breasts earlier today!”He then turned to Barney and suggested they “strip bursa escort bayan off too as they had no need for clothes this evening,” and the two men did just that, hardly taking their eyes from the very eager Harry and his task!Harry began by unbuttoning the long-sleeved blouse, starting at the cuffs, she realised instantly that he knew his way round a woman`s clothing, and to her questioning glance, he explained as he worked that “he used to dress his wife before she went out each time.”The blouse dealt with, and the bra disposed of, the breasts with their hard nipples exposed, he dropped the skirt, revealing stockings and a dark blue garter belt but no panties, the four heavy locks, glittering gold in the light of the last of the setting sun and catching his eye, hung, stretching the very sore looking labia. After a glance at the tattoos then a long slow look at the locks and the eyelets in her stretched skin, he moved behind her, unclipping the garter belt and rolling down the stockings, working from behind her taking special care not to knock the locks and cause her more discomfort, while enjoying the effect of his face being buried against the soft flesh of her meaty backside.Now with her completely naked he stood behind her, waiting, for permission to look over her tattoos properly, but was surprised when he was told to “put his hands under her arms and hold her pinioned by her shoulders while the locks were removed for the first time in a week!” doing as he was told her head on his shoulder his hot breath in her ear, she stood legs akimbo as Barney knelt before her, and with the keys supplied by John the locks were removed one at a time.The lips a little stretched now felt more and more relieved as clockwise each successive lock was removed. Finally, Barney could resist no longer and had to open her sex to read the tiny inscription “Barny`s been here” neatly tattooed on the inside, down the now wet lip. He smiled, nodded his thanks to his friend, and then kissed the lip as a gentle thank you to the lady herself. His next move was to fetch a tape measure and a notebook from his jacket, he then carefully drew and measured his plaything, her sexual cavity, the position of the four eyelets he measured most carefully, their relation to the main cavity, the exact position of her escort bursa piss slit and then purely for his own enjoyment, the sizes of both her clit and the diameter of her cavity, all this was repeated one leg raised as if walking or running while leaning back on Harry and not all for balance. Then again in the laying position. Finally satisfied the book and measure went away and he took first a picture on his phone then his pleasure with the by now very excited lady, laying on her back on the carpet! Harry stepping aside and standing as if waiting to assist! Barney`s ministrations did not take long, the couple writhing about like snakes in a pit giving themselves to one another in a most single-minded way, watched intently by both John and Harry, who at John`s insistence now had removed all his clothing revealing for the first time his very white body, and that sizeable tool backed up with a set of very large balls in a heavily tattooed bag. There was also on his arse tattoo`s, that bore the comment ‘Olives little cleaner’ and “a cocksucker” one on each cheek.The lovers parted, John taking Barney`s place but as he got down to attend the lady, he ordered Harry to “clean off that sticky tool”He began thrusting at his already full wife, without giving her time to come down from her last orgasm, so with starting ‘still hot’ as it were, her next high was a massive one which with no regard her husband ploughed right through, making it even more exciting. Meanwhile Barney had flopped onto the sofa, and Harry had begun to clean the residue from the still semi-stiff tool using his tongue. Again, the thing stiffened and to its owners surprise it soon began to give notice of erupting once more and to his amazement, this time to the ministrations of another man!It did not go unnoticed to the couple on the floor, the groans from Barney defying anyone to ignore his gushing orgasm filling the ‘Butler`s’ mouth with gusto, and spurring both Mandy and John on to, greater things both coming with grunts and moans that echoed round the room! Barney flopped out on the sofa, his feet d****d on the floor, came back to reality, to find his recovery time had been but quite a few moments, by now the two on the floor lying beside one another on their backs, and from the kitchen sounds of Harry humming and bustling about.He appeared with coffee on a tray serving it as if at the savoy grill, complete with a towel over his arm and a raging errection that proclaimed he was he only one who had not achieved satisfaction …so far!

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