1st TIME HITCHHIKINGI was stranded in California at the time and needed to get back to Oregon. So I decided to hitch hike back. I started walking down the highway and put out my thumb. After about 30mins a truck pulled over it had to older redneck guys in it both were on the stocky/chubby side with beer belly’s and looked like they were in there early 40’s. They said there names were john and tony and that they were going to Oregon and I said great and hopped in the back of the truck.I knew it was going to be a long ride so I layed back and fell asleep. I woke up to the truck bouncing down a ruff dirt road. I didn’t know where we were and was wondering why we were on a dirt road. I started yelling at the guys in the cab asking them were are we going. But they just kept ignoring me and flying down the dirt road. Then the truck came to a stop and both guys got out and said what the fuck are you yelling about boy. I said where are we and why are we on a dirt road. They said were in Oregon like you asked now get the fuck out of the truck. I started to crawl out and tony grabbed me and pulled me to the ground. I said what the fuck and he said shut the fuck up boy. You owe us both blowjobs for the ride and your gonna pay up now. You are gonna service both are cocks and do exactly what we say. Or we are gonna beat the shit out of you and **** bahis şirketleri you anyway. Then leave you here in the middle of no where. I said please no as they both took off there pants. Tony walked up to me with his big hairy cock hanging in my face. He grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into his crotch. It smelled real bad like dirty sweaty balls as he just held my face planted against his sweaty balls. Then he ordered me to lick his balls I reluctantly did what I was told and started licking his dirty stinky balls. Then he shoved his musky smelling cock in my mouth and made me start sucking it.As I was sucking tony, john pulled off all my clothes and started rubbing some kind of lube on my ass. Tony started humping my face forcing his cock further down my throat. Making me gag and choke with every thrust while john started fingering my ass. Then tony said I’m going to cum in your mouth bitch and you better not swallow or let one drop leak out of your mouth or I’ll break your nose. He started fucking my face faster and faster slamming his cock down my throat. Then I felt him tense up and he started pumping stream after stream of hot thick nasty cum onto my tongue. It tasted horrible and I started to gag on it. He put his hand over my mouth and said you better not spill a drop and I had no choice but to swallow youwin it. It tasted even worse sliding down my throat it was nastiest thing I have ever tasted. Then he made me lick the last drizzle of cum off of his cock Then john shoved his cock in my face and said my turn bitch. I knew what I had to do now and I stopped fighting it. I just went straight to licking his balls they tasted and smelled way worse then tonys did. I almost gaged just from the smells I licked his dirty balls. Then He shoved his stinky cock in my mouth and I started sucking it a fast as I could wanting to just get this over. Then tony walked back up and said I need to piss. John pulled out and started fingering my ass some more. Tony said open up bitch and started pissing all over my face and in my mouth. It quickly filled my mouth and started drizzling out as he ordered me to start swallowing it. I started gaging as I tried to swallow as much as I could. Then I felt john force his cock up my ass with a shooting pain that hurt real bad as I felt him slowly slide balls deep into my ass and hold it there. Tony finished pissing and made me start sucking his cock hard. While john slowly started pumping his cock in my ass harder and harder till he was pounding my ass for all its worth while I continued to suck tony again. Then john said I’m ready youwin giriş and pulled out of my ass tony moved out of the way and john shoved his cock in my mouth and started fucking my throat. Tony went around and shoved his cock in my ass and started fucking me fast and hard while I sucked john. It was horrible tasting and smelling his cock covered in my ass juice forced down my throat. Then john told me to hold my mouth open and he pulled out and started jacking his cock off. He put just the tip in my mouth as he started to cum and pumped it all right on to my tongue and ordered me to swallow. It tasted different but just as bad as tony’s did. John went limp and just watched as tony continued to fuck my ass. Then john told me to open up and as I did he started to shoot a stream of piss in to my face quickly aiming it into my mouth and ordering me to drink it as the hot stream of nasty tasting piss shot down my throat.As soon as he was done pissing tony pulled out of my ass and pumped his second load of cum in my mouth making me swallow it and lick him clean. I was completely humiliated covered in piss, The nasty taste of cum in my mouth, and My ass hurt so bad I could cry. Then john said you were a good bitch I guess we’ll give you a ride the rest of the way. But you are going to be are bitch doing what ever we say for the rest of the way understand or else. I said yes sir just please take me to town and he told me to get in the back of the truck. They both got in and we drove away. To here about what happened for the rest of the trip. look for 1ST TIME HITCHHIING 2ND HALF.

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