18th Birthday for Mommy’s Special little boy!


18th Birthday for Mommy’s Special little boy!(This story contains consensual ageplay, baby talk, and first time, bisexual intercourse between a special little 18 yr old boy, his Mommy, and his Mommy’s new Male friend.)?Ever since I can remember Mommy spoke to me in a tone that never changed. A tone of sweetness and affection that made me melt in her arms. The more I obliged her with a c***dish tone of my own, the more she showered me with this motherly love. She called it “agePlay” and said it was perfectly normal for a mother and son in the privacy of our own home. And so it carried on right up to and well past my 18th birthday, and that’s the day I’d like to share with you. I crawled out of bed naked, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, taking a look at myself in the dresser mirror. My growth had been stunted for some reason and even at 18, I remained a very tiny petite boy, 4 ft 7in, 93 lbs. Mommy always complimented me on how cute I was and how she wouldn’t have me any other way. I put on a t-shirt & undies and stumbled downstairs, holding the railing, then slapped my little bare feet across the kitchen tile, to wrap my little arms around mommy’’s tummy, looking up at her with a smile… Good Morning Mommy! Guess what today is? She squatted down to my level in her white, terry cloth bathrobe, softly holding my upper arms as a warm smile spread across her face… Well of course it’s your birthday sweetheart! …playfully poking the tip of my nose with her finger as I blushed & giggled… Mommy’s been waiting for this special day for a long long time baby.It’s gonna be the bestest birthday ever! Right Mommy? Soaking in the love and affection as we carried on in our usual tone… It sure is sweetheart, it sure is!?Mommy was a beautiful woman. A single mother in her mid 40s, 5 ft. 10 in, with a perfectly proportioned, thick mature figure that made everybody stop and look at her. Beautiful long black hair that she usually wore up. I especially liked the the little strands of hair fell across her neck and her soft, warm tan skin. She made me breakfast , and we carried on with our usual birthday boy activities, a nice summer trip to the zoo, and a fun birthday party with friends & presents! When it came time for bedtime, Mommy came in and tucked my little naked self into bed, kissing my forehead as she cradled my face in her warm hands. Just one more surprise for Mommy’s little boy! Mommy had a friend come over, and we’re going to give you a special little surprise! A surprise Mommy? How will I get it if i’m in bed Mommy?You’ll see sweetheart, now be a good little boy and stay put for mommy while I step outside for a minute and talk to my friend, He’s been waiting in the car out in the driveway.?? Ok Mommy, Me a be a good boy and wait right here!When I heard the side door close, and mommy was gone for longer than I expected, I couldn’t take the anticipation and snuck downstairs, crawling up onto the kitchen counter next to the sink to look out the window into the driveway. There I could make out Mommy and a Man in his car by the dash lights . The Man hand his arm out the window and his head leaned back, and Mommy was in her pretty flowered sundress, with her head in the Man’s lap, bobbing up & down. She must of dropped something in his lap and was trying to find it. I saw the Man’s fist clench and his hips rise, as Mommy head held still for a minute. She finally raised her head, holding her mouth with one hand while she held up five fingers and pointed to the Man’s watch with her other, then stepped illegal bahis out of the car. ?I hurried upstairs, turned off the light, and got back under the covers still naked, as I heard Mommy’s high heels clicking through the kitchen & up the stairs to my room, slowly pushing the door open with a slight creak as she entered my dark bedroom. As I lay pretending to sleep, peeking out of my squinted eyes, she crossed her arms pulling the pretty dress over her head, discarding it on the floor. She pulled my blankie down, and slid her warm naked body over the top of mine, gazing into my eyes as I opened them. Her warm soft hands slid up my little forearms, stopping at my wrists as she lowered her mouth, sealing it over mine. A thick knotty, pungent substance slipped from her mouth into mine. I was extremely confused by such a lewd passionate kiss from Mommy, and the big mouthful of sticky smelly fluid was gagging me a bit.Goooooooooooood boy! …Mommy whispered softly.What is that icky stuff Mommy? …I said as I tried to speak with the sticky strands hanging from the roof of my mouth to my tongue.Just swallow it honey …she said as she caressed my neck & tummy as I turned my head and managed to swallow, gagging a bit as the runny fluid slipped down my throat.Mmmmmm goooooooood little boy! …She leaned down kissing me deep and passionately again. Just then I heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs, and the sounds of a belt jingling and a zipper dropping as He entered my dark room undressing at the foot of my bed, but I couldn’t see with Mommy on top of me. All I could feel was a someone crawling into my bed on their knees, positioning themselves behind Mommy and me. I suddenly felt both my ankles being grabbed by one big hand, holding them high in the air as something cool and slippery was being smeared across my little boyhole.Wh..What’s happening Mommy???Shhhhhhh shhhhhhhh… hush hush baby boy… she covered my lips with her finger… The nice Man is going to put something fun in your cute little bottom!I felt the bed shifting from the weight of him on his knees between my legs and then a sharp pinch that made me yelp as Mommy covered my mouth.Shhhhhhh Mommy’s here, Mommy’s got you baby.But Mommy! It hurts my little hole!I know, I know baby, just try to relax and let the nice Man inside. He has to make your birthday treat extra special yummy before he puts it in your mouth sweetheart! Just relax your cute little bottom honey.Nuuuugh uuuugh uuuuuuuuuuuuggh… I grunted as inch, by thick, greasy, inch, of the Man’s stiff hard erection sank up my little squeaky tight pink rectum. When his balls were sunk to my clammy little asscheeks, he started to fuck me slow & rhythmically while Mommy kissed me and held me tight in her loving arms as I whimpered into her warm soft breasts.Ooooooooh Mommy, it’s so big in my little hole Mommy! Uuuuuuugggg Uuuuuuuuuugh uuuuuuuuhgggggggGoooood boy! That’s Mommy’s special little boy!! Take that big dick for Mommy! Mommy is sooooooo proud of you!! Mommy loves you sooooooooooo much! Muuuuaah!!! ….She said before continuing to kiss me wildly.It didn’t take long before the man started to grunt and moan, slamming his stiff hard meat to the hilt, shooting his hot sticky jets of cum into my greasy pink rectum.Oooooooh Mommy! He squirting stuff in me!!Yessssssss baby boy…. so much cum. Mommy can’t wait to lick your sore little hole clean! …She said as she slithered down my body, grabbing the back of my thighs diving into my freshly fucked, cum dripping boy hole.Oh fuck illegal bahis siteleri yes baby! Look at all that warm delicious cum leaking out of your cute little pink hole! Mmmmmmm nummmm num num…. slurping & sucking wildly at my freshly taken hole, stabbing her tongue deep inside, driving me wild with pleasure as my own cute little cock began spraying cum in every direction.When she finished cleaning my sore little hole, pretty cock, & baby soft testicles clean, she made her way back up, dragging her warm breast across my trembling tummy, feeding me once again the warm runny, bubbly loads of cum from her mouth as she gently finger fucked me, telling me how much she loved me. I was melting like butter in her arms and could tell my baby talk was driving her mad with lust, and I was even starting to like the taste of all that cum!Mmmmmm fuck yeah! …Mommy said …Show me all that warm bubbly cum in your mouth, mmmmmmm your suuuuuuch a good little boy! Do I get my big surprise now Mommy?In a bit dear, lets let the nice Man rest for a few minutes. Here, Lets have Mommy have a little fun first… She said as she moved up to straddle my mouth, holding fistfuls of my hair as she lowered her full grown weight down, grinding and bucking. Occasionally even bringing her pretty little naughty butt hole to my mouth, telling my to lick both her yummy holes. She didn’t take long either and soon her sweaty thick, tan luscious thighs began to quiver and shake, squirting a torrent of sweet tasting nectar into my mouth. She ground and face fucked me with all her might, leaving my little shimmering mouth, red, sore, & glistening with all mommy’s sweet slippery juices.Oooooooooh fuck baby, Mommy’s cumming! Mommy’s cummming so Hard!! Drink it sweetheart Drink it alllllllllll up like a good little boy!!!!! Oh God yes baby! Suck Mommy’s sweet asshole!! Lick it deep, then suck Mommy’s pretty pussy nice & clean!! Fuuuuuuck Yeeeeessssssss!!!!!! I Can’t Stop Cummmmmming!!!!!Wozzers Mommy! You sure did make lots of juicy stuff! It yummy!! Oh sweet sweet baby boy! You made Mommy soooooo happy! You’re Such a good little boy!! …she exclaimed as she collapses on top of me, panting for breath, licking my face clean.It was sooooo yummy in my mouth Mommy! …I said, continuing the baby talk realizing how it drove Mommy wild with lust and desire.Are you ready for your big drippy birthday treat now baby boy? Are you gonna suck it good for Mommy? Mmmmm I can’t wait to see your pretty little fuckhole stuffed with big, rock hard cock… She said, tracing her finger softly around my shimmering wet mouth, while clenching her hefty tit in her sharp red fingernails.She moved off of me, and began adjusting my pillows against the headboard, then sitting with her back to it, spreading out her legs, giving her thighs a slap, motioning me to come sit. I climbed into her lap, my bare naked back resting against her warm breasts. She lovingly wrapped her arms around my tummy from behind, leaning down to whisper in my ear, Mommy has waited to see this for sooooooo long baby, sooooooooooo so long. I could finally make out the Man in the soft moonlight that shown through my curtains as he moved towards us on his knees, making the bed springs creak in my little bed. He was very muscular with a bit of dark sweaty hair on his 6 pack abs. I started to get a little nervous when I saw his big hard cock, starring down the barrel of it as It moved closer and closer to my mouth, throbbing & twitching. Bubbly precum oozing profusely from the tip canlı bahis siteleri of the big, swollen glistening head. Mommy’s raised one hand, bringing it across my forehead, pinning the back of my head between her big soft breasts. Her other warm hand slid up my tummy, then up my neck, then gently yet firmly clasped my little wet chin, forcing my mouth open.Open your cute little mouth honey. Do what Mommy says sweetheart.My fuckhole, Right Mommy?Mmmmmm fuck yes sweet baby boy, open your fuckhole for that big drippy cock! she leaned down from behind, whispering her dirty instructions in my ear as the man pushed his big spongy swollen cock head into my mouth… Mmmm thaaaat’s a good little boy, suck the nice Man’s big yummy penis for Mommy… she whispered… can you taste your little sticky hole juices? Mmmmm isn’t that delicious?I struggled a bit with the size of the big swollen head that filled my mouth, but was savoring the taste of the warm thick meaty flesh, trickling salty precum across my tongue as I swirled it around, I could even taste my own naughty juices from before as I nodded my head.Now it’s going to get a little scary, but I promise it won’t hurt… Mommy said… The nice man needs to fuck you a lot harder than he did in your bottom. He’s going to make all of his big hard penis fit in your mouth so he can squirt all his yummy sperm for you to drink!?I again nodded my head in compliance, opening my mouth as wide as I could, stretching my little slippery tongue down the underside of his meaty thick shaft.Fuck yeah, Good boy! Just like that, here it comes baby!As Much as I want to please Mommy, I wasn’t prepared for what followed as the strong Man wrenched his massive 9 inch cock straight down my throat. Lewd suction & gurgling sounds were all that escaped as I choked up thick saliva that blew out the corners of my tightly sealed lips with gushing force, drenching all 3 of us in throat fuck spit. My tiny bubbling nostrils were mashed sideways against his pubic bone, his big soft ball sack, dripping with spit, mashed tightly to my chin. My tiny wet hands slapping & clawing at mommy’s sexy meaty thighs, struggling as he began to skull fuck unmercifully me while mommy continued to comfort, and help me remember to breath out my nose. He was ravaging my spit drenched fuckhole like a horse in heat, slamming his thick slobbering meat in and out of my throat as Mommy squeezed and held me tight from behind. Finally after about 10 minutes He threw his head back with a large audible grunt. I starred down the tip of my nose in awe as he withdrew his thick slobbery meat, inch by spit drenched inch. Mommy regained her grip on my lower jaw, and reached for his dripping cock, jerking it off into my held open mouth.Oh Fuck yes baby! Here it cums! Drink that big runny load for Mommy! Mmmmmm fuck yesssss!! Look at all that sizzling hot sticky sperm on your cute little face Fuuuuuuuck that’s so fucking Hot!!… she said as she jerked rope after rope of steamy, smelly, hot cum into my mouth and across my face, then yanking my chin upwards to look at her as she dove her tongue into my mouth with insestual lust. feasting on the Man’s warm sticky sperm, and my tender innocence. Now That’s how Mommy’s special little boy looses his virginity! You did so good sweetheart Mommy is so very very proud of you!! Happy Birthday precious!!!Thank you Mommy! Me a loves you lots & lots!! You’re the bestest Mommy in the Whole Wide World!!!!!!!!Awwww! You’re gonna make Mommy cry! Now wave bye bye to the nice man getting dressed! If you’re really good little boy this week, I think Mommy will invite him over again on Saturday. He told me in the car he has lots more friends with big penises and lots of yummy sperm who want to come too!Yaaaayyyyyy!!! : ) <3Thee End.

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