16 loads part 5 typical day


16 loads part 5 typical dayhi im tracy im oneof the now 6 sluts that all are owned by the outlaw gang 600 black guys that rule the community we live in and basically fuck me my mum aunt cousin and 2 other girls silly every day and i mean every day so i thought id describe a typical day although id say typical anything can happen so i usually get up at 7.30 my husband jack will be on his way out of the door i take a shower and give myself a thourough clean using the shower head to clean my pussy and arse thouroughly my pussy and arse have been lasered so i dont need to shave but i do shave my legs every other day once im dried and my hair is done i select what to wear its usually very minimal but suzy has convinced the gang that we could be a bit more creative so she has designed a line of slut wear and its all new and i like it rather a lot so i always wear pantyhose usually white seamless seethru but suzys design is the same white seethru but with black queen of spades tatoos up the outside and inside of the legs and a wider waistband that has black cock slut writyten on the front and the back the same for the top pantyhose material very fine same QOS motifs on the nipple parts and black cock slut around the neck i have about 100 sets of these some have 3 hole BBC SLUT written on it some cum slut for BBC YOU GET THE PICTURE suzy has designed some more stockings suspender setscrotchlesss hose similarly crotchless jeans leggings see thru tops the works so as ive explained i get 10 guys from the gang each week and they can fuck me whenever they want and then take me to other memebers at their workplace at the mall a carpark anywhere im needed and i get fuxxed there in public most times i have no shme and the gang is notorious so even the police give them a wide birth the smallest cock is 10 inches the biggest is we now have a 16.5 inch cock in the group i got a phone call from my mum saying she is popping round with her studs at 9.00 when usually the fun starts t begin my mum has only been with us for 3 weeks but when she managed to get 15.5 inches of the biggest didldo youve ever seen up her snatch she is now the gangs favourite slut she has fuxxed all the members twice in 3 weeks it took me 3 months to fuxx them all once and we only had 350 members then so im ready my studs are waiting at the door then my mum arrives bold as brass with not her 20 studs but car upon car of other guys behind her tracy she says come on get in the car we are going for a ride where are we going i said she was in crotchless pantyhose with QOS motifs 3 hole bbc slut around the waistband basque with her tits out she already has had 3 tatoos a big QOS one just above her pierce clit with her engagement ring in it her nipples are pierced with BBC on QOS in there and she has whore for black cock on her back and above her QOS tattoo on her pussy she has my husband eats black cum there must have been 40 cars with 4 people in each car we are going to the mall so off we went i sat in an escalade with her and 6 guys she never said a word but was sucking 3 of the guys cocks for the entire journey she kept stopping and saying remember i dont want any cum yet ,so we got to the mall most of the shops were shut which wasnt a problem there were some people sitting around or walking around we found a palce in the food hall and there it started ok darling she said we got 3 hours and then i want to suprise your dad what i said ok theres about 160 guys out there we are gonna fuck and suck them all and then i want 160 loads up or on my pussy and arse for your father to eat when im done so lets get going so we started all of the guys stood on tables so we just walked around getting their cocks out first then one by one sucking each cock only 3 or 4 times each as there were so many but using our hands to keep the momentum going this went on for about 20 mins we illegal bahis probably did 2 circuits then it was fuxxing time they had bought 2 office chairs in on wheels big leather comfy ones and we were knelt down with our arsees and pussy available and our mouths hanging over the back of the chair the guys made 2 lines 80 either side roughly and then with my mum at one end and me at the other end of the line they got out a pack of playing cards ok girls spades is in the arse clubs is in the pussy hearts is 2 in the arse and and diamonds is 2 in the pussy ace is 25 all the other cards are represenatative of the value and the king jack and queen are 15 joker is is 50 what the fuxx was all this i was soon to find out irst card out was the 8 of spades i immeaditly had a cock stuffed up my arse and one in my face 8 times i was fuxxed all the way in and all the way out of my arse whilst suxxxing on another cock i went down the whole line like this all 80 guys on my side doing my arse and sucking all the cocks on the other side half wy down i saw my mum gobbling cock and getting her arse rammed she smiled at me saying you ok slut i nodded my pussy was drenched already the guys were lubing there cocks up with the juice from my pussy so my arse felt nice next up was 7 of clubs same thing this time my pussy was penetrated from behind 7 times withdrawing each time all the way then ramming back in while i had a face full of black cock my pussy was so wet i could barely feel it but it felt nice all the same this went on a bit then king of hearts came out this time feet suddenly appeard around my waist and a cock pierced my arse then quickly follwed by another one stretching my arse this time they never withdrew but pounded my arse 15 times evry cock i sucked tasted of pussy juice fuxx my mum must be wet i thought this went on queen of diamonds was up soon after this time 2 cocks in my pussy i loved this i could really feel them banging me all the way in then a joker came out and this was 50 id remembered 50 what well i soon found out 50 times in my arse 5 times in my pussy by each guy some guys just pumped my arse 50 times then my pussy others did me 1 in the arse 1 in the pussy but the one i liked best was when i didnt know where it was going my arse and pussy were swimming in pussy juice so the longer it went on the better it feltwe basically did all 52 playing cards and the jokers it took over 3 hours but at the end my arse and pussy felt amazing id been fuxxed by 80 guys and sucked 80 guys in all my holes now my mum wants all there cum on in and up her pussy and arse so who was i to complain before that my mum said to me tracy i have something to show you and she went over to 4 of the studs and picked out 4 one had a 10 inch cock one had a14 inch cock one had a 15.5 inch cock and the other a 12 inch cock watch this she said ive been practising any way she got the 10 inch and the 14 inch guy to lie with one leg straddling the others leg so that their cocks were pointing up in a straight line and the compensation effect of the 10 inch one and the 14 inch meant that they were nearly the same length my mum jumped up on the table and sat her pussy right to the hilt on both cocks then laid back as far as she could go then the guy with the 12 inch cock put his cock in my mums pussy and kneeling over the other 2 guys then the guy with the 15.5 inch cock started to feed his cock into my mums pussy this was an incredible sight i took a step nearer surely this is impossible he jammed his cock up there getting around 8 or 9 inches in then they rhthmically started to fuck her the slut was getting fuxxed by 4 cocks in her pussy and you should have seen the look on her face after a bout 5 mins they pulled out as i think they were holding off cumming well darling what about that ive been practising i love it 4 cocks up my pussy arnt you illegal bahis siteleri glad you initiated me fuxxing hell mum you are really one unbelievable slut i know she said i love it soon mum was lying reclined on the leather chair underneath her was 5 massive sheet of selophane d****d over the edges of the chair right up to her back and i was kneeling on mine as the guys all fuxxed me and i suxxed cock i got fuxxed in my arse pussy face and as soon as they were about to cum they withdrew and then went over to mum who was right in front of me and dumped their loads on her bald pussy this went on for a while some guys wanked but pretty soon it was over i walked over to my mum you couldnt even see her pussy her eyes were rolling in the back of her head she was shoving cum up her pussy with her hand i couldnt see her hand she probably was fisting herself i watched with enthusiasm then she stopped and asked me to wrap these huge sgeets of selophane around her pussy and legs to keep all this cum in which i did then she stood up her cum was floating in the selophane between her pussy and arse she then produced another big roll and asked some of the guys to wrap this around her waiste and allaround her arse pussy about 10 times totally sealing in the cum so not a drop could get out ok darling im hungry lets get something to eat so we were in the foodmall at the shopping centre id only just noticed how many people were around im used to this now so im not at all ashamed in fact i picture everyone of the white women would all wish they were me and all of the white men wished they could fuxx me and et nigger cum from my pussy and arse so we sat down only guys left were each of our ten studs all drained of cum by my mum how does it feel mum all that cum swimming around encased in selophane its like sitting on a giant wet cushion thats warm i love it she says so we eat some food and talked then all of a sudden my dad walks up and says hi and sits down next to mum why are you wrapped in selophane dear he says because darling ive had 160 loads of cum encased in there waiting for you as i know how hungry you get at this part of the day so get yourself ready cos im going to make you look like cum sucking wimp of a husband you are so while me and mum finished off lunch my dad stripped naked like the obedient cuckold he is now and waited for instructions after about 20 minutes where mum ignored dad but was telling me about how it feels having 4 cocks up her bald slut pussy and swallowing cock and how small dads cock was and she wouldnt even feel that anymore and how she wants to have her arse stretched and get 4 cocks in that which i said was impossible she then got up and ushered my dad to lie on the table dad had a stiffy on and looked like he was ready one of the black guys produced what looked like bowl that you strain vegatables through this ws placed in a stand where the four feet actually surrounded my dads head very industrial looked like it would support a lot of weight then i found out why as then the 20 inch dildo my mum had squatted on on her initiation was produced and suction padded to the bottom of the bowl with perforated holes in the bottom and mum got up on the table another table was pusshed either side of the one my dad was lying on and 2 large heavy duty boxed placed either side of my dads head a bit of a distance apart my mum got up onto the boxes and 2 of the black guys now all fully clothed got up and held my mum for support ok darling she said to me and threw me a pair of scissors ok i want you to cut the selophane off me she was standing directly above the dildo so i started near where the waistband of her selophane that was wrapped round her waist and started to snip until i got to where all the cum was settling and she said stop now do it down my arse so i moved around and did the same helped canlı bahis siteleri by the 2 guys that were supporting my mum ok now cut up the inside of each leg which i did some cum started to seep out and fall over the dildo and into the bowl then my mum said ok now cut and i cut open there was a whhoosh as cum spilt straight into the bowl and coated the dildo i ripped the remains of the selophane away and stood back of the table the cum was slowly but surely seeping thru all over dads face he was eating what he could but this wasnt going to be pretty mum theres a lot dripping on the table i said dont worry she said he can clean that when im done with that she started squatting on the giant dildo with the help of the 2 black guys ok tracy mum said im going to smash my pussy on and off this dildo but i want you to use the cum thats in the bowl to keep lubing it up ok i nodded i knew the drill from before so i dipped both my hands in as my mum came off the didldo and smered it all around the 9 inch knob and mum then impailed herself about 10 inches in one squat straight on to this huge dildo she bobbed up and down about 5 times then came off it and we repeated each time cum was spilling out the sides of her pussy she repeated this another 4 times screaming whos the biggest white slut on earth look at me ram my slut pussy stretch my hole over and over i was just concentrating on making sure the dildo was lubed each time she came right off it then she started going deeper and deeper 12 inches the obscenitys got worse im a black cock whore i love nigger cum over and over until eventually she must have had 16.5 inches in her which was more than she had made the previous time when she made 6.5 inches she then proceeded to properly fuxxx this dildo for the next 10 mins she just lifted herself all the way off and all the way on 100s of times each time i kept relubing the dildo all of a sudden i noticed that the other 18 black guys were all wanking and then one of them cock was by my head and he wanked in the bowl go on you niggers top that bowl up my mum said as one by one another 18 loads were added to the bowl this went on for some time then finally mum finished she was dripping with sweat she then started licking up and down the giant black dildo i got off i noticed my dad had cum ll over his stomach but his cock was still hard my mum then unsuctioned the dildo from the bowl licked it clean and then started to push her hands into the bowl forcing the cum all over my dads face which was absolutely covered she undid the 2 guys trousers that had held her up and started sucking their cocks and when they both came all over her face after she had got most of the cum thru the bowl she licked it for all its worth front and back then she got down and started licking cum off mydads face and then as soon as she had a mouthfull she french kissed him depositing all into his mouth then when his face was clean she then sat on his face tariing at his cock saying look at that tiny cock your worthless eat my pussy over and over again dad came again well her pussy you could have fitted 2 fists up it but dad just said nothing and kept lapping away when he was done and mum was sufficiently clean mum reached into her bag and put a pair of pantyhose knickers on they were dripping within seconds and ordered dad to clean the table dad stepped off the table and did as he was told ok boys time to go home mum said and we marched off thru the mall to our waiting cars where mum phoned gina and said she needed some more cock could she send round another 30/40 guys as she was going home she dropped me off with my 10 studs and then drove to an arranged meet where she was going to be fuxxed by another 40 guys it was 3 oclock in the afternoon and apparently by the end of the day she had been fuxxed by 240 guys she phoned me the next day and said she was having a 100 guy gangbang down at the local park that afternoon would i like to come i couldnt make it but my aunt went instead my mum is definately the biggest slut of us all but i still love her and im glad ive introduced her to this way of life

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